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Florence Morning News Newspaper Archives Aug 4 1957, Page 4

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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 4, 1957, Florence, South Carolina4-a the Florence morning news Florence s. C. Sunday morning August 4, pc off pen Publ Lilwid by the Florom pro Tai company join m. O Dowd James a. Hocer1 pm Merit us pull ill Educ Mornini Newt do slur to be notified promptly of Erron in of in in lured ii ii poit office it Florence s.c., under it of March 2 member of the Ai cum Fimi. Abolt Bureau m Climi ution Southern Nev paper i Ubl Luikert also Catlon. Stir pow to exclusively to the do for publication All the local news printed in thai Newi paper. All cur Lett Are Independent tie Flo Rocc mural is news will not be far face payment t Oklet of the Florence morning Newi. Troubled dreams presage death of d. i Monib 1.75 1 55 i ski i month 5.20 4.55 4.55 Mialki 10.40 0.10 9.10 i 20.80 18.20 18.20 1 Watt City Dell buy 40 by mail p. O. Box Section Florence 40 by Carrier delivery elsewhere 35 by mail elsewhere 35 rates for subscription on Rural routes sunday by Carrier and six Days by mall Are same As by mail in Rural area. Prayer for today by the upper room i i guat daily guide o lord i know in is often hard to soy thy will be but i also know that thy will is always the Best for me. So i will say today thy Way not mine o lord. In the name of Jesus my Saviour. Amen. We heed to cultivate free world youth in defense of our Freedom the world festival of youth and students is in its sixth annual appearance in Moscow. American correspondents report visiting youth were in the opening Day s Parade and several thousand More were on the Way. These were delegations from 102 must count All the nationalities in Russia and China As every continent. The United states delegation numbered 140. One strange note the correspondents reported was that political Opin Ion represented among the visitors ranged from communist to monarchist. Just How these latter got in we Don t know unless they were there for window dressing. Anyway the muscovites gave them a tumulus Welcome shouting Mir peace and Druzsba Friend Candor compels us to say that we have been missing the boat. We saw in Hungary and Poland that it is the youth and the students who today Are the yeast of Freedom behind the Iron curtain. We Are losing the future by default when we let Moscow Monopo Lize anything that could be called a world festival of youth and students. We have Exchange programs that bring foreign students Here and let american students study abroad. But thales All cold potato compared to an outpouring of tens of thousands of foreign students joining together in a festival for the glory of what world communism in this instance. Even in our direst need if pros parity was not coming out of our ears we should still find the Means to put this communist showpiece to shame. Khrushchev has said he wants to meet us in economic and cultural Competition. So be it. Why not have a festival of the free world youth and students that will be an annual Celebration of Freedom and Liberty. Why not show that tanks do not make peace and Friendship As in Budapest. The youth and students of today Are the leaders of tomorrow. We need them for our Side. Times moves but memory lags the Charlotte observer delightfully draws upon the stroke of Admiral Halsey to Point out that memories drag while time Halsey at 74 is still in memory the bold Fleet Admiral chasing the japanese Over the South Pacific. People in thinking upon their says the observer have a habit of suspending memories Jit a Point of time. Just is Shirley Temple is still a dimpled Little girl and Mary Pickford a blushing sweetheart the image of the military men was cast at a place and time Back there and few disturb it. Bull Halsey is still dashing about the Bridge at Leyte Gulf. George Marshall is still with his maps in the White House basement. Doug Macarthur is still wading through that surf in the twelve years ago world War i ended after six years of world Strug Gle. Characters and events connected with it Are still vivid in memory. Hap Arnold vinegar Joe Stillwell Jonothan Waimwright and Ernest King All gloriously associated with the War Are dead. Bull Halsey has suffered a stroke. Of the others the observer records Macarthur keeps his peace in the Waldorf towers and George Marshall spins his memories at one Home in Virginia and another in Southern Pines. Nothing is heard of Chester Nimitz. Omar Bradley has dropped from sight. Only one of the old comrades a fellow named Eisenhower is really up to his neck in the postwar world and even he at times seems to wish it were not thus time moves but memory lags. It would t be too surprising to pick up the paper some morning and read that Allied troops were storming the beaches at Normandy. For after All it was just the other Day that it happened. Southern strength is demonstrated the Southern strength in the sen ate has been amply demonstrated again in the civil rights debate. This Means two things first the South is Strong in fact and second the cause for which the South has fought has Strong support outside the South. Of the South can keep its head and be guided by Wisdom and sanity if we will listen to the counsel of jus Tice and right rather than political expediency and preconceived prejudices if we will keep our Battle pitched upon a High plane of dignity and constitutional principles and not be drawn into demagoguery if we will the Gastonia Gazette Hack our professions with Clear my practical demonstrations of Justice to All regardless of race color or Creed if we Are willing to recognize our own shortcoming As Well As those of them who stand against us and recognizing them act firmly to Correct them if we will do these things Well find our own strength made stronger by the support of those who come to our Aid. The Senate civil rights debate has been conducted on a plane worthy of the Fine traditions of the South we have profited by it. Fly James a. Rogers some weeks ago i wrote about David Rogerson Williams the distinguished citizen of society Hill who combined he roles of con Gressman Soldier governor Edu Cator planter manufacturer scientist and Engineer. He was one of four men described by the Richmond enquirer of. Richmond Virginia As a splendid Constellation of the four being Williams Che v is Lowndes and Calhoun. He was the first Man to dam the pee Dee Hiver against flood Waters. He introduced the mule to Southern agriculture. He served As brigadier general during the War of 1812. Lie was a member of 9lh, 10th and 12th Congress. He was governor of South Carolina. He was a Pioneer in scientific farming and mechanical structural engineering lie built one of the first textile Mills in the South. In latter life As master of his series of plantations along the great pee Dee River he was affectionately referred Loas the of society one Day late in 1814. Or. Wil Liams wearing Brown jeans and carrying a. Rawhide whip on hit shoulder was walking beside an of team on one of his pee Dee plantations. He had just sent the negro Driver Back to the barn to bring a tool for the Wagon. In the meantime a Mes Senger had driven up and inquired if general Williams was at Home. Or. Williams was a round faced Slocky built person. In th6 Brown jeans he was wearing he was most unimpressive and the Mes Senger was unprepared for the answer he received. He was informed that the general was not at Home but standing before Hini a fact which the messenger found hurry hurry hurry Joseph Alsop disarmament main Hope now confined to nuclear tests Billy Graham London the Basic confusion hag Riding the disarmament talks has Only been underlined by Secretary of state John Foster Dulles Hasty trip to London. The con fusion comes from talking about three different subjects at once. The first of these subjects actual disarmament gives the Lon Don negotiations their title. A wholly unilateral entirely budget motivated and probably extremely dangerous disarmament program is now being carried out by the British and american government. Bui that is the Only kind of Seri Ous disarmament that is now in Prospect. The second of these subjects Aerial inspection provided the main motive of the Dulles Jour Ney. This was because the idea of an Aerial inspection was presi Dent Eisenhower s personal baby. The president s first bold propos Al has now shrunk to a plan for air inspection of a zone in Europe on either Side of the line dividing the nato forces from the armies under soviet control. This both sides inspection May give some warning against Surprise attack. But both the French and the germans deeply fear that the established of an air inspect lion zone will cause Europe to be the nato staff is decidedly hostile. Thus Secre tary Dulles had to hurry to Lon Don to see that the president s personal baby got the tender care that any Eisenhower baby How Ever deformed naturally Edward h. Sims ves in an Eisenhower administration. Given the circumstances it still seems highly unlikely that an Aerial inspection system will in fact be set up. And that leaves the third subject of these London talks which is the Only subject offering much immediate Hope of practical agreement. This is the subject of eventual cessation of nuclear and thermonuclear bomb tests. The disarmament negotiation have been wildly confused by Tri Plet Folk. So too the subject of the cessation of nuclear tests has been wildly confused by double talk. In particular the cessation of bomb tests has always been publicly advocated on the sole ground that continuing will be dangerous because of the menace of nuclear fallout. But in fact what All the negotiators in London have in mind is not the danger of nuclear fall out. Ii is. Rather the simple fact that if All nuclear tests Are halted now the membership list of the atomic weapons club will be effectively closed. Equally an agreement on Cessa Tion of tests is a practical possibility not because everyone is fearful of the fallout danger. It is a practical possibility rather be cause everyone realizes that a kind of world Nightmare will begin when atomic weapons Are Avail Able to any nation on Earth How Ever Small obsessed and irresponsible. My answer question 1 know a Christ Ian Sotil Tiit feel As i do but Nincic my wife died life seems useless. How can i find Cour age logo on . Answer it is always hard for us to be separated from those we love. Don for your grief or try to Bury your loneliness. Go to an understanding Friend and share your sorrow. You la be sur prised at How much better you la feel. The Bible says blessed Are they that mourn for they shall be Matthew Jesus is the Best Friend of All. Open your heart to him. He is Al ways by your Side. Listen to his words of reassurance let not your heart be troubled 1 will Pray the father and he shall give you another comforter that he May abide with you John if you ask Christ hell Al you How to again find purpose in life. I m sure heaven seems nearer to you than Ever before. Let this Spur you to spend More time on those things which have eternal value. Meaningless activity will never cure your heartache. Find someone in need and help him. Find someone who is lonely and let him know he has a Friend. The Joy you bring into the lives of others will be reflected in your own. A woman has to spend a lot of time on her figure in order to keep an hour Glass one. In difficult to believe. Nevertheless he handed him a note which informed him that by overwhelming vote the Senate and the House of representatives had elected him governor of South Carolina. The general read it and swore it was the greatest misfortune of his life. He invited the messenger to his Home and promised a written reply for him on the following Day. Later that night the general appeared in the parlor of Center Hall dressed in Blue Broadcloth coat brass buttons and Buff trousers in striking contrast to the heavy Brown jeans of the Nile noon. The contrast was so great that the messenger was astounded at the difference Between the general of the evening and the of Wagon Driver of the after noon. On the following Day the messenger returned to Columbia with the general s reply which stated that he would be in co Lumbia on the proper Day to take the oath of office. That Day came on the 17th of december Ifim. Williams served with distinct Ion during one of the most trying periods of our history. In Brief space it is impossible to write adequately of Jar. Wil Liams. His interests were too varied his Genius too great h i s character Loo Many coloured to More than touch upon some High lights of his Brilliant career. The Miles of embankment standing along the great River which flows through our midst Are a tribute to his Genius As Are the thousands of acres of Rich alluvial River land which have since been reclaimed by following the methods first adopted by him. The prevalence of the mule on the farms of the South Are testimonial to his inter est in improving the methods of agriculture. The textile Industry with its Mil Lions of spindles in Southern plants echoes the Pioneer work of Wil Liams with his 300-spindle factory built on Cedar Creek As do also the Cotton Oil Mills which have become so important a part of the Cotlon Industry. Improved meth ods of Cotlon production were also the subject of scientific study and subsequently offered to the Public in the form of published reports. Or. Williams was one of the Date s greatest builders. It is not without significance that his death came while he was in the act of building. On the 17th of oel Ober 1830, he wrote to a Friend. "1 am going to lynches Creek tomorrow to arrange for commencing to raise the Bridge. 1 shall be there Only a few hours. I Hope it will suit you to spare me some car Penters. I desire to begin work As nearly after the first of no vember As Victor Riesel it was in Indian summer when the bulk of the crops had been gathered that general Williams collected his teams hands at Witherspoon ferry some 50 Miles Distant. There he Cut the Timber hauled it to the spot and had Al ready begun to extend he Frame work of the Bridge. While under the Bridge a heavy log fell upon him and crushed both legs below the knee and wounded fatally two of his men. A messenger was immediately dispatched to his Honda Over a distance which would re quire All night and a hour or so of Daylight to traverse. In the meantime hero had been troubled dreams at Home. On the night before mrs. Williams had dreamed that a special Mes Senger had brought word thai the general was fatally injured. After breakfast had been cleared away on the following morning she opened the Bible As was her Cus Tom when the noise of the open ing of the Gale attracted her Al Tention. Turning she saw one it the general s servants approach ing Riding a Mare. Powerfully impressed by the strange coincidence she cast her eyes upon the volume before her and fixed her eyes upon the passage be Grill and know that i am the servant then informed of of her husband s Accident. On thai same night an eight year old grandson of the Wil Liams who was living with them had dreamed thai he saw his Grandfather evidently injured be ing brought Home on a big Blue Wagon. So vivid and terrifying was his dream that at four o clock he awoke his grandmother to Lell her about it. She tried to a Caesura him and he returned to bed. In the morning however the Mes Senger arrived. And so she and David her grandson hurriedly drove with a physician Lown to Ward lynches Creek. On the Way they met the Blue Wagon bruising Home the body of general Wil Liams. He was Laid to rest in a shaded spot on bobbins where today a Majestic Elm tree and Cedar Trees draped with hang ing Moss land As sentinels t Pon a rectangular Brick Wall around the grave was placed a Marble slab which reads to the Mem Ory of David Rogerson Williams who died the 17th of november 1b30, at lynches Creek Wither spoon ferry. He died of wounds received while erecting a Bridge at that place of which he suffered 17 hours age 5-1, years eight months and nine Days. Not to perpetuate his Worth but to m a k s More sacred this spot which re twins the memories of him who was As kind As he was virtuous. This Monument reeled by his widow Elizabeth survival of democracy in Italy is discussed Eri ilor s note Victor Riesel is on his Way to Europe to cover Villa a lyrics. Today while he is Croute his guest columnist is Clare Booth Luce former . Ambassador to Italy will democracy As a political form of government survive in Italy the answer is yes provid ing three things first that a third world War or world depression does not overtake us All in this Century second that next decade the italian people themselves will use the. Vote to evolve an economic As Well As a political form of democracy and third that free Trade unionism in Italy will while there is time dedicate itself towards an Evo Lution. The essence of Irue political democracy is the diffusion of political Power among the people in the form of Universal suffrage. The essence of True economic democracy is the diffusion of economic Power among the people in the it might become a foot problem Johnson Kennedy Eye White House when Junior started out to make his Way in the business world it used to he the Hope of his parents that one of these Days he would lie sitting behind a mahogany desk in an executive rapacity. Times apparently have changed if we ire to believe a report out. Of Washington that the desk is on its Way out for executives. Reports say that advertising and Public relation agencies in Plush now York offices Are discarding i he Dolc. The claim is that to office promotes efficiency friendlier relations and even clearer thinking. Operating in the newspaper Busi Ness with a battered Type writer and a modest desk we would not know if doing without handsome mahogany desk would promote Clear to thinking. We arc however s fool to doing finny Wilh the we line Lorrn in. Plus office to interview a Biff executive we have noticed the first thing he does is to put his feet on the desk. Without a desk we an just won Dering what the big executive will do Wilh his feet after receiving a caller you have to admit that doing with out fancy desks presents a real prob Lem. Turning Back the clock the we Shower administration through no less a personage than Luik president himself has declared in will nut. Turn Buck the Cluck in the Days of Mckinley. Hut. Senator Bjyrd is of i to opinion that the supreme court 1ms tried to turn the clock Back to the Days of tia Deus Stevens and the reconstruction. And. Now if seems liberals in both political parties would throw in Charles simmer anal an assortment if Carbol baggers for Jonil measure. The. news by Edward h. Sims majority Leader Lyndon Johnson Riding two horses in the current civil right Battle is one of the men to Walch in the . Senate in the next few years. Johnson who might never have been legally elected in the first place in Tex As Many believe Coke Stevenson was elected is highly ambitious. Ilis major door aide in the sen ale is n Sui Illi Ciu Linian. Duliby Haker of pie Ketis. And Baker is Suhl Uii the Lii ends of Hie Tex uti. At tin1 clip Cage in i jul tin Iti publicans Ini t in Sun was working and talking for Loli Ibon. Thai is Only natural in a Way. Because the majority is of Baker s Bosses in the sen ale. Baker is Secretary Lor the majorly and works closely with inv democratic High command in the scan la. Nol Only is Raker smooth worker and the owned n keen Eye on any Iho in Iho sen Alp in to , and us am Johnson were no doubt disappointed Wilh the results of the Bixio convention because Johnson seemed to be waiting around for lightning to strike him and it never did bul there Are Oiler conventions and the next one is Johnson is almost sure Lobo running hard by then or in the running one should say. There were pretty Good reports a few months ago thai Johnson younger John Kennedy of mass Idi melts in run Wilh him As second Mun on the ticket Lizul Kennedy is probably passing Jshii Iii As a leading presidential candidate and need nol confine him self to inc Choice of n second place on the lick it or nothing. He says he in l running for the nomination but if he gels to the convention and is Nomina Leil he . What he would do if he. Is Given second Snow is questionable Hill he would probably accept that Loo. Nevertheless his hackers think it him in the first Pasco spol in the lir Karl Rel in inc second spot. Johnson in irom to tons und like Sam Rayburn in the House tries to be a National parly Man Pul Ling the parly first in his Senate dealings. He is steadily alienating conservatives but lie is also pick ing up supporters on the left and if he can win the presidential nomination we Don t think he can by acting the role of a National a Liberal Democrat he will be first Sui Illk a nov to Dune in hit War Bel Teu the Lules. What skims More Likely is Ilia Kennedy and Johnson will be rivals at the democratic convention. Johnson May gel most of the Dixie delegates Volej hut unless he watches bus step in the current civil rights Bailie he May not gel them. He knows that it a civil rights Hill passes the Ednale while he is majority Leader he can allow his Liberal friends to pass the word that a civil rights Hill got Nihro Ujah the or nolo for Chr first. Lime in years while or was majority Leader. Momi Wilile of will a tempt to hold his conservative or Southern Stipp Orl intact. Who the he can do this in the next hires years and emerge stronger than he was in 1956 is a Good question. Kennedy however seems to be getting stronger. Here again southerners have Lillie to Hope for in Kennedy. He is paying Dixie s sons some attention and has been a visitor in several deep Southern slates recently making a credit Able impression. Jul Kennedy Giuin Eastern Massachusetts just cannot possibly have much in com Mon with Hie interests of the Southeast. His voting record is not one to Appeal to southerners Hough most. O them Don t take the Lime to study it. Ii is pro Cio pro Ada Elc. It is True though that Ken Nedy seems to cd Hilt More Forti tude on certain issues than most of his colleagues but the idea that he is a Friend of the South is just so much Halm and the suckers in the South Are so eager to have k candidate they Ferl Mihl nol or dead net Nyji Arnst them i hey grab by Iho Insl Token of form of private capital and Pri vate property not for the Rcw but for the Many. Italy today is a political but not yet an economic democracy this most significant fact about Post War Italy is often missed or ignored although the Polit ical Structure Lias been changed the economic Structure is very much As Mussolini left it. The monarchy was exiled. Muss Olini destroyed and fascism As an ideology All but extirpated at the end of world War ii. But one thing still remains largely intact the corporate state Structure which Mussolini offered the people As an alternative to both capitalism and communism and which under his fascist dictatorship soon proved to be what we now recognize As state capitalism. Today the largely unreconstructed italian Economy presents the following picture government controlled companies produce 85 per cent of the and Ricile Coal 80 per cent of the Lignite. G5 per cent of the Mer Cury. 30 per cent of the Zinc 15 Pir cent of the Lead. To per cent of the pig Iron 65 per cent of the steel. 80 per cent of the shipbuilding. 24 per cent of the electric Power 80 per cell of the Lele phone service 50 per cell of the water transportation and 73 per cent of the Railroad transportation. Tiik state owns 70 per cell of All natural . -10 per cent of crude and refilled Oil 13 per cent of foreign refined Oil 37 per cell. Of All Telephone apparatus and about 100 per cell of Antimony. It has monopolies in matches Salt tobacco bananas it controls inc six largest medicinal Baths Anil Lias Large interests in a dozen or More of Italy s great Banks. The remaining percentages Are mainly controlled by n simile group of private capitalists and the overwhelming majority of Italy s million people own neither property nor capital. They live on wages provided they can find jobs. And about. Iwo million of Ihm can t. These if they sur Vive at All live largely on govern ment pensions and Hene fils which is another word for state Charity. The problem in Italy is nol to liquidate inc few private capital Isle his or Small who remain the problem is to Deli if wealth property

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