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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 8, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaHawing published by the Florence printing company John m. O Dowd James a. Rogers 1887-1970 editor saturday morning August 8, 1970 pressing on schools the problem facing Florence school District no. 1, and other districts similarly situated is uncertainty about the shape of desegregation when schools open in september. Florence District school officials proposed a plan based o n neighbourhood unitary schools. This plan was never approved or disapproved by the u. S. Department of health education and the Case is now in the . Depart ment of Justice which has filed a suit against the District charging non compliance. A hearing will be held next monday before Federal judge Donald Russell in Spartanburg. In their reply to the Justice depart ment suit District officials Are Stan Ding by their neighbourhood school plan. If it stands up in court then parents Are generally aware of the shape of things concerning school attendance for next year. But if the court rejects it and orders a plan of its own say pairing of necessity for Hasty reorganization and adjustment would Lay an extra Burden upon school officials not to mention the re orientation of Public attitudes to the new situation. Believing that the District school Board and administration have been doing their Best to gain acceptance of a plan under the most acceptable conditions possible we have sought and will continue to emphasize the importance of a Public climate favourable to what becomes necessary. At the same time it is essential in the interests of All concerned parents pupils teachers trustees and administrators that the Issue be resolved at the earliest time possible. A consent judgment prior to the court hearing would be helpful. If this can t be the court should understand How important it is to expedite the matter speedily. It is now Only four weeks before school opening. Even if the District s plan is accepted that is Little enough time to prepare for orderly transition to a unitary system. There is enough history behind us now to know that whatever the plan adopted it will Mark a Sharp change Over any previous year. A certain amount of trauma and uneasiness must be taken for granted As is the Case with any major break from established custom. But a mature society is capable of adjusting itself to change. Moreover Public education for which there is no substitute is at stake. It must be preserved and strengthened. So must Law order Justice and a peaceful Community climate. In the whole history of desegregation there is no instance in which conditions have been improved by violent disorders. On the contrary there Are Many instances in which acceptance with Grace and dignity has produced Community Pride in itself and broadened the base of equal Opportunity. This we believe will be the response in Florence. It can be assured if enough people resolve to make it so. Fred r. Sheheen in the Chesterfield fms big Opportunity Francis Marion College the first state supported College created by the general Assembly in this Century became a reality on july 1, 1970. The new four year institution developed from a University of South Carolina Branch which was severed from the main University to become a separate school in its own right. R think that the new College uninhibited by tradition and a Large alumni body has Aii Opportunity to take the Lead in educational innovation and excellence among Saul Carolina s state supported institutions. Here is a new College Young in spirit and ideals headed by one of the really Bright educators who has worked in South Carolina. The president or. Walter d. Smith is an old Friend from Winthrop College where he was the Dean during my Days with the Charlotte observer Bureau in Rock Hill. Smith is Cut from the same Mold As the Man who brought him to Winthrop that College s Able president Charles s. Davis. I do not believe that a finer selection to join the growing group of progressive and enlightened College presidents in South Carolina could have been made. I had too an Opportunity for lunch in Darlington recently with the Dean of students at Francis Marion Olin b. Sansbury or. He has the candid Ness and courage of a new generation of South carolinians that would be a credit to any College. These two educators have an added advantage in not having t0 worry contentious alumni who want to push Francis Marion in every direction but the right one and educationally. The University of South Carolina is enmeshed in a sense by its Long history in the state. On the one hand the alumni seem to be More interested in How Many games the football and basketball teams win than by maintaining decent academic standards. On the other hand opportunist political figures try to make capital out of e v e r y situation where the University its presi Dent and or student body can be castigated. Doug Smith ought to offer thanks to the almighty that his school is not in Columbia under the nose of the general Assembly and that he has a Chance to influence his school and its prospective alumni toward the proper emphasis on academic excellence. I believe that lie will do just that. Francis Marion College is an Opportunity that is vitally needed in the pee Dee area and fast growing Florence. I predict that its stature will increase rapidly in College circles in South Carolina. And i Hope that the Challenge afforded by this new educational venture May help our older ones re adjust their priorities and perspectives. Is a Man directly or 1ndir6ctlv, of eight David Lawrence f Fulbright s equal time bid unfair to the Media Washington maybe members of Congress and particularly senators Haven t gotten As much attention As they deserve. But some of them like senator j. William Fulbright of Arkansas seem to be rather jealous of the unique position a president of the United states has in the Opportunity to talk to so Many people Over television and radio. Or. Fulbright describes this As close to exclusive Access to television and says the chief executive s use of this medium has done As much to expand the Powers of the presidency As would a constitutional amendment formally abolishing the co Equality of the three branches of so the Arkansas d enc rat wants a Bill adopted requiring television and radio to give Congress air space four times a year to present its own views. He thinks the judiciary should have the same privileges if it chooses to ask for them. But what or. Fulbright perhaps does t take into consideration enough is that television and radio Are really like newspapers. They want to present an interesting Content. Much of what most members of Congress would give them on the air would be regarded As dry stuff and would cause people to turn off their sets and maybe not turn them on again the rest of the evening thus causing a loss of audience to the stations. The importance of the presidency to the television networks is that the Man in the White House makes news. He does t appear every Day or every week but once in a while and when the newspaper reporters Are interrogating him the Public becomes interested in the Impromptu answers that Are made. Maybe if newsmen were to interview on the air some of the senators and representatives on the other it would be equally interesting. But the presentation on equal time of a lot of highbrow subjects would hardly give the networks much Comfort because their audiences would gradually letter to the editor o Brien to the editor democratic party chairman Lawrence o Brien to think that he has the blatant audacity to assert that democrats 1970 should now apologize for the eight vigorous years of escalation and support of that farce in Southeast Asia really grabs me to the Hilt. And Why would he now take such a determined stand yes he wants our Vole that of the Young people the ones who have marched and screamed and pleaded for peace since i m too tired to remember when. He makes me wonder about men murdered by the leaders of his party. He makes me wonder about the mothers and fathers of those and he makes me mighty proud i had the sense and Gall to avoid the outrageous cries for Freedom and country when my time came to decide. Too i wonder if he really meant it All the things he said. I d believe his Brand of politics if the democratic candidates promised amnesty for each and every armed forces deserter of the vietnamese Era. But i m much too tired to believe that possible. Ronald b. Poston Florence diminish. Nor would there be Many people who would listen to reports by members of the judiciary As the general Public has t studied Law. The whole problem is a serious one from the stand Point of television and radio. How Long will they sit by without making a real fight against i n t e r f e re n c e by Congress with the constitutional right known As Freedom of the Congress can make no Law abridging that right. It cannot Tell newspapers or radio or television stations what they May say. This is one of the most essential factors in the preservation of a the Federal communications commission has undertaken under an act of Congress to see that political candidates Are Given equal time during campaigns and now is trying to draw up new regulations. But if the commission delves further and further and begins to interfere with the programs set up this inevitably will be subject to Legal action and possibly bring in the 1 o n g run supreme court rulings that there is no Power to dictate what shall be said Over the radio or television any More than what is being said in print. The american people read newspapers o r discontinue Reading them depending upon whether they find matters of in Terest every Day. The same is True with respect to radio arid television programs. When pro Grams Are imposed through governmental coercion this is quite certain to Lead sooner or later to a negative reaction. Candidates and political parties May Purchase time for their messages. The fact of paid sponsorship is clearly stated Over the air and people understand it just As they note a paid advertisement in a newspaper which they either read or skip As they choose. Roscoe Drummond rules for Reading the peace talks in Paris Washington you will soon be seeing conflicting reports on the Paris peace talks. Some will be hopeful some hopeless. These guidelines will help keep things straight 1 ignore Subtle shifts in communist rhetoric. A soft phrase one Day a harsh word the next mean next to nothing. That s not the Way the communists signal their intentions. 2 Bear in mind that when tie communists want it known that they wish to begin serious negotiations or arc ready to break a deadlock they disclose it succinctly and visibly the signal is loud and Clear. Then will by the time to pay strict attention. These guides Loun de standing the Paris talks 0.0 not come from the Ivory Tower. They Are based on solid negotiating experience since the end of world War ii. In All the diplomatic dealings which the United Stales has had with the communists the austrian treaty the korean armistice the nuclear test ban two things have invariably been evident when the com Muniss Don t want to negotiate they use Muddy and meandering language As a diplomatic ploy. When they w a n t to Nugo Tate they put aside diplomatic verbiage and come out with the straight truth. Or. Fred Charles Ikle social science head at hand corp., documented these Points in re cent testimony before tire Senate subcommittee on National Security and International operations. He pointed out for example that in the korean War when the communists were ready to begin armistice negotiations soviet ambassador Jacob Malik clearly and simply said so in the United nations and there were no precursors to his announcement to be discovered Between the lines of soviet or North korean propaganda statements. Indeed prior to the communist proposal for armistice talks All the rhetoric and verbiage from China and North Korea pointed in the opposite there arc numerous other in stances which reinforce this. There were Long periods during which the communists shunned serious negotiations to end the Allied occupation of Austria to bring about the underground nuclear test ban and to control the strategic arms race the Long preliminaries were full of double talk when the soviets were ready for business Plain talk. There is Good reason to assume that when Hanoi wants to negotiate a settlement of the vietnamese War if it Ever does we Don t have to speculate about communist intentions. They la say so and quickly get Down to serious talks. Some americans appear to believe that Hie North Viet namese would t negotiate be cause chief negotiator Henry Cabot Lodge had been with drawn from the . Side. Not i Waible. They did t negotiate when he was present and they said they would t negotiate while he was absent some americans appear to believe that the North Viet namese would t negotiate just because they did t like our proposals for negotiation. Hardly plausible. We have offered to discuss any proposals they offer and vice versa. We get plenty of words no negotiation. Some americans Are prematurely hopeful that the appointment of ambassador David Bruce to replace Lodge will quickly get productive talks going. Hardly plausible. The communists Are not interested in the personality of the . Negotiator. When will the Northi Viet namese negotiate when they decide lha the South Viet namese Are going to be Able to defend themselves effectively and that they the North vietnamese can do better for themselves at the con Ference table than at the Battle front. Marquis Childs Nixon Manson create havoc los Angeles Richard Nixon and Charles Manson Are at opposite poles of the social spectrum. Yet together they have managed to create have in a murder trial conducted even before this intervention at Long Odds against objective Justice in an atmosphere of sensational is m and the pressures of mass prejudice. When Manson d e f i e d the order of the Rose in his seat and waved a newspaper with the headline Manson guilty Nixon declares at the jury he was entirely in character. He is a self made outcast beyond All the dictates of Law morality and reason who has spent most of his wretched life in jails and detention Homes. The mystery is the con duct of tie president of the United states a lawyer and a member of the California bar. Supposedly his purpose at his Denver press conference was to rebuke the los Angeles newspapers which he had been Reading at san Clemente for their sensational reporting of the Trail of Manson and the three Young women members of his family in the Sharon Tate murder Case. From this reporter s Long memory begin Ning with the thrill murder in the Loeb Leopold trial in Chicago the reports in this in stance have been relatively restrained. That is said against the background of crimes that for sheer cold blooded calculated Horrow have Seldom been equalled. As widely reported when they were committed they conveyed a sense it All that was vicious and sick at work in a disorganized and vulnerable social order. To sit in the courtroom even for a few hours is to get this same sense of a sick quite outside the experience of the Normal and rational. At times in the closely guarded room it seems like a bitter travesty of the processes of Law and order so narrowly evolved across the years. The jury put together in five painstaking weeks faces an almost impossible task now made doubly difficult by the president s intervention in sequestering themselves from All but what they hear in a courtroom. In their solid Middle mass variants of age and it curation they might have been selected by Holly of s casting office. Linda , Stag s principal witness har hair Par Ted in the Middle and pulled Back from both sides of her forehead talks in her Little girl s voice about her life in the Jungle of drugs and sex. Pressed by Irving Kanarek Manson s attorney to say How Many trips on Ltd she had made beginning at the age of 16 she can reply Only about 50." she recalls lying in a Field in new Mexico just where she can t remember on one particular trip. This was when she experienced what she had been told was an ego the Little girl s voice is not sure what that meant. But yes something was separated from her body. She had been driving a car that belonged to picking up hitchhikers along the Way until the car broke Down using a stolen credit card to get food and Gas. Mrs. Kasabian s answers came with apparent frankness a kind of shy1 response to Kanarek s insistent pressure. The three women defendants Leslie Van Houten 19, Susan Alkins 21, and Patricia Krenwinkel 22, seem less concerned than anyone in the courtroom. They whisper among each other and with their respective attorneys. They might be giggling schoolgirls anywhere instead of three Young women charged with the murder of seven persons whom they had never seen before to we Slaughter. Their ions free flowing hair half conceals their drab prison garb. J As for Manson he defies description. So much has been about him in his own terms Savior Messiah the master of the lives of the Young who fell under his spell. In an astonishing group interview in the Herald examiner the Young women still in the Manson commune in the abandoned movie set said they were just waiting for Charley to come Back apparently nothing disclosed thus far has had the slightest influence on them. Making one of his repeated pleas to be his own attorney repeatedly denied by Superior court judge Charles h. Older Manson talks about reality truth his belief that Only if he is allowed to Cross examine the witness himself will he be Satis fied. He has of course Long since assume the Martyr s Rob victim of the establishment now augmented by the voice of the president. He sits stroking his Beard smiling now and then even occasionally laughing. With the Youm women who sit perhaps 10 feet from him he obviously has Coroi Lete rapport. They were Long since irrevocably joined in the sub world and now in this Trail which has its dubious Legal aspects they ate As one. Billy Graham says my father did not confess Christ As Savior until his final illness a the age of seventy nine. What is your opinion of deathbed Repen Tance Are there any scrip Tures to support such a confession of Faith . Lord Chesterton once said i believe in bedside repentance but i do not want to depend upon the Best time to transact any kind of business loss Felt in death of o Dowd All South Carolina and especially Florence and the pee Dee area suffered a distinct loss last week is the passing of John Michael o Dowd Dean of South Carolina newspaper publishers. The growth of Florence the development of the pee Dee area from at s t r i c 11 y agricultural area to a thriving Industrial Community and the expansion of Many areas of culture and civic improvement were reflected in the changes apparent in the Florence morn ing news of which he was owner. Held personally in High esteem his friends in the journalism Field were equalled Only in number by those who had worked actively with him in civic enterprises fished with him in the South Carolina streams or known him in Church and Community life. Thus his passing takes from the current scene a Long and valuable life Rich in accomplishment and abundant in productive fulfil lament. The Mullins Enterprise or Settle an account is when one s mind is Clear. During a serious illness the mind does not function normally. It is not tie Best time to take care of unfinished business to learn new lessons or to make new relationships. Getting right with god is something one should do in the Bloom of he aloft. However As far As the lord is concerned his ear is not heavy that he cannot hear nor his Arm shortened that he can not he loves us equally in sickness or in health while we Are living or while we Are dying. One of the classic examples of last minute Repen Tance was the thief on the Cross. When he called on the lord he said this Day the a shall be with me in however we must remember that the other thief though dying too had no disposition to repent. With approaching years there can be a hardening of the heart that is dangerous. In my experience i have not known of too Many people who found Christ on their death bed. When we come to Christ in our Youl h a life is saved. When we come in old age or in sickness Only a. Soul is salvaged. I j. Street Florence s. C. H50i of the associated press Audi Bureau of circulation and Southern newspapers publishers Assn a. The associated press is entitled exclusively to the ask for publication of All the Ideal in this newspaper. The Florenc morn Lna news desires to be notified promptly of errors in any of its reports. A newspapers and Independent distributors and the Florence mount in news will not be responsible for Advance i payment unless made at the office of the Florence morning news. Subscription rates by mail in dependent distributors or in dependent newspaper boys. I moly . Yearly dully i Lindop a 7.w 1s.m 11.m circulation Telephone number1 mm771 second class Nold of Florence i c

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