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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 5, 1970, Florence, South Carolina.4-b Toni Day August 5, 1970 Lott Tok Steubenville Omo and new York lowest Iti a. ratings Washington a Preli Minary 1970 air pollution rank Ings list Steubenville Ohio As the dirtiest and new York City the most fouled with corrosive oxides. Officials of the National pollution control administration re tentative rankings for cities in two major categories of air fouling visible particulates such As dirt smoke and soot and Sulphur oxides. National average Levels of ambient Urban air concentrations for both particulates and Sulphur oxides Are close to lev Els that have been observed to have an Adverse effect on our said a Federal document on pollution severity. Statistics on smog ingredients pollution Are nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons emitted by not yet ready. As a result Over All ranking of total air pollution severity by metropolitan areas is available. The report noted a gradual decline in particulate pollution in the last decade As cities be Gan to respond to soot and smoke from industries. An Esti mate 26 million tons of particulates Are released into the air each year by Industry. Yet the document said in the Case of manufacturing plants using Coal Only 60 per cent of Poten emissions Are being re the top 10 cities in particulate by or. George c Thosteson . Dear or. Thosteson do com mom household oils Corn Peanut sesame seed Oil Etc. Have any value As ski Nave any Vaisie As t i11 moistened and softeners or to say. They develop Aski Are can the skin absorb them what can you suggest for dry skin and wrinkles mrs. W 0. Dear doctor what can i do for exceptionally dry skin if am in water Long my and legs itch afterwards. Consequently i take showers. But few minutes after i am out my skin is dry and crackly. Help m. C. The human skin does l absorb much except water and a few medications among them the steroids cortisone Type oils As such Are not absorbed. Still they do have a use. Excessive dryness and the accompanying itch is influenced by a number of fac tors. One is age. Our glandular secretions subside. And of course individuals vary. Climate has a bearing. Also the climate indoors the Tow humidity of a House in Winter adds to dryness. Too frequent bathing can Wash natural oils out of the skin. Detergents and highly alkaline soaps can be a Factor. There Are special cases in which occupations involving chemicals affect the amount of skin Oil. So for a dry skin Don t overdo bathing. Use a mild soap and avoid the highly perfumed ones As a Rule. Accept the fact that elderly folks sweat less and the sebaceous oily glands of the skin produce less. Try not to Wash too much away and try to preserve what remains. The oils both lubricate the skin and help to retain moisture in the skin. Ordinary Kitchen oils although somewhat smelly Are not absorbed by the skin and for that reason provide a fatty tissues under the skin Are lost. Except for face lifting i Don t know any effective Way of getting rid of them. Dear or. Thosteson i am troubled with arthritis in my jaws and when it is worst i cannot Chew without tremendous pain. Can you give me some hints for my diet with this condition sometimes Junior baby foods fruits and desserts Are perfect. How about their nutritional Anc caloric values for me i am 24. A. J. Forms at drug stores. The secret is keeping the skin from losing moisture. As to wrinkles there s not 1. Steubenville Ohio. 2. Charleston w. A. 3. Scranton a. 4. Niagara Frontier . 5. Bakersfield calif., and Syracuse . Tie 7. Johnstown a. 8. Louisville by. 9. Milwaukee wis. 10. Pittsburgh a. Federal officials estimate that More than 33 million tons of Sulphur oxides will foul the Atmos phere this year 3 million tons More than in 1968. The oxides in the air form sulphuric acid that eats into cloth ing corrodes buildings and stat uary and dulls paint. Apr Chi pour burning of Coal and fuel Oil. Swans remain with Queen uary Anu Tiuis Njaim mately three quarters of the sul whales Are washed onto the oxide comes from the Shore May require immediate Blue monday tests halted Johannesburg South Africa a researchers at he human sciences Laboratory Here have decided not to do comparative tests on mondays. London a if you find the tests Are designed to Evalu a whale stranded on a British ate the effects of certain Condi Beach you Don t have to give it tons pm humans to Queen Elizabeth ii any More. And it won t be Long before you can Hook a Sturgeon close to the Shore without handing Over the catch to Buckingham Palace. But stay away from swans they re Stih Royal. The Law commission on stat Ute Law revision took care of stranded whales first. The commission wrote in a report issued tues Day. The Public health disposal problem which arises when turning of coat Anu Mei in. Industrial states in the North convenient to have to seek Royal East account for More than 50 per cent of the Sulphur Levels cur caul i me aug Siim _ because of smelting and Oil refi gladly gives up her Royal rights series the air pollution Agency Over whales stranded on bean prerogative said Ain j Ca the 10 cities with the worn handed Down Over the centimes sturgeons Aren t they were at 24 i would want to make various cities reacted to the very sure that it is arthritis. It news that their communities could be of course but i Sug were among the had the Gest having your dentist Check dirtiest air in the nation either o see whether your bite is m particulate pollution or Fulfur Correct. Not oxides. Oming together correctly can Ause pain in the jaw joints. The baby foods you mention do not include protein you would Juja Jianne your diet better y including some that contain meat. Or you could prepare some finely chopped meats ish or poultry. The baby foods Are Fine so Aras they go but tend to come monotonous if you have o eat too much of them so try o get As much of your nutria Ion from Normal diet As you dear or. Blood test Thosteson if for Dia Tebes two hours after eating shows 120, i that Normal or do you have diabetes mrs. C. D. It s a borderline level and not diagnostic. You should have a sugar tolerance test Over a period of three hours to show the pattern of your blood sugar level its Rise and fall. No. 1 on the particulate list according to. The National poll Ion control administration Steubenville Ohio. Mayor Andrew w. Miller said the first spot was a dubious he also said much of the air pollution for which his City is blamed actually comes from Industrial plants in Jeffer son the City from plants in West Virginia. West Virginia officials Charleston was second on the particulate list and Huntington third on the Fulfur oxide list challenged the accuracy of the Spca readings. We Are trying to ascertain As quickly As Possi ble the source of this misinform said Carl g. Beard ii never diabetes take for a Chance better ii de standing of this disease coating to keep moisture from write to or. Thosteson in care from the skin pre vent it from evaporating. The most satisfactory oils for this purpose Are probably those lanolin. Which contain same they Are available in various of this newspaper for a copy of the Booklet diabetes the sneaky please enclose a Tong self addressed stamped envelope and 35 cents in Coin to cover Cost of Prin inf keys made by professional bonded locksmiths fludd s and handling. Because of the tremendous volume of mail received daily or. Thosteson regrets that he cannot answer individual let ters but whenever mossime uses readers questions in his i column. Lynn s farm Market Sale tuesday wednesday thursday Only annual Freezer Sale now is the time of year when you Start planning for the Winter months. So again this year to Aid your planning Lynn s farm Market offers you peas Beans at the most economical Price. This Sale will end thursday so take advantage of the Quality and Price during Lynn s annual Freezer Sale peas Beans also Check Lynn s Stock of other farm fresh vegetables. Lynn s farm Market is located in the Syracuse comm. South of Darlington on Highway 401 Lynn s is also located on u. S. Highway 52 South of Darlington mile from the Florence Darlington Tec. Composite Sulphur oxide Levels were listed As 1. New York City 2. Chicago 3. Huntington . 4. Philadelphia a. 5. Pittsburgh a. 6. Cleveland and St. Louis tie 8. Washington . 9. Detroit 10. Providence . Pollution officials emphasise the rankings Are subject to change before final publication in a few months. A dubious distinction by the associated press can t be dubious distinction that was the Way officials of action to be it is in Lupi the Queen has indicated she swans on the thames Between Case. "11 univ Blac friars Bridge and Henley Thev did in Edward s time been no exposure. B a Traband. Commenting on the Blue monday effect or. . Nolle Deputy director of the lab says the subjects we use in the comparative tests Are never quite up to it on that Day. Ave cannot understand Why Al though it May be that they Are still suffering from the physio logical effects of the weekend. Manson loses bid following Nixon remark los Angeles a Charles m. Manson held aloft tuesday for the jury to see at the Sharon Tate murder Tirla a copy of a newspaper with a ban Ner headline saying Manson morning session in which. A de sense motion for a mistrial on Nixon s in Chambers or Edward ii latched onto these fish As sacred to the Royal pal ate. So Queen Elizabeth ii is waiving this ancient right Back in the Days of Edward ii who made a collection of Roy Al prerogatives the Swan was a delicacy. They were consid ered so Good in their medieval Day that Edward decided to Cor Ner the Market. Then came turkeys pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock and swans simply weren t kept the Royal Swan keeper on tuesday s los an the thames and each Monarch Ggles in his Day has named a Succes president Nixon commented r. Monday that Manson was guilty Elizabeth has John Turk. He of eight murders then later s keeps annual track of the 600 be did t mean to prejudge the they had seen the headline. Compose Wutoh a Hon Stovitz shouted your when spotted Manson s action. Newsman heart one gasp from toe jury a Bailiff Quicley confiscated the paper an Early Superior court judge Charles part of them belong to then. Older denied without Corn Queen part to the worshipful ment a defense motion for a company of vintners and part la mistrial due to the remark the worshipful company of dyers. No Royal he said he had taken special precautions to prevent jurors wrestles from learning of the comment i m satisfied there has turned him Down. Besides a was the kind o thing no one could easily slip by the King s officers. Train truck crash leaves heavy damage Henderson n. C. A a Seaboard coast line freight tra n slammed into the trailer portion of a tractor Traier Rig tuesday at a Rural crossing said uan it. Vearan Genderson director of the state air poll i m it disconnected the Tion control commission. Among other comments Syracuse -, tied for no. 5 on the particulate list the country Public health Engineer said it can t be True probably 50 others Are Milwaukee no. 9 on the particulate list air Quality control Engineer said other cities ranked lower because they averaged out readings by Check ing monitoring stations in less smoggy outlying areas. Rail Parley Kuala Bumpur a senior malaysian and thai rail Way officials will hold talk wednesday and thursday on ways to improve railway serv ice Between the two countries a malay railway spokesman said. Inc tractor from the trailer. The trailer loaded with bulk Salt overturned spilling the cargo. The train s two diesel engines and two of its pulpwood cars overturned spilling their cargo. The Driver of the tractor rail or Dean Barber 29, of Murfreesboro pulled to a Stop on the Road unhurt. The train Engineer w. R Pergerson of Raleigh a so escaped injury. State Highway patrolmen 0. P. Lowman or. And r. G. Mel ton who investigated dam age to the tractor trailer the train their contents and the track at Railroad officials sad would take at least two Days to Kasabian the state s less then resumed the stand for the seventh Day for Cross examination. Nixon at a Law enforcement conference in Denver told re porters monday while saying news Media sometimes make heroes of criminals Here is a Man Manson who was guilty directly or indirectly of eight murders without Nixon later issued a state ment saying he did not mean to speculate on guilt and defend ants in he Case should be presumed innocent at this stage of the trial. Besides the series of seven Tate slayings Manson is charged with an eighth murder for which he has not been tried. The presidential comment Dew such remarks As unprecedented and shocked and bewildered Frim defense attorneys. When they sought a mis trial monday the judge denied their motion saying he wanted to review Nixon s statement. But he said they could make a similar motion later. When Manson s attorney Irv ing Kanarek so a Pei tues Day the judge said Only motion he then said he. Had ordered it jurors taken to and from their hotel of night in a bus whose Wolfl take at Leasi iwo Days us j j Clear the track a Spur line be windows had been rendered Hveen Henderson and Durham. I opaque that it travelled a Spe the line makes one run on the route to Moid Newsstands tract a Reav Haulin Mil Wood where might be seen track a Day naming pump Wood. And radio Pergerson said he sounded i Beh and whistle at the intersection. Auction Sale office equipment by order of International leasing co. Removed to premises of Holiday inn downtown Palmetto Organ is. Thursday augusts 1970 a. M. Florence . Large Quantity new and used electric typewriters including ism Royal Underwood Remington. 40 office Model and portable typewriters new and used. Rotary and printing calculators bookkeeping and posting machines dictating machines Check writers Dup Cash registers files and desk. Attn dealers users surplus buyers. An exceptional Opportunity to buy at you own Price. Many machines in original factory Cartons with mgr s guarantee. 25 per cent Cash Deposit required. Balance Cash or Cert Check. Also new Power tools pumps Etc. And that Telephone and radio television privileges for the seven men and five six been sus Pended for a time asked at one Point to censure Nixon older came Back i have no intention of doing Manson 35, bearded Leader of a hippie Type family is charged along with three women disciples with killing miss Tate and our visitors to the actress Tome last aug. 9 and then 24 hours later slaying or. And mrs. Leno Lafi Ianca. Granted permission by older and still in the absence of the jury Manson arose and offered his motion for self representation. He wore As usual his Blue jail shirt open at the Collar. His Long hair appeared freshly combed does t look like this is Fig to the woot-7 defendant began referring to publicity about the Case. I request the court As provided in the Constitution to con front witnesses and Oross exam Ine them your Honor each a i has a reality i to do my own reality because i Don t understand yours the rack that you re on and the track that i m on arc different. You re on the track of judging me from a slanted View notice to creditors All persons having claims or Dorandi against the estate of Annie l. Jenkins deceased Are requested to present the same itemized and verified to the undersigned duly qualified administrator , of said estate within the tune prescribed by Law five months and ail persons indebted to the said estate Are asked to make payment to the undersigned. R. M. Deberry attorney at Law Florence july 29 aug. 5, 12 notice to creditors All persons having claims or demands against the estate of Sam j. Brown deceased Are requested to present the same itemized and verified to the undersigned duly qualified administrator of said estate within the time prescribed by Law five months and All persons indebted to the said estate Are asked to make prompt payment to the undersigned. Carl i. Brown it. 4, Florence s. C. July 22, 29 aug. 5 saturday. Classified display copy must be received by 12 . Two Days before Publica Tion. Sunday copy by . Thursday. Monday copy by 12 . Friday. Copy re Quiring proof must be in the office three Days Belore . Lines 1 357 Days Days Days Days 3 75c 1.80 2.60 3.36 96c 2.40 3.60 4.48 1.20 3.00 4.50 5.60 new on the Market. Be 1.44 3.60 5.40 6.72 sure to ask us about this 3 bed Ca a on e on 7 Tea ranch Home minimum charge lines All ads must run consecutive Days without change of copy to earn the Low rates above. Ads ordered for non consecutive Days Are charged at the one Day rate. Sox number charge s-50 final discharge All parties interested will please take notice that Beaufort r. Gaskins executor of the estate of Mary m. Gaskins deceased has this Day made application unto the court of probate of Florence county for final discharge As such executor and that the 24th Day of August 1970, at 18 o clock ., is the time appointed for a hearing on the petition. Dorothy s. Grimsley judge of probate Florence county july 22, 29, aug. 5, notice to creditors All persons having claims or demands against the estate of j. T. Killen deceased Are re Quested to present the same itemized and verified to the undersigned duly qualified Verdra r. Kilten executor of said estate within the time prescribed by Law five months and All persons indebted to the said estate Are asked to make prompt payment to the undersigned. Verdra r. Killen 1203 King ave. Florence s. C. July 22, 29 aug. 5 final discharge All parties interested will please take notice that Ruth t. Kirby Freeman executrix of the estate of g. L. Turner deceased has this Day made application unto the court of probate of Florence county for final discharge As such executrix and that the 12th Day of August 1970, at 10 o clock ., is the time appointed for a hearing on the petition. Dorothy s. Grimsley judge of probate Florence county july 15, 23, 29 aug. 5 notice by action of the City Council of the City of Florence a special election has been called for october to fill a vacancy on the City Council created by death of councilman Maitland Chase. This election will be for the unexpired portion of his term to expire May 1971. The City Council has designated sep tember 8, 1970 As the Date for any political party desiring to Hoid a primary for nomination of a candidate for this position. Should a second primary be necessary such second primary shall be held on september 15, 1970. The of and political party must be certified at least fifteen Days prior to the special election. This election is called and will be conducted Pur Suant to the provisions of Section 17-57, code of Laws of South Ca Rolina 1962. David h. Mcleod mayor August 4, 5, 6 notice regular meeting of Leonora chapter no 30, 0. . Will be held August 6 at 8 p. M. In the masonic Temple. Members requested to at tend. Bessie Shaw . Alice Bowie secy. August 4, 5, 6 masonic notice special communication of Mec Ca Lodge no. 407 , will be held Friday August 7, Ait 8 . For the purpose of con Ferring the entered apprentice de Gree. Members request to to attend. Visitors Welcome. . Pope . W. Jook Martin sect. Aug. 5, 6, 7 Loki me morning for classified ads few tuesday through saturday must be in our office by in . The Day before publication. For sunday. . Friday Tor monday id Pm hmm fir Salt this is it 3 bedroom 2 Baths Central air. Great location and assume loan. Eaddy co. Phone 862-3141_______ Days before publication. 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