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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 5, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaMatti acting another into the unknown James a. Rogers Dowd 1887-1970 Jaines a. Rogers editor Joe b. Rickenbaker managing editor Dew James associate editor Richard g. Moisio Genera manager. Sunday augusts 1973 commission weasels in approving a second medi Cal school for South Carolina under certain conditions the South Carolina higher Educa Tion commission has worked both sides of the Street in one of the state s most controversial subjects. The conditions it sets Forth Are obviously formidable. They would require 100 per cent non state financing for building costs and 52 per cent for operational costs for 10 years. They would also prohibit construction or operating Money being spent until the state has agreed to furnish its share of the operating costs for at least the first year. Hopes for obtaining construction funds to meet the 100 per cent provision presumably hinges on veterans administration financing. According to information Given the hic last july pending Federal legislation would provide to Mil lion for operation of eight new medical schools in the United South Carolina we Are told is in line for one third of. These funds. But twice now Hec study committees have weasel de on the question of a second medical school. Instead of saying Forth rightly yes the stale should have a second medical school or no it should not Hec has said maybe. Nor has any study provided satisfactory Promise that a second medical school would solve the doctor Short age in South Carolina distribute them More evenly and pro vide a better system of health delivery All of which find a promising answer in the consortium system being developed by the state medical University in Charleston. What Hec has now done is to approve a second medical school but under restrictions designed to Lessen opposition. At the same time it has Given the University of South Caro Lina a foot in the door position which will mean its coming Back again and again with new proposals for eroding the restrictive provisions. In seeking to satisfy both sides Hec has been less than forthright. Rejected Page to speaker Twenty years ago Rex car Ter a Law student at the University of South Carolina went to the Kan Well office of House speaker sol Blatt then already a legendary Power in state poli tics to ask him for a Job As Page in the House of representatives. The jobs were Al ready filled Blatt told him. Carter returned disappointed but determined to seek a seat in the legislature himself once his Law school work was behind him. By nth had no Way of know ing that the Young Man who had come to his office would be his successor in the speaker s chair. But last week it happened. The 20 years had seen car Ter become a successful lawyer in his native Greenville an influential member of the House of representatives and a successful candidate for the Power Ful Post occupied by Blatt. But changing of the speaker ship was More than a testimonial of persistent Effort and ambition by the new speaker. It was also a reflection of what is happening in South Carolina in terms of legislative influence and representation. For Many years the seat of legislative Power was in Rural Barnwell county where the so called Barnwell ring dominated both the House and the Senate. Sup porting this dominance was representation in both houses which had not changed to reflect the More populous Urban counties. Federal court decisions have changed All that. Only the seniority system in committee arrangement and the still preponderance of Rural counties prevents a Complete Power shift to the Urban centers. The seniority system Lias its obvious disadvantages. But As a Check to prevent legislative Power from swinging too heavily into counties of High popu lation it provides a useful bal Ance. Public forum Weed cleanup editorial draws Reader s applause to the editor 1 must commend you today on your editorial now an emphasis on too cannot understand Why anyone cannot reach Down and pull up the Lall weeds near door ways on this much tourist travelled Street in Florence. Your editorial brings me to another very important Issue from a health standpoint. Since i am now living in a Small apartment and we must put our garbage in the Large Green boxes for that purpose ant we do have Gar Bage disposals to dispose of food Gar Bage in the apartments there Are still swarms of insects in those boxes. Some of these mosquitoes cause encephalitis sleeping sickness and some of us know of encephalitis cases having occurred in Florence. Maybe the health crept. Could Check on this. 1 usually Spray my bag of garbage before putting it out so the flying insects will not Light on me when 1 put it in the disposal Box. These mosquitoes will even Deposit Meade s article used in Congress to the editor i am writing to commend Fred Meade s article on the si2.g million Dollar tobacco loss from flooding that occurred in the pee Lee area. We reproduced this article which was confirmed by the ass and used if As a hand out for members of the agriculture committee and the to Bacco subcommittee. Al told our Story very concisely. We congratulate Fred on this Fine article. Cd Young . Washington. I. C. Their larvae in outside lower pots or old tires. Pearl m. Nesmith Florence downtown theater fare needs cleansing to the editor for quite a while i have been keep ing up with our theater guide and for the most of this year All of the movies shown at the Carolina theater have been such movies As Melinca Slaughter s big rip off the Mack and Many More All rated r. Sunday super Fly . Started also rated r. Now what i would like to know is just where do you have to live in our All America City for children to he Able to attend a movie without the Parent having to drive them Here. If they can put on a g rated movie at the Crown and the Capri theater Why not the Carolina i think if our mayor City Council and Law officers can try to Stop illegal gambling stealing and other crime Here in our City they could also try to clean up our Only downtown theater. Mrs. Lenora l. Kinley Florence once formidable Atlantic now joins once separated John Temple Graves was an Ala Bama journalism and syndicated writer whose columns were widely read Dur ing the 193fls and until his death in the late 40s or Early 50s. He was a skilled craftsman in his the King s English. His style was relaxed and flow Ping like words March Jing along to a Lilling tune. Ask him to Plav the Frankis Sinatra sen. Howard h. Baker besides being a writer he was also a Turer who appeared frequently on platforms in the South and elsewhere. Ideologically a conservative he seemed at times to be strangely removed from the realities of his Day. A Case in Point was during his appearance in a lecture series sponsored by a local Cili Nens group organized to bring prominent speakers to Flor ence. Hitler had overrun Europe and Only the English Channel stood be tween him and great Tiri Tain. The official Kisiliov of the United slates was one of neutrality but i r s lend lease policy in support of the. Euro Pean allies made neutrality More theory than fact. Even so Jar. Graves saw the United slates so secure behind the protective Moat of the Atlantic Ocean that he proposed in his Florence address an Atlantic Ocean Lay for giving thanks to a kind Providence for hav ing situated this country so far away from Europe and with such a pro elective shield As the Atlantic offered. Tills lie Felt made it quite logical to follow an isolationist policy even though the air plane had already be gun to shrink the world into a neigh boyhood of continents not separated by oceans but joined together by them. Or. Graves Atlantic Ocean j a proposal came to mind when Reading the account of a speech made in the . House of representatives last wednesday by Kep. William Jennings Bryan Lorn supporting a Strong . Defense capability. He too credited the Atlantic Ocean with being a prime . Asset during earlier crisis years but for a differ ent reason than that of or. Graves. Events soon made Short shrift of the Graves thesis that the Atlantic was a Safe Moat behind which to pursue an isolationist policy. Not even tie Pacific with its far greater expanse could prevent a Pearl Harbor. What the oceans did and All that they did rep. J Orn told the Congress was to provide a shield behind which we could marshal resources for full scale conventional assault against the Axis Powers in Europe and. The Jap anese in the Pacific. But that Loo he said has changed. The world has grown very Small and nuclear capability has erased Dis Tance even that across the oceans a matter of minutes. You push a Button now and nuclear warheads targeted on Points separated by an Ocean can deliver first strike blows to reduce even a powerful nation to impotence. In 30-Odd years the Atlantic Ocean that once seemed so formidable a Barrier As to justify an isolationist policy has turned Lull Cycle and As now no Barrier at All not even to buy time to convert to a War footing. There Are yet other departures from earlier and conventional ways for pre venting wars and controlling Flash Points. When the British Navy ruled the seas an adroit movement of British Battle wagons to Points of danger had the effect of Cooling Down a crisis into a peaceful and productive dialogue be tween adversaries. But the Ballac Wagon belongs to history the British Navy no longer rules the seas super Powers Are in a nuclear standoff a Mutual capacity for overkill is the deterrent Factor and the philosophy of survival is no longer related to battleship capacity or imperialistic Domi nation of the seas. In a sense it is a modernized i Clear Zed version of the old balance of Power concept. The difference is that a nuclear standoff Between superpowers brings into its Aegis and under its umbrella those countries within their the superpowers respective spheres of influence and re strains them from overt actions which could trigger a nuclear War Between the super Powers. Putting it simply there s a strategy and philosophy of survival today so far removed from John Temple Graves Atlantic Ocean theory that it makes him appear for All his appealing rhetoric among the least prophetic of his time. English lesson words often misspelled do not say he prefers Reading rather than sitting and doing say he prefers Reading to sitting and doing often Koala Bear like pronounce in three syllables As Koe a la with accent on second syllable. Often misspelled Carat unit of weight in Caret Mark made on a manuscript to show place where. Something is. To be synonyms misuse mis employ mis apply exploit desecrate abuse ill treat mistreat prostitute profane Pervert. Word study use a word three times and it is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today s word protracted drawn out or lengthened in time prolonged. We wish to avoid any protracted discussions of this electoral Reform needed to restore Public Faith in government in recent months and weeks 1 have come to have an enhanced reverence for the Constitution of the United slates and for those inspired men who crafted in nearly two centuries ago. The vitality of our institutions the strength of our ideals and the. Understanding of flawed human nature that emerged from the Philadelphia convention Are truly remarkable test amends to the origins of our Republic. In is True thai from Lime to time in our history we have found our selves confronted will a relatively Radical shift in our Way of doing a particular Public business. Several of the More important amendments to the Constitution have marked such change. It is my belief thai we Are at thai v Point again this time with respect to Reform of the Federal electoral process. Is a Challenge that involves the most elemental principles of our policy. It is the kind of soul searching Challenge to which Ameri cans respond Best. One of the most vulnerable of our constitutional practices is that where by the National legislature monitors ils own conduct and sets its own rules and regulations. We Are fond of the axiom that no exc Culive Agency should be Liolu promoter and regulator of a Given Public activity. And yet within the Bounds of the Constitution hat is essentially what we in the Congress do. We set our own Rales of compensation contrive our own prerequisites determine the qualifications of our members write our own rules of procedure and clearly most important of All. We establish the methods where by All elected Federal officials Are chosen by the people. This is the very Root of democracy. For however often we May lose sight of in. The one inescapable fact of any True democracy is that the people Are the ultimate Sovereign. Flip apparent fact of the Mailer is thai Hie people of his country hold current electoral practices in Low esteem. Fifteen years ago a Public opinion Survey showed that fully 80 per cent of the american people Felt that the government could and should be trusted. Now Only one out of every two citizens places much Stock in the integrity of Public officials and their ability to govern Wilh competence and decency. Many members of the Senate if not a majority believe thai electoral reforms of the most fundamental nature Are in order. The need for such Reform was not created by he so called watergate affair Hie seeming events of the 1872 presidential elec Tion have Only dramatized and height ened our perception of some of the reforms dial must he made. Hul to Musl seek to avoid two cd cremes in our search for meaningful change we must avoid both what some have called an orgy of re and the temptation to gel by As Lille Reform As necessary to assuage Public demand. Either sen. Howard Bokur course would be the soul of irresponsibility. The Faith of the Public and Faith in ourselves cannot be restored Over night. Nor can it be enhanced by piecemeal attempts at cosmetic Al Ler Calion. In is rather the Type of Faith thai will be restored Only if we can convince the american people that we have undertaken the sort of political soul searching required under the circumstances and that we have made a concerted and careful Effort to enact meaningful electoral Reform. The sorts of Reform that seem to me deserving of the most careful and serious consideration and enactment during the next few months Are a strict and enforceable limitation on individual Campaign Contri bunions and Overall expenditures for any one candidate and a ban on All Cash contributions without exception. Oiler changes should include Sim ple full and forthright reporting of All Campaign contributions in time for the voters to assess the meaning of such Lenorls a single designated repository for All Campaign contributions regulations to limit or pro hib in the last minute Blitz just prior to election i a. And an Independent elections commission Wilh the re sources and the High mindedness Nec Essav to fairly and full administer the Law. We must also in my judgment Fol Low through with languishing proposals for the elimination or serious Reform of the electoral College that vestigial remnant of Isth Century com Promise that has no place in a mod Ern America we Musl shorten the length of Federal campaigns. We should lend some semblance of uniformity to our presidential Pri Mary system by adopting a system o f regional primaries and establishing a system of electing delegates to he National convention. Another step that i would like very much to see taken although it is not technically electoral Reform is a Struc Tural improvement in communications Between the legislative and executive branches not in a Way to diminish the separation of Powers Bill to diminish mis Rusl and suspicion. One symbolic gesture Hal might prove to be of considerable help in this regard would be the provision of office space in the Capitol for the president and his senior administrative officials i is said in books of a Liquette thai an invitation to the while House is tantamount o a com Mand perhaps an invitation to the Capitol for consultation should he equally irresistible. Some of these elements of electoral Reform Are necessary in my judg ment if we Are to Arres Ajjie erosion of Public Trust in our government these proposed reforms however require the most careful deliberation and scrutiny before enactment. The Federal election Campaign re form act amendments despite every Good invention on the part of their sponsors do not. I believe reflect the kind of thorough consideration necessary for the magnitude of re form we seek to undertake. Moreover these Amcnda cols make Little Effort to anticipate or accommodate the recommendations authorized and mandated by the sen ale in Senate Resolution so. This is not to say that the select committee on presidential Campaign activities is a repository of political Wisdom. But i suspect thai the report of the committee will be As careful responsible and thorough As the Mem Bers of the committee can make in. When the Eom Mitlee s report is filed next february in is Likely that Many of ils recommendations will either overlap or conflict with the Amend ments approved late last month. For these reasons. 1 voted neither for nor against final passage of the measure but rather signified my presence in the Senate chamber at the time of the Vole in the interest of promoting consideration of More comprehensive electoral Reform Florence morning news Pix Istad daily ind sunday 141 s. Irtysh. Member of the associated press audit Bureau of circulation Southern hews paper publishers association. The associated press is entitled exclusively to the use for out Callon of All local news in 1hls newspaper. The Florence news desires to be notified pro hotly it errors in any Olms reports. The Florence morning will be response ble for Advance payments made to newspaper carriers or Independent distributors unless made directly to the office of this newspaper. Subscription rates by mail Independent distributors or Independent news paperboy. Wit. To. A to. . Yearly .71 3.01 34m circulation Telephone number circulation manager Tommy go second class postage at Florence s. C

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