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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 11, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaPage 4-8 the Florence morning n1ws. Florence it 0 thursday morning August ii 1958 South Carolina s civil air patrol commander col. A. A. Tootie Pate of Florence re lays Tome news of Beach storm preparations for morning news editor Ron cock ing. Col. Pate s . Wing has made preparations for communications and emergency transportation in the event Connie sweeps the state s Ocean front. Morning news photo fresh air campers Are not in danger by Olin Sansbury morning news staff writer Cherry Grove Beach aur. 10 a Host of anxious Florence mothers can be assured that every precaution is being taken by officials of the Florence Myca Camp Nixon to provide for the Matney Evans phone 5419 safety of 44 children now attending the fresh air Camp Here. Camp. Nixon Rode through h october fury of Hurricane Haze with relatively Little damage. By Camp director l. H. Jack John son of the Florence Myca is Tak ing no chances with the to omani threat of Connie. At the first sign of danger o said Johnson Well move he kids to the Wampne schoo Louse a Safe distance from Thi each. Beach officials have prom sed us a six hour warning will he initial Sylvania Hal Light a Palmer 71-Inch Cabinet of tour a Sirion control. Mahogany groaned Finch. Bio fide Torino slightly legs optional extra. Here s the most advanced to in America handsome powerful Cabinet of tight television. Exclusive Syl Ronio makes the big difference in television. Hal Light s soft Cool glow around the screen makes to viewing easier on your eyes. And Sylvania s famous Silver screen 85" picture lube delivers sharper brighter pictures. This 5imple test you need a margin of surround Light like this August 12-13 Matney to and radio phone 5419 along Wilh or. And mrs. John son the Camp seven girl Counselor director Harvey Senseney. Ocean drive Beach aug Holcomb was not taking chances Here today of be coming the unhappy owner of a underwater playground. Holcomb and Roy both of Myrtle Beach Are co owners of the playground at this Seaside resort and although they knew no More than anyone else about the course Hurricane Connie would take they were determined hey were going to be prepared. About 6 this morning Holcomb lad a Crew of workmen moving equipment from their amusement Jark Here in what lie termed As strictly precautionary move. He his caution when he said f his partner and himself we Veol Worth of rides like everyone along the South Arolina coast Holcomb did not now exactly what to expect but Laving lost n two Story Pavilion hid a bumper car House to the rampaging october he ind partner Harrolson did not void of visitors Vanl to Lake any chances with j Only watchful waiting heir investment. J for those Here. City is tense As Ocean drive awaits blast by Sonny Smith morning news staff writer Ocean drive Beach aug was the one Gal every body wanted to he stood up b at Elliis tension infested Beach re sort. Since Daybreak he Man on the Sirwet has been in doubt As t her location. Reports trickling int town conflict As to her Localio or where she will strike her firs coastline blow of destruction. Last night a television station at Charleston assured its viewer Bonnie had already passed the South Carolina coast. A few min utes later a radio pro Adas placed Connie some 500 Miles South of Wilmington c. Today on station said the storm was 23f Miles Southeast of Wilmington. It next news cast put it at 225 South Easl of Myrtle Beach. Wilmington some 65 Miles Northeast o Myrtle Beach. Vacation cars began making plan for her arrival last night. Man of them hacked four or More Day of their vacation with hurried Cle pastures. Others according to Loca merchant and auxiliary policeman j. F. Gali Anle bought supplies in eluding canned sterno fuel for i eating purposes since Public utilities will be among the first things .0 be damaged by the Antic palc Hurricane there is a mixed feeling of anxiety from the mass of people slaying Here. All have Hope tha they will be spared by the forces of nature. Throughout mid morning would be bathers have been View ing the roaring Breakers that have asked the Beach. The Lone exception to this was one heart soul out floating in Waist deep water. A noticeable absence were Fisher men on the three area piers. An i by Waves have been Licking Hun cry at the supporting tiers Ollie wooden Structure. Motel and Home owners look at with a serious face when the coming of Connie is mentioned. Lany of these people still Bear he financial scars of Hurricane Fazel. Tension was so thick in and round town that it could be Cut a Buller knife. When will it that was the big ques on. Mrs. J. P. Springs formerly of Lorunce and the owner of much each property reported that she Adall her valuables collected Eady to move out at the first Eal sign of danger. Ocean drive this is the Eye of Hurricane Connie. The picture was made from feet by a novy Jet Banshee. The dark Black spots Are water. The Navy photographer who took the picture said the Eye was about 20 Miles in diameter. Map Hurricane named for an angry god by Arthur Edson Washington aug. 10 w when it comes to producing in credible Power and awesome fury he Hurricane is in a class by it self. Someone has figured a first class Lur Ricany s Energy comes to a Dag Gering 500 trillion horsepower. That s equal to a Heap of atomic jobs exploding each second. If that sounds unbelievable re that a Hurricane can Over an area As Large As one of our bigger states. In its Center its winds can surpass 150 Miles an our. And some water drenched spirit at the National geographic society has decided that within be howling windswept Day a Urr canc can sweep up two billion on of Vapner from the in dump it All Back As rain. The word Hurricane was one the earliest imports from the cd world. Many hurricanes orig up own Ocean drive is almost Inanc in the West indies and the Early portuguese who visited there ran into both the wind and the 1 word. Macs pop s pistol to be last resort new York aug. 10 it Jen. Douglas Macarthur fulfilling his i shall return pledge carried ills father s pistol As he waded ashore in the Philippines just to sure that 1 am never captured Tho dramatic Landing one of i he turning Points of he War in the Pacific was described today by maj. Gen. Courtney Whitney War Ime aide and Friend of Macarthur n the first of a series of articles in Lite Magazine. Whitney said the morning of the philippine Landing at Leyte Beach oct. 2d. I went to Macar Hur s Cabin and entered just asic was slipping on an old fashioned revolver into his trouser pocket. That. Court belonged to my he said in explanation. I Ake it merely As a precaution just to insure that i am never captured alive. As the Landing Craft approached he Beach Whitney said h e watched Macarthur closely for signs of the emotion he must have Ell. His Ace was expressionless under the familiar Goldleaf dec rated Cap that he had worn when he was Field marshal of the islands in which he was now re non Iii. Ii was As if ibis were a ride to Shore instead of a a. Fulfils pledge to return some of the natives had a god called Hur akan in charge of the lightning and Thunder department. But the word generally meant not Only the big wind but also the evil spirit. The portuguese look the word Home with them to describe what had happened. Some of Mankind s worst Dis asters have come from hurricanes. But we now have one advantage Over the Caribbean natives at East we know it is coming and can be prepared. During world War ii the air Force Navy and weather Bureau joined forces to spy on hurricanes and assorted thunderstorms flights still Are being made into he heart of the storm and its Progress is further checked from he Shore by radar. The weather Bureau has Learned hat a Little warning often can save property. Ships can Detour build nos can be boarded up equipment and goods in Low areas can be noved away. More important it also can save Ives. Resort owners often com Plain though that guests leave perfectly Safe beaches to fight their Way Home Over dangerous highways. One example of the value of a warning in 1928, an unexpected storm pushed a 12-Ioot Wall of water Over the Edge of Lake Okee Choice in Southern Florida Leav ing dead. In 1949, a similar storm swept in but its coming was so Well advertised that nearly everyone was Able to leave the danger spots and Only two per sons were killed. Still there s a lot to be Learned about hurricanes. One of the last acts of Cong res before its recent adjournment was an appropriation or a half million dollars to be used in Hurricane research. One of the most talked about hurricanes was the 1938 storm that hit new England killing 600. But hat does t compare with that Hor Rible Day in 1900 when the wind roared steadily for 18 hours rolling luge Waves Over Galveston tex., and leaving behind a destroyed City and 5.000 dead. Nor was this the worst of All. Back in 187r, a ferocious storm nit India. The death toll an is i mated sixty workmen stay on deep sea Tower Beach is ready for full blast from Hurricane by Charles Moore morning Nevis City editor Ocean drive Beach. Aug. 10 chief m. L. Bellamy his afternoon alerted Ocean drive Beach volunteers to ready the town s disaster program that will result in the evacuation of this re sort area and guard against loot ers. At the first warning of the approach of Hurricane Connie every my will be moved from the Beach area. Local churches and the Lampee Little River school will e turned into emergency shelters. Trees will be felled in certain areas to keep out looters and cards will be posted throughout the town. Bellamy Drew upon his exper enc a gained in last year s Hurri Cane Hazel that left much of Ocean drive Beach damaged. We Don t want it happening like thai he commented. Two blasts on the town s Siren followed by a moment of silence Hon repeated Siren blasts will be he Hurricane warning. On the signal or. Croft Norton ill set up an emergency medical station at the City Hall. Here too will be the Headquarters for a lift saving and Rescue squad. At he neighbouring police Sta Tion Leslie Lewis will be stationed in a police car to keep in touch with the outside world on the car s two Way radio set on the frequency of Myrtle Beach s police radio in the event he storm lakes out Telephone serv ice. Meeting at 3 p. M. Today were i Olu Leer auxiliary policemen who Ivere assigned sections they will comb after the warning is sounded of make sure everyone has left for shelter. After the storm they will Natrul their sections to prevent voting. It was pretty bad Here last Bellamy recalled and we re going to Slop it this year if we Sale Highway patrolmen will be sent to the area to assist the local police and the volunteers. To handle the expected flood of Elep Houe Calls h. S. Bennett and Charles Tilghman assisted by Pat Bellamy and Bob Adams will be stationed at the police station. Other auxiliary policemen in clude j. V. Gallante e. G. Hard Wick Olin Johnson Gordan rid dle Watson Danes Wilson Owens Alex Ward Zeke Hester a. C. Thomas Jerry Lowman a. P. Nance Joe Lawlon Jim Johnson and r. G. Bal Ricky. These men will be available for any emergency duty Here chief Bellamy said not just for this Hur inane. And in addition to chief Bol Amy s worries is finding the Van dals who night uprooted the Ocean drive Beach City limit signs and discarded them a couple of Miles Down the Beach. Boston aug. 10 in sixty workmen elected today to remain aboard a Texas Tower radar station 100 Miles at sea off Cape cod despite a Navy warning that Hie approach of Hurricane Connie might make it impossible to take Vliem off later. Forty three others were evacuated by the const guard Cutter Al Cculloch and Are expected to Roach Castle Island in Boston har Bor Early tomorrow. H. C. Duncan project Engineer for the contractors setting the 10 million Dollar Structure in place said the men made the Choice themselves. We Don t think there were installed still stand imbed ded 10 feet in the Ocean floor. The Bottom of the huge platform is 63 feet above Dis Tance beyond the reach of highest tides Ever reported in the area. The workmen who left the Tower were carried off in a Large bucket by a Crane mounted on the the deck of the coast guard Cutler. Those who elected to stay were fully aware that such an operation would be out of the question in 35 foot seas Duncan said. Is any old men Bead out Large corporations. But when they hire they Duncan said or not to_be_over_35._ would evacuate All the men those 60 lives arc As valuable As the 43. Men who wore it is predicted there will be 3-d Novice for the Home. But some modern Homes Are not As big As a Day and night Deleon 404 w. Cheves Finklea dial 2-3961 the to set you buy is Only As Good As the dealer and service behind War atrocities. T am convinced that would Register most Complete re-1 Lis was because the european firster Tsien in Power did not want an aroused Public indignation la compel the diversion of a larger proportion of our military re sources to the in july 1044. Whitney said Mac was summoned to Pearl Arbor for a meeting with presi a Dent Franklin d. Roosevelt and the joint chiefs of staff. Miscar Llmer was told that the joint chiefs had advised Roosevelt to by the Only he added would be if Green seas should hit j it. It does t look As if that would today in Chrit Joii happen school the coast guard explained that1 teen seas Are those which pour Over an object in a solid mass rather than spraying it. J Duncan said the men who stayed aboard May expect Spray to dash Over the Tower As Hurricane created gales sweep the sea. Navy weather advisories forecast after the Landing. Whitney sons of 35 to 40 fact for inc arca tomorrow. Duncan said All three supporting radio to programs 2 sentiment against you at the polls this Whitney added the president lug already made up his mind. He replied at once we will not bypass the Philippines. Carry Mil your existing plans and May god protect you Home show Tennessee Ernie Feather your nest twelve til two Ted Mack show Henry Huppe pass the Philippines. With history Winney described the difficulties said Mac Arthur encountered As the Ime approached for his philippine after years of Effort and reparation. In july. 1s4.1. Whitney Jairl. Mac Drew the president aside and said or. President if your decision be to bypass the Philippines and leave its millions of wards of the i nit cd Stales and thousands of am account from three americans who lad escaped from Tho Irison at Davao in i he Phil a pics. Their Nanny and despair i dare said. Japanese planes kept lacking Macarthur s Headquarters. I one Pilot who nearly accomplished on which la h s rupture till Ruday Jeff plans show or. Sweeney modern Pinky Lee Howdy Doody Lucky 2 ranch Chi Sadr Lutle Hazrati sign on Garry Moore Arthur Godfrey strike it hich valiant secret 5 love of life on your account Jai Tornito Carolina cookery guiding Light movie matinee slow Lioyd cd life 5.is Siary plan err thursday Nani a Carter Nib Crosby a brighter weather car Iran my hero dragnet feature theater video theater 30 no Academy award 3 Weatherman so Arthur Smith Climax 1 led Ulm 4-St.ir the Carolina hour Welcome to his Mission sent iwo so Calibar bul-iwi11 Stancl Are in driven i 1m a lets through Mac Arthir a j fed into the Ocean bed. In 5 m 1 Cir by re Froman doing it you Nell Nocturne or. Citizen Weatherman news and sports off window and into the Hall Only few inches Over his desk. An aids rushed in and found him working i at the desk. Said the general. What is thank god the aide temporary less which held american people said. T thought you were killed Macarthur replied. N of cd. So a Ronsard that you for coming in Mai Arlhur. Deeply noved by the Lory of japanese i a . Is Sun ayin in Purl Jun will tar in lit i Tell us Minimi hues has so de Hiim d an h will heroine my sacred Only us Hie appropriate Lime . Name Jii mice on Iii o have n Haghani Tilly Viu Lall All ans i Whitney thai Sivine we cite ipod orders rain forbidding the Rel Rise of any of tic Talu of these or honer of automobile Loans financing refinancing direct Loans to individuals National discount corp. 292 a Evans St. Dial 8291 tonight on tvs to Channel 8 live from Hollywood i Edh of terror the Lenso Story of a banker and Iii Timily whose lives Are in jeopardy. Starring Dennis o Keef Phyllis Kirk Lloyd Bridges your Hoil Bill Luh Dion Chrysler corporation Nim to in Paul i Csc Channel 5 i sch. For tomorrow a Ripon and you Bob Crosby Exive of life m i the Inch str 2 m Arthur Godfrey secret storm Wjk account fun adventure. Time i a try Friend Boh omit q. 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