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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 5, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaThe weather partly Cloudy and con hot with tottered noon thundershowers. High today 94 Low 73. Details Page. A a. Vol. Xxxii no. 137 published in the heart farm area in the Palmetto st Reader s tip films books and ads Are ruining Young people Florence evangelist Buck Harris says. Story Page 12-a. Florence C., Friday morning August 5, 1955" daily 5c sunday Loc weekly reds reject Ike s arms scheme Strom sees marts buying picks r by Jimmie Howle morning news farm editor senator Strom Thurmond went to Market to get firs hand information from pee Dee tobacco growers warehousemen and buyers yesterday and then announced plan to return at once to Washington where he will conf with the United states department of agriculture an urge its tobacco Branch to keep a close watch on the sout Carolina tobacco markets. Although he admitted he was almost confused As the people with whom he discussed tobacco problems relating to the Large percentage of top Quality tobacco go ing under Loans to the flue cured stabilization corporation the Sena Tor declared he had gained a great Deal of valuable information. Making the toil at the invitation and under the conduction of the Florence morn ing news Thurmon sales at Pamplico and Lake City with his plane arriving in Flor Erice almost an hour late lie Hai to miss a planned trip to homing Way and got to Timmonsville after the markets had closed. The tour was altogether sue the senator said after wards As lie was driven to a Sumter speaking engagement. I obtained a lot of valuable information and although i am con Vinced the situation has improved in the past few Days 1 think the Farmers Are entitled to know what is going on. This tobacco today was by far the prettiest i be Ever seen and it ought to sell at a Premium. Some of the information gathered indicates that tobacco companies might have Hig stocks on hand and Don t need this year s crop. If tins is True i i link tic banners should he told so. 1 also think the Farmers arc entitled to know what kind of to Bacco the buyers want. I he continued to pass my observations on to the department of agriculture. I will Contact them tomorrow and will request them to keep a close Check on the situation and make every Effort possible to protect the farm in route to the first Slop at Pamplico Thurmond was briefed by Harry t. Harllee. Successful Farmer of the Back swamp Sec Tion and president of the Florence county farm Bureau. It was Harllee who first informed the senator of the trend of buyers to pass up the better grades of to Bacco. Told the senator that he believed this year s tobacco would have averaged a Hun dred on last year s Market. As it he stated we re wasting Money by taking the tobacco to the auction markets. We could save Money if we just marketed our poorer grades and hauled our better grades directly in stabilization when the senator asked if Harl Lee thought there was collusion among companies in an Ciao it to beat Down Slabi Bizalion prices he replied it there weren to surely some of the companies Touhl be buying i Zambone s meditations by Alley More of the better grades of t Bacco. Last year we had a ver poor crop and i Don t see when they got All the Good Tobacc they re supposed to talking to other Farmers wan horsemen buyers Gove Rumer traders and others connected wit the Sale of tobacco this is briefly what the senator Learned there probably will i More top Grade tobacco marketed this season than Ever before am thus far the buyers have been passing up More real Good to Bacco than that of poorer Quality although there Are Mam theories nobody seems to know Why the buyers have been so in Active. Even the buyers them selves seem lost and could not offer any solution. That while the stabilization co operative could still handle a lot Nore tobacco it is still taking in of much tobacco that they Are Laving trouble drying it out for forage. One warehouseman even pointed out that he was running it of baskets because most of lie ones he had were awaiting delivery to processing plants of he stabilization Coop. That while the Farmers Are Appy Over the averages their products Are bringing in most of would be happier if the buy is were More Active. The senator s presence on the warehouse floors had a noticeable effect on the buyers and one Farmer lamented that had Thurmond arrived a few minutes earlier his tobacco would have probably brought him another Hundred Dol Lars. In one of he warehouses a buyer asked who is that Man that s mighty pretty says senator Strom Thurmond As he pauses on a tour of pee Dee markets to renew his acquaintance with the curing process. Harry t. Harl China big crowd applauds Darley again t n deadlock Geneva aug. 4 United ites and communist China failed today to come up with an1 agree ment for release of 40 americans held behind Hie Bamboo curtain. Their envoys broke off super Sec ret talks unlit monday to get new instructions from Washington and Talmadge on mixing helping. Neither to. S. Ambassador u. Alexis Johnson nor chinese Ambas Sador Wang Ping Nan gave any lint after their longest session whether they made headway or were deadlocked. They were be sieved to have hit a Snag Over several thousand chinese student iving in the United states for whom the chinese ask rep Atria Ion in Exchange for the 40 Amer and after informed Iljinas thur Jinan civilians. The chinese claim the students Are being blocked from returning Home. The United slates insists All Are free to leave. There was an unofficial report that Johnson turned Down a Chi mond replied my cod that s who i thought in he quickly nudged fellow buyers and inc bidding immediately be Gan to pick up steam. In another warehouse the Selling stopped in the Middle of a Row where All but one pile had gone under the loan program. From Here through the rest of that ind the next two rows Only three Nese proposal for a Neutral Whir country to Check on whether the students 6iftlm sick w to he to he save up so much their will. The proposal reported Ivas advanced by Wang at tues t1ielma Smith morning news staff writer Sumter aug. 4 More than persons including delegations from Arkansas. Delaware North Carolina and Georgia turned out hear Herman Talmadge. Lur Mer governor of Georgia address lie Stales rights league o Suin or county Here tonight. Dwelling primarily on the supreme court and ils decision of last May thai segregation in the schools is illegal Talmadge declared All of them combined Haven t had enough Legal experience to defend a Chicken thief Here in Slimmer i Road their decision with great interest seeking some great Prin Ciple of Law but in seemed to be based on opinions of sociologists and Talmadge continued. He was introduced by it. Gov. I f. Hollings. J v. S. Sen. Strom Thurmond also spoke. Many have proposed that because the supreme court has spoken we should submit without resistance. 1 reject that proposal. We must re Sis integration by every Legal Means harder than the night in protest against racial integration which went into effect last month. There were 20 negroes and while students. .s.s.r. S supreme soviet Par lament laughed when Bulgarin Aid the Eisenhower s proposal would be ineffective because both of Nories had vast areas in which anything could be hidden. Bulgan u spoke in the great Hall of the Rumlin Palace reporting to a Pix Ial supreme soviet session on he Geneva Summit conference. He said All four Vance Hie soviet Union and the filed at be Iva a desire to Pul an end to the old win1. But he said the arms Ace still was going on especially line of atomic As Bulgarin spoke the atomic no by commission in Washington noun cd the russians had re civic d lest ing nuclear weapons in Iii the past few Days possible beginning of a new lest the most recent previous Deled Ion of soviet atomic lusts was oct. Jom. Al Geneva. Pics Ideal or proposed on july 21 an Exchange of a Complete blueprint of military to ease the fear of War. Adding he was advancing the plan to convince d. W. Walkins of Clemson. Who everyone of the great sincerity retired recently As director of the of the United Stales in approach South Carolina Extension service aug the problem of world tensions tonight was elected master of theil Naughler sounded in the supreme state Grange at its annual incl a soviet after jiul Ganini made this ing Here. Bulgarin claims it s unworkable Auff. 4 Nikolai a. Bul Aranin today dismissed As unworkable president Eisen Hower s dramatic proposal for Mutual air inspection of military establishments and Exchange of military Blue prints. He said soviet proposals for disarmament and unclear weapon control were More realistic. The deputies of the Lee president of the Florence county farm Bureau holds the stick of almost cured tobacco for the senator s inspection. Morning news photo Watkins named new Grange head to Massuk aug. 4 in paying tribute to the desire embodied in this proposal to find a solution to a complicated problem like Liis one of International control one cannot but say at the same time the real effect of such measures would not be consider Able. In unofficial talks with the leaders of the u. S. Government we stated frankly that Aerial photography cannot provide the expected results because our two countries comprise vast areas on which if it were desired one could hide anything one wanted to. Find safer Way to make vaccine Philadelphia 4 so enlists at the children s Hospi Tal of Philadelphia said today hey have found a safer quicker Anil loss expensive Way to pro Duce and lost polio vaccine. In heir report the scientists said he new process makes it possible of remove polio virus from he medium in which it is grown producing concen trate made up of 99.9 Parr Etna of the deadly germ. Present polio vaccine contains medium which is not freed from most of the extraneous materials in which it is i Wii treated. This comp Licals safety testing inc scientists said. Orders probe of Money flow Interra Tinniste fought to end Seg f f ,11 Thurmond said. I a Thurmond said he believed in Jurii a Liliu there were ways and Means to classify pupils to keep while Washington aug. 4 Iff sen and negro children separated in m Art i. I i i i the schools. I i bight dark today ordered Talmadge said. There arc Senate banking committee staff of Good people in our country that Survey of what be to Rcd Arifi. Believe in integration because they been brain washed by barriers to an adequate flow Iii isl Lof investment capital to it South i Hough the crowd was orderly each time segregation and us least can sales preme court were mentioned a is my Hope that such a study rising demonstration followed Ena be the committee and us one heckler interjected remarks Tima Lely the Congress he constantly through Talmadge talk work out an approach to ind on two occasions heal him economic improvements for the South As an integral part of the Nalion. For in. Is my belief that in Myrtle Beach mayor Dies heart attack ii. T. W1llcox staff correspondent 1 a sudden heart1 seizure this morniiir1 caused the Ernest Williiams. The 40-year-old municipal head died ill 1 1f . In a physician s office at. Conway. Kun Crail services will be licit Myrtle Beach Auer. Death of Myrtle to Aioli alavoi1 lie punch line. An impressive roup numbering bout 40 including numerous saturday at 10 a. In in the Iris presbyterian Church Here. Or. Brearley pastor assisted by or. Carl Compton local Hap Tisl minister will officiate. Burial will he in Ocean Woods memorial Cine Tarj w Here graveside riles will he conducted by the Myrtle Beach masonic Lodge. Mayor Williams was Horn in the Walcy swamp Section of lorry Townly october 211. 1914. He was lie son of the Lale w. D. And Ichardson Williams. Survivors Ark his widow the ormer Ivalee Nail of Chicago. 111. 4-year-old daughter Darlyn Wil Liams and six Sisters. Mrs. Stan Ley Edge world of Myrlte reach mrs. Wilhur Van Wycke of Myrtle Beach. Mrs. Tolar Henry mrs. J. G. Martin mrs. Archie Small and mrs. E. K. Lewis All of Conway. The body will remain Al Gold Finch funeral Home until it p. M. A riday Al which Lime u will he carried to the residence do 15th Avenue s., Myrtle Leach. Williams had served two terms As a member of the cily Council u947-49, 1949-sm. Lie was owner Al president of the local Lunio chamber of Commerce past com Mailer of Myrtle Heath Post 1 of american legion member o the 40 a a Masler Mason vice president of Myrtle Lici Icli Cham Ber of Commerce Charier Mem of the Myrtle each club member of the Board of Dea cons of the. Local Prysby Lyrian Church former head of lorry county hed Cross blood program last county chairman of the March of dimes and a director of lie local salvation army. Only recently he was appointed to the committee of the South Carolina municipal Assn. On citizens education and participation in government. His education was in Conway Public schools and the Citadel at Charleston. Mayor Williams had actively and enthusiastically headed the municipal negotiations resulting in the reactivation of the Myrtle Beach in Force base now in Progress. A close Friend commenting on he accomplishments of mayor Wil iams and his service to the com minty of Myrtle Beach quoted he words of the apostle Paul i ave fought a Good fight. I have t i to and operator of a local tire apply i in inc Standard of store. During one of his Sec ably men. School Board in arca he .1s yes and states lights league Mill Lem . Escorted i Almaden mayor in novem and ins Par y on Slauco promptly Al j mate enl her to was rounding out his p. M. The audience m Igor Only. Al Ilia Post Ami had Hoxie. Ark a me t f. Of Alabama. Arkansas. I already announced his candidacy Iila. Georgia Kentucky. Louisiana i Loric elec Liou in inc forthcoming re ril1 Mississippi North Carolina and municipal primary. Unto child run failed to show up South Carolina. Tennessee and Vir-1 until ia-13 when he entered the f Onia is still one third below the armed services. Williams lived in i Conway. He was discharged capt. Elmer Llewellyn of Missoula Mont is Oil smiles yesterday of he enjoys o Good Steak dinner in British Hong Kong Otter he and ten other airmen had been released by the chinese communists. Story Page 5-a. Up supt. K. K. Nee said he did t know exactly of Many while pupils observed i Boycott of Hii Xii. Integrated tools. A group of while patrons of the declared a Boycott last mom charged one obvious reason or rela wig and moved to Myrtle Leach i Lively Low productivity in Industry thai year. He had erected his be slates i Here Al the Lime and in 1im1i Ope adequate de Williams store i j am i Puli a Luini lil v. Illi h old of is i fur stealing lighter and mortgages Money. Higher discount. And agriculture in lie said is a Lack of i Mavoi Williams was con thai our mail Liellie j lidded an Active Lii Iii i i Iii 1-. Lol ulv Iii Linn in Hilll Iii i All.ui.-. Ami Iii hit i ii. Miii-.1 in a 4 s Ines i m Lul Loans Dun Cilin Binil i in in of her is. I Mii Iuis he i Mui. Of inlay. Cicmil i generally Imam dial Pasi sell Al a reach Civ Taii Chili sri. at Ornis. Civilian in Ernali Ernest w. Williams blazing plane crash kills all30 aboard full Story pictures on Page 12-b

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