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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 18, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaThe weather fair to partly. Cloudy rather worm today. The High temperature who be 90, Falow will be 71. Details on 12-t. Vol. 152" published in the heart of the pee Dee farm area in the Palmetto state Reader s tip i four Young ladies from the West More into today s Temi finals of the Urga Junior girls tourney Here. Story Page 1-b. Florence thursday morning August 18, 1955 sunday Loc weeklyi5r american soldiers keep tear gos and fire hoses on the ready at Pusan to use against South korean demonstrators. The americans Are guarding the red members of the Neutral nation supervisory commission that South koreans have ordered out of the country. A wire photo unfriendly attitude truce team blockade erupts into Battle Seoul thursday aug. Is Bailie of rocks and tear Gas yesterday Send a Young u. S. Army officer to the Hospital As tension and tempers Rose Over korean demonstrations against red truce teams. An angry u. S. Army port official at 1 Naclion where the latest violence erupted bluntly told koreans backing the demonstrations that their attitude Itiat of a i. S. Source privately labelled the latest outbreak unfortunate bad Faith is charged by attorney general Geneva meet wins Praise Geneva aug. 17 French High commissioner for atomic Energy said Here today the atoms for peace conference had ended the Era of absurd secrecy in the nonmilitary aspects of nuclear research. As a result he said Progress in development of atomic Power and other peaceful uses of this new Energy will be considerably the High commissioners. Fran is Perrin spoke at a news con on vacations if they spend them Terence a few hours after an scientist had made a ii Milne statement to importers. In a rest an expert from the in alienation Al labor k. L. Good or. Donald j. Hughes of the jail said no radiation worker need . Atomic Energy commission s feel aggrieved or in any danger Brookhaven . Laboratory said with a 40-hour five Day week and no Exchange of Hil Harln secret in i three to four weeks consecutive across to Volmi. At the same time three army Browell was on his Way at the Lime to protest to Pyo Yang Moon vehicles crossed the causeway j National assemblyman and former Ilion who had prom and he said it was like from Volmi. They likewise were mayor of 1m by u. S. Ambassador William s. Lea Highl Nick barrage and lied Browell b. Lacy would Lodge a Strong protest with president syn Ginan thee. The trouble began at Seoul s port of Inchon shortly after 1 . On the causeway leading to Volmi 1s Angl Ormarion at Geneva had paved in Way for building safer and in Ger atomic reactors in the fun Urc. Hughes spoke specifically about n Exchange of information this morning on Cross sections of ome key atomic uranium 235 and uranium 233. Lie Aid the United Stales. Britain and Hiss a had found their individual Ala closely matched thereby living Assurance to All that they Ould go ahead with Confidence. He described the lifting of the secrecy As the Emblem of the whole Perrin expire cd very great satisfaction with the remarkable Success of tire lie added Margaret May Tell the world future plans London Kuiv. 17 a wave of expectation swept through Britain to Day with growing conviction that Princess Margaret May soon announce her decision to marry handsome Peter Townsemd 10-year-old, divorced win1 hero. One can say that from now on becomes 25. P. H. Mceachin to Aid defense of segregation Columbia. Aug. 17 South Carolina s Public school segregation committee announced today the appointment of a five Man be Gal staff headed by d. W. Lioubin son or. Of Columbia. Committee chairman Marion Gres Selc of st. Matthews said one of the big jobs of stall1 will be to defend any school official against whom court action is brought on integral Ion of the races in Public schools. Working with Hobin snip a Mem Ber of the educational finance commission and former general counsel for the Federal Power it Ion Lor those of All Ages and sexes state files its answer Columbia aug. 17 mixing of the races at Edisto Beach state Park would mean potential and definite dangers of unpleasant Ries social friction breaches of the peace and other events leading to riot and the state attorney general s office said today in a formal answer to a Federal court action seek ing in admit negroes to the Park. The answer prepared for filing with the District court pointed out that Edisto is at a comparatively isolated spot and maintenance of peace and Good order created Peculiar police problems. The purpose of the the answer said is to provide wholesome relaxation and Recica there will be no development of atomic Energy for peaceful speaking on the general Conlu secrecy in the from thai birthday Onward by the Hoyal marriage act of 1772 the pretty Princess can take Steps to wed without the consent of her Sions. Which might be drawn from is scr Al acc commission will be Robert Mcc. Figg of Charleston Thomas a. Evins of Spartanburg c. T. Dray Don of Columbia and p. Ii. Mceachin of Florence. Dressell stale senator from Cal Nuu. Said the stall also will perform Legal research for the committee and advise it on Legal matters in connection with its of forms to keep and preserve our present school in Oiler business at ils meeting Here the committee met with officials of the slate asses. Of school boards and school administrators and the ii ale Vassiv. Of county superintendents of education. The committee also received a Resolution from 52 representing All parts of the Szalc urging the maintenance of a system of Seg regaled Public appointment of the attorneys was another move by the Commil to strengthen the males Posi the talks at Geneva. Perrin said on sunday the Royal family and i lion on lie school segregation is using lie facilities without compulsion and voluntarily but due to granting of Relief asked for by the plaintiffs will result in the denial of the benefits of either race de Rived from the Park As now operated. The natural inclination of each race Al this time to associate and Entha Gage in recreation and social activities with members of ils own race and to Hie present natural historical cultural and deep rooted mental attitudes and feelings of each race against the social and sexual mixing of the races there exists potential and definite Dan Gers of unpleasant Ries social Fric Ion breaches of the peace and other events leading to roof. And bloodshed which will surely result from an enforced mixing of the races Al such a Park for which reasons the Szalc commission of forestry sought and seeks to avoid ibis by forbid Ding the mixing of the pursuant to a policy of attaining he greatest Good for the greatest number in the proper use and enforcement of police Powers re served to he Stales under our sys pm of government state and fed eral. Iso said that land. Truce teams have been t0 a Hospital. Monda there would their close friends will gather in this conference shows Complete the committee established lot. Wayne n. Ila sen. Augusta Ibe no More violence. 1 blocking the Stab j a segregated policy during the have two atomic the which came and carried Mansen Lor ii Days and we consider it a blockade not a women will be camped near bal besieged on the Island in the i. Col. Norman a. Browell. Con the violence occurred just be producing kilowatt hours Bor by 11 Days of korean Demon Joel Seville. Pa., Deputy army port fore Gen. Lyman l. Lemnitzer electricity. Another will be Corn Titrations. Commander at Inchon was in the far East commander left Seoul peeled in with a capacity of kilowatts. The koreans tried to Block u. A same three truck parly. The Tokyo praising the Job u. S. Army trucks bringing supplies Londow of his Sedan was smashed but soldiers have done in Prelec Ting Volmi by driving up trucks and he escaped injury. Truce teams from violence blocking the main Gale. To. S. Army sentries at the barricades opened up with tear Gas vomiting Gas grenades and fire hoses. The South koreans about 100 Strong backed away then Laid Down a Rock barrage on five army vehicles which started Industrial school chaplain resigns polio cases Down in Florence area France expects to be the British press openly has suggested that the Man of Margaret s Choice is Kay group Cape. Towns in a a Baltic of Britain Pilot. In coming school year. Al ashment of a teach Park for no excepted was the 5 District in Clarendon county Ori a if race integral Ion is forced the Gin of one of five cases which said further in will Hen suited in the court decision. It impracticable and impossible lion in the not too Distant Mure my two years ago he was a Royal to Export atomic reactors. Querry. He was assigned to bras Lerum expressed a Strong As air attache in the embassy East in International years ago when talk Faro in the development of atomic Mance with Margaret came into j Energy both on a worldwide and the open a regional basis. He said the Mem i bars of the european Coal Andi Schmeal slips i steel Community France Ilalov j i Council the Queens ad-1 of her decision to wed i Bosn Given unlimited time to com ply with an integration order. To operate the Park and the same have to be closed to All. The Sens Manei How much the Queen May in or May not personally favor her Larry Tribb mar ninja news staff writer the number of polio cases reported in Florence foun by this year is running considerably below the average the Wtulik m in her has lne past five Vars or r Laussel. Director of. Pm in promised Hinl As chaplain of the South uie Florcne county Ilc Waltl announced yes would soon begin building atomic ouf of the i Carolina Industrial school for terrify. Power stations in North Africa to lion Pip r la l i inn in i i. Mcd ii flip tvs inh in i l Mil. I Active Sci. 1. Guaranty May open in Timmonsville Florence s guaranty Bank and Trust co. Has an the plaintiffs did not seek the use c Edisto Beach facilities in Good Fuith Bill Only in a concerted of Forl and As part of a plan to harass and Embarrass the defend ants in the performance of their duties and to enforce their wills upon a majority of the people of the slate thai the plaintiffs Are careless of Public welfare and know full Well thai integral Ion of the races at the Public beaches and in the use of the Park Cabins will wreck the Public Park system to the detriment of both the suit is directed against state forester Charles if. Flory stale Parks director c. West la Cocks and supt. Donald b. Cooler of the Edisto Beach Park on de Sto Island. In uie original complaint admission of negroes to Edisto was asked specifically. Use of facilities at All stale operated Parks was asked generally. In a later and amended com Saint however constitutionality of a stale Law providing for segregation at the Park was attacked. The Alloney general s office con ended in its answer that the state a on segregation of races at de so is applicable Only to Parks in Char lesson county and that there Ore the suit is not within the Jur a diction of any three judge Federal court. District fudge Ashton h. Wil iams has ordered Al Orneys in Case to show cause Why a Case now on its Way to the . Supreme court should not apply. That Case affects state Parks in i Maryland. In other words if the supreme court upheld or rejected the Cir ready arc engaged in such discus Noil iced plans to open a Branch Bank in Timmonsville. a Nhoi my Honnon sir i the guaranty has titled an application with the Board Cuit court of appeals in a Balli to establish a Timmonsville Imore Aid Casc the would k the first time a Florence apply to a other stale operated Parks. I the circuit court has held hat Eccl Industrial needs there. These developments came As the Mouths houses should in so Lar this year Only i to he Parke. Davis and co have been recorded in the county. The total number recorded for the or plan n enrol in the on of Lese had rec ived lip first 3" " i to from 72 nations con Carver Suchoj of missions and so shot o the Salk vaccine byi10. In technical Cial work in Louisville by. Where he will w science Dej the proposed Branch of the the scope of our operations so i Haluch separate but equal doctrine re Complete services can beggar ring race facilities no longer made practically available we eel applies and thai segregation in parliament then would have will Oiler the same i in Betlij Mancial facilities that arc a a liable of our Parks is illegal. The Case the Florence main of flick Larea will greatly Bene been appealed Margaret a in but doctors reported the time last year. Ork toward his master of a considerable .p5riod the current epidemic in the with materials designs and and any children illegitimate degree in social work after the Vamce was area has incl cd push measures to help Speed up hut in the eyes of som fast moving atomic greatly convenience of having a Branch Bank of the guaranty. The very finest in Complete Bank a this Branch Bank will some in in Jing services in All res Ideiil of our Timmonsville customers i Amre n Len incl sessions a marriage. Such resolutions would i it has Long been an established in from the wide variety of problems con Imaku any wedding null and void i policy of the guaranty to h h a. I1 i. Court. Appealed to the supreme Zambone s meditations by Alley Ole Mose. Reason he arum 60 he fi6htih tem Tattoo i the number of or. Hart. It s a qui lion we re All interested in. But i think enough of the vaccine has been to draw any con the average number of Lor the past five years is nine. Some 10 were recorded in Silmi. The largest number of the live year period. In 11131. Three Cash developed while saw the j number jump in 14. Only one per son was stricken in 1033 Mil eight sheriff Given names of Hen in klan search Diane does Little damage to South Carolina beaches the drive in operation hns a Lien most highly accepted by All wlm use ils n i the iia Ranly is nun of the involved in the talks largest financial ins Titu Luis jigs tons ils ii liners arc .1. I Nione Aik no flux klan Cross Burn ing in Whir inc c county la a Friday in. Chairman of the Board Oldi nver rectors c. I. President i. Lichard Alkins ii. Executive. Men. All residents of in an cello re to cashier and 0. D. Masters jr., no on slugged a Moi a assistant cashier. Tilg As was Leav vice president c. Doyd and vice president k. S. Holland Cou . Bein ii. Aug. 17.longed Rains. More disco Clarid eligible for to canal disaster inca cd. Was Wah Alon. Beaches tort and damage in North Caro relict funds. Beaches already Cut Back by con-1 directors of the guaranty arc eng us klan affair. Mill. Crisc Cal each Nie and last october s Ujj. U. Aiken jr., Atkinson. 0. S. Warrant charging assault and in neither slate was there and do Vici Lyhl Cherry Grove c. Nixon. One of the develop-1 Aikin Carter r. B. Fulton John Battery was issued last saturday and Pawley s Island were cars of Cherry Grove said a rebuilt g. Hysau and j. M. O Dowd. Pm. John the unknown Klaimi Sman who hit the newsman. In 11154. Werc Back in the Sun fun business Tina than the wind. I Windy _ today. Hurricane Diane blew by Claude 11. Balard director harmlessly. Ulm lorry pc _ recorded in the i it this Veir have had two be orc Bell Tim Merman appeared headed land Wall arc needed along the male s West German Pollocc Samc 13 me Louk part would Copeci for Dir patrol boots the Cross burning thai occurred private properly a fourth of Thi slraiio1 is i Olec cd aug. 17 from the Florence City limits More by this time lie ind ill week. Connie Mil inspect the the one Casc we have had was not did most no Kir up in Beach areas of see can be North the a Huirston done Tow ird Kim Milij d Nril c a funnier population area had seemed a Likht Arnm ualies a is w Lull l hive a Speed Palo owner of the land has denied give were nine Polin victims hut she it a fairly i rebuilding natural and Man Ollk los Over the Low of a Type that vetoed Jug the klan permission to use his City in la so. Iho Large by Rah. Ride Duni s Willieil a in or i Alloy s on Side a Fleck of Dinic proved for them by the Allied High for a meeting number recorded or the past live or Rich cd Durini i he Fliris. I Linn on the b f a c h e s near Mission Mclore in went out of ,1. Ii. Hiek Lcy of Marion District years. The average in the City in North Carolinn. K my dwellings Suk Erpil Lille Charleston. Debris from the tide existence Hist Spring when Ger Krasel for the s klan. Over thai period four. Girly cd pensive. Was much a delegation from hurry and or no Daman. Three was hardly water terminal die in june which Many regained sovereignly. The of the Kun flux klan Lold Tim than gov. genre cum Clun lick. my properly dam no no Myrtle hollered the strand in Placos. Was commission decided -10 knots was morn uni the Moil who Burnt. inv Kos by Hep John l. Mcmillan i Flor m Vich. Swept out in sea by the fast enough. The new Bones will the Cross Here were not i i i i la enee. Called on the Ermus elicit of Hie by Midi accompanying the to a and will 20mm. Of Iho off icing klan. He termed non Mitiu i., tivure., com Modding. Iron Seaunier and pro . Ibey the do. Slim. Espe North of . Ack ack runs. Ilhom j splinter group. Number no in the slates running Hehne

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