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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 8, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaGood. Morn ing it s Vav Afi runt Rin Rwy 7o7? e our50th year Florence s. C. Daily 10. Sunday Justice department investigates Agnew Washington a jus Tice department sources tues Day confirmed that the depart ment is investigating vice president Spiro t. Agnew and an alleged Kickback scheme that a newspaper Chain reported May involve payments of up to 550.000 to Agnew. Knight newspapers reported tuesday that Federal investigators Are probing allegations thai Agnew received weekly si.000 payments from con tractors while a Baltimore county official and after he became vice president. Justice department spokes Man refused to comment on i lie Knight Story but other depart ment sources confirmed that Republican fund raising practices and contributors Are involved in the probe. The Knight Story said investigators Are checking information that leading Campaign fund raisers for Agnew sought contributions from contractors in Exchange for male and Feder Al contracts. At lie same Lime. Ally. Cren. Allioli Ili Chardson decided to keep the investigation inside the Justice department and not turn Over the Case to special watergate prosecutor Archi Bald Cox. Richardson made the decision after discussing with . Ally reall the ways to proceed with he probe which reportedly includes Agnew s handling of state and local building contracts while Maryland governor and Baltimore county executive during the if bos. The fluid raising aspect arose when j. Walter Jones of Anna Polis. Fri a hanker and real estate Developer admitted in a statement that he was one of Many including the vice presi Dent under investigation for alleged violations in connection with past fund raising efforts. Jones however denied any improper or illegal acts. The Justice department sources also said Lite investigation involves a great Many per sons other than Jones who have been identified publicly and Lias extended Over a period of Sev eral years meanwhile the Federal prosecutors subpoenaed the records of the Maryland department of transportation for contracts awarded while Agnew was governor. The prosecutors requested records covering the years from 19g7 into at least so As in include projects which were not completed until after he left office. Mary lamp gov. Marvin Man Del pledged in a statement full cooperation in providing the records. Ronald . An assistant . Attorney refused comment on the request. Transportation department officials were not immediately available for com ment. One of those involved in the investigation. Jerome b. Wolff headed the slate roads com Mission while Agnew was governor. The commission became part of the transportation. Department in an executive reorganization under the Man Del . There were reports that the probe also involved the award of Federal contracts in Mary land let by the Cic neral services administration since Agnew became vice president in in Fol. However Justice department officials refused to confirm that aspect. Agnew. In a statement issued by his office monday night confirmed that he Vas under criminal investigation but de Nied any wrongdoing. Justice department officials said Richardson also discussed Sre act new. Page a George Beall . Attorney vice president Agnew Kickback scheme alleged Ervin hearings pause for Senate vacation beating the heat George Anderson of Trenton n.j., an Auto Mechanic found one Way to beat the heat tuesday. He set up a fan outside of his shop and. It was business As usual with a Little More Comfort. A smaller firms Given Edge in phase 4 regulations Washington i a i11 Small and medium sized firms will be allowed to increase i heir prices starting next monday under final regulations announced tuesday in the n Ixon administration s latest attempt to control inflation. The present a Day Price freeze is scheduled to expire at . Aug. 12 and he re placed re Tiik. Phase i anti inflation program succeeding phases 1.2 and i. All but the country s 1.700 largest firms will be Able to in crease prices almost immediately to reflect increased costs. Hut they cannot increase prices for profit. However the 1.700 firms with More than s100 million in an Nual revenues or safes will no be Able to increase prices Lor another in Only. Until sept. At the earliest. Goods for which prices May go up fairly rapidly include clothing camping equipment paper and Metal products. Producers of All of these goods had sought exemptions from the Price freeze claiming they were hurl by rising costs. Bin major Auto manufacturers steel companies and appliance manufacturers would no be allowed in raise most prices before sept. 12. There Are differences in de tails Between the regulations released tuesday and the preliminary regulations announced on july 13. Rut director John t. Dunlop of the Cost of living Council said the Basic purpose of the phase program remains the same. Us a predicts food will Rise by 20 per cent Washington Eulail oort prices for could average at Mim 20 per rent above those of the agriculture department predicted tuesday. Whether they go higher depends on the Success of phase 4 controls Anil other actions to moderate wage and Price accor Ding to a demand and Price situation summary by the department s Outlook and situation Board. The Board said that projections of record crops of Corn wheat and soybeans remain hut he Impact on prices will be sharply mitigated by the prospective repeal of the phenomenal foreign and Domestic demand Levels of during the fiscal year ending june 30, agricultural exports reached a record s12.9 billion. Including a is billion Sale of wheat and other Grain to Russia. They do not change the pol icy of phase which is de signed in spread the bulge of inflationary Dunlop said. The new regulations cover the Industrial and service sectors of the Economy and wholesale and retail Trade. Final regulations for Petro Leum and insurance Are scheduled to be released later ibis week and proposed regulations for the food Industry should be released within a week to 10 Days. Dunlop said at a news briefing. The Price freeze was lifted from the food Industry except for beef on july 13 so that prices could be increased to reflect higher raw agricultural costs. New regulations for food to provide for increases in other costs Are scheduled to go into effect sept. 12. Dunlop said tuesday thai food Price increases since july is have Heen about what was bul said it is Loo Early to give a definite opinion on food Price behaviour. Dunlop said there has Heen no change in the councils position keeping the freeze on beef prices until sept. 12 asked if an earlier lifting of the ceiling might be under study elsewhere in the administration. Dunlop said. I have nothing further to add to what s been said on that subject Washington Lai l the Senate Walc Gale Commilles went on Day. In the Lola week of us hearings without quite completing the first phase of its in Quiry into the democratic head quarters break in and the sub sequent cover up. The hearings will subject to Call of the chair sometime after labor Day four weeks hence. Ass. Ally. Cen. Henry k. I e Ter Sci was the final and witness on the t7lh Day of Lele Vised hearings that began May some m pages of Testi Mony have been taken. Petersen angrily told the commit Lee he resents appoint ment of a special watergate the Senate s championing of that position Al a time when the Case was nearly solved. Damn. I think it s a reflection on me and the department of Petersen said in a car shut. The senators. Have been silting five lays a week since the Eaily Days of the televised hearings were visibly tired and seemed anxious to join the rest of Congress in the summer re Cess. The Senate is scheduled in return sept. 5 and presumably the subject to the Call in the begin then or shortly after. Petersen. The Man in Over All charge no the watergate investigation from the Start strongly defended ins prosecutors for their work and he was critical Over appoint men of Hie special prosecutor. We would have broken that Case wide open and we would have done it in the most difficult of circumstances that Case was snatched out from under us when we had it per cent lie said. The explosion came As Peler sen. The last witness More the committee goes into recess i lil next Monelli with the rest of Congress was de truding he Lack of indictments a few months agn alien the Justice department had a great Deal of information about the water Gale Shrenk in and cover up forgive my in teaser said after his outburst. I be Heen there too Long and ibis Lias been a tic Blunt speaking Petersen. Testifying rapidly and in a Gravelly voice said. "1 Icsel the Ernpao Yeier no of a special prosecutor Hill came Luilie conclusion later thai it was Nec Essary because no the temper and tiie Altitude of the he said if lie had been a senator he might have taken the same position. Who made the decision to appoint a special prosecutor1.1" lie was asked by sen. Herman . I think it was the presi thai s what 1 in Tal Madge said. You indicated in Washie Senate a sen. Sam Ervin Bangs the Gavel to end first phase of hearings left is sen. Baker co chairman of Commil Loe the preside no did l want to mid april thai the department he in t sure whether Nixon do Peers in responded. "1 has Learned of the ih7i Ellsberg Means he knew about the did l want to. Bul i finally acc psychiatrist s breaking. N Ixon break in itself or the report of it Jan izod in was necessary. To replied dial had reached Federal my View the Senate made in i know Aboul that. That s a prosecutors. National Security Mailer. You Petersen said he pondered the slay out of it it s your Job to situation discussed in with his Petersen also testified Ilia investigate when he told president Nixon in Isi i Watko Kwiatk Page my cambodian Village accidentally bombed astronauts Patch repair continue experiments cambodian sources report a second accidental . Bombing his week. Page 5a. Nixon is Basing his Case for withholding tapes on relic Lance of courts to move into the Issue. Page 7b. Scientists report Success with the first implanted pacemakers Hal can be recharged. Page 8b. Index comics deaths doctor editorials 4a markets 8c j sports 1b it slate area women 6a it weather partly Cloudy and warm. High s around 90. Low Low 70 s. Details on Page 3a. It Spack cd Nukk. Houston map Wilh a new while Awn ing to Shade and Cool their space Slation. i focused a Battery of powerful in Leskopf cameras Al the Sun tuesday in an Effort to learn More a Ratul the Earth s source of heat and Light. Or. Owen k. Carroll. The first solar physicist in space aimed the skylab s solar Tele scope Assembly and began lad ing the Mission s first Man directed photographs of the Sun. His . Alan Hean and Jack h. . Ran medi Cal experiments on themselves testing heir adaptation to weightlessness after 11 Days in spare the astronauts slept an hour later than usual tuesday res Ting up from a record space walk on monday. During 6 z hours outside the spaceship and Gar riot installed a Sun Shade and performed other work. I tight director Charles Lewis said hot spots in the skylab space station already were Cooling off As a result of the new Sun Shade. Water tanks in the Craft which had reached tempera Tures of i f 0 and had dropped to below fit degrees he said and were is ill falling Cabin atmosphere temperatures which had topped 80 degrees before the new Shade was put in place cooled two or three Rigi yes Mission control said the astronauts would spend part of each Day during the coming week trouble shooting the numerous problems shadowing their Mission. The most serious problem is with two steering rockets on the Apollo command ship which is in carry the astronauts Back to Earth. Nixon s lawyers argue court lacking in authority Washington vers for president Nixon old a Federal judge tuesday Hal the courts have no authority to Force n Ixon to turn Over White House Lape recordings. Water Gate investigators consider the tapes key evidence Index Cronin who knew what Aboul the watergate affair. In a.34-Page Brief filed in . District court the lawyers said that any attempt by courts to enforce a subpoena for the laps from special Walcer Gale prosecutor Archibald Cox would be an unsupportable violation of the constitutional doctrine of separation of Powers meanwhile. Samuel dash chief counsel of the Senate watergate committee said the committee is ready to file is lawsuit seeking Access Lowa Ternate related White House evidence. Dash said the filing of the suit was postponed tuesday because committee lawyers wanted to examine the while House response to Cox. Rut we re ready to file dash said. We May he Able to file tomorrow and certainly by the Brief filed by Nixon s lawyers formally outlined for i he first Lime the arguments the president will use in this constitutional lest of strength Over the tapes. The Brief supported Nixon s previous refusal to Honor the Cox subpoena for the laps of private presidential conversations and said if Nixon were compelled to produce the male rial from Hal moment it would be simply impossible for any president of the in nil cd slates to a president would be help less if he and Bis advisers could not talk freely if they were required always to guard their words against the possibility that next month or next year those words might to made the Brief said the is sue in this Case is nothing less than the continued existence of if presidency As a functioning the Senate watergate com Mittee had served Nixon with two subpoenas for tape record Ings and other watergate re laced while House material. Its planned lawsuit was aimed at having the subpoenas enforced sources inside the committee said the panel s lawyers Are concerned Hal the Federal Conns will refuse to accept jurisdiction in the suit. If Hal happened i he committee would have to seek either special legislation that could be tested in the courts or initiate contempt proceedings against Nixon the committee met in executive session this morning and decided to postpone filing a suit until counsel for the committee have an Opportunity to Ascer Tain and study the reaction of the White House attorneys to the motion of the special prose com i i Lee chairman Sam j. Krvin or. Said in announcing the decision. The next move probably will be Cox s. Judge John j. Sirica gave the special prosecutor until next monday. Aug 1.1. To re ply to Nixon s response. Sirica Ihnn told while House counsel .1. Red the White House could have until the following Friday. Aug. 17. For any additional written response it wishes to make. Siri Ca scheduled Oral argument for 10 . Kit. Wednesday. Aug. 22. Cox had subpoenaed nine conversations from among those which were tape recorded by hidden microphones and Tele phone pickups Al the White House in the executive office building and Al the presidential Retreat Al Camp David. My. The watergate committee subpoenas also demanded Lape recordings along with related documents and other papers and memoranda in Nixon Sens Lodi

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