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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 6, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaI Lantig v jams a. Rogers published by the Florence printing company John m. O Dowd 1887-19jo James a. Rogers editor thursday morning August 6, 1970 expressway to the coast it. Gov. John c. West said some tilings at Myrtle Beach the other Day having special interest to the grand strand and All of Eastern South Carolina. He spoke of High ways and of the need for an expressway connecting the grand strand with North Carolina and Western South Carolina. Specifically he called for a crash program of expanded Highway construction with first priority being Given to completion of the interstate in that connection he pro posed the Extension of interstate 20 from Florence to the grand strand. Currently segments of existing highways linking the grand strand with North Carolina through mar Rion Florence and Hartsville. Are either in the construction or plan Ning stage for four Laning. The heavy traffic Load along this route has Long indicated the need for speeding the work to completion. A crash program for the earliest pos sible completion is not Only highly desirable it should be imperative. On previous occasions we have spoke of the desirability of extend ing 1-20 to the grand strand. To terminate it in Florence just 65 Miles Short of what should be its natural terminal on the coast is to impair its usefulness As a major expressway. As now planned its terminal Points Are Florence and Elpaso Tex. Extension to the grand strand would give it the extra dimension for maximum usefulness. It is one of the shortcomings of Highway planning that easier Access to the grand strand has not kept Pace with its development As one of the major Beach resort areas along the Atlantic coast. While completion of routes now planned for four Laning will alleviate traffic congestion from the grand strand Inland it will be Only a partial remedy. Nothing less than extending 1-20 can bring the Relief needed. We Hope state and Federal inter state planners will take to heart or. West s sensible proposal. David Lawrence Juk needed lbs to win 1960 election Campaign this distinction void of Honor a Survey of South Carolina High Way accidents in 1969 released by the state Highway department ranks Florence county in the fourth place among South Carolina counties in the number of deaths reported. Florence is exceeded Only by Char Leston Spartanburg and Greenville in that order. Washington did John f. Kennedy select Lyndon Johnson As the _ j tial nominee in 1960 just Twenty counties reflected an m cause the wanted to remove the crease 22 a decrease and four latter As democratic Leader of showed no change. Only Horry m a Witer has Darlington Sumter and Clarendon which now 1 in the Eastern Region of the state Sito Able pump to in the number of deaths away it is hard to while Georgetown showed no change meaning of some of his com ments made from time to time. Of the pee Dee counties. Chester b situation at nation at the convention. Or. Robert quoted or. Garner As follows i want you to say to Sam that i strongly recommend that he fight to hold his delegates to Gether but be prepared to have con k k soon As offers there were 49 Highway deaths in Florence county in 1969 As compared with 33 in 1968. Richland with its High density population Cen Terng on the state capital had 10 fewer deaths than Florence. But certainly the situation at Field Marlboro Dillon Marion the 1960 democratic National if this boy is smart enough to go this far and get nominated and is capable of being presi Dent he is smart enough right and Williamsburg All had a icon of. If elected would not be Able to. Get along with Lyndon Johnson ticket with him. He needs Lyn it should be disturbing to Flor. Democratic Leader of the Don and he will sure As a ence citizens that it outranked to Senate and would prefer to j Irvid Nam Hor of Nave him occupy the supposed Purlous Richland in the number of unimportant place 0y vice Charleston led the state with 72, deaths. Clearly we have a big Job president -.i. In no in Huff Hwan 3c rep App that John 1 increases. Evi Sibly be elected president with out our Lyndon being on the gun s come to Lyndon with this suggestion and he won t wait Long. He will have Many others followed by Spartanburg with 62, and Greenville with 61. I u . J. J1c1c if Fuli jul c cv1 ii if jx1 Jim. It Ilia ii before us in reducing Highway a Dence that John f. Kennedy close supporters and advisers tar Llort will to inf what ut1v Natt of a dents. When Basic instincts surface did t want Lyndon Johnson for the vice presidency but that he nevertheless asked him. To take the nomination because it was the Way to assure Victory in the election. Centimes and taking them away de testimony on this latter pending upon whether Moscow be Point was furnished in the Jan Murp concerned Over food came Moie Cuin ii ice world report when Law shortages or Over the growth of rence w former treas. Capitalist operations in the country user and Secretary of the democratic National committee and now a businessman in Atlanta today while the trend is largely revealed a stenographic record in the soviet Union capitalism is paying better and better. K one is an agricultural capitalist his Pri vate earnings Are about to go up about 50 per cent. This is the kind of income jump that labor unions in the capitalist West dare not ask for anti capitalist m Vyce the Kremlin has ordered that a Nate Enterprise is Gam Uig John Garner in Uvalde a r Zta fowl milk ground when Khrushchev made his Tex just before me 1960 Cost. Those producing cattle fowl milk statement about burying mention. Or. Robert told about Wool and eggs of private plots be society a message that or. Garner speaking Wilt consideration of Basic human instincts. Ducting Lyndon Johnson s Campaign for the presidential Nomi who will not want any part of Lyndon and you and Lyndon will have Many of your Strong est and Best supporters who will bitterly oppose this and want Lyndon instead to stay in the Senate As Leader and Wear himself out during the next eight years under either a democratic or Republican re Gime. Only a ticket of Kennedy and Johnson can win the elec Tion and this cannot be done easily. With vice president Nix on As the Republican candidate will and Lyndon must be ready to those of us in the press corps who were at the 1960 convention in los Angeles had every reason to believe that the position of the South in the Campaign would be doubtful. There was a Deal of controversy Over the civil rights Issue. It was Felt there would the South against Jack Kennedy. The party leaders were in easy about it. Senator Kennedy himself was worked. The argument that friends made to him was that by Tak ing a Senate Leader who was from the South lie would have a much better Chance of carry ing a number of Southern states it was reported around Conven Tion circles at los Angeles that Bobby Kennedy did not like the plan but that his Bro ther insisted Lyndon be placed on the ticket in order to win in november. John f. Kennedy was elected by a close margin one of the narrowest in All history. Golda talked of big issues it was just earlier than this last year when we met mrs. Golda Meir Israel s prime minister in her offices in Jerusalem within close Range of israels Knesset the discussions were wide ranging and extended for an unhurried hour and a half. Egyptian intransigence Russia s interest in the Middle East the so lefts pc future of Jerusalem the significance of be Golan Heights to Israel the Arab refugees Israel s successful assimilation of Oriental and Occidental jews into a viable state with a distinctive culture and Economy at were subjects on which Ahe spoke freely and fluently in Strong and resonant voice. The turn of events in recent Days has brought freshly to mind that interview and raised questions about changes on policy positions so cogently stated then. Clearly the year since has not been one of the better years for Israel. Russian installation of missile Sites and russian manned missiles beyond the Suez in Egypt intensification of commando strikes from across the Borders sustained artillery and Aerial bombardment along the egyptian front a threatened tilt of the Power balance m favor of Egypt caused by massive Russion assistance to Nasser these have been factors which have brought into critical new focus Israel s problems in the Middle East. On that Day in Jerusalem last july mrs. Meir made some things Clear. Israel would accept Only direct talks with Arab nations As a precondition for negotiations. Israel stood ready to enter into direct negotiations across tie table without pre conditions. All issues would be negotiable on the basis of Guaran teed Security for the territorial and political integrity of Israel. Israel was prepared t0 compensate All Arab refugees Dollar for Dollar for their losses As part of a package m which All issues were peaceably and acceptably resolved. Israel would withdraw no troops from any territory occupied in the six Day War until All issues had been settled. Jerusalem would not be divided again As before the six Day War. Experience had taught that israeli occupation of 1he Golan Heights was essential to safety against attack for the israeli villages below. Israel stood ready to enter into a Middle East develop ment program with her Arab neighbors after a settlement had been reached in which there would be free and open Exchange of leadership and resources. Judged by today s press accounts Israel has backed away from these conditions Only in one instance. Her de Mand for direct negotiations has been shelved in favor of indirect negotiations through the United nations. All others stand As stated by mrs. Meir one year ago. In the meantime the War of attrition has taken ils toll russian intrusion has added a dangerous new Factor Lebanon has been drawn More directly into the conflict Arab command strength has mounted and inside Israel a governmental crisis has threatened the stability of the Meir government. It is Safe to assume that on the Basic issues of survival no other nation on Earth is As United As Israel. The reason was stated simply and succinctly by mrs. Meir in that interview last july. She said cannot afford to lose a War. The Arab can lose come Back and fight again. Not so with Israel. The first War we lose will be our utters to the editor Fred Perry remembered anti capitalist in Industry on the made by his wife when they the boy is going to be com Umu a former vice be died to have Lyndon with farms private Enterprise is gaming John Nance in Uvalde him carry most of the Menfi Falls men Tharp is 110 other h1-3i1 us sol to the editor there appeared in the state last sunday a feature article about Francis Marion College. There is no Ouier Man Mann Lyndon who can possibly do to paid from 20 per cent to 50 per cent for what they sell to the state. It is reckoned that some 40 per cent of the soviet Union s meat production comes from such private Enterprise ventures. With some other products it is a considerably higher percentage. Thus for the umpteenth time Moscow has been forced to recognize that it must lean upon capita list instincts if the country is to be fed properly. It has also once again been forced to Shelve not Only marxism leninism but its own Ideo logical preferences in the face of the present facts of human nature. Particularly interesting is party chief Leonid Brezhnev s Frank admission that private plot Farmers must be Given More initiative. For years the Kremlin has swung Back and Forth Between offering such in this i urge you to play your cards close to your Chest and wait for the boy to make the approach which i m sure he the right Man Billy Graham says in a letter to the editor on this n Peter refers to Page today mention is made of the what ii Peter refers Fob part played by Fred Perry first Al j i it Tien text to which you refer director of the Florence us re t a says but the Day of the lord Vional Campus in laying the higher come k a twee the educational foundations for the sub night in which wic sequent founding of Francis Marion shall pass away with a great religion but men of science declare that the destruction of this planet is no longer improbable. The scriptures assert that there was a time when this there will College. Noise and the elements shall melt with fervent heat the it is an appropriate reminder As Earth also and the works that All who Are familiar with the work Are _ therein shall be burned of or. Perry will agree. He gave up it the muscle and Energy needed to a few years ago this scrip get the institution off the ground. He hire would have been passed was rep Emht Man for the right off As a first Century was the Nunt Man Lor me Gnu Ream now modern Llew heaven time and those who worked with is a distinct wherein. _ him will not forget. Possibility. Not Only men of be a time when it will be cleansed of All evil by the fire of god s judgment the Christian s Hope is beyond this Earth. If you will read on farther in the chapter referred to you will find these words nevertheless we according to his Promise ook for new heavens and a new Earth Dwelle the that newspaper in regard to the article and thought you might be interested printing it also in the Florence morning news. The latter follows i would like to add a much needed postscript to your Sun Day feature article on Francis Marion College. I have been following the Progress of this newly established Center of higher education since its found ing in 1857 and am As proud As anyone that the College is now a full fledged four year College. Much of the credit for its Success however has apparently been overlooked. Your Fea Ture mentions its Humble be ginnings at the Florence county Library in the basement no less but it fails to mention anywhere the Man who Day in and Day out night after night struggled to keep that Center an accredited embryo of higher education. I am referring to its first resident director Frederick Charles Perry. I was with pro Jack Anderson Fra would withhold information on safety Washington the Feder Al aviation administration is re fusing to allow Public Access to vital airline safety information which is compiled at taxpayer expense and distributed free to the airlines and their High pow ered Washington lobby. Tie architect of this astonish ing arrangement is the Faa s Legal department which issued an opinion that this urgent data was proprietary and there fore should not be seen by the citizens who pay for its Prepa ration the suppressed information involves summaries of so called mechanical reliability re which the airlines arc required 16 file whenever there is a major mechanical difficulty the Faa receives such reports from the airlines every year which Are compiled into daily summaries and mailed to the airlines and to the air transport association the Industry s Washington based pres sure group. The situation came to Light when Jerome Simandle one of Ralph Nader s investigators walked into the Faa the other Day and asked politely to examine the summaries. He was told by James Daugh erty assistant chief of the maintenance division that he could see the summaries Only with the permission of the Ata an incredible admission of the Industry s domination of the Agency. This column sought an explanation of the Faa policy from Charles Peters assistant Gen eral counsel for the Agency. He said letting the Public see the data would dry up the in other words if the Public got to Sec the facts that the airlines Are required by Law to file the companies would Sim ply Slop obeying the Law. Peters denied this is what he meant but admitted he thought the airlines would Start Shad ing their reports. He grew confused and angry when he was asked who was responsible for the policy of keeping the Public in the dark. You re so stupid you can t even remember what questions you be he blurted at one Point after giving an unresponsive reply to the ques Tion. Fessor Perry on Many Occa Sions during those Early years and kept wondering Why on Earth any Man in his right mind would accept such a Post. He was librarian no More than that ha1 had to Start a Library from scratch bookkeeper Secretary registrar Dean of Stu dents academic Dean counsel Lor at All hours of the faculty Recruiter bursar and 0 yes he also taught some classes in French. He coached its first Basket Ball team chaperoned with his Lovely wife Tillie All the dances and Pinch hit whenever a com muting prof failed to make it from Columbia. In Short he did More than was humanly possible to give Francis Marion its place in the Sun. He did it because he could do nothing without giving his All. The students who were there then and All those who have had the privilege of knowing Fred Erick Charles Perry Hope that Francis Marion never forgets. A. P. Mature . Head dept. Of mod. Langs. Newberry College Newberry criteria set for private schools to the editor in your editorial of july 24, you suggest Likhat state educational officials and state legislators set and enforce minimum academic criteria As Well As minimum physical standards for Independent schools. You Are apparently unaware that the South Carolina inde pendent school association has already established and put into operation minimum criteria for its schools. As for Matching the educational Quality in the Public schools Chavet forbid the necessary deterioration. Currently the record of the Independent schools for College admissions membership in collegiate Hon ors program and frequency of Merit scholars is approximately three times the Public school averages. As for Matching the physical standards our interests is limited to safety and health. T. E. Wannamaker president s. C. Inde pendent school Assoc. Orangeburg quiz by w. L. Gordon 1. What Are the four Iteni on which families spend the most Money 2. What is the derivation of the term 3. What was the name of the mythological three headed dog who guarded the regions 4. What six u. S. State capitals have zanies begin Ning with the letter 1. Food shelter doth ing transportation. 2. From the phrase radio detecting and 3. Cerberus. 4. Sacramento Calif. Springfield 111. St. Paul Santa be n. Mex. Salem Ore. And Salt Lake City Utah. Matonte hit thug 141 t. Dirty Santt fort film i c. 19501 member of Tim aug Clatt Audi Bureau of circulation and Southern newspapers publisher aun s. The associated press is entitled exclusivity to to ase for of All the local Newt in this newspaper. The Florenc morning news desires to be notified promptly of errors in any of its reports. All newspapers Ond Independent distributors and 1he Florence a Ornona news will not be responsible for Advance payment unless made at the office of the Florence morning news. Subscription Kates by mail. In dependent distributors or in dependent newspaper toys. 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