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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 10, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaGood morning it s Friday August to 1973 our50th year Florence s. C. Daily 10s sunday 15 end to sentences for crimes7 Washington Lal i a i c i c r i i crime commission thursday recommended an end in sentences for such vie rimless crimes As use. Prostitution and por Nogra play. The commission said Laws against such crimes should in reviewed with an Eye toward liberalizing hem. Though it slopped Short or adv dealing out right repeal. Ally. Gen. Elliot 1. Kic Haril j refused so endorse Llic proposals nut called the commis Sion report a document of uncommon tiie recommendations were contained in a 31 Page report by the National commission on criminal Justice standards and goals a 22-Membcr group initiated by former ally. Gen. John n. Mitchell. Hie report developed from a two year study financed by a sl75-Mil lion Federal Grant. Members included present and former governors judges and state and local police and prison officials. Among other key recommendations the commission said Stales should outlaw the private Possession of handguns within 10 years and confiscate those now in civilian hands. Collectors should be allowed to keep inoperative guns. Should require Public officials to disclose their Finan Cial interests and should limit Campaign contributions. Bargaining the prac. Lice of allowing a to plead guilty in Exchange Lor a Light sentence should be abolished within five years although addressing several other controversial topics the commission made no recommendation about tic Dalh pen ally. The chairman former Del Ware . Russell k. Peterson explained. That s the one major Issue we ducked. It was nut because we did t want to face up to it. Bul because we Felt it was t very pertinent to reducing Pelc son said hone of Hie recommendations was directed at the Federal government because the commission was assigned to develop for stale governments. Richardson said the Nixon administration is neither endorsing nor opposing he hundreds of specific standards and goals contained in he in response to questions he acknowledged that Stales might. Tend to Wail for Federal leadership especially on hotly de bated proposals. Discussing whal Peterson c a i i e d 1 he victimless use. Gam bling pornography prostitution and private sexual acts Between consenting Intuit the commission said some citizens May he angry embarrassed or frightened because these activities take place in society. Other citizens May express Rascal men thai these activities which they May consider to relatively harmless Are condemned and punished at at any Rale it concluded. These crimes place a heavy and unwelcome Burden on Law enforcement stressing hat it is not necessarily recommending Ducr us commission urged All states to review Laws against Hose activities. Al a it said each stale should remove incarceration As a penalty the recommendation was Mil applied to ill Savior in which a wilful a Templ is made to affect such As Selling marijuana although the commission did not discuss pornography in any detail its Liberal View was striking he cause in followed by a few weeks a supreme court ruling which treed local prosecutors to pursue pornography cases More aggressively Texas police uncover More teenage victims workers left dig for still More bodies in boat shelter at directions of Elmer Wayne Henley Henley has told the police of a series of bizarre sex murders involving possibly As Many As 35 bodies Houston i api authorities digging in a mass grave thursday continued to unearth ii pics of Young men. And late in the Day he bodies of More murdered youths were Dis covered at a Lake site. Police said they were victims of a h a veiled ring of sex killers whose victims May have numbered ill. The mass grave was located in a boat storage area Here where Vilice and jail trustees using a digging machine unearthed a i7lh Ixida Lale thursday. It was Clad in plaid Slacks and Tennis Slioch. Most of the bodies were nude. Meanwhile Al Sam Kay born near annul 125 Miles from Here in iliac uncovered bodies of Young men. A 17-year-old, mustachioed Junior High school drop ill who led authorities to Hie mass grave admitted Lei i acc late in the Day thai he had participated in the slayings and burials. A 17-year-old mustachioed High school Wiloh d authorities to the mass grave admitted in a statement thai he had participated inti slayings and burials polic said. Police said the youth. I Llmer Wayne Henley also implicated in his slalom Cal an in year old Houston youth who was taken into custody officers said the Case broke wednesday when Lynnley Tele phoned hem and said he had shot to death Doan Allen Corll. A Houston lighting Jar Power co. Employee at Cirill s suburban Pasadena Home. Meanwhile police from i ions Ion and Pasadena joined Angel Ina county officers Rind a Texas Hanger in preparing to investigate Henley s statement hint More ladies were buried in the Lake Sam Tayburn area of Kast Texas Pincy Wix Els country. It. Breck porn prof the hous ton police said most of the vie lims dug up so far were either shot or strangled. He said it would be difficult to ascertain exact causes of death because of the decomposed condition no most of the in lilies. Porter said Henley at Lisl said Corll was the killer of thu youths but that he changed Bis Story late thursday. Purler said Henley admitted taking part in some of the killings and burials. This is jus a sex deviate Porter. Porter said that Henley now says he and Corll had been into this about three it was Al nil Ishri c years ago hat the youth dropped Oul of school. Henley was being held in Sec beef ceiling beleaguered Washington Lapi de spite angry protests from tin1 beef Industry administration spokesmen say the i Jeff Price ceilings us far Are accomplishing the goal of restraining p r i c i s without widespread shortages. Kennelh Kedor. Director if Ibe office of Good Price Moni Toring for the Cost of living Council said there Are shortages. But nationwide lie said the total Supply of beef is to to k5 per cent of Normal according to the Council s own in formation. A s nol As much Asue would like to see. Bol it l fit the definition of shortage that a lot of people seem to lie said. Our original in Silion is hint there were going to lie spot he added. He said the Supply could even gel lighter prior to lifting of the Price ceilings on sept. 12 a major in keeping the Price ceilings on beef has Boon to keep beef prices from rising at the same time Oiler prices Are increasing in the Economy. The Council has Esti mated supermarket prices for beef will increase 10 per cent when the ceilings Are removed. Said in an interview thai food prices generally have been going up Loo fast since president Nixon removed the freeze from All of the food Industry except beef on july 18. He said the Council is particularly concerned Over a continued Sharp Rise in prices of pork and bogs. He said the Price of hogs has gone up from per hundredweight in the first week of june losso.13 this week we Are gelling More Supply Hul the Price continues to go said. He added Hal while some people May be buying pork where beef shortages Are occurring thai alone would nol explain the extent of the Price increase. Bul Kedor ruled out re imposing Price ceilings Over pork. Since the Price freeze was re moved from he rest of the food Industry there have been indications of beef shortages throughout he country. The beef Industry has warned thai the ceilings will result in higher prices and More shortages in the future. Lull Secretary Olibe Treasury George p Kedor and others believe the Long Range Impact of the ceilings will be minimal even if cattlemen bold Back their Callie from Market unlit after sept. 12. Liven if they Are holding Back per cent they Are going to be available in Kedor said lie said the Industry As a whole is operating at about h5 per cent of capacity. The num Ber of Callie slaughtered on wednesday Lotair Abdul 30.000 which he said compared with i1b.ooo during a typical Day in july last year. Pee Dee hospitals feel food Pinch Agnew defies record request area hospitals and nursing Homes Are feeling the Pinch of s food shortages and increased costs. Page 3a. American planes Are said to have been involved in Al least a five accidental bombings. Page 8d. Bar associations of three v states and one City Are checking watergate connected lawyers. Ipage4b. Weather partly Cloudy and nol. Highs around 90, lows near 70. Details Page 3a. Index comics deaths doctor editorials markets sports state area women 7cs 2as 4as 6bs Hunt continues for radio boy Chilili. . Lapi ground searchers sought to Weed through scores of rumours Lale thursday in an Effort to find a mysterious voice crying for help and identifying itself Only As Larry. Lie set by of conflicting reports volunteers joined stale police. National guardsmen and other Law enforcement agencies 1 trying to find in origin of the voice which has been monitored sporadically Over i civilian band radio since Krovit earlier transmissions with the boy. Officials believe he is about 7 to 10 years old they quoted him As saying he is rapped in an overturned pickup truck in a heavily wooded area and thai injured. Since tuesday the search by scores of persons and a number of air planes and helicopters has spread throughout new Mexico and Arizona. Al one Point thursday. The boy was reported by officials of an. Albuquerque radio Rescue group the aka emergency net. As having been located in the lied Canyon area about 60 Miles cast of Albuquerque. U k director Clark Speakman said a ground unit Carthe can on reportedly was in s p o r a d i c two Way communicate ions with the boy Early thursday afternoon jut stale police sgt. A h while House said the report Anil others were erroneous the problem he added was misinformation. Everybody is in the process of trying lore Lay something. I think we better gel our information together and get the truth separated from the last confirmed transmission from the boy was Al about . Thursday. Asked whether the Long search Hal has attracted National Alle lion might he the result of a hoax while House said. We can l look Al Ilas a hoax. To have to Check in out. European Gold prices plunging London api Selling in Zurich on thursday sent the Price of Llic Metal plunging in european markets but a late rally restored More than half of the drop. The Sharp drop in Gold helped to Send the . Dollar up strongly in foreign exchanges. The Dollar jumped two Swiss centimes in Zurich. More than two centimes in Paris and nearly two pfennig in prank furl. Dealers were Al a loss in explain the wild gyrations in Ibe Gold Market saying Only that the drop was sparked by a heavy wave of Selling in Zurich the mystery was who did the Selling Zurich Bankers weren t saying. Zurich is the world s biggest Gold Market. Both South Africa which produces 75 per cent of the non communist Supply anal the soviet Union Markel heir Oul Pul in the Swiss Center. Zurich s main dealers also Stock relatively Large supplies which Are sold off from Lime to time Arab sheiks who prefer holding much of their wealth in Gold buy and sell there. Isl images of the amount of Selling varied from heavy to considerable. Turnover was re ported to have in Jacii around to tons Worth Abdul million. Heavy Selling in Zurich suit the Price tumbling in Lher Cen ters. In London he second largest Market. The drop was a record Sloan ounce. Gold ripened Al Silvan ounce in London and is 12.25 in Zurich. Down from is 1175 Al wednes Day s close in Teilh centers then the Price dropped in rapid succession to in both markets. Is o.i.75 in and si06.50 in Zurich Washington Lapi vice president Spiro t. Agnew held nil to Bis financial records thursday Despini a request from Federal prosecutors prob ing political corruption in Maryland that they be permitted to study Llie documents. Ii was reported dial the pros caul hrs had Given Agnew an in definite Extension on complying with the request while the vice president s lawyers studied the possibility cd Jiining immunity meanwhile a Federal grand jury which since january has been investigating political kickbacks in Maryland went Back into session in Baltimore. Several persons Nuj Icard lie fore the jury Bill Federal officials refused to say if the Isle Ini Iny involved Agnew . Ally George Hall. Who has been directing die politically explosive inquiry had re Quested thai Agnew voluntarily turn in by 2 . Thursday All financial and lax records from january i he present. The Date coincides with the be ginning of Agnew s two year term As Maryland s governor the vice president i old a news conference wednesday his attorneys were studying this re quest bul that he had not decided what to do the Washington Star news quoted sources close to the Case As saying Agnew had been granted an indefinite cd Len a week or More one of Agnew s lawyers Lay ii. Topkis. Said he would Ixo in touch with the prosecutors next week lie indicated the delay was due to questions of executive privilege and not on Lilly amendment Protection self incrimination. Never before had any presi Dent or vice president Iwen involved in a Federal criminal in Vest Galinn while in office. A Ron Burr was tried and acquitted of treason in ih07. But ibis was after leaving the vice presidency in ins news conference. A new unequivocally denied any charges that be accepted Politi Cal payoffs calling them Damn and saying he had absolutely nothing to lie said he would make available at the appropriate Lime and in the appropriate Way to he appropriate authorities As determined Afleur consultation with my counsel whatever records my own body for Ever is needed watergate committee sues president Washington api the Senate watergate committee sued defendant Richard m. Nixon individually and in his capacity As president thurs Day asking a Federal court to enforce its subpoena for White House tape recordings and documents relating to the watergate investigation. The committee also asked the court to Force a res Polasc from the president within 20 Days seeking to obtain the material before the vacationing panel re Sumes its hearings next month the defendant president s refusal and failure to make available said electronic laps and of her materials cannot in excused or justified by resort to any presidential Power prerogative or said the suit if Here to any doctrine of presidential Power prerogative or privilege that protects male a doctrine docs nol extend to the Protection of materials relating to alleged Crim Inal acts the complaint was served formally on the while House by a committee lawyer and received by special counsel .1. The counsel s office will re Spond in an appropriate Man a while House spokesman said. The Commilles asked the court id Rule subpoenas were legally issued and lawfully served on the resident and must there fore be responded to and com plied May not refuse to comply on the basis of any claim of separation of Powers. Executive privilege presidential prerogative or that the president in revealing and permitting others to reveal the subject matters of some of the materials has breached the confidentiality of those materials and has waived any claim to applying separa Tion of Powers executive Privi lege or presidential pc Rog alive ii also i necessary that Iho court Issue an in Junction directing the president to make the materials Avail Able. The Commilles said Nixon s continuing refusal is irreparably injuring the work of the select committee and the inter ests of the United slates on whose behalf and in whose name the select committee Nixon is preparing id speak out publicly on the watergate scandal perhaps by the Middle of nex.1 week the suit is the second filed against Nixon Over the tape recordings and documents. Spe Cial watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox filed a similar action. The president s lawyers tuesday replied in court that any attempt to enforce a subpoena would be an table violation of the constitutional doctrine of separa Tion of Powers Oral arguments Are scheduled for aug. Nixon s Cox suit that no court has Ever attempted to enforce a subpoena directed against the president of the l nil cd nor has any department or Agency Bead been held in con Cimpl for refusing to produce information the president wanted withheld the constitutional Issue involved is certain to . Ship Hemecourt. Six lawyers for the Walc Gale Commilles signed the complaint thursday listing As plaintiffs the committee and the seven senator san it

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