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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 12, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaMatti Horning John m. O Dowd 1887-1970 James a. Rogers editor jog b. Rickenbaker managing editor Dow James associate editor Richard g. Moisio general manager another can of Worms James a. Rogers sunday August crime reporting Candor for whatever it s Worth the Federal of investigation s final compilation of 1972 crime statistics uniform crime reports is out showing a 2 per cent decrease in serious crime. It s the first recorded crime de crease in 17 years. For the first time in memory the news release accompanying the report is Well restrained. Conspicuously missing Are those Rose coloured observations customarily by the attorney general about the report being an encouraging indication of note worthy Progress in the War on crime Etc. The restraint parallels attorney general Elliot Richardson s recent candid comments about deficiencies in the Fri statistics. The new attorney general said they were not adequate either for measuring the volume of crime or devising techniques to combat it. He also hinted that a preoccupation with biased statistics has had a negative Impact on crime fighting. Richardson was t exactly blowing Virgin lands. The crime statistics have been Long viewed with scepticism by Many familiar with the methods used for compiling them. They Are Gath ered by local police departments and transmitted to the Fri for compilation. Not Only Are they subject to doctoring for one purpose or another but standards for categorizing crime May vary from police department to police department. Bui even if there were no Opportunity for padding or deflating the statistics perhaps to justify a higher police budget or make it appear police and City officials Are doing a Good Job the statistics could t by any Means be considered to reflect the magnitude of crime. Many crimes go unreported. Some people rather just forget about a crime committed against them than endure the embarrassment and bother of becoming involved with the police and courts. Others particularly Blacks May feel they won t get much help from Law enforcement people anyway. Richardson Lias pledged to make correcting flaws in the present system of compiling crime statistics a priority Dur ing his tenure As head of the department of Justice. To improve the accuracy of the Statis tics it will obviously be Neces sary to exert More stringent controls Over crime auditing at the police department level. Complete accuracy of course is unobtainable hut the More nearly accurate the statistics Are the More Likely it becomes thai effective programs and methods of crime fighting will be developed and employed. Meanwhile the 1072 crime statistics As subject to imperfection As they Are do provide grounds for encouragement and Hope that the runaway crime spiral is at last leveling off. Tolje 1972 decrease in serious crime follows a 7 per cent in crease in 1971, which was the smallest seven years free world sharply limited a free world never was and it is not now. The Point is made periodically by Freedom ratings Given by Freedom House a widely known and respected 11011 political Agency. On a 1 to 7 scale that judges the degree of Freedom in respect to political and civil rights free Dom House lists but 17 countries in All the world with a no. 1 rating in both categories. They arc the United states the United kingdom West Ger Many Canada Australia aus Tria. Barbados Denmark Costa Rica Malta Iceland Sweden Norway Belgium Switzerland Netherlands and new zealand. Birthdays the Rcv. Julius a Clark Veteran methodist minister whose pastorate in the Pec dec and elsewhere in South Caro Lina Date Back to 1916, is 86 years old today four score and six. During world War ii years he was pastor of the Centra methodist Church of Florence and later the Marion methodist Church. In retirement he served actively for Many years As chaplain at Mcl Coci memorial Hospital. Another birthday of the week just passed was that one of Flor ence s very oldest citizens. Mrs. J. A. Pelt grew was 99 years old last monday born in the Pulaski hotel in Savannah ga., the daughter of an architect she came to Ebenezer in 1897 to visit an aunt met and was married to .1. A. Pettigrew in 1898, and has lived in Florence Ever since. Age appreciates remembrance and today we take note of these who have lived Long and useful lives. The other listings arc of coun tries not free or partially the countries in the hitter category arc deficient in civil or political rights or both but have a degree of Freedom that keeps them out of the no Freedom category. There Are 70 countries listed As not they include such Well known countries As main land China and the soviet Union with a 7 and 6 rating respectively Spain East Germany Yugo Slavia Hungary and Romania. Others run the Gamut of coun tries in Asia Central and South America Europe and Africa. Ironically included in the list is Greece where the free spirit of Man first asserted itself. In a world whose people desire to be free Only 17 coun tries arc Given top rating. Many others arc Only partially free and 70 Are not free at All. Nor is it surprising that All strictly communist countries Are listed in the no free category. During 5000 years of record Liis Lory oppression and suppression have been the Rule among the majority of countries. This remains so today. President Nixon has asserted that the illegal Domestic espionage planned by the while House was vital to National Security. Why then did the pres ident not fire j. Edgar Hoover when As Fri director he re fused to cooperate in the implementation of the espionage plans by or. Nixon s own definition he allowed or. Hoo ver to thwart the vital inter ests of National Security. It is an interesting question but we Douht that there will be an operative answer. The Char Lotte observer Roscoe Drummond president Nixon counts on Riding out the storm Washington Why Nixon. Will Mcmain resident. There Are three reasons 1. not believe there is any valid basis for resignation and is convinced thai the Wal Cranle Miasma will in time dissolve. 2. The show that the great majority of adult americans do not want him to resign. I. Most democrats Are against even trying impeachment because they think it belter politically to keep him on the spot rather than to have to run against a fresh incumbent Agnew in the i Niblic verdict to it illogical the Gallup poll shows that 71 per cent consider the president guilty to some degree of covering up the watergate offences and 82 per cent do not wish him to quit. If the great majority feels he is guilty in t it illogical not to want him to resign not necessarily. The probable an so few is that most voters do not want Wale Gale to be used As an excuse of a Means to reverse the verdict election however much they Hoid i Nixon responsible. Gov. Rockefeller and watergate. Here is one unexpected political fall out. A year ago Here was every Evi Dence that lie would run for a fifth Lerm As governor of new York As inc Besl forum for seeking the flt i now Rocky is having second thoughts. His advisers Are suggesting that in View of the gathering Public disillusion with elected officials it would be bet Ter for him to retire from. Politics for two years and emerge As the no. 1 private citizen. Trade Wilh Chinn takes big leap. The increase exceeds All forecasts. Two Way Trade Between the chinese Mainland and the United states amounted to Only million in 1971 and million in this year it. Will Rise to Between million and million. At this stage the bal Ance is highly favourable to the United Stales since american imports from China will not exceed million while . Exports will run Over a half billion dollars. There is Une aspect of .-China Trade which is wholly one Way. Last year More than Immi Grants came legally to America from the people s Republic of China and several thousand More entered illegally. President Thieu is winning the elections. If his critics in the United Stales were right he should have been losing big because of his alleged unpopularity. The opposite has been taking place in Rural elections All across South Vietnam. Thieu s democracy parly has won control of Village councils in a -14 provinces during the past two months. Some losing candidates three so far seek recounts but no wide spread voting corrupt Ion is alleged. Tho Viet Cong candidates were never in the running. President Thieu s party has been resoundingly Success Ful no wonder the communists want negotiate their Way Inlo the Sai go ii government rather than rely on free elections. Six new members fur the United nations West Germany and Kast Germany will ice accepted As Mem hers this fall. South Korea and North Korea Are next in line. Now Saigon is saying in effect. Why not North Ami South the soviets Are reported to approve and if so. The Voles would be available in the general Assembly. Hanoi wants no part of such an arrangement. It wants to take Over South Vietnam and then join the United nations. British political Surprise. It s a big one and May put a new lace on upcoming elections. The Liberal parly is heading to Ward becoming the majority parly. In the last eight parliamentary elections. The liberals gained a total votes More than labor and 12.000 More than the conservative party of the Edward Heath govern in in i. Trip into Robbins neck was 200-year throwback the Lale John Xavier of Darlington it i i had Long planned a trip. U would take us Inlo parts of Darling ton county where history had writ ten a Long and fascinating chapter. The Rod mud if pee Dee swampland would require dry weather and so it was that on one warm dry after noon we went into a Region of the old Che raws District which More than once has been termed the Cradle of history for the then backhands of South Carolina. By name the Region was Ito bins neck Origi Nally Roslyn s neck named for Peter Koblynk to whom the land was passed by Royal Grant in 1741. It is a Fertile neck of land on the Darling ton Side of the great pee Dee Kivor. During the Early part of tie 19th Century it formed the Plantation system of David Hogerson Williams with whose distinguished career As Soldier governor congressman manufacturer planter and agricultural Engineer u is associated in memory memory. Through it still runs some of the drainage canals Williams dug. Vis Ible yet Are segments of irrigation dams he of enrich his Fields with the Silt of River water. In one of the Fields he was approached by to messenger in 1814 who Noti fied him that he. Legislature had elected him governor of South Carolina. In the Highland of he neck stood Center Hall the place of his birth and the Home around which his adult life entered. Us surrounding acres of land bore the names of his plantations among them Bunker Hill wind s is land upper Quarter. I Lumfield Croly Hill the factory. Some of these still identify the land today. Our trip took us to where Center Hall once stood. Here was the flour Ishing life of a Plantation system in a Rich River Valley. To Center Hall Williams came and went during his years As a brigadier general in the War of 1812. As governor of the state As congressman from his District and As a Brilliant agricultural Engineer and scientific Farmer. It was Here that he entertained the one who brought him the Mes Sage of his election to the governor ship. The messenger found him dressed in jeans walking beside an of cart along one of his Plantation roads. That night in the parlor Light of Cen Ter Hall he had discarded his jeans for a Blue Broadcloth Coal brass but tons and Buff trousers the formal dress of a wealthy Southern planter. The was a reflection of his versatile talents. He could change from of cart Driver to the very image of a governor just As he could move with ease from the pee Dee swamp lands to the hats of Congress or from constructing dams along the River to a brigadier general in com Mand of troops in Battle. I Vonni Center Hall we passed on through i Lumfield and deep into the neck where on a Little Clay Hill stood red Hill Church. Several Hun dred Yards from the Church in an open Field was a clump of Trees Shad ing the burial grounds of the Wil Liams family. Patriarch Cedars stood Sentinel Over Graves nursing the memory of the people and the period in which they lived. Prom the cemetery we drove out of the neck and entered the Road leading to society Hill. To our left we passed the Homesille of judge Samuel wilds one of the state s Early and most distinguished jurists. On past the wilds Home was Japonica Hall. Its Japonica Bushes in full Bloom were planted in 1866, Napier said. Up the Road was Liell Evue built by governor Williams for his son. Now the Home of the Rev. T. Ellison Simp son his wife s brother Harvey Rog ers was a member of president Frank Lin d. Roosevelt s brain Trust. We drove on past St. David s acad Emy established in 1j77 As one of the Early free schools in America. And the society Hill Library dating Back to 1822 past Croly Hill where old mrs. Croly the tory lived during the revolution. We stopped at the factory site of another of the Williams Plantation Homes where he built a Cotton Mill and subsequently a Cotton Oil Mill. There were signs of the factory still present including it was said some of the original timbers. The machinery was run by water Power generated by impounding the water of Cedar Creek behind an earthen dam. The factory was erected around 1812 and continued in operation for some half a Century. Williams own forests and sawmills provided the lumber for the five Story Structure. In our round of the Sites or. Napier declared them reminders of Margaret Mitchell s famous Book. Gone with the we agreed but if Many of the stage settings were gone As if with the wind the Aura remained. We left the factory and drove to the cemeteries of Welsh neck Bap list Church the second oldest Baptist Church in South Carolina and the episcopal Church established in 1833. To walk through these is to recreate 200 years of our history. Across the River at the site of the original Welsh neck Baptist Church is an even older burial ground. Its Graves encased in Brick and its grave markers of River shale Mark the resting place of some of those Hardy Welsh who came Down from Penn Sylvania and planted a new Settle ment far Back no the yellow River in a wild and then unexplored Interior. It has teen almost a Quarter of a Century since my Friend and i made that trip together he a longtime county agricultural agent and an authority on local history and who shared his interest in the land the people and the events that a d made us what we Are. Ever since then i have known that there is those limited environs is enough to claim Liliu interest and the Lime of both scholar and historian. English lesson words Oktan misused do not say lie Laid Down on the floor and proceeded on with his say. He Lay omit Down i on the floor and proceeded Lormil on i Wilh his of tax Dia tribe. Pronounce die a tribe accent first syllabic. Congressional quarterly watergate tip of the investigation iceberg Washington weary was hardly the word for it. Fly the time Nixon Campaign finance director Maurice ii. Slims walked into room 318 of1 the Lissell office Iii idling to testify before the Senate Wale Gale com Mittee he already had Mel twice Wilh the committee staff once Wilh the staff of the mouse banking and currency committee three limes Wilh the kill and at least six times with the general accounting office. In addition he had Given a deposition to an assistant . Attorney in Washington met Wilh an ass Island attorney in new York City testified Isicc before a new York grand jury Lesli fied several limes by deposition in a number of civil suit s and Lesli fied once in a Florida criminal Case. Slans and others involved in water Gate undoubtedly will be testifying a lot More before it s Over the Case has created a whole cottage Industry of Legal actions. At last count Waler Gale had triggered seven congressional investigations eight civil suits at least six grand jury investigations three numerous in a Graffiti pcs ligation by the Justice depart ment and the general accounting of fice. Still More inquiries Are planned. The hearings such As those held by sen. Sam j. Ervin or s watergate committee Are hard enough on reputations but the proceedings that most seriously threaten those involved in watergate arc the Gram juries. In the Case of Slans who has been indicted on criminal charges in new York the Ervin hearings and All the other probes Are something like buckets of water being poured on a Man who is trying to keep from drowning. Thus far seven persons plus die original seven watergate defendants have been indicted by three separate grand juries. The roster includes stans. Former Ali Orney general John n. Mitchell. New Jersey financier Limbert l Vesco and accused agent provocateur Donald h. Ser Cal. Three other grand juries Are also known to be investigating watergate. A Federal grand jury in Angeles on june 7 opened an investigation Inlo the break in at the. Office of Pentagon papers figure Dianiel Ells Berg s psychiatrist. In Houston a fed eral grand jury has been investigating the contribution made by Gulf resources and chemical corp. To the Nixon Campaign. Florence morning news published daily and sunday t41s. Tryst. Member of the associated press audit Bureau of circulation Southern newspaper publishers association. Trie associated press is enticed exclusively 10 the use for publication of All local news in this Nea soaper. The Florence morning news desires to be notified promptly Al errors in any of its reports. The Florence morning Mill net be responsible for Jvance payments made to carriers or Independent distributors unless made directly to the Ollice of this newspaper. Subscription rates by mail. Independent distributors or Independent news paperboy. 4-Mo. 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