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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 18, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaThursday morning August 18, 1955 the Florence morning news. Florence. S. Page 5-b new riots against Peron tear citizens of Argentina by hut k he Nderson Burn of a1kks. Argentina aug. 17 dem on Stralow s clashed with and supporters of president Peron s government today in several parts of downtown Buenos Aires. Many persons were injured. About 50 vere arrested. Police broke up be disorders Vilh tear Gas and fire hoses. But Ignis kept erupting for two hour dec reinforcements were rushed to i end of this year. Carolina Beach was hit by Hurricane Dione yester still Rry Rifg to recover from last week i Hurricane Connie. Here is Sond and debris Core ring Hie amusement area. Waves can be seen whipping cottages. A wire photo Diane does fast fade out after crossing coastline shortly after As the ment demonstrators Halk Ken. . Aug. 17 to Ward during Hurricane Diane alter eight Days the weather of fierce travel up the Atlantic. Of 30 to 40 struck the Mainland today and artists up to the next 24 Bureau said. Winds Miles an hour and 45 can be expected wrought Only minor direct dam Muring the next 12 inc. But her fringe winds kicked the last to be is up High tides that flooded Seel ions j sued on Diane predicted Moder of towns in Northeast North car late to heavy Rains and some local Olina. Shop. Another Street Halle began Anli govern regrouped. Police again dispersed the crowd tear Gas and fire hoses. The victim of still another in Connie got off today with Good based on scattered and very pre i Man is an Oil Mim who soaking. Trifles of damage been under guard since the Abor Elween the stale and the Catholic mime disorders. The Cardinal said live revolt against Peron unc 10. J Church. This Touchy Issue had been the attacks were very definitely when today s trouble started for debate around the Peron government has police sound trucks later roamed Hirch and slate had been expect the streets skarning All gatherings cd since the government said Mon lie Newal of inc i Elul Between the attacks on communists. Cardinal Spillman returned to disperse. Iday night it had uncovered a the liner Brazil with the the outbreak shattered the assassinate Peron and other i it. Rev. Msgr. Gustave j. Schulth in ivern j eiss Chancellor of new York s ational-1 Catholic archdiocese. For detailed of a Holiday marking the if Atli leaders. The Niv Ersary of the deals of Gen. blamed Catholic de san Martin who liberated a lists and opposition politicians for comm incl on the Lime attacks the Jer Iori. Several shots were fired Gen Ina from Spain. It was Theulie alleged Pool. Bolli catholics Cardinal referred newsmen to luring one encounter near the second disorder Volore the the opposition parties have do u. S. Embassy. In three Days. Monday the accusation. Aboul fit persons snarled Shojii crowd chanting Liberty Lemon Starlion with a March was dispersed with tear Gas Street Yelling anti govern and tire hoses. Nunt slogans. About the same simultaneously with the new Peron himself brought the con mid inn the open last november i in a speech in which he accused some Catholic clergymen of trying Ime a few blocks away Carlos Perelle a Deputy undermine his regime. Church group leaving mass at the human fur the opposition Radical leaders denied the charge. Catholic metropolitan in thedral in the lower House Oil plane de Mayo began demonstrate Congress a Bill demanding that the Francis Cardinal remove Barrier a Spelhan returning Al Ler a Fol Day visit in latin America said today argentines believe Peron and not my. To the return of two Catholic pro Boll groups clashed with police j to Rome by the gov and other government adherents. The shots were fired a Hall a Block Fifon the american embassy. This fight started when i eminent Luke 15. The two Are now in Bogota Colombia. The churchmen Are msgr. Man-1 msgr. Schulthess saying he went to the hot spot i ducked the monsignor said Al least 70 Catholic churches throughout Argentina were destroyed in the at tacks. He said the attackers had carried naphtha and gasoline in trucks bearing the markings Eva Peron foundation and Secretary of in View of he added the planned attack certainly could the communists inspired attacks not have been unknown to on Catholic churches during the Peron lice tried to arrest a Man who Juel Talo auxiliary Bishop of had been hurled through inc Aires and his assistant. Glass window of a Swank curio ii user. Ramon Novoa. Both were and there and a Good scare. Nie sweeping Inland on about the luminary pounding Waves ate away Sec i flooding tonight As far As 200 Miles the mile wide Pasquo Lank River in Advance of the storm. Tides j swept by Lio mile gusts in expected to run two to afternoon Rose to pour More than feet above Normal along the same path As that taken by Diane. Of the beaches at Wrights blew out in Pennsylvania after running up a damage total in Mil Lions of dollars and causing 43 deaths. He office of Waler Cronl streets at Elizabelh cily. Weather observers said the main business District several blocks away might escape if the Northeast wind skilled. High tides Rose into streets at Washington on the Pamlico River and civil defense officials ordered National guard trucks to stand by Luther Hodges came font of water Inlo stores along irom Virginia to soil Horn new comment that damage along the was beaten so severely on the head he had to be hospitalized the total number of victims of Rio Lance could not be determined. Vilic. Carolina and kure beaches. Casl and South of Wilmington. Shal i Only Low Srou flooding occurred Al about 12 hours after the per Nisla . A hastily reinforced d he sol Al look breakwater at kure stood the pounding sea. Rena o soil commen a Amage Long e particular la in Hamors and reaches Loda was almost Siracu for possible use in evacuations land Delaware Bays. Flooding conditions also were re i this second Hurricane to hit ported from Edmonton on Al North Caolina within a week be Marlc sound and at Hertford crossed Wilmington Cape fear on the Peru mans River. River port Al . And con the weather Bureau located the tinned on a North Northwest course Diane a Short distance toward in an Ever weaken Northwest of Raleigh at 5 . Ing condition. She was moving toward the North since she had formed aug. 91 West at about 13 Miles an near puerto Rico. Diane toiirlh1 course thai would Pul her Inlo Hurricane of the season had work Northwestern Virginia late tonight red her wind strength up to 115 mid Inlo Northern West Virginia Miles an hour. Lint before her land about mid morning thursday. Jail today her Central winds were she still packed winds in in uses Down to gusts of 100. As she blew up to 60 Miles an hour with lesser Lover Wilmington the winds had 30 to 40 Miles an hour winds rang dropped to 74 . Ing some 200 Miles in front of her. Beaches in the Wilmington area. Diane will continue to lose which last Friday were Hadly heat Force gradually As it continues Lorrn by wind and wave of Hurricane inlets exposed to the Southeast. this estimate was houses Northern Chosa Peak Bay and up per regions of the Potomac River were singled out or the Shihli tides j Southwest storm warnings remained displayed from Ortli of Cape Hatteras. N. C., to Atlantic City including the Chesapeake a Nice Ami at Allan tic Beach near More Church the state head City Waves damaged Manyi Gerlina. The Peron Ihn Catholic Church in a stripped of their government paid posts on charges of inciting Dis orders and put on a plane for Rome. The Vatican promptly sex common sealed Peron and others who had any part in the explosion. The Day after the prelates were hustled Ouli Canasta i a. . Aug. 17 children beaten parents jailed of the capital the unsuccessful re Volt against Peron broke out Perotte s Bill which will he handled by Ilia per nista dominated lower House asked the government to restore inc ousted prelates to their ecclesiastical positions. The All per nista Senate Likely will Lake up tomorrow a House approved Bill rerun to postpone until next May the elec lion of members of a constr Lyional the metropolitan Cathedral has Assembly to consider culling lies a Mother and father were to jail for six months today Aller two of their children were found beaten and lying on a bedsprings with their hands tied. Or. And mrs. Carl Hob Tirl appeared in Madison county Chil Dren s court on charges of physical neglect and abuse of minor Chil Dren. Hobart. 35. An employee of a firm pleaded guilty. His wife entered no plea. A policeman called by reign oors who heard screams found 5 year old Carol and 4-year-old Don Ald Hobart in their tenement room last night about two hours after the parents had gone to a carnival. Police reported that Carol said her father had beaten them be cause they had taken meat from the refrigerator without Permis Ion. Carol s arms and Back were Cov ered with welts and cuts. Donald had cuts and Wells on his Back and puffed eyes and lips. Cheese Deal hit As improper Sale Washington aug. 17 h Mountain s request held that the comptroller general Joseph Camp a Price of Dairy products May be hell ruled today the agriculture supported Only by moans of Pur department made an in author Cit and improper Deal with cheese distributors last year at a Cost of about two million dollars to the taxpayers. Rep. Fountain chair-1 of a House subcommittee government had committed itself to resell the cheese to the original Jan cars without Ever holding a real j property interest in it. Fountain said in a statement which investigated the transactions i lip department con immediately called on he Agricula tended it had made Bona Lide Pur lure department to take Steps to chases the transactions gave he recover the Money. Ueen o right to Transl emt to Fountain said the Deal indicated another no right to retain the Verv poor judgment on the part cheese no right to change its torm j of Whoso although he i and no right even to look at in j was not prepared at this Lime to without permission of the Pur-1 accuse any department officials of j ported seller i intentional i state members of Fountain s without mentioning any possible government operations Suh commit recovery proceedings the depart tee said Kraft foods co. Received1 wit said in a statement it had about s700.000 in the Deal and the acted on advice from its counsel Rorden co. About they i and solely in the interest of Amer listed these other payments ican Farmers and incident to Over i c. J. Beryl s co. Portage. All Price support efforts in bring National biscuit co. Stability to the Dairy stores. suit also contended inc transaction.-. Peron cheese co. A Sal Way Money for taxpayers in affiliate1 and ii. .1. Of losing in. I Pilsl Margh. A. S24.nwi. J 1 in n new a spoke Stan for it added thai the Compro Lei co general s opinion will be car Lul in the Sale Mon issued by the Ai pm seer Cuiry of the we acre Hilture. True 0. Morse in the of Ahlf nce of Secretary Benson who he in is he added. Abnil million pounds of cheese Lii vials of Kraft. The in Ali ii was involved in payments Madi ice. And stores declined com 1 id about pm distributors in March Mcnol. And april. Fountain said. In i Litls Burgh. A spoke Milan for the situation arose when so arc the ii. Co said buy of agriculture Benson decided our purchasing proc Duies to lower the government s puce have always been in compliance Supperl for cheese irom 90 to government rerun Lions. I per cell no parity on april i. . There has been a change in the Dison tutors immediately moved interpretation of this re dilation we to unload All the cheese they could will live to Wail Lor the new Exon the before the up Plain Len of the Peri level loll the agriculture lie 1 an agriculture department ariment said spokesman Aid us buying Price in order to keep cheese in Chan 1 Belnap april i. Was .17 cents i Neis where in would he Road Ilyia Pound while its soiling Price j available to Consumers the de Wafler april i was .1-1leonls Jarl men added it arranged Pound in and Chase resale transactions under coast so alas whore it was which in paid for inc cools. Cheese Al inc old support leu i of Komi Plain Prole cd thai All Hourih. Per cent of parity and sold in the Price in Bick to them Al the new to Benalil the Larmer the want Rale inn series of paper Iran real Bondii diaries in ibis Werc urn cry stores . Comp Hill i riling Milrie m Bah Friob ind Mam Ilac i stores 155 n. Irby st. 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