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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 14, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaPage to a the Slobb Nib morning news Florence s. C. Sunday morning August 14, 1955 president Rhee Calls for end to anti red truce team riots by Murray Fromson Seoul sunday aug. 14 South Korea s red hating 80 year old president last night urged his countrymen to cease demonstrations that brought Vio Lent clashes with u. S. Soldiers he said he had written assurances from the United states hat the purpose of the demonstrations can be accomplished peacefully. The purpose was to have the five teams of four nation truce inspectors get out of South Korea particularly the communist poles and czechs because of alleged spying activities. Presiden syn Man rec had set last Midnight As a deadline for the teams to get out but at the last soldiers were injured. The clashes occurred at compounds housing the truce teams also made up of Swiss and swedes. Rhoe said that Walter Robertson assistant u. S. Secretary of state told you Chan Yang korean ambassador to Washington that the u. S. Government will make efforts soon to seek peaceful removal of the Neutral nations supervisory commission from Korea. Race said the Assurance came in letter addressed to him and turned Over to Yang. Observers who know Rhee s ways said he apparently just needed a diplomatic excuse for end ing the crisis. Actually the commitment Rhee said was obtained rom Robertson was no different rom one Given race a year ago perhaps what race has done his weekend is As Good an exam ple As any to shatter the myth that hat u. S. Officials constantly underestimate fiery by that he meant Only once has he United states been caught off Junard by its korean ally when thee released War prisoners n 1953 and almost wrecked last minute armistice negotiations. Since then South Korea always Las had to Bacic Down in disputes incr threats to renew the War ver Aid funds Over the Hwan Dollar Exchange Rale Over u. S. Roop withdrawals and Over threats o violate the armistice. Minute he announced an indefinite postponement. During violence which had flared i by u. S. Secretary of stale Dulles for a week preceding he deadline j after similar demonstrations one South korean was killed and on High placed u. S. Official in about 100 koreans and 44 u. S. Seoul said u. S. Experts unveil cheap a Power plans by Max Harrelson Geneva. Aug. 13 two american scientists gave the atoms for peace conference de tailed reports today on newly de signed atomic Power plants which they claim can produce electricity eventually on a paying basis. Neither of the projects has yet gone beyond the planning stage but the designers of both expressed Confidence thai once in operation they will be Able to compete with the prices of Coal produced Power in some areas. Clark Williams of Brookhaven National Laboratory n. Y., de scribed plans for what is technically known As a liquid Metal fuel reactor designed to produce kilowatts of electricity. He estimated this Plant would be Able to turn out electricity at a Cost of 7.8 Mills per kilowatt hour. The Cost of conventional Power in the United states averages from four to seven Mills a kilowatt de pending on distance from the source of fuel. In Many parts of the world Power production costs considerably More. No atomic Power station now in operation comes anywhere near the level mentioned by Williams. All however Are much smaller and Are experimental models. The conference also heard a re port from p. F. Cast of the engineering department of general electric s Blanford wash., atomic production operation who read n paper giving full details of a pro posed Graphite moderated nuclear Power this also is a Large scale project designed to produce kilo Wall hours of Eccl Rocity. Cast called it a Plant of Broad Poten tial application and said it is Ca Pable of producing electrical Power at an economically competitive level in Many parts of the he estimated it could turn out electricity that could sell for less than seven Mills a kilowatt hour and still Moke a profit. Russian scientists after listening to the reports said some soviet designs were remarkably similar in design to the general electric Plant. Others were particularly inter ested in the High conversion rate the percentage of electric Power obtained from the heat generated by the reactor which Williams claimed for the Brookhaven Plant. According to his paper the Plant will produce 210.000 kilowatts of electricity with kilowatts of heat. This is at a rate of approximately 42 per cent. Prof. Karl Wirtz of Germany vice chairman of the special panel on reactors said it is the highest rate i Ever heard there also was a considerable amount of interest in a new Type reactor described by a dutch scientist j. J. Went. This uses uranium fuel in the form of Light dust or instead of in liquid or solid form As present reactors use. One of the advantages of this Type reactor is that it could Burn Laural uranium the cheapest kind of atomic fuel. Most other reactors require enriched uranium a russian Sci Enlil. Participating n the discussions said the new dutch design constituted one o he most useful potential ways of approaching he quest for Large scale economic Power production in other panels experts exchanged notes on chemical damage done to various parts of reactors by the radiation which takes place during the Lis Sion process one of the big prob lems in connection with atomic development is to find new metals alloys and other material i hat Wil stand up i Dur the radiation. One scientist said Hie Exchange of views had Hren very helpful to those working on this problem. An american Hiistand wife re search learn from Oak Hidge. Tcnn., warned that special caution must he exercised in praying women of child bearing age. Wil Liam l. And Liane Russell said that in cases of unsuspected preg Nancy the application of a rays to a woman s Pelvis might cause malformation of the developing baby in her womb. Governor Tak is reds on a Retour by Tom Whitney Springfield aug. 13 w Lov. William stratum of Illinois personally conducted soviet Arm chief Vladimir Matskovich and four other soviet farm delegates through the Illinois state fair to Day. The 41-year-old Republican governor kept the russians walking at a brisk Pace for three hours past exhibit after exhibit at one of the nation s largest expositions of live Stock and farm products. On their Way Nack to the Airport ence in Chicago when the russian Leader visited there. The russians flew to Springfield from Chicago in the air plane of William Wood Prince president of the Union Stock Yard and transit co. Of Chicago. Prince made trip to Russia last january. Yesterday he had a private conversation with Matskovich and assisted in arrangements for the russian to see governor Stratton and he received Ai the governor s conference. There were persons on the fair grounds officials said but from the the five russians of curious follow stopped at Lincoln s Tomb. Lyle was very Matskovich came to Springfield at gov. Stratton s invitation Given yesterday at the governor s Confer his Mother to put him on her Shoul they were so busily engaged in i the fair was the first big Ameri dvrs so he could get a peek at the seeing the fair exhibits that they can farm exhibition the russians visitors. Large. No Mummy. I want to see a waiting but i said a Lilac boy be eaten by the they re just said his Mother As she lifted him up. The boy was quickly satisfied. Fair manager Strother Jones of Buffalo 111., went to considerable trouble to arrange a special dinner for the russians. It consisted of a Choice roast beef and Fried Chick in. The drinks which were to be served before it were Vodka col Linsin Honor of the russians. Though in Russia where they take their Vodka straight such drinks As Vodka Collins have never been heard of the meal was ready it was fated not russians yet. Said they wanted something they have seen. Previously they briefly could consume More quickly. J visited a Small county fair in Iowa. Is their actual Choice Foo Long holi six other members of the rus parking is free but folks paying Washington. Aug. 13 parking on downtown Washington j streets has been free since the City s transit strike began july 1. But forgetful motorists Are still feeding coins into the Parkins meters. In fact they spent 44 unnecessarily that Way la month. The 44 cents came fro pennies put in by mistake dogs and soft drinks. Sian delegation spent the Day in Chicago. Masonic notice regular communication of Amity Lodge no. 340, . M. Will be held Mon evening. August in the masonic Emple at 8 o clock embers requested to attend. Visiting masons Welcome t. D. Hill. W. M. B. D. Mcbride Sec. Imoma Ike pushing his planto increase army reserves Washington aug. 13 a i res Ideal Eisenhower moved today to get the armed service started on building up a ready Reserve authorized by legislation he signed last week. Lie issued an cd Culive order authorizing the army and Marine corps to go ahead immediately in enlisting Young men below the age of film years into the reserves. No time should be the president said in moving toward the goal of stronger reserves As rapidly As the new Law permits. It is my sincere Hope that Young americans will respond to this Volunteer program in such measures As to insure its the order permits qualified Young men below we years to enlist in the Reserve for six months of Active training and 7 i years participation in Reserve training. The army and Marine corps Are the Only services affected by to Day s order since they alone have requested enlistment quotas under the new program. The president authorized the Secretary of defense to approve quotas submitted by the services. J the White House said that for the remainder of Hie current year ending june so 1mb. The i army Lias requested a total of new reservists and the Ma-1 Rines an additional i a tribute to Littky league baseball teams to millions of americans Batter is the sweetest music in the world it s the thrill that Only baseball can provide. Our youngsters have teams we can be proud of. Maybe they Don t always win but what team does you sit and watch those players As they synchronize mind and you better understand Why team work and clean sportsmanship As we know them in this blessed land have helped build us Inlo the most Power Ful nation in the world we Salute our baseball Young sters their coaches and managers they Are a credit to our Community always in there pitching for More victories Dixie Chevrolet inc. Ivans and Mcoueen phone 5227 we Salute our town Sears slashes prices for you during now a the time to freeze while crops Ore Good. Prices Down on this family size col spot no need to Dicker no need to Trade you can sell or throw away your old air conditioner Freezer refrigerator or Washer and still save at Sears Freezer lowest prices we re seen for ranges this size and Quality save 41-Inch electric Kenmore compare at 249.95 7-heat top units Waist High broiler sit. 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