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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 5, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaFage 10-a toe florins Efobi Floc news Florence s. C. Friday morning August 5, 1955 fragrance can Ward off end of summer doldrums just about now is when we be Gin to wish that the summer were Over Ai though Sun time activities Are fun the heat land Homiday that accompany these August and september months sometimes get the Bestol us. There is a Way to improve the weather situation without calling in a rain maker to Cool things off and that is with fragrance. We All know How scent acts like magic in lifting feminine spirits but did you know too that certain fragrance products will actually lower body temperature and give you that glad to be alive feeling even on the hottest of Days for example it s a fact that the evaporating alcohol of Cologne or toilet water when smoothed on the skin will bring Down the surface skin temperature. And there Are so Many special warm weather colognes and toilet Waters on the Market their alcohol con tent just enough to Cool you off i and the scents designed to be Light and refreshing that Are perfect for use now. If you Don t own any of these special for summer colognes visit your favorite fragrance coun Ter and try on a few. You re abound to find at least one that you will want to Wear immediately and Cologne is so useful for it is a fragrance product that can and should be worn around the clock from the minute you step out of your morning Shower at which Lime it is slathered All Over the body during the Day As a Cooling agent when smoothed Over arms Throat Back of the neck around hairline before dressing to go out when you apply it As an All Over to form the foundation of your perfume and again at night before getting into bed when it is smoothed Over Throat and arms to help Send you off to Slumberland feeling fragrant by relaxed. If you Haven t tried the aerosol contained colognes or toilet Waters they re really Worth your Atten Tion for this new idea in frag Rance packaging is the epitome of practicality since aerosols arc equipped with an atomizer already attached. Just a press of the but ton and you Are surrounded in a Cooling scent. Cologne is but one of the Fra Grance products provided to make Slimmer living More pleasant for perfumed Bath accessories too play an important role in helping you to look and feel Cool. J take Stock now of your frag j Ranee goodies. Do you have a sup ply of soap dusting powder or j talc Bath softeners on your room shelf if you do you Lucky j girl now is the time to take those items off the shelf and use them for scented Baths or showers taken now when the humidity is at its Peak will lift you out of those end of summer doldrums feeling invigorated refreshed and As Fra Grant As a Flower. Fragrance can be a life Saver too to heat weary hands and feet. Use it As an antidote for perspire hands by rubbing a Slick co Logne across the Palms to wipe away the excess moisture or splash on liquid Cologne or toilet water to Cool and refresh them. And did you know that there is a Way to refresh not Only your person hut your Home for this hot weather can make your very rooms seem airless and close. Fragrance again to the Rescue in the form of lightly scented co Logne or toilet water which Spray j de in the air with an atomizer aerosol Container will result in your Home smelling As sweetly Cool As a summer Garden a lilting complement o your own fragrant Good looks. I television rules you should be Able to work out a sensible to schedule for your when to is taboo should be at meal time or after hours. Piano students now being accepted for fall term i m Donald m. Mackintosh m. Mus. Graduate of american conservatory Chicago Iii. Phone 2-3057 Afler 4 Here s a suggestion designed to satisfy picnic and Parry appetites made Hearty in the outdoor air Tuu Sage kabobs. They re easy to prepare and Are delightfully different from the usual picnic fare. Stretchable menu no matter guest list size a Beach party or picnic can have a longer guest list with less fuss and More fun than almost any other Type of get together. And in t it True any meal conked out of doors generates a ravenous appetite in the process. Needless to say frankfurters Are simple to prepare and arc Al ways most popular in fact Young people usually prefer Liot dogs to anything else in the line of picnic fare. Green twigs whittled Down to Points at one end make Good Toast ing Forks for the Franks and later for the marshmallows. These same Green twigs can serve As skewers if you Don t have the fancier store bought variety for 6ausage-Ka-bobs. These arc wonder sprays not effective unless applied correctly in All the juror about new won Der chemicals for Home Garden ers the Public is too often not informed enough about insect habits which dictate that if the won Der Spray is not correctly applied it can t possibly do the Job. Here Are a few lips on insect life that will help insure More thorough control. H. Remember that inc cos re produce at an astonishing Rale. For pair of flies in a few months time if nothing interfered could Lay a Blanket of Fly descendants Over the surface of the entire Earth to a depth of three feet. Not All insects reproduce thai fast of course but most of them do at a rate that makes the Rabbit look like a Slouch. So remember insect that you miss will Breed hundreds More within a it is important no Mailer what the chemical to be really thorough in spraying. 2. Spray inside and out. Ite member thai most insects Are found on the undersides of leaves. So on Leafy plants use s Spray gun with a nozzle Deflector so you can easily get in under leaves and saturate the bugs. Even Gladioli thrips can be con trolled with this Type applicator because with the nozzle Deflector turned Down the gun will deliver a hard driving Spray deep into the sheaves of the glad. 3. Spray at the right Limp. Spray on warm sunny mornings when insects arc most Active so that the insecticide May belter penetrate their breathing tubes. Avoid spraying late in the tiny if possible because the moisture of your Spray material May cause i mildew on susceptible plants. Spray often enough. Most authorities agree that during summer months when insects Are most Active it is advisable to Spray every two or Elliree weeks. Remember thai with a modern Spray gun your chemical is automatically diluted to the Correct proportions. This is important be cause too Strong a chemical Dilu Tion will Burn plants and Loo weak a dilution will not give effective control. Also of course this Type of Spray gun saves a Good Deal of time and work because of its automatic action. Miss Williamson Given Shower King thee july 26 miss Mary Ellen Williamson whose marriage to Frazier sprawls Florence will take place saturday was entertained with a Kitchen Shower on Friday Given by mrs. Claude Smith and mrs. J. C. Dish or. Miss Williamson was presented a Corsage of lilies of the Valley White net and White Satin ribbon. The guests received miniature Cor Sage like that of the Bride elect. Miss Martha Donnelly and miss Nell Gillund were awarded gifts for having High score Afler bridal games were played. The hostesses gift to miss Williamson was n Sel of mixing bowls after which bridal refreshments were served. Guess attending were mrs. Mar Ion sires. Miss Nell Gilland mrs. H. 0. Welch miss belly Welch mrs. Jack Williamson. Miss March Donnelly mrs. G. C. Gardner mrs. Otis Williamson. Miss Kalic Louise Williamson and the honoree. Made with coils of Franks or cubes of Bologna or Salami alternated with mushrooms Pickle slices or lodges of Green Pepper or Toma toes. Bacon strips May be Cut in squares or left Long and threader Zig Zag fashion throughout the length of the Kabob. Hub each skewer with Oil before using to in sure easy removal after cooking. Frankfurter quails Are another Lusty Way to serve Franks. Cut Lengthwise slits in each Frankfurter being sure Mil to Cut completely through. Spread the inside sur faces with Mustard or Chili sauce add thin slices of Langy cheese. Old Johnsonville personals mrs. Nathaniel Stone and Dallon Taylor attended the up world Camp meeting near Greenwood during he weekend. Mrs. Laurie Newell and sons. Ene and Deryl were overnight a cols of her parents. Or. Imit thu Nan Matthews on Fri Lay. Canned fruit pineapple is especially or Pickle relish. Wrap i he Franks in spiral fashion with strip of Bacon and secure with pick. Grill turning on All sides i make certain the Bacon gets Crisp and the Franks Are hot. Here s a simple sure fire a Scipi for Barbecue sauce with the Franki for a real picnic treat it cup chopped onion 2 table spoons Brown sugar 1 cup Catsup i cup water 2 Tablespoons Lal Tablespoons vinegar 3 Len spoon Worcestershire sauce. To Spoor prepared Mustard cup Dice celery. Brown the onions in the hot fat add remaining ingredients am Cook together several minutes split the Franks and put into sauce. Simmer sauce gently for at least die hour before adding the Franks. Sure a sol. And mrs. W. M. Lai. More of Shaw Field were guests of ice parents. Or. And mrs. Sam i Lucks during the weekend. For thai mid afternoon pickup beverage mix three Tablespoons of commercially prepared Choco inc syrup with a Quarter cup of undiluted evaporated milk and iwo thirds cup hot Strong Coffee. Add ice cubes stir Well and enjoy use some of that homemade Strawberry preserve you be just Pul up As a filling for sponge cake layers. Serve lopped with prepared Vanilla pudding folded into whipped Cream. If you have a Nutmeg grinder pass it Willith a desert. Now she shops Cash and carry without painful backache it Radii. Anil uni sometimes sigh or mild Limmer irritant Vilh Iii Traci Irli Iliff Freli if Yuu Art Init Stabli a incl worn out been help by lir Irvain Mieir minit Ella it to i use Tili Idder irritation. Anil by i if Idine ii Ivnic tic unit tit of Hie 15 Milt it of kidney tubes. So if Tisik Kijik in Ronche tin Ikon you Foo irn Kkt ii out miserable. With rest i i a i get the name Lumpy to tire Mih Imis Inveen Ion old for if tuna Iris Rve got Stan Back along headache or 5orc it icicles spoil your work Ond ploy. Gel

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