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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 13, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaSaturday morning August 13. 1955 Beach rundown the Florence morning news. Florence. S. C damage runs Low in South Carolina Thomas Mann famed author Thomas Mann Dies in Zurich Zurich Switzerland. Aug. 12 Mann a modern literary giant and Arch enemy of Hitler nazi dictatorship in Germany die in the cantonal Hospital Here Early tonight. He was 80. Death followed a thrombosis or blood clotting. Mann a German author who went to America during the War Anri became an american citizen moved to a suburban Home Zurich nearly three years ago say ing be bad the urgent desire to re establish and cultivate the con tact with the Oki soil of he bad been unusually Active for a Man of his age. Last Spring he made a visit to Germany spending several weeks near his Home town of Luebeck Germany. Until Stricklr during a Holiday in Holland he lived a quiet life in his Home above Lake Zurich. He continued to write read ravenously and took daily walks in his Garden. Later however he contended his failure to answer a question at the news conference presented him in a false Light. He said he never heard the question. I live in the Wesl As the Loyal son of the occident because it pleases he said in a state ment issued Here in 1952. He said his residence on i he Western Side of the Iron curtain was not merely a coincidence a mistake or an by the associated press Hurricane Connie gave inc Caro Lina coast a solid pasting yester Day before careening northward but it left behind Little major Dan age compared with Hurricane Hazel of last october. There were no reported serious injuries or deaths. Fishing piers were battered Bui most remained intact and Manj cottages shed shingles under con Nie s brushing. Sand breakwaters erected after Hurricane Hazel also were washed away at some Points. The fishing pier at Garden City first reported to have been swept away later was reported to have weathered the blow without notice Able damage. North Carolina beaches generally were hit harder than South Caro Ina s coastal resorts but there was Little in the Way of damage to compare with the wreckage left by Hazel. Here is a rundown of the South Carolina beaches Hawleys Island the fishing pier built after being destroyed by Hazel lost about 100 feel of its Seaward end under Connie s Pound ing. Sand dunes erected after Hazel also were washed out in Sev eral places. Water covered the causeway leading to the Mainland but receded As the storm moved northward. Inland Georgetown re ported a number of store window shattered under 50-Milc-an-Hoiir gusts. Ocean drive Beach the major casually appeared to be a 10 by 30 foot Metal awning ripped from a drug store and left cover ing the sidewalk. Considerable de Bris left from Hurricane Hazel and since covered by Sand was re exposed by High water at Points along the grand including Crescent Ocean drive Tigli Man. Cherry Grove and East Cher damage was estimated at 000. Gen. Griffin said the figures were compiled from reports by civil defense engineers sent to the coastal storm territory. The estimates did not cover regions North of Wilmington and in inc Vicinity of Morehead City where the storm Active last night and Early to Day by Grove beaches. It seemed obvious thai damage there would run the figure much Cherry Grove three Beach higher front Cindy Block collages Ocrel damage to private properly Al partially damaged when under mined by water. Bulldozers were put to work promptly shoving Sand Back Undi the cottages. East Cherry Grove virtually wiped out by Hazel appeared to have weath Carolina reach was estimated at one million dollars and Public properly damage was placed at the Beach also was hard hit by Hurricane Hazel last fall. The civil defense office said the cred Connie without appreciable i figures were the Besl estimates damage. A few Miles further North he Little fishing Community of Little River nestled on an Inlet Back available Al this other estimates with private properly losses Given first. Rom the Ocean reported no dam Lowed by Public properly damage age. 1uurrells Inlet selting in and from Hie Ocean front. Mur Rells Intel suffered virtually no damage. Garden City Waves broke Hirough the Sand breakwater in a number of places. Shingles were Lown from a number of collages ind some debris piled up in the the fishing pier Rode out he storm intact. Surfside Only Shingle dam Ige was reported at Surfside. Set ing just North of Garden City. Myrtle Beacht no Apreci Ible damage was reported at the tale s biggest Beach resort Al Lough damage o shingles a Uii Rod to be heaviest Here Windy Bridge and causeway leading to the South end of he Beach were washed out. Flooring was ripped up in portions of the fishing pier. Kure Beach and 000. Wilmington Beach no figure or Public property. Long Beach and Ocean Isle Southport and i Brunswick county uni Scorpo a rated beaches in Olden Roberson by far the hardest hit among i and colonial and areas covered by the preliminary Myrtle Grove private Survey was Carolina Beach where i no Public loss. Kaleigh. Aug. 12 nary estimates of damage by blur Connie to tar Heel Beach iras in the Vicinity of Wilmington to Well Over t i million dollars. Stale civil defense director Edward Griffin said today. Carolina Beach was hit hard by Hurricane Connie of the storm and fell Over on the merry go round. The Wilming he Carolina resort Ferris wheel collapsed under pressure headed North hitting the beaches along the Way. A wire photo tourists gone Shaw faces storm Over his actions Myrtle Beach aug. 12 a dead town and Hurricane Myrtle Beach civil defense co Connie did t come after All. Ordinal or Martin Shaw survived Hurricane Connie Only to face an other storm right on his door Lep. Shaw had to make a diff Ichill do j vision wednesday night on whith if 1 knew of a system which 1 prefer to our sadly mangled and highly endangered he added "1 would Lake off today and place myself at its Mann was flown Back to Hospital Here from a vacation in Holland last month suffering irom j phlebitis a vein inflammation. He had appeared to be recover ing. But his physician prof. Wil Helm Woelfler. Sikl tonight his general condition of weakness caused his death Afler the heart attack struck him. Atlantic Beach damage was negligible. Crescent Beach damage was confined mostly to ripped of Shaw is very much afraid the second guess cars will take Over aim claim thai his order to Evascu Alc was unnecessary. But the 42 year old construction Man who has been through Florida Hurrier or not to evacuate maintains he did the Only waterfront properly in the face of worsening reports on Hurricane Connie. When gusts began to bit hard Al p. M. Wednesday he Felt thing he could do. In ibis he is backed up by mayor pro Lem w. E. Cameron and other civic officials who take the Altitude that it Only a that he could no longer risk lives Miracle that Connie did t hit. And and reluctantly ordered Evacula that Hurricane fatalities would lion to schools and churches on have seriously Hurt future Busi High ground set aside for the Pur pose. This meant that Many visitors i mis meant that Many visitors i i Here uprooted in the Middle of i heir vacations and Many left Wal gets degree waiting for Connie to hit strained strength patience their vacations and Many Beach then and there. When Shaw gave a temporary All Clear around Dawn thursday Many More quit and by noon most visitors the new York. Aug. 12 principal source of Revenue for the Evangeline Muhammah till Yam merchants had left. Palam a native of Ceylon and a the Gorman born author who won tic Nobel prize Lor literature in celebrated his Iloth birth Day among his family and 11 lends in Switzerland on june i. One of Germany s greatest mod Ern authors he was driven rum Germany by n Axi Norse Chilion be fore world War ii and became an a Power lighted american i now. Myrtle Beach is temporal Pool Gro Luale from Columbia Una a verily. New York cily where she was awarded a doctor of philos a Ophy degree in 1029 for research in zoology was inaugurated by Ron Cocking morning news associate editor in the midst of All the con fusion in and around Myrtle Beach As Hurricane Connie wallowed around offshore apparently wait ing to strike plenty of people had time to set up a first class Rumor factory. The rumours had a big assist from some radio and television Stalions who in Lurn were aided by scare weather bulletins put out by a press service not associated civil defense chief Martin Shaw at Myrtle Beach adopted the very Wise policy of insisting that All radio bulletins aired by the local station lie cleared through him. In this Way what could have been a mass panic was averted. Then on thursday afternoon after the . High tides bad battered the beaches the rumours roared around City Hall hat the 2nd Avenue fishing pier a wooden Structure rebuilt after being washed away by Hazel had collapsed. This reporter rushed out to gel a picture of the wreckage before it was swept away Only to find the pier very much intact. Principal of Isabella Thoburn col As As Garden cily thursday lege Lucknow India today. A i Katy of newsmen Louring i beaches South of Myrtle Beach afternoon were impressed by the Geneva. Aug. 12 United Stales disclosed today thai atomic Energy had been used for the first time in history As the sole source of Light and Power in an entire american town. Medicine. And developments in inn a woman president of Hie world chemistry and physics. Council of churches. At a news conference or. Homi i Large number of houses which in this Post she succeeds the j to about collapse ale or. Sarah Chakko who turned jul were last year. Miss Chakko was Theslof Nazca. Including those out in Murcell s Inlet. According i hurry county commissioner William Tallevast no Homes Acle inauguration ceremonies will .1. Re aha of India president conducted by Bishop Clement ally in service at Surfside a o a presen o inc atomic meeting said research d hockey of the methodist Church i to harness the Energy of the ii Lucknow. Isabella Thoburn College the Experiment was carried out is founded by the methodist Church without fanfare Only 17 at not As . As u nigh be in 1870 for the education of Indian Idaho near craters of the Moon however his Predic-1 women now Enrols 410 students. J. I Iii Loisil boil continued a drive 10 arrested Garden City were wrecked Al though inc dunes were breached in Many places and the Road hooded. Some 01 Tiik Volunteer work ers and newsmen found out How Long they could go without sleep in an emergency. Some civil air patrol officers including col. A. A. Pale of Florence had Only Short naps Over a period of 84 hours. Civil defense chief Shaw seemed to be Silling Al his desk in cily Hall Al any hour of the Day or night one happened in right up until 3 a. In. Yesterday when the final 2 a. In. Advisory bulletin from the Miami weather Bureau gave the All Clear to Myrtle Beach. As Shaw said what was As bad As Hurricane Connie was waiting . Eor 18 hours it either stayed motionless or inched Forward Al five or six Miles an hour. But when it did move each brought it closer to Myrlle Beach. An accurate plot of the Hurricane shows it was headed directly for Myrtle Beach right up until ils sudden and dramatic turn northward on thursday Al about p. M. Incidentally Shaw has been handed bouquets by Many of the Volunteer and military i groups who helped out Wilh Emer gency preparations lie never Gol ruffled despite being Bone tired. Probably the worst Job on inc Beach was thai of inc a Lyrll reach National guard unit Mil r inc command of Cape. Elmer a. Anthony. Sent to guard the Beach approaches Aller the evacuation of endangered properly was ordered hey had to stand in the driving rain for hours without re Lief. And in was the kind of rain which soaked to inc skin in one minute Ilau the Aht fical dunes along in beaches which were built with Federal assistance proved they could survive one hard blow but hat they can t hold Back Hurri Cane driven Waters. What saved the beaches from widespread dam age was the merciful West wind which nil thursday morning breaking inc full Force of the huge rollers which pounded in on the High tide. It s surprising Low Many people will wait until the last moment Afler Hurricane Connie began to develop Beach insurance companies were flooded Wilh applications for property insurance. One Windy Hill Beach woman pleaded to be allowed to buy a policy. But with Connie advancing up the coast insurance companies for once were turning Down the Busi Ness. But Don t think i hat claims adjusters did t have an anxious 72 hours. Wave 1iken boosting the civil air patrol and not without cause. The Cap radio network could have been a life Saver As t was when Connie hit North Carolina. In any event it was of eat value in preparing for con this is not a glorified flying club As Ninny people seem to think. It s a Volunteer Organiza Ion geared for vital work in an emergency and flying is Only incidental. Ii has a Fine Cadel pro Gram which the Cap feels is the most significant part of ils work. Incidentally in North Carolina the Cap gels from the stale. In South Carolina the slate has just voted and Cap had to fight to get thai. Every Man is hundreds of dollars on of Poe Kel each year while performing a Public service. Many people were wonder ing Why the u. S. Weather Bureau could t provide better fore casts on where Connie was going next. Plotting the Eye of the storm is Fine but. Thai Only tells you where in where it s going. Some pundit were talking about inc cyclonic air Stream at about feet which is said to control Hurricane movement Way up the Eye of Connie was hundreds of Miles across while Only 40 Miles wide on the surface. Footnote if Lucre s a Coffee shortage in the next few months blame it on the amount consumed in Myrtle Bench while the Hurri Cane scare was on. . Radio repairs Matney s 192 e. Evans st. Phone 5419 f c and lasted they represent fifteen language Only about an hour. Achi in is groups. And five different religions bootlegging m lie resumed to Europe in live inc but for that hour the town de he i hmm county with the arrest of ten rest of his Days in 1m with his bonded solely on nuclear v mass was born men during the weekend wife Kalpa and his daughter Krika. Supplied by an experimental Power i Home Cylon. Incl they Are being held in inc Conn Lam it i a file Al Fri Lin entered a so Looi ill arc us Lucr in incl in heart Only last May he enjoyed an unusual Triumph. The 700-year-old City of Luebeck. His Birthplace made him and leading families Ollie City turned Mil Lur the Cocren Ioil ii was his Lisl novel. Bolden Licu re acc hiring the hum of the inc Experiment was fed into the regular lines it so Lily of King Strcic one at Sandy the atomic station. Hie big Powers he said pro j Thoburn College and then Ibay one in the Beulah Section the lights went out when they i i each an Akre Cmunt to us verily. And Allahabad Ione Indian own and one at Trio made the said mayor maintain peace Bill the world will Al myer Sily. Receiving the Bachelor ithe Only White men among those. Ralph Lii him. In Ami today have to make sure thai smaller. Science and master of science j arrested was working in the in iut Alk a Luil could t till i Powers Diu l mis and majoring in biology Smith Section. Lion do a lady of lie the Trade in downtown be it was kind of a secret ahead a a to draw record is to Holh the Ani Eriean ind and some Lead i British two Large. Inu for years he was i a curse. Then after it was Over we a Hall manager 9m Tri a cd As a renegade by Hie Titi Jwo 0 a talking about in. It was of Lush cock ignite a topic of conversation for i d.-. Mann Lulu the audience. . Some Limo. We Ihmi Ghl it was quite radio to programs Channel 2 wish Cal his fall or Hie i i ice plunk cd his a Hiil . Aioli in of Joseph and mis Brut hers Ami Oiler modern classics in re the Lown. Which had a division of in unix j in i i w american exhibitors. A knowl l rms w0rc w i j lion ill Italy u lion Ilic atomic in Iho stains of construct Ion. It is inc can scr if a live ski if Ainer u an Nii Cenis arc handicapped by inns us the in Aili Lilium. In Aid. The ski Mineu Lial 3 saturday pm 10 a 1 Itell of Al ural i Uva milk Chr Cork i ii nil. I Ilion grow potatoes and smal months had been Bush with grains normally Arco gels ils dec an expansion the i ironic Power irom inc Utah Power the Pur inc ii ill re ill i la l i Lif mils is in Jeppi it in la i i Nulli d l.l.ilr-. Mil hum tin us Allied a Klippl i ii ill no i Vii in the in Ai eat Imlah cd Jinan and go. Liy pin Iliili i Kizim ill ill Ull f Lull full l Mill Ini ii Qiliu Mill Uii. I in tie it in inn the ill an Elei inc Lili Lity. Lull Ilum in Anhly As a nipple men has a Nui Leal Power i a. Firms cannot Ell Inucci of i hair cheer obtains a Irmi Channel s alunday phils and yen cola part a my p Iii my Carn Lviv 4 no f i m Alrh War Rellna diff u 00 Tiki Hui i i in movie Loitman anti m mil1 Mimi ova area which has claimed him As a been in operation since Al n news Coli Terence in Hill ils i incr is being fed Vienna he declined to say who Lucr j into regular Linos he considered american Democrat i scion lists of 72 nations Chin limited Al Buller Enlil real than i in cynical dim us Mons Al the incr tic enl of Chr Krem Nalin Nal peace Confer b l. Al Hal Linio he. Ferenal Type read Lars. The use of lied no n in Hie i filed i Ernel Lypp the him in ships kalhor i radius disc Imil pop in Biol my in l Day Ond night Deleon Finklea ill w. Rim is 2-.iniil the to Kel buy. Only a in Irr Inri of Iii a i Riml i i i. in in i Imi Iii in Iii 8 s4 l i him v s a in no a drool Irsil club Vii profi Jymm my v Al Nix a i la Leaf not to id t nil it 0. I a hour Hullt sur not f. In cloth is a cry Lloyl kill Sun any pm Vav Trifi i Moll Farmers big new t Here it is Universal electric portable sewing machine Liis univ Siil Klc Corii i machine Complete Iii. Valued Al absolutely r Uki with the Purchase of this be Admiral Geane wholesale next to armory 1103 Evans Streer 2-1625

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