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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 16, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaGood morning it s thursday August our Soth 228 Florence. S. C. Daily sunday 15 president Nixon urges . To end a backward looking obsession v paper released Washington i api pres ident Nixon said in a watergate statement wednesday night that it was unt until March 21 that "1 Learned of some of Hie activities upon which charges of cover up arc now in a 2.800-word document accompanying his nationally Tele Vised address. Nixon said he Lead urged his staff to gel him facts on watergate before March 21 every report i received was that no persons other than the seven who were subsequently indicted were involved in the watergate Nixon declared. The president said tic was n o i attempting a comprehensive and detailed response to watergate allegations nor has it been my intention to address myself to All matters covered in my May 22 at that time the president said he had no Advance knowl Odge of the june 17.i972breakin at the democratic parly Headquarters in the watergate Complex nor was i aware of any subsequent efforts thai May have been made to cover up Nixon reiterated that state ment wednesday and added Ihal in All of the testimony in the Senate watergate bearings to Date there is not the slightest evidence Lola contrary. Not a single witness has testified that i had any knowledge of the planning for the water Gate on july 16. 1 a Moi the Aller Nixon s previous statement former while House aide Alex Ander p. Butterfield Lesli fied Ihal automatic tape recordings were made of All conversations in the president s office and Over his Telephone. J the matter of hit Lane recordings and Oiler White House documents has been taken into Federal court by both the Senate watergate com Milieu and Nixon s special watergate prosecutor. Archibald Cox. Nixon did no address himself to the making of the tapes but said in the statement wednes Day night Many persons will ask Why when the facts Are As i have stated them. 1 did Nul make Public the Lape recordings of my meetings and conversations with members of tire White House staff during this Nixon said he is aware that the terms such As separation of Powers and executive privilege Are lawyer is terms and that he wanted to stale the common sense of the matter. Every Day a president of the Uniec d states is required to make difficult decisions on grave he said it is absolutely essential if. The president is to be Able to do his Job As he country expects that he be Able to talk openly see document i age Sal get on with business1 president Nixon addresses country on watergate it is the president s duty to protect the Security of the country Washington ice Cal Nixon appealed to the american people wednesday night to end a backward look ing obsession with the water Gate scandal on with the urgent business of our a denying again Advance knowledge of lie bugging 01 participation in the subsequent cover up of us watergate break in and bugging Nixon made an emotionally worded plea for your understanding of the Way lie handled the scan dal he said now saps Confidence in his administration. In a nationwide radio and television address from his Oval office and in an accompanying written statement the resident also some of his subordinates misled him into i Lieving that no one in the White House or re election committee was involved lie said be did not learn of the depth of the scandal until last March 21 when he received new information from since fired White House counsel in How. Dean Iii. Full for events which occurred under my administration and in Hie Campaign for my re Elco but criticized Senate watergate head in is he said arc trying in implicate Hie presi Dent personally in the illegal activities that took to More Vigil ant in insuring thai Al mses Are nut repeated while declaring let us not allow what a few Over zealous people did in watergate to Tarlac reputations of lie millions of americans who fought hard and clean fur the candidates of their clinic a in 11172." that the Alli Lude which led to the scandal was Jorn in the extremes of Vio Lence and discord in the he added Ihal a individual no group and no Politi Cal party has a Corner in the Market on morality in Amer again he would not re lease tape recordings of White House conversations which could resolve contradictory watergate statements. said would shatter the confidentiality of presidential conversations and sol a precedent would cripple All future wiretapping he ordered in the name of nation Al Security although he conceded in some instances a for Security did go too far and did interfere import is Sahly with individual tiie president s speech and Slatem enl were his first direct responses to the allegations and sometimes contradictory state ments produced Byi Days us televised hearings by lie sen ate Walc Gale committee in a statement his speech. Nixon said it was not Enlil March 1 Lylial i Learned of some of the activities upon which charges of cover up Are now he said Lens was True even though lie had repeatedly urged his staff to give him the full facts of tic watergate affair. The accompanying statement ran to about 2.hoo words -sunk1 what Shorter than Fie while House had indicated in and Vance. Its release was timed to coincide with the Start of Nix on s broadcast in the statement. I Nixon Reil crated his May 22 declaration Ihal he had no prior knowledge of us break in at democratic parly Headquarters on june 17. Noi was 1 aware of any subsequent efforts hint May have been made to cover up watergate. Nixon reiterated that state ment wednesday night and added that in All of the Testi Mony in the Senate watergate hearings to Dale is not the slightest evidence to the contrary. Not a single wit Ness has testified that i had any knowledge.1. O1. The planning for the water Gill Oil inv former while House aide Alexander p. testified thai automatic tape recordings were made of All conversations in the president s office and Over his telephones. Ivi Xun did nol address himself . I age Loal previous statements Are altered Washington Ai l pies ident Nixon spoke More on wednesday night Aboul the larger issues of abuse of Public Irusle and National he has in any of Bis previous statements about the scandal. After 10 weeks of Senate Tes Timony about one of tie most sensational scandals Ever to mar the american presidency. Nixon showed increasing con Cern about what he called a whole series of acts Hal either represent or appear to represent an abuse of i recognize that merely an swering the charges that have been made against the presi Dent is not Nixon said. The word watergate has come to represent a much broader set of . The president s broadcast speech to the nation and his accompanying written statement differed in Only two specific ways from what he had previously said about water Gate primarily in a Long Docu ment May 22. Referring to a Telephone conversation Wilh former acting Fiji director Patrick Gray Iii. Nixon said on May 22 that Gray told him the Mailer of watergate might Lead higher in the administration than was apparent at the 6. 1972. Recounting the conversation wednesday night in his Sale men. The president made no mention of Gray s suggestion. To simply repeated Gray s assertion that Deputy Cia direct Lor Vernon a. Walters had Lold him Ihal Cia activities would nol be compromised by the Fri on May 22. Nixon said thai in was not until my own investigation beginning March 21 Ihal i Learned of the break in at the office of Pentagon papers figure Daniel i mls Borg s in his statement wednesday night. Nixon said. "1 have determined that this statement of mine is nol precisely accurate. It was on March 17 dial 1 first Learned of the break in at the office of or. I Ewis kidding. And that was four Days before the beginning of my i Vesliga lion on march21." the president did not say Bow tie gained information on March 17 about the break in. Turning to what be described As the much broader Sci of concerns about watergate. Nixon declared to most of us. Watergate has come to mean not just a burglary and bugging at party Headquarters. Axil a whole series of aels thai either represent or appear to represent an abuse of Trust. It has come to stand for sex c e s s i v partisanship for enemies list for Cifor Stouse the Greal ins Lillions of government for partisan Politi Cal purposes. . Dollar continues week Long rally fighting reported around phenom penh the . Dollar jumps higher Index in european currency exchanges to keep up its week Long rally. Page 5a. Deaths doctor 11c 2a 10d 4a 8d so George Gallup finds Nixon s popularity now lower than that editorials of any president in last 20 years markets Page 12c. Sports Nixon s position on watergate state area 1b has shifted constantly since the burglary was uncovered. Page 7b. Women 8a weather partly Cloudy and hot with a Chance of thundershowers. High near 90. Low 3 upper 60s. Details Page 3a. Federal judge overturns Nixon veto Washington Lap giving v substantial Victory to sen m Kennedy a Federal judge Wenc Sudaj overturned president Nixon s pocket veto of a 1970 health care Bill. The Massachusetts Democrat a principal sponsor of the Bill sued the administration last year on grounds that the president s action violated the cons Dilulio n. Kennedy argued the Case personally in court. . District court judge Joseph Waddy ruled Kennedy had standing to sue and hat the veto was invalid. I m delighted Wilh judge Waddy s ruling and f see it As a Strong new example of the vindication of the rights of Congress against the encroach e n i s of die executive Kennedy said when told of the decision the vetoed Bill the family practice of Medicine act. Authorized a three year s225 million program of Federal grand so hospitals and or medical schools for training family Doc tors. The Senate passed Illo 1. And the House Jig to 2. The measure was sent to the Percsi Deal in mid december 1970. The Constitution provides thai a Bill passed by Congress will not become Law if a 10-Day waiting period expires while Congress is adjourned and the president has not signed the Bill. Allowing the Bill to die this Way is called a pocket veto in this Case the 10-Day period expired on Christmas Day 1970 when Congress was on a five Day Holiday recess Kennedy contended that had the president vetoed the Bill outright Congress would have had ample Opportunity to consider thai a Liim and attempt to overturn in. The Pockl veto prevented any action at All. To argued. Judge Waddy did rail attempt in his ruling to decide the constitutionality of a pocket veto in All Short adjournments of Congress. Named As defendants in i lie Case were the head of the general services administration Arthur p. Sampson and Thomas m. Jones chief of records at the White House a spokesman for Kennedy said in was Likely that Congress will be asked to appropriate the requested funds. It was nol immediately known whether the administration would Appeal the ruling. Phenom Pion. Cambodia api righting was reported wednesday on three sides of phenom penh As came Midian government forces sought to defend i hair capital without an american air shield for Ibe first Lipcin i i years. The attacks came hours after the cambodian command expressed Confidence that in could repel commit miss cd attacks on phenom penh Wilhour the air umbrella which ended shortly before noon wednesday mid night tuesday kit under a Compromise Between Congress and president Nixon. We have enlarged the of defense and arc in Good Posi Tion to withstand the enemy s said the chief spokes Man for the cambodian com Mand. Col. Am Kong. In Washington a statement prepared for and approved by president Nixon warned North Vietnam Ihal lie would take appropriate action if Hanoi mounted an offensive in Indochina the cambodian military command claimed its forces had recaptured the District town of Kampong Kantout. Southwest of phenom penh. Am Hong said All of Joule lib. Which runs around the Southern defense perimeter had been cleared of antigovernment forces. The insurgents pulled Back and inc government troops met Little resistance he said. Fighting also was reported at Prek Pao. In ilighway2l. Aboul Highl Milus South of phenom penh ten Miles to the Northeast of p h n o m penh government forces met heavy shelling resistance As they tried Load Vance toward Prek Anchano Village at the joining of the me Kong and tone sap Rivers. It is Early of course but since the end of . Bombing. Inc army has fought very am Kong said already have scored a new Success recapturing Kampong Kan Luot. The army is adapting and has shown itself ready for the new situation. There is a new spirit in the ranks. Morale is phenom Panji is surrounded by an estimated 30.000 communist command troops fighting to topple the .-Back de govern ment of lon nol. Prince Norodom Sihanouk who was ousted As Cambodia s Leader in 1970. Said wednesday night thai the last Day of bomb ing was historic for the Cam Bodian people and a Day of disgrace for . Impe unions hit . Stevens with million civil suit associated press writer Columbia. . Api two labor groups and 19 individuals filed a million suit in . District court wednesday against the j. P Stevens textile company for the alleged electronic bugging of a Motel room occupied by a Union organizer. The textile workers Union of America and the Industrial Union department also asked for a million judg ment again four slovene co. R officials the Wallace Motel in Wallace. . And two employ is of the Motel. Sol Stetin. Twuwa president told a news conference the Legal action was taken because this is one More Battleground in our Effort to win Justice for the men and women who work at Stevens. We will use every Legal device available to american citizens to bring Aboul his fair Slotin said a grand jury in pcs ligation Inlo possible Crimi Nal charges and an Fri probe of the bugging was continuing. The claim that the Telephone of a Union organizer had been in some Way bugged at a Motel near Cheraw. . Is not a spokesman for Slevc Essaid in a prepared statement. It was first raised in january of this year. At thai time our company made a statement both to our employees and to the local news papers that if there any such occurrence we have no knowledge of it and that if Therp had been such action by anybody we strongly Dis approved of in. Sinc then. As we understand the matter has been thoroughly investigated we do not know what conclusion if any. Has been reached by the investigating authorities. The Union now announces Wilh great fanfare that it is suing for damages because of this alleged incident. We will be ready to prove the Complete falsity of the claim by the Union against our company. The Union s lawsuit appears to be simply a further Effort to gain publicity for their continuing Campaign to unionize the plants of our company. Thai Campaign has been going on for 10 years and has been totally successful. In none of our plants has the Vole of the employees been in favor of the Union. Again and again they have voted against it nor do we be Lieve that this test Man Euver on the part of the Union will bring ii any different the lawsuit was filed before judge j. Robert . Who also signed an order for inc loaf Ile firm to appear in Federal court aug. 2d and show cause Why it should not cease All electronic and visual surveillance of Union activities. The suit claimed a room of a Union representative was bugged Between october 1972. And Jan. 19, 1973, while he was in Wallace to organize workers at iwo . Slevins Plains. Slotin Lold newsmen he Bug Ging device was found in a Tele phone by a Telephone company employee Afler the Telephone company was notified the instrument was the Union Leader also said the electronic device was removed from inc Telephone by an Fri agent. Harold Swanson. Special agent in charge of the Fri s Columbia office said an investigation is sending to deter mine whether there was a Federal Stetin said the room was occupied by Al Motley a Union or . The Legal action also accused the textile company of having officials in a neighbouring room where it said they maintained both electronic and visual observations of Union official Sand others. Such Stalin said is another step in the com Pany s determined opposition against i hair the suit asked for both compensatory and punitive dam Ages because the alleged elec tronic bugging violated the right of privacy and the right of Freedom from trespass

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