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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 12, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaThe weather rather Windy and Cloudy with gradually diminishing winds Lafe Friday. High 86 Low 72. Details Page 9-a. Vol. 146 published in the heart of the pee Dee area in the Palmetto Florence s. C., Friday morning. August 12, 1955--------------------------- Reader s tip South Carolina Beach storm stories and pictures by morning news staff members on the scene on Page 10-8. Daily 5c sunday Loc weekly blast May miss state beaches x . . All beaches report some damage from storm Richmond u f j . 1? _ mount North Carolina 0 so Situu the Eye of Connie was entered almost Miles Ott the coast of Wilmington late last night. High winds and Waves pounded the beaches of both Carolines but South Carolina beaches escaped expected damage. Ai wire Pho East Cherry Grove Homes on the front Row were hardest hit thursday afternoon and evening. This Home looks like last fall and Hurricane Hazel. It was one of several that did t take the thursday afternoon pounding. Morning news photo . Machine guns guard truce team Seoul Friday aug. 12 truce teams today defied South Korea s order to leave by saturday Midnight and u. S. Soldiers were reported setting u heavy machine guns to protect them at one Point. A u. S. Spokesman warned the situation could deteriorate rapidly despite South korean government statements against violence. The spokesman said if the koreans really try to gel in i inc truce compounds it s going to be Jie ports from the Southeast port of Pusan said american soldiers were ringing the truce compound with 5fl-Calibrc machine guns. Crowds of koreans milled around outside. Some koreans carried clubs and Gas masks. Gen. Lyman l. U. S. Far surf commander who flew irom Tokyo met with president syn Man Hec yesterday. Itice says the lied czech and polish truce inspectors Are spies and told them to leave. The military armistice commis Sion meets at 10 . Groups demonstrating in a peace fill and orderly demonstrations since saturday have injured 22 u. S. Soldiers Anil so koreans. Korean loudspeakers blared czechs Anil poles go Home at Pusan and at the other four ports of entry where the teams work Inchon Kunsan Taegu and Kung Nang. U. S. Public address systems responded with thunderous barrages if military music. Thursday f an Muntoni presumably to discuss the crisis Public education must keep going answer unknown Columbia. Aug. 11 a _ the slate Assn. Of school administrators today ple were aimed at outright destruction of the korean it said the United Stales had Hie Sunshi Krable responsibility of protecting the teams. Or. Hongkee Karl. South korean government spokesman issued a statement replying angrily to Secretary of state Dulles Appeal to avoid violence. Karl said we desire to make Clear to the Secretary itself to the Illarion and in the Resolution was adopted at the Linal session of Hie group s four Day summer workshop Here. I. Seaborn director of the state education department s administration and finance division atom scientists sees controls for weather san Francisco. Aug. 11 us or. Edward Teller famed Atomi scientist said today Mankind May be near the Point of predicting und even the weather. Teller told the air Force Assn. In a convention address that be cause of atomic research develop inputs of recent years scientific intervention in the weather maj ii near the Point of accurately even controlling he weather. Teller told the air Force Assn., n a convention address that be of atomic research develop cents of recent years scientific Terv cation in the weather May Lecome practical within the next 0 years. He said control nay become possible when Little Nown Laws of nature become mown in great detail. Thus he Aid. There is a Hope a Chance possibility that science May Dis Over within the next decade How to prevent or to alleviate recurrent weather behaviour such As monthly or weekly told the administrators Hal the state could not to lose its Public i Don t know what to do about earlier afford Lebanon stays out of Power pacts peaceful a bomb subject of search Geneva aug. 11 l. Strauss chair Man of the u. S. Atomic Energy commission disclosed today the United states has been working for a considerable time on ways to harness the Energy of the Hydrogen bomb for peaceful uses. _ Progress is being made from a scientific Point of View but there has been nothing in the Way of a break through which would indicate anything but a Long Range he told a news conference. The Strauss statement followed a similar announcement by Britain Vest Day and by Russia earlier his summer that they were trying o solve the Riddle of controlling i boil Type Energy called fusion Energy. So ranks described the size of the . Effort As moderate when asked Low it compared with the rest of he a c s program. He said the problem was unprecedented in Dif Cully but that scientifically it id not appear impossible. A matter Lor the it is e said. He declined to speculate on hosing it might be before results Ould be expected. A British Scien st said yesterday the problem Robaly would be solved in a a iteration. And Indian scientist of Power that will enable people to work wonders. They will be Able to establish interplanetary com Strauss said he has no information As to whether Russia or Bri Tain have made any Progress on the problem lie stressed thai As far As the United states was concerned this is Only one of Many Connie saves Power for Wilmington area Hurricane Connie a lady with a inure that kept the pee Dee Ami other sections on cilia for three Days apparently had passed up the area late last in flit and was believed to be coming ashore in the Vicinity of Wilmington n. C., about 2 . This the latest available advisory from the weather Bureau placed the Eye of the storm about go Miles Southeast of Wilmington moving Northeast. A late associated press Story from Wilmington said that Seaboard City was receiving 100-mile an hour winds and lowering Waves. From property owners along Irand the from Cherry Grove to Myrtle and on Down to Georgetown be an to release a sigh of Relief shortly after Midnight when it be 3an to appear that the High tides Ivor ill not reach their Summerline palaces. Al Myrtle Beach officials apparently meant to keep in Force until Daylight an evacuation order for he first and second rows. With Connie s slow approach through wednesday night evacuees from first and second Row Homes were allowed to go Back. Then Wilh inc ii a. M. Advisory from Miami weather i Tincau thursday placing her Miles Southeast of Myrtle Beach and moving in evacuation of danger spots was again ordered by mar tin Shaw civil defense head. The american lied Cross Sci Headquarters in a downtown cafe Leria and doctors took up Posi Lions in evacuation centers. By ii a. M. Winds were gushing up to so Miles per hour. Koo shingles began to Fly and Yelevi Sion antennas go Down. Police chief w. Newton re i Ted Beach front residents Hac been warned to evacuate before noon. Newton warned that if anybody slays Down there alter they have icon warned we Are not going to Iraq them Bui at 1 p. M. Just before High Itle with 15 foot Breakers smash no into the artificial Sand dunes dozed after Hurricane Hazel Asl residents were still standing in the Yards of front Row Homes Over looking the boiling sea. National guardsmen patrolled entrances to the Beach area with Only newsmen and those on offi program As of Cial duly allowed logo in. Cane was reported at t Awley s is land beginning at about 2 p. M. Yesterday when huge Waves and heavy winds combined to sweep away some 2011 feel of inc recently re built fishing pier. The pier completed in 105-1. Was almost totally destroyed by Hurri Cane Hazel last october at the loss of about rebuilding of the pier was completed several months ago for the summer fishing season. Owners Arthur Khirich and Paul Sasser could not be reached Lor comment on the extent damages or estimated amount of loss. The Island was evacuated late wednesday night and an emergency shelter had been Sci up at the Georgetown National guard Ory. The sheriff s Tolice had All roads blocked leading to inc is land. Heavy Waves and winds pounded the Beach and All roads were under Walcer. Many houses were surrounded by water but were still standing. Tides were running from 4-fi feet above Normal. Highest winds reported in the area As of p. M. Were 15 Miles per hour. At the Northern end of the grand strand morning news City kid or Charles Moore made this re port afternoon High i ides undermined he foundations of two houses on he waterfront in Kast Cherry Grove and the turbulent Waves damaged four others. The entire rout Wall of one House collapsed caving inc rooms exposed. I in Enol her the Cement blocks in Ler the House were Cul away by i Valer hit floor buckled and a Cor ice fell off. Windy Hill and Ocean drive Nants of Hazel which blasted the same area last year. No casual ties were reported As coastal Resi dents who had kept a wary Eye on Connie for Days generally evacuated danger areas for temporary shelters in places of safety. Thousands of persons huddled in refugee shelters from Morehead City n.c., to Charleston . Farther North along the Allan lie Seaboard coastal residents were relieved As Connie s threat to them diminished or disappeared. The Hurricane Alert of the last three Days was ended North of the Delaware breakwater. Hurri Chines usually diminish rapidly Over land. Florence weather Bureau chief Helmut Lusch last night said that there were a lot of mysteries that would make an interesting postmortem study of Connie. She has probably set a he said for a slow and erratic movement near the Carolina the winds will still be pretty High Early Friday. Fusch predicted but they should begin to die Down late in the Al croon and we should have n return to Normil by Nightfall. About Hurricane Diane which was rep Orlid forming North of Scurto Kico and moving our Way Fusch declared i m keeping my fingers crossed i Rny Mouth shut hoping it won t come Leeks defends projects. Iceni Ranics 10 me i Icahn area with remained Sale up to lung a newsmen and those on offi m a Lew House incl 1 regard tins program Asol Cial duly allowed logo in. Sulho roofing mingles such Long he said Hal red Cross officials during the this Section Iii u should not interfere Wilh the afternoon took a census by civil work that is being done on nuclear air patrol radio Points of evacuees reactors and in this connection Strauss in shelter buildings needing food sex and promised supplies. Pressed belief the world s Supply meanwhile. Inc Cap was acting of uranium and thorium will be As communication link Between ample to Meel All needs for a Long civil defense organizations and Lime i outlying Beach areas. The Rale of discovery lie said a Cai dispatched to reported a Church and in government Lew television. Antennas had fallen. Waves have Cut to within four i feel of Many Homes but Appnr-1 Washington aug. Ii entry will not come High enough rotary of Commerce weeks said to do Inch damage. Al Day thai people who Don t be fishing piers and other Shore in what this administration Small Lions were pounded in in have launched a Mas the associated press Story out attack on the free Enterprise Wilmington said. Houses were a great proved roads and Bridges washed1 he would t say who these people Omi j. I Jhabia. President of uranium than was " Ore sheltering unit Power and but he specifically defended current atoms Lor peace conference b a Vul a Lew years Jover 3110 i Lii gees had no food sup i lines torn Down and major High his business advisory Council Here has estimated it will in years. On Oiler matters Strauss said of Kiml. Talc Eccl state and others that1seaborn said referring in Korea has never used Force or in conflict on the race Issue Between j iraqi nil Iii defense pact Solh Sot of the court and the slate. Also is re ported to have said a vat of Bui he add Cal. I can t imagine Mion is not ready either to join p. A i cd e any of private schools that a Purcla will take the place of on school dictated any such intention against the Neutral nations supervisory commission. Ii is the United Stales which has used military Force including armoured cars and chemical weapons in War array against civilian Beirut Lebanon. A g 11 informants Here Sav Premier Kami Eristil soil has promised King Saud of Lilly. Nor Lac Sand Arabia that Lebanon will not i d loin the controversial turkish-1 no need Niueli Iii defense pact. Solh mini in coking the Energy of and some Oiler pact a Iii elements not Only in the form of by saudi the Lime is close when the United slates May begin Selling Grade uranium and plutonium to afternoon slumped steadily and s. In. The area was blanketed by driving business which has conic under attack from no one could estimate the sex i Iep. Cell or . Chairman of no of the damage to House Anli monopoly sub com and isolated Milter. Weeks communities Rains. Public j promoted Ivy yet. Arabia and an explosion but in other More convenient forms. This is a source Zambone s meditations by Alley look uak dese teem ac.er5 Acks uak two yeah Ole Elk 6wine on Twenty one ast Cherry Grov Eis Sonny Smith main intr news staff Tun Story. Rumbled in on Llu Hack an victim. The Loii Nealions on another cottage Yan s up Sho Ucil icel feels of inc pm Ding. Wind lashed Waves. Sal Cic Cpd Sil Cully to Iii tvs the Only Rovid in the up or see. Nil tinn. The smallish Sand of c Paay i Side was i Hick 1 however. N report said Hal a irom drive in f my houses in Cherry Gramc Mcalha Rcd inc ii messed another surprisingly Udo Mil i tide Loughl was expected in furiously Liy an even Hewri Mai cd Xinliu a towns where Connie slacked up weeks said he did t want to fresh debris along Side Many rein indulge in or politics when to clarify his j if inc shoe iils anyone let Iii it the Secretary Sug of at ii Bea conference. I he Issue of govenis Mcnol Urcla Wilh other just a week ago today 1. The Justice Depar Lincul Dis closed the ousting of an Oil com. Pany Chi Culic. Von Smehil Iii from his without Kompen Job As director of an 1 n i or i d r department advisory group on ii Oil supplies. As-1. Ally. Gen Stanley x. Marnes said von Schilling was Active Lii s of the very on which his immediate livelihood de a cutlet 2. Kisun Ouuor de fended the dear Lenl s employment old i c who Heads this com. A Kynch , Garden City was in Lac Polh of flood lid in Lars thursday nil cent on. Home were air rounded by Sens idol come in Ovici the Dune circa the Mica did t Suller Loo much damage from the wind and Waters. Morning news photo am d clip Nalii a festering Elviry weeks in discussing he called inc attack in co i Ali reprise. Loll his news Vonler once that in Sinji Vised him. Pecan o in Ohms Al a i of pro i a ii when we a stable Dollar for the firm Lime in a

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