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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 15, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaN f i i 4 in in i rerun essay Augusi id our 50th year no. 227 daily 10s sunday 15 volunteers personal records Washington api vice president Spiro t. tuesday he would make Liis per Sonal records available to Federal prosecutors probing political corruption in Maryland. He also said he was agreeable to a personal interview. In a letter to . Atty. George Bacall in Baltimore the vice president said he would have he records available immediately for inspection and copying at his office in the executive office building. However. Agnew made Clear that he was granting Access Only to his personal financial and income lax records sought by the prosecutor s office and not the official records of the vice president. You understand that. By making these records available to you. 1 do not acknowledge that you or any grand jury have any right to records of the vice Agnew declared. Nor do i acknowledge the propriety of any grand jury in v c s 1 i g a t i o n of possible wrongdoing on dip part of the vice president so Long As he occupies trial he said. These Are difficult constitutional questions which need not Al this moment Confron Agnew also said he would co of Fralc fully with the prosecutors and would be Happy to meet with them fora interview so that 1 May answer any questions you May copies of ague s letter were Given in newsmen by his office As he vice president s attorneys reportedly met in Fialli More with the prosecutor s staff. Hall had asked Agnew to voluntarily turn Over his Finan Cial and tax records dating Back to 1967 for examination in connection with a Federal grand jury investigation of possible violations of tax. Bribery extor Tion and conspiracy Laws. Agnew s lawyers said they would . Meanwhile. President Nixon said through a spokesman that lie wanted inc Federal investigators to take All appropriate Steps in probing allegations that Agnew May have involved in the alleged bribery and Kickback scandal. Beall iad asked for the Recor. Is by Hist thursday Axil reportedly extended the deadline Al least a week while inc vice president s lawyers pondered the constitutional questions that night be involved. The president has cited the Sepa rat Ion of Powers doctrine in refusing to hand Over tape recordings of while House conversations to social watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox. Agnew s letter made the distinction Between his personal records and the records of the vice president. In responding to Hall s invitation for die personal Docu ments Agnew said they Are available in his office and that. Sneag Jekw. Paglia a t Nixon to deliver watergate speech Washington i Al pres Ideal Nixon will address the nation on die watergate scandal wednesday night delivering via television and radio his Long awaited to inc controversy that has shaken administration. The n . Kit speech will be made live from his Oval of fice and will lie about a Hall hour in length lire White House said. At the same time. Nixon will release a move detailed written about Ofil words in his account of die events that have spurred widespread investigations and brought a constitutional confrontation be tween Congress and die chief executive. Besides denying Advance knowledge of the watergate bugging and cover up sources said Nixon would attempt in die speech to rally support for his second Lenn foreign and Domestic goals. One official said the president believes the nation is ready to turn the coi Ner and overcome the scan dal s Impact Nixon flew by helicopter tuesday evening to his Camp David Retreat in the Maryland mountains to Complete work on the speech and the written statement. Accompanying him were his Persona i Secretary and executive assistant. Rose Mary Woods and another Secretary. The address to be carried by All the National television and radio networks will be Nixon s first extensive since May i i to the scandal that Lias shaken his administration. As Deputy press Secretary Gierald l. Warren announced the time and format of Nixon s speech the president was in his. Hideaway exec live office building suite pulling the Fin Ishing 1 touches on what s ranked As the most important in his Quarter Century of Public life. Warren would not give details of the address but other sour Ces indicated it would include l Hose major elements denial by Nixon that lie was aware of plans to Bug die democratic National commit tee s Headquarters Al die watergate or that he was aware of or participated in die subsequent cover up. Concession thai be Dis counted allegations Ilia White House and re election commit tee officials were involved in the scandal because his sub ordinates old him a thorough investigation had turned up in such involvement. Review of Bis first term accomplishments coupled with an urgent plea Louk american people to join him in Over coming the scandal s Impact Liy pressing ahead Loward the goals of lasting Wace abroad and an end to inflation Al Home. Up in the air Over mail service Williamsburg county travellers can t help but look twice at this 25-toot-High air mail Box standing in the old d. E. Epps someplace Yard near Kingstree. Brothers in Law Gene Epps and r. G. Smith now remodelling the More than a Century old Home for use As a Retreat admit the Box was erected As a spoof. Food prices soar to impossible1 level Rescue rocket moves to launch pad spacemen Don t think it will be needed Fly till associated i Bess ouch in that s die Only word for what s happened to the fam ily grocery Bill in inc first two weeks of August according to an associated press Market Basket Survey. Eggs and pork which started climbing when some controls on food were lifted in the Middle of last month continued to soar. Eggs once the impossible Nightmare were a reality on supermarket shelves. The a checked the prices of of food and nonfood items in 13 cities in March t and bus Eccli cocked Al the beginning of each succeeding month with social surveys to reflect major eco nomic developments. On monday. Die Day that phase i look effect the a made another Check. Only 12 cities were used because in Providence. . Die ugh City on the Survey list the stores were closed per cell were and 12 per cent were unavailable. The prices began to Rise after president Nixon announced in july that the increases in raw agricultural products could he passed on to the consumer. Additional increases to reflect increased costs for All items will be allowed under phase wild Large companies required to announce planned increases 30 Days in Advance. Lice prices however remain Frozen until sept. I situation thai has brought a chorus of complaint and court suits All unsuccessful so far from Call Lemen. Meal packers and processors. The ranchers Are holding Back Iligir animals in of getting higher prices later and severe shortages have devel oped in some areas. One Avenue to More libel was shut monday night when Canada imposed Export Contr nos on cattle and hogs effective immediately and lasting until sept. 12. The action was an of sue Mai Kkt Page 12-a confident space officials order skylab 2 completed . Dollar soars Gold drops sharply space cd nth. Houston api skylab 2 will to por Mil cd to Complete its record 50-Day Mission despite prob lems Wilh faulty steering Rock ets because we Are confident now of a Good a space official said tuesday. Skylab program director Liam. Schneider told newsmen thai a rocket and spacecraft that were being prepared for a possible skylab 2 Rescue Mission will be readied instead for a Normal skylab 3 Mission with launch probably coming in october or november. Schneider added however that should additional problems require a skylab 2 Rescue. The skylab .1 spacecraft could he turned Back into a Rescue Craft and launched by sept. 25, the Normal end of skylab 2. There is no imminent need for a Rescue said Schneider at a news conference lie said Normal testing will proceed on the would be Rescue Craft and in is being prepared for a Normal skylab 3 he said there is no firm Deci Sion Yel when skylab .1 will launched bul he said it most probably will a caller August. A decision on the launch Dale probably will be made this week perhaps As Early As wednesday to said. Told of the decision for a full Mission. Skylab 2 com Mander Alan f Hcan said looks like they Gol a renewed burst of Confidence Down there. We feel that Way hear and his View males. Jack i. and or. Owen k. Garriola. Were in the Bikih Day of the Marathon Mission they concentrated on medical tests and experiments in solar astronomy navigation and Earth observation Sec Gescuk. Page i2a the . Dollar soars to its highest level in six weeks and the Price of Gold drops More Ithan an ounce. Page 3a. A Houston grand jury indicts two teenagers in the largest mass murder Case in american history. Page 11 a. I asst. Atty general Henry Petersen spilled out resentment his watergate frustrations i now he gets fan mail. Page 3b. Index comics 11b deaths 2a doctor editorials markets sports state area 5a women 6a 6b 4a 12b 8a weather partly Cloudy and warm with a 3 Chance of mainly afternoon thundershowers. High Low 90s Low of 70s. Details Page 3a. How . Nlaly a delicate operation thieves stole about i million eggs tuesday from a poultry farm near Northern Adriatic town police reported. Officers estimated the eggs Worth at about they said nothing Alx iut How the got away Wilh All those eggs. M Al huh lit rim mania Boston Chicago fall As id Hill Miami Mills new i Ink i jail Nijim Ilu Ivair or Ali. . Bombing of Cambodia halts As deadline passes forget beef Cotton burgers Here Lubbock. Tex. A cot to burgers anyone Texas col lon Farmers Are getting into the meat Market with a product they claim can keep thai scarce and expensive Steak from shrinking Rig Hanul of sight. The now food cottonseed. The first commercial Plant to produce flour made from cottonseed is being dedicated Here wednesday by Hep. George Mahon. A tax. Chairman of inc House appropriations com Mil co. Before . The Plains cooperative Oil Mill owned by Texas Cotlon Farmers who arc sharing the venture is expected to turn Oul 25 tons a Day of cottonseed flour that is claimed lobe completely soluble in water and Wilhour taste. Ii will be marketed through Grain processing corp. Almus Cantine. Iowa. John Herzer. General Man Ager of die Oil Mill sees the in Mcdale use of cot linseed flour As a food is approved by the food and drag administration Aslo make scarce meat go further through retaining its moisture. He says a Pound of meat if it contained a Quarter cottonseed flour would Cost 25 per cent less and contain the same port in value we will he Able to produce the highest source of protein Wilh the lowest Cost in the protein Content of inc flour he says will be about 65 per cent Al a Cost of around 35 cents per Pound but a concen trate can be made that could contain 100 per cent protein. Cottonseed until now has been considered usable Only for ils vegetable Oil and As cattle feed. This was primarily because of toxic pigment glands mixed in Wilh the protein bearing seeds. The . Department of agriculture which worked on problem for 25 years now claims to have it licked As result of research work in laboratories a i new Orleans. La crier. Who says to per cent of the flour production will go into commercial foods., says its use is by no Means restricted to meat lie says it can double the protein Content of a loaf of bread or be added to a piece of cake or a soft drink so Aslo fulfil All the nutritional needs of schoolchild Faraday. The Lubbock Plant which Cost million took two years to build. Pin of a knit Al i american pilots flew their last raids in Cambodia wednesday morning at the close of nearly a decade of bombing in Indochina and the most sustained and controversial Aerial in the history of warfare the last Aerial blows began Al Dawn and were concentrated around phenom penh. They Shook City buildings and rallied windows. Repeated announcements on the pilots radio channels warned that Ibert should be no More air strikes after . Phenom penh time 11 . Tuesday kit 15 minutes be fore the official cutoff Lime fixed by Congress. One Pilot after completing his last Mission radioed his ground controller ill talk to you in the next to offset the loss of some american air Power. Inc United states turned Over 2-j More artillery guns to give the Cam Bodian army additional fire Power. The 7.1 million tons of bombs and Oiler explosives rained by be United slates on Indochina since was three times the amount the slates used in world War 11 Ami Polim Esloc amount in the korean War. The bombing during recent months has Beener edited with a Large role in keeping the cambodian government of president i on no in Power. Informed sources said tues Day in Saigon that thousands of ethnic cambodians living in South Vietnam including some drawn from South vietnamese army units have been flown to i Nom of government survive after the . Bombing ends. The . Embassy in Saigon and a spokesman for the South vietnamese military denied the report. The daily bombing of Cam Bodia for fi1. Months since 10 Days after the january Vietnam peace agreement. Had slowed but not slopped advances on phenom penh by commit miss cd insurgents. . Bombing errors in the final weeks of intensive attacks also killed scores of civilians and government troops. The last american raids included continual strikes around phenom penh s perimeter an estimated 4.000 insurgents Are massed for an attack West of he capital s inc National Airport. The Fate of the capital of 1 a million including thousands of refugees was open to Specula Tion. The forces loosely surround phenom penh and control an estimated to per cent of the country militarily

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