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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 6, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaOur 47th year no. 218 the Only daily paper published in Eastern South Carolina Florence s. C., thursday morning August 6, 1970 daily Loe sunday ise House approves Washington a _ the House passed wednesday night a three year farm Bill with a ceiling on subsidy pay ments to Cotton wheat and feed grains producers after turning aside efforts to set a lower Lim the action followed a Day Long debate More than hours of which entered around the thorny payment Issue. The ceiling which applies to each of the three crop categories was approved twice on voice votes. A 212 to 171 Roll Call vote sent the measure to the Senate where hearings already have Beer held by the agriculture committee. Sources estimated the Cost of the package at about billion a year just about the same level at present. About billion of the total would go for the farm subsidies and the remain ing billion for continuation of the food for peace program. All attempts to change the Bill on the House floor were Defeated. President Nixon had Given his backing which some. Described As weak to the limitation approved by the House agriculture committee. But reps. Paul Findley r 111., and Silvio 0. Conte b mass., lost when they tried to reduce the level to for the three crop categories plus Wool add language designed to produce regulations to Check evasions by such things As subdividing farms and make the ceiling apply to lands owned by political subdivisions. The vote on a non record tally was 134 to 161. The payment limitation in the measure specifically exempts lands owned by states and other subdivisions. There is no limit on payments the existing program Robert f. Kennedyjr. Taken into custody son of late senator charged in narcotics action 29 persons accused cambodian troops recapture Region Kennedy Shriver youngsters face narcotic charges u. S. Air strike precedes attack Saigon a u. S. Planes struck at enemy positions near Skourn wednesday and cambodian troops advancing in their Wake recaptured part of the outskirts of that District capital 40 Miles North of phenom penh. The cambodians appealed for a cambodian officer direct r. S. Shriver Iii faces narcotics charge Hurricane victims starting clean up air support when three of their battalions trying to drive away a big Viet Cost and North Viet namese Force on the last four Miles to the key Road Junction were caught in a firelight. Associated press correspond ent John t. Wheeler who witnessed the action said seven american f100 fighter bombers homed and strafed enemy troops about three Miles from Skourn. Under which is scheduled to expire dec. 31. There were five pay ments last year of More than ?1 million to individual producers. Clifford m. Hardin Secretary of agriculture said he was pleased at the vote and said it is our Hope that the Senate will quickly follow approval of the pay ment ceiling limitation would Hyannis port mass. A teen aged Kennedy cons f. Kennedyjr. And r. Sargent Shriver charged tuesday night marijuana offences in Tion with an incident in he Johnis july 10. Kennedy 16, is the son of the late .. Senator from new York and former. Attorney general. Shriver 17, is the son of the Kennedy in Law who stepped Down last month As. Ambassador to France. Parents of both boys issued statements wednesday express ing distress Over the charges against the youngsters who Are to appear in juvenile court thursday at 10 . Ethel Kennedy whose Hus band was slain while Campaign ing in California in june 1968, said in a three paragraph stale make the program More live than the lower limitations which were Hardin added. We have to do something to take away these enormous sub said rep. Allard k. Lowenstein . He Sugges de the existing program has helped create what amounts to a government subsidized landed aristocracy and an impoverished Rural peasantry of Black and White but rep. W. R. Poage d Tex chairman of the agriculture committee said the pro jew Gram can t be effective in con j naturally i was distressed to learn last night that my son has been charged with having been in Possession of marijuana on the 10th of last month. This is of course a matter for the authorities but Bobby is a Fine boy. We have Al ways been proud of him and i will stand by him. My concern is also for my Nephew and the families of the other Young shrivel whose wife is the for Mer Eunice Kennedy oldest Sis Ter of sen. Edward m. Kennedy said in his statement we Are deeply distressed to learn that our son Sargent has been charge with the Possession of marijuana last month in Hyannis. He has never been involved in any such situation before and we Trust he never will be again. See narcotics Page 3a debate underway senators Over move Washington a p senators weighing a move to experts differ on Gas disposal Washington a presi Dent Nixon s no. 1 environmental adviser agreed wednesday the army s plan to dump deadly nerve Gas into the Atlantic is the least undesirable of it. Trolling Supply and demand if the Large growers Are driven out Lowenstein moved to Cut the payment limits to but but Russell train chairman of the president s Council on environmental Quality told a Senate subcommittee the coun cil believes it is clearly inappropriate to use the oceans for of any and All toxic to phase the subsidies out entirely in three years. Material. He said knowledge most of the debate entered around Findley s amendment to set the limit which he said would help improve the Public acceptance of the farm of that the cannot confidently predict the consequences of placing in them any dangerous train said the Ocean dumping appears to offer the least risk to the environment because the t the environment because Uit while the payment limitation condition the nerve Gas Rock Wonpat. If in would apply Only to wheat feed grains and Cotton the Bill also has provisions dealing win the daily Wool food for peace and other programs. I two of the primary differences in the Bill s Over All approach and the existing pro Gram Are establishment of an acreage set aside requirement to keep production in approximate line with consumption and a More direct tie for support payments to Dollar figures than the parity concept a formula designed to give producers a fair return on their investment. Earlier this year the Senate tacked a subsidy Selling on the agriculture depart ment s appropriation Bill the House version did not contain the limit and the Issue has not yet been sent to a House Senate conference. Maddox offer Atlanta a. A gov. Lester Maddox offered wednes Day to ride atop steel and con Crete vaults carrying deadly nerve Gas through Georgia in an Effort to assure citizens of the state t there is no danger. Maddox said in a news lease he is making the offer to prove that i am convinced thai every necessary precaution has been taken and that they Are Safe to transport in this Man the vaults containing nerve Gas rockets Are scheduled to be moved through Georgia on a train later this month for disposal in the Ocean off the Flor a coast. Ets sealed in 418 Concrete coffins is such that speedy disposal is called for. He said As army spokesmen have that there is a risk that the aging rocket explosives May become dangerously unstable that corrosion of the rocket casings might release the deadly chemical warfare agent. Due to these dangers the army argues Thattil cannot risk destruction via an under Roum nuclear explosion because tha would require Many months o preparations. It Hopes to com plete the dumping operation within two weeks. The army plans to transp on the Concrete coffins from Stor age centers near Anniston Ala. And Lexington ky., on aug. 10 by special trains to sunny Point . The coffins then will be loaded a Barge and towed to a so about 28" Miles East of Capi Kennedy fla., where the Barge is to be sunk in water fee deep. Although accepting the need for the dumping train said the Council considers the question of Impact of the nerve agent on living organisms has not been considered in sufficient Deta and he noted that if the coffin break up in the sea there i a possibility that fish direct used by Man might Pas through the contaminated the subcommittee Hean army witnesses Testi y there a pears Little danger of any too ble while the is being trans ported to port. Curtail expansion of the safeguard antimissile system told by one faction wednesday such action would Uel the arms race and assured y another it would help Cool it of. The clash in views came in he first detailed debate on since the ?19.2-billion military procurement Bill reached the Senate floor nearly to weeks democratic Leader Mike Mansfield of Montana said he expects a vote by next tuesday n an amendment to limit expansion to the two Sites approved last year by a single vote after two months of debate. An opponent of the anti expansion amendment offered by Jens. John Sherman Cooper r ky., and Phillip a. Hart d wich., said he believes opponents May win. Its chances to be realistic Are fairly sen. Gale w. Mcgee d-wyo., said. The Central fact around which this debate Over the deployment of safeguard should revolve is that the soviet Union Las continued to support Al great Cost a comprehensive dynamic program of strategic procurement thai weapons system which if fully developed could Cost As much my the air strikes from the ground was asked two questions. Were the strikes a dire support of his troops or were they against enemy Supply lines leading to South Vietnam which Washington and the. Com Mand both insist is the. Air Mission in Cambodia. This is direct support for my battalion replied cambodian officer As an f100 dropped two 250-Pound bombs after coming in at Treetop level. The cambodian officer directed the strikes in a radio Exchange with an american Pilot in an unmarked spotter plane Wheeler said that while the battled into skua s skirts hard fighting probably Lay ahead because a Strong ene my Force is believed dug in there. Damage estimates mount As a Mas Sive repair Job is begun in the Texas area ravaged by Hurricane Celia. See Page 4d. A 14-year-old French boy flew first class from Sidney to Paris with Only 10 cents in his pocket. See Page id. The Fra has assailed promotional claims for Pep pills and has charged illegal traffic in the drug through overproduction. See Page 3d. Index ask Andy 7d classified 4d comics 7d deaths 2a editorials 4a markets 2d sports so women 6a weather partly Cloudy and warm through Friday with Chance of thundershowers. Highs around 90 Low tonight 70. Details Page 7a. 20 persons injured a cambodian commander at Sre Klong 45 Miles Southwest a Uriu no 01 c As billion and of phenom penh where the ene my Cut off Highway 4 leading to Cambodia s South coast Oil installation for three Days this week that said. Planes also the momentum of an arms race which with each new escalation decreases rather than increases the National in my Cooper said the Pentagon has already made the decision to move away from safeguard to an advanced system but they re not Frank enough to say no sign of slowing said sen. Henry m weapons shows Jackson a Wash. We Are addressing said Hart in reply ing to the critical questions of stopping the momentum of struck the enemy in that Region. The commander col. Oum Bou Roeun told correspondents the air strikes killed nearly 500 of the enemy but gave no Indi cation of How he arrived at the figure. His troops reopened the Highway tuesday. Skyscraper Blaze leaves two dead new York two. Men were killed and 20 persons injured in a fire in a skyscraper in Manhattan s financial District wednesday night fire officials reported. The dead men were identified Only As construction workers who suffocated after being trapped in on elevator in die 33rd floor of the 50-Story build ing just North of the Staten is land ferry slip. Among the 20 injured were 11 firemen. He did t enjoy nights in jail Daye Shinn a defense attorney in the Sharon Tate murder trial returns to court after spending three nights in jail on a contempt citation. He complained of Lack of sleep plus a Case of diarrhoea. Shinn was cited for bringing a newspaper into court bearing the headline Manson guilty Nixon which the defendant displayed to the jury. A Manson co defendants sing out but mistrial motions denied los Angeles a Charles m. Hanson s three girl co defendant in the Sharon Tate murder Case arose in court wednesday and said in sing song unison president Nixon says we re guilty so Why go on with the their chant followed denial of new defense mistrial motions the third time in As Many Days. The latest motions were based on Hanson s display to the jury tuesday of a newspaper head line Manson guilty Nixon de sit Down Superior court judge Charles h. Older directed the Long haired Bru Nette Trio Susan Sadie at Kins 21 Patricia Katie Kren Winkel 22, and Leslie Van Hou ten 20, on trial with Manson in a series of seven murders. The jury was filing into the courtroom at the time and older admonished them to disregard the girls remark. The judge already had said that a poll of the jurors tuesday had satisfied him that they could put the manners headline out of their minds and Render a fair and impartial Linda Kasabian 21, the state s key witness then resumed the witness stand for minutes on the stand Lay. The president on monday originally called Manson guilt directly or indirect of tin Cross examination by Manson s attorney Irving Kamarek about the aug. 9, 1969, slayings of miss Tate and four others and the random killings the next night of Market owner Leno Labianca and his wife. In the aftermath of president Nixon s remarks the Green eyed mrs. Kasabian spent Only i ate Labanca sayings. He later amended this to say he Hai not intended to speculate on the guilt or innocence of the defence ants who should be presume innocent at this stage of the within hours of Nixon s orig Nal statement the defense moved for a mistrial saying the see Manson Page 2a the fire was contained de Ween the 31st and 33rd floor of tie newly completed Structure Milany firemen coming Down rom the scene of the Smoky Maze said the fire generated extreme mayor John v. Lindsay and ire commissioner Robert 0. Bowery West to the scene of the re at 1 new York Plaza. An Ide to the mayor said the fire appeared to be in the electrical a guard in the building said n electrical fire broke out in e Structure last easter but As quickly extinguished. The injured firemen All of him suffered from smoke in ablation were takes to a Hospi where they were reported in lir condition. The conditions of the others a Jared in the fire was not Nown. Several thousand spectators watched the Blaze which could e seen throughout the financial District. Black Panther Leader freed on heavy Bond Oakland Calif. A Iuey p. Newton Black Panther eader and avowed revolution by went free on bail wednesday to await retrial on a Esser charge in the 1967 slaying f a White policeman. Giving a clenched fist Salute and exclaiming Power to the people the slender Haki Clad negro militant walked out of his 10th floor cell i the courthouse prison about our hours after bail had been it. It had taken his White attorneys and Black party members hat Long to produce several Ashier s checks to meet the bail. Their source was not Dis closed. 5 a crowd of about 350, including Many we diets chanted free Hucy now on a Lawn outside. Newton escorted by David Hilliard Black Panther who is charged with threatening the life of president Nixon mounted flatbed truck. You can see i am free. Now i want you to do the same thins for the Soledad new ton told the Yelling throng

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