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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 4, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaAugust Florence morning news new York hotel collapses new York a a Sec lion of the once fashionable Broadway Central hotel on he Edge of Greenwich Village col lapsed Friday after the eight Story Structure was ripped by twin explosions of unknown Ori Gin. At least five persons re ported injured but there were no known fatalities. A spokesman said Between 325 and 350 persons were registered about one third of them Relief clients. December the stale described the Century old hotel As a squalid Den of vice and disaster units converged on the scene on lower Broadway. A Cloud of Dusl mounted five stories above the rubble and Hung Here in a mushroom shaped Cloud. Rescue Crews Tore at the de Bris with picks and shovels in i frantic Effort to save anyone who might be buried. However a 10-minute interval Between explosions allowed scores to flee the building before about a third of it collapsed. Mayor John v. Lindsay visited the scene and called he Accident a terrible eight Story Broadway Central hotel in lower Manhattan hotel was occupied but casualties not immediately known a watergate hearings continued from Page 1a Dean had Lold ass. Ally. Gen Henry e. Pelc sen something about the papers. Gray said he lied to Pelc sen april 16 when he denied Ever receiving the files from Dean. The next Day. Gray said he told Peterson he Hart received he papers but had not read them. And a week later he Lold his old Friend. Sen. P. Weicker or. A Conn. A water Gale committee member thai he had received the papers nil read hem. And lore Ihm up in july 1072. Gray said until april 6. I believed that i was acting Faith fully loyally properly and legally pursuant to instructions Given me by top assistants to the president of Iho United but now. He said he realizes his acceptance of lie Docu ments in the first place and my keeping them out of the Normal Fri files was a grievous Misjuk Dyment. My destroying i hem and resistance of Dis closure Only compounded the error i permitted myself lobe used to perform a Mere political Cray s Call to Vixon. Which has been previously disclosed. Came1 at one Point of Climax in the confusion Over whether he probe of a mexican Money Angle of the watergate affair would blow the Cia s cover on any operations in Mexico. Gray said he first called Clark Macgregor. Newly ensconced As chairman of the Nixon re Elc Clion committee Home of London fog and i misty Harbor i rain Coats Gladstone s dress shop open Mon. Thru Fri. Til 9 p. M. And told him he and Walters were uneasy and concerned about the confusion Helhor there was or was not Cia inter est in people that the Fri wishes to thirty seven minutes later Nixon himself called Gray Back from san Clemente. Calif. Gray recalled inc Conversa Tion this Way or. President there is something i want to speak to you about. Dick Walters and i feel that people in your staff Are trying to mortally wound you by using the Cia and Fri and by confusing the question of Cia interest in. Or people the Fri wishes to interview. I have just talked in Chirk Macgregor and asked him in speak to you about this there was i slight pause and the president said. Pat. You just continue to conduct your aggressive and thorough investigation following this conversation i experienced no further concerns of . Gray s differences will Wal lers who had Leslif cd for 2 hours before Gray look he wit Ness table concerned in one re Spect just what Walters told Gray. 1 generally echoing testimony thursday from former Cia director Richard Helms. Wallers Lold the committee he and Helms were called to meet Ehrlichman and lop while mouse aide . Iliili Cannon june2.3. 1072. Six Days after the break in. There. Huldeman directed him to Tell Gray thai Cia Orr unions in Mexico might be exposed by the Fri probe. Wal lers said. Walters and Helms both said they knew of no operations that might be exposed but the directive was repealed. Within hours. Walters said he passed the message on to Gray wallers said he Lold Gray he had just come from a meeting with senior while House officials. Gray says he recalls no such reference and he assumed wallers was speaking solely for the Cia. Walters said within three Days he had determined through the Cia Llinat no operation would be compromised and thai he Lori his to Dean assuming word would be passed to Grav. It want according to Walters said he at first was nol suspicious of Haldeman s order because "1 had no reason to doubt any of inc senior people in government Wilh whom i was dealing. I had Only been in the Cia six weeks and i did t know rut on june 26. Said wallers. Dean called him to the while House and pressed wallers on whether the Cia could have been involved in tin watergate break in itself a fact which Walters and Helms had denied to Ehrlichman and Haldeman june 23. I am sure that we had no part in this Walters said he told Dean. He pressed and pressed on this and asked if Ali arc was not someway i could help him. And it seemed to me he was exploring perhaps the option of seeing whether he could put some of the blame on us. I simply said. Or. Dean any ally Mph to involve the Agency in the stifling of this affair would to a disaster. It would destroy the credibility of the Agency Wilh the Congress Wilh the nation. It would be a grave disservice to the wallers said to threatened to resign if pressed. On the next two Days. Dean summoned him again. Wallers said suggesting the Agency could Posl bail or pay salaries for he five arrested defend ants bul Walters said ire did nol yield. Wallers said lie met with Gray july i. And Gray Lold him he could nol hold Down he mexican aspects of the water Gate probe without a letter from Walters or former Cia director Richard Helms staling that Agency operations might be compromised. Walters said he told Gray about his meetings with halic Man and Dean and hat i he Cia had no operations that needed protecting from the Fri. Gray replied said wallers that lie did not see Why he or i should jeopardize inc integrity of our organizations 10 protect some Middle level while House figure who had Aclid in Walters said he could i spec Ify who bad Aclid imprudently but under he Cal a United Dean As a Middle level figure. After the meeting with Wai ices. Gray telephoned Nixon and later reported on be conversation to Walters he Gener Al said. The Cia Man quoted Gray As telling Nixon hat the Fri investigation would Lead quite High and n should get rid of the people involved. Nixon replied according to the secondhand account then i should get rid of whoever is involved no matter How Gray told him yes. Waller said and added to the president that wallers agreed with that assessment. Gray said those specific do ails were nol his recollection. Sen. Herman k. Talmadge. A a. Asked wallers am i to conclude from Hal that the president of the uni cd slates had the opinion of the acting director of the fill and in Deputy director of the Cia that there was something going on wrong in the White House staff and he ought to Correct that would he my con said wallers. Walters was asked Why Gray was inquiring about a mexican operations letter on july i when the Cia had determined by june 2fiit had could be compromised. The Deputy director said he Lold Elliis to Dean on june and Dean would Tell Guniy. In retrospect. I Sli Ould have called Dray and Lold him after Gray slowly read his slate mint. Inking 1 hour -15 minutes the committee adjourned until monday morning when Gray will . Through a lengthy part of his statement to the committee. Gray disputed details of his meetings with Walters which wallers had set Down in a Vari Ety of memoranda. Wallers said he old Gray about Dean s approaches hut Gray did t recall this. Gray also denied discussing such mailers with Walters As his contacts Wilh former ally. Gen. Richard g. Klein Insl on the watergate Case a threatened resignation or any pressure being brought to Henron Gray. Sale Lunt Sterling the China shop downtown Florence 8-track old fashioned Day old fashion clothing old fashion singing evening service by kerosene lamp hallelujah offering display of Antiques old fashion Day All Day mule and Wagon rides dinner on ground schedule of services sunday school . Preaching am. A. Or Willie Justice i first free will Baptist Church 1507 King ave at Bot i Piggy wiggly stores Florence mall and Coles Cross roads minimum wage Bill is approved Washington api con Gross gave final approval Fri Day to a Bill that will increase the minimum wage from an hour to next year if president Nixon signs it. However republicans in the House and Senate predicted Nixon it is inflationary and would increase unemployment among Youthful and marginal workers. The Bill would also bring seven million new workers under the minimum wage Law including Federal state and local government employees and domestics. I 46.9 Mil lion workers. House passage by a Roll Call vote of 253 to 152 completed a three year Effort by Congress to raise the was set at in 1966. Rep. John ii. Dent. D-pa., manager of the Bill said if the minimum wage reflected the increase in the Cost of living since 1966 it would be now. The Bill would raise wages in three Tural jobs covered before 1966, those covered by the 196fi amendments and agricultural workers. For the pre-1966 group the rate would go to two month after the Bill became Law. And to on july 1, .1974. An additional annual step at s1.80 would be added group and another additional step at would to added for farm workers whose rate is now by july 1. 1976. The rate would be Universal. In extending coverage to domestics the Bill specifies that babysitters and Oiler household employees whose work is not primarily Domestic would not be covered. And maids who live on the premises where they work would not be covered for overtime. The Bill would remove Long standing exemptions from Over time for food processing work ers Over a four year work week would be gradually reduced until by 1977 the 10-hour week would be in effect. For Cotton and sugar process ing employees a 60-hour week for six weeks would still be permitted in 1976. The Bill also would provide a limited exemption from Over time for police and firemen newly covered under the provi Sion bringing in state and local government employees. A principal objection to the Bill among republicans was that it failed to provide a reduced minimum for teen age workers on a general scale. Gainesville eight trial opens in Florida Gainesville. Fla. Ap1 Only a faction of the Vietnam veterans against the Wai plotted to attack buildings and police cars with homemade bombs during the Republican National convention a prosecutor told a jury Friday at the opening of the Gainesville eight conspiracy trial. The Vaw is a peaceful or ass. . Attorney Jack Cai rough said in his opening statement. Will be no attempt to taint the name of the organization in any Way shape or he Case is against these eight a splinter group of that he said the defendants seven Vaw leaders and a sympathizer conspired of organize fire cams to at tack buildings and police cars during the 1972 gop convention on Miami Beach. Scott Camil. A 26-year-old Vaw member from Gainesville who acted As his own at Torney said in an opening statement will show Siat none of tie charges Are True. We will show that there was a govern ment conspiracy. We Are being silenced to keep us from telling what went on Over there in defense attorney Larry turn or tried to link the Case to the watergate investigation. But . District court judge win Ston Arnow Radthe 12 jurors leave the courtroom and then told Turner leave the presi Dent and watergate out of the Walters .1 account of the june 23 meeting with i Laldyman. Which Ehrlichman also attended essentially jibe with thursday s testimony from for Mer director Helms. Haldeman has sworn that rather than telling he Cia to warn the Fiji he merely inquired whether or not the Cia might have any operations that could be bared by an Fri investigation. Talmadgo pressed Walters on Why he did not go to Nixon when he became alarmed at Dean s requests. I think that would have been circumventing my Walters replied. I reported to my Superior and to the acting director of the hut. He said if i had been directed to do something improper. I would have resigned and gone to the but you knew some of the closest confidantes of the presi Dent were involved and you did t Tell the said Talmadge. Why my interviews with Dean were said Walters. Ii was his word against mine. August fur Sale Furchgott s downtown st. Paul methodist Church presents a spiritual experience in sight sound August s . And pm. The received National acclaim recently appearing with Bob Hope at the Carolina colosseum in the vet eran s Day program. Mug Sij 11 a . Ana run. I the received National a i claim recently appearing with Bob Hope at the Carolina colosseum in the vet Cran s Day program. I t. Paul methodist 1r9ow a to. Rail Liliu Lincoln s Road to the White House failed in business in 1831. I Defeated for legislature in 1832. Second failure in business in 1833. Suffers nervous breakdown in 1836. I Defeated for speaker in 1838. I Defeated for elector in 1840. I Defeated for Congress in 1843. I Defeated for Congress in 1848. I ofe ated for Senate in 1855. 1 Defeated for vice president in 1856. I Defeated for Senate in 1858. Elected president in i860. My sincere gratitude is sent to everyone who supported me in the july 24th run off. With warmest regards Charles e. Godwin pm. Pol. Adv. World of color 900 b. South Nashua Florence presents their service Center thurs. Fri. Sat. Aug. 2 wholesale prices on All Porter products also 1 5% discount on Lyn Tex and Lyn fast Vinyl Wall coverings. 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