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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 4, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaGenius . A Genius Zara is the government agent who must outsmart him before he Des Irons an entire City in an action drama taken irom Michael the Abc television network s tuesday movie of the tuesday from ., not on channels 2-3-25 air Force faces task in defoliant disposing How the . Air Force is know How to get rid of which outlawed first use of facing the difficult problem of Abc news correspondent poisonous and chemical disposing of controversial Tom Pettit who reports the defoliants used in Vietnam is said. He has been herbicide Orange is a the subject of a report to be examining chemical Nio Logi mixture of two highly presented on Abc news Cal warfare since 1969 concentrated commercial first tuesday tuesday most of the defoliant is Weed killers. One of them is from 10 to 11 Stored at Johnston Island a 2-4-d the other is 2-4-5-t, l lie most controversial Remote atoll in the Pacific 800 which is banned from the defoliant is called herbicide Miles Southwest of Hawaii Domestic Market because it is Range. A containment in it along with herbicide Orange considered Loo dangerous by is suspected of tons of nerve Gas removed civilian authorities. What defects and is considered from Okinawa for makes it so dangerous is an highly dangerous by. Many safekeeping and nuclear impurity called devices Are stored on the which believed by Many i he United states sprayed Island the first tuesday scientists to cause birth More than 100 million Gallons camera Crew is the first Ever defects. 01 chemicals in Vietnam to Nave been on the because herbicide Orange Between 1961 and 1970. The secret is so toxic and because it is object was to deny food crops the report also Deal difficult to destroy without 10 Vietcong with the Touchy question of dangerously polluting the vietnamese troops and to whether the United slates environment the air Force reduce heir ability to hide in violated International Law in Jungle. Vietnam by using defoliants when american scientist and tear Gas began to question the morality the Nixon administration 01 taut drama scheduled for tuesday a Brilliant political extremist s diabolical plan to destroy a major City puts millions of lives in jeopardy in a suspense drama by the author of the Andromeda airing on tuesday movie of the week tuesday Roni 10 On channels 2. 3, 25. Ben Gazzara e. G. Mar shall. William Windom. Joseph Wiseman Jim Mcquilan and Martin Sheen Star in the 90-minute feature. Will Kuluva Hank Brandt and Quinn Lac Declerco Star. In the arrival of James Wright a wealthy extremist in a City hosting a political convention. Causes deep concern in government circles. Surveillance has indicated that Wright has successfully tapped a govern ment computer and gained knowledge of top secret data the nature of which is unknown. The agent charged with wat Ching Wright Steven Graves follows his Man throughout the City but is con fused by Wright s baffling behaviour. When Graves apprehends Timothy Drew the expert hired to tap the computer he learns some frightening facts about Wright s activities the extremist has stolen a Large shipment of deadly govern ment nerve Gas and plans on loosing it on the convention City Florence morning news saturday August 4, tuesday evening 2 heroes Tell the truth 5.131-Cbs news acres 101 news report avengers 251 the Mancini Genera Tion the Price is right 3 Tell the truth 6 Beverly Hillbillies 9 make a Deal 10 Hobby Goldsboro show acres 25 Jonathan Winters show 36 movie a girl in every port temperatures Kisina Maude Abc tuesday night movie 2.1.25 movie of the week Pursuit Hen Gazzara and e. G. Marshall. Drama about a Brilliant political extremist whose diabolical plan to destroy a major City places millions of lives in jeopardy repeat 90 min Hawaii Kive-0 George Chakiris and Michael Ansara respectively Star As a prosecutor and an underworld figure involved in a slaying which interests Mcgarrett. Repeal 60 min 36 movie 36 cd tuesday night movie crime club Lloyd Bridges and Victor Vuono. An original detective drama of a fraternal organization of Public and private investigators whose founder and confidant is a Learned retired Federal judge repeat 90min.i 2.3.25 Marcus Welby m first tuesday news weather. Sports Hitchcock Alfred Hitchcock wide world of lbs Ojile show thank you All very much Sandy Dennis and Ian Mckellen. A single Lone woman forces the biggest private decision of her Young life to keep her baby and raise it alone or to find a husband and father. 2 hrs tonight show 90 min 36 movie secret beyond the door Joan Bennett and Michael Redgrave. Girl discovers her new husband has a teenage son and innate compulsion to murder. 2 hrs final Price slashes Inis warfare must solve the Tricky problem of How to dispose of it. Bio degradation tests that i dissipate into the Sale ends sat Ray au0.11 All out Lype of chemical is jesting that tear Gas and ground were conducted in in Vietnam the Defolia Ting chemicals he Florida and Utah until the exempted if and when the Orange in april United slates ratifies the St m. Us air Force 1s Geneva protocol of 1925." or. Nillon 2 million Pettit said. That is the pc muons of the stuff and does t International agreement adjust a drape drapery cleaning process guarantee length even hemlines White Swan laundry Evans Coit. Governor of Utah found out and protested. Defolia Ting chemicals have Hucorne a Public relations Nightmare for the air or. Pettit said. I it carries the taint of chemical warfare and the stigma of possible birth defects caused by the report will Point out that nobody really knows precisely what harm was done in Vietnam and that the National association of science is trying to figure out the Long Range effects of defoliation on the Vietnam ecology and people. The report also deals with the use of tear Gas or riot control agents in Vietnam and traces How their use was begun in secrecy. It was discovered accidentally by pulitzer prize winning photographer Horst r ass of ih6 As Socia add 9k name your own Price not Loo Many decodes ago merchants set no fixed prices. They let the customer Bicker barter banter and bargain to get the Best Price pts Sale. During the last Days of our big moving out out business Sale we re going to revive that old custom and let you the Custo Mer name your own prke1 scores of living dining and bedroom suites Are on the bar Gam Block As Well m appliances and accessories. 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