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Florence Morning News Newspaper Archives Aug 4 1957, Page 2

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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 4, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaFace 2 a fhe Florence morning news Florence c nothing s to happen to me i a Joo huh Nile sunday morning August 4. 19.1? Chicago rebels hoodlum spawning ground editor f note a brutal Mur Der on Chicago Street Corner this March raised cries for the chair for the teen age kill ers. An experienced a newsman took to the i reels the hangouts and courts to find out How it happened and what should be done about it. Here is his Story by Bernard Gavzer Chicago july 27 if these ire the voices of teen agers in trouble people arc easy to scare. They re afraid of getting beat up. They re scared to go the police for hell Noshin i Gonna happen to i ".Man, did i rack pm. Did i Lee me give it to if these voices could be distilled they would be trying to say maybe crime does t pay but nothing else does either. And if crime should pay it pays despite the Tough talks they re i trouble. Sooner or later their names get scrawled on the police blotter. At first it s for minor of lenses truancy Petty larceny Street fighting. But sometimes the nature of the crime becomes big time stuff. _ sometimes it becomes violence that can mean a lifetime in prison or death in the electric chair. The chair was asked for 12 White boys in this City. They were charged with murdering a negro youth. They were to be an example to All teen age gangs. Of the 32, chief Justice Wilbert Crowley found eight guilty in criminal court. He sentenced one Joseph Schwartz just turned 18, to 50 years in prison. Schwartz had dealt the fatal blow with a Hammer. Sentences for the other seven were postponed pending an Appeal for a new trial. These Chicago youths belong to a gang known As the rebels. Ii in a Carbon copy of teen age gangs in Chicago and other cities around the nation. Their attitude Rich or poor is one of toughness and swagger. They seem to be looking for something but always unable to find it. Or. Eugene i. Falstein of the Institute of psychosomatic and psychiatric research and train ing at Chicago s Michael Reese Hospital says the rough Tough ways Are a coverup for latent homosexuality. Gangs will beat you up. It you re in school they la take your lunch Money away from you. We re really Tough in the rebels. We got a reputation. If we Ever get beat or show Chicken cowardice the other gangs will tear us apart.1 what about the rebels will they break with eight of their members convicted of Mur Here s one of the Unac used rebels boy who indicated that quitting the gang might mean a beating by other Young hoods. He was asked whether gang would break up. He swered j naw Well keep right onto. Crating. J Al stay with the rebel 1 know briefly he says the character development of most True delinquents begins in infancy around the time an infant is weaned and also experiences to toilet train ing. Both Are a pleasurable experiences. In the following years the child develops sadistic feel Ings toward the Mother and directs himself toward the father. The any male figure is a vital one. But complications arise during puberty when there is the beginning of Strong sexual impulses. What was acceptable at an earlier age becomes shameful now. Face saving devices Are then in Short he says the youth tries to prove he s a Man and at the lame time overcome his terror and dependent feelings by his rough antisocial acts. Some others say the Tough Guy youths charged eight of nine charged in fatal stabbing of polio cripple a photo fax behaviour is Imi tation of movie television and comic Book characters. Liebman an attorney who has devoted considerable time to the subject and who has represented juveniles in court says by my standards All kids Between the Ages of 15 and 21 Are crazy. They All want to belong to clubs or gangs or whatever you want to Call them. They need to conform. Their Basic Altitude seems to be that life is a High stakes game that adults have made it the Way it and that if adults Wantt o play the game with them they la take the risk. When they can see not Only adults but nations get away Wilh larceny they re will ing to try a police sergeant assigned to task Force a special Anil shifted around to put Down rouble before t can explode expressed a View that is pretty com non among the experts As Well As the Man int he Street these kids should have had a Ood kick in the Fanny. Their old Man or old lady should have clamped Down on Tese teen agers Are so immersed in the game Liebman says that the idea of using the electric Cair As a deterrent for crime is eath does t mean a thing to he says. Putting in the electric chair As a threat s no deterrent to Young not so. Argue others. Robert j. Cooney an a Sislan state s attorney who has handle Many criminal cases involving teen agers and who prepared the prosecutions Case against the rebels says a charge of murder is a Seri Ous matter and these boys know in is serious. I Don l see How anyone facing the possibility of the elec tric chair could be that unaware of the fal slain noted that if a youngster is aware enough of his status to think he d get off lightly because of his age then he is by the same Token aware of the dreadful Ess of his punishment. This does not escape the attention of other teen agers. It has some effect on their it is generally agreed that boys n their teens like to form clubs t gangs. It is also generally agreed that a club becomes a gang when it shifts its activities rom social tit athletic pursuits o anti social behaviour when it becomes a self protective group. It is from such gangs says Viril Peterson operating director of he Chicago crime commission hat come the big time Hood Al Capone he noted came rom a teen age gang in new York hat produced a dozen of the a Ion s top hoodlums. Experts Are generally agreed hat better schools More teach ers and special social welfare workers would help. As far As immediate help for phony confessions worry police in Sheppard Case by Robert l. Shaffer Cleveland aug. 3 one week after Marilyn Sheppard was savagely bludgeoned to death in her Home along Lake Erie police had a confession in the widely publicized july 4. 1954, murder. The confessor was a woman. She telephoned from tavern and in hushed tones told police she slew in vengeance for receiving poor medical treatment from or. Samuel h. Sheppard Marilyn s husband. It was just the first in a series of confessions and phony tips authorities received before and after the sensational trial in which or. Rheppard was convicted of second degree murder and sentenced to life in the Ohio Penitentiary none of the previous Confes Sions however received the amount of attention that has been focused recently on Donald j. Wedler a fugitive from a Flor Ida Road Camp who would have been 20 when Marilyn Sheppard was struck with 35 blows from a weapon that police never found. Sheppard s chief defense Conn William Corrigan questioned Wedler Al length in Deland. Fla. Lust week his verdict i think this Guy did me prepared a 1.200-word Stalin int and Wedler signed it. Hut Corrigan was close mouthed on what he might do with the statement in View of the Bat rejection of Wedler s Confes Sion by authorities who questioned him earlier. Cuya Hoja county Coroner Sam year old Marilyn Sheppard who was four months pregnant at the time. A few Sheppard confessions and tips have been publicized. One such confession came from another Florida fugitive Billy 0. Wil Liams 27, of Tampa who ran away from a criminal proceeding and wound up in a Trenton n.j., jail in september 1954. A Cleveland detective Dis. Patched to Trenton decided that Short hair the gang problem Liebman offers this explanation gangs operate on a principle of Superior Power. One gang Over another. And in the gang there is a Leader also of Superior Power. The Way to attack gangs is not by making examples As in the Case of the rebels by threat ening to electrocute the gang. The Way to attack these things is to meet them at the very begin Ning. And the Way to do that is to disgrace the leaders of a gang to keep its members off balance All the this is the Chicago Story As told in court. On the night of monday March 11, Alvin Palmer a negro High school student was waiting for a bus in a while neighbourhood on Chicago s Southwest Side. Three Miles away near the stockyards the rebels were drinking wine and Beer. They decided to Roll a is find a drunk overpower him and Rob Lim. Their talk got rougher and bolder. One Joseph be Harti who had turned 18 just the week before said i m getting a pair of shoes out of this Deal i need some he and six others got into a a. The talk was full of bravado. It s Nigger some one said. Let s get if i see said Scwartz to going to give it to in with j As they approached the Corner where Palmer was waiting for a bus Schwartz said. Micro s he leaped from the car. The oth ers drove on parked the car and rejoined Schwartz. The group walked past Palmer. Then Schwartz backtracked. Seconds later Palmer Sank to the ground. He died soon after in a Hospital. He had been struck on the head with a Hammer late newspaper to refresh his whal Letic he said he does t know How the rebels went that he is going to devote his time to Start a whole group of boys clubs to help kids who get in a Jam. One rebel says you gotta be in a gang for Protection. Otherwise the other or. J. D. Young nervous How is your spine by or. J. D. Young t people Are frequently unaware of spinal curvatures or displacements. These conditions do not always product pain or discomfort in the Back unless there it acute backache. More frequently the effects Are observed at soms Distant Point such As the Arm or leg or head or in one or More of the vital organs. For this simple Rea people May not understand the necessity of ton suiting with a chiropractor in that no pain is Felt in the Backbone. However they do find when they have a spinal analysis that examination elicits tenderness of the spine in the areas involved. Chiropractic today is highly developed specialized science accurate and specific in its application of locating the cause of one s illness within the body and removing that cause thus allowing nature to effect her wonderful and lasting Normal natural health. A Public education article written by or. J. D. Young whose clinic ii located at 415 w. Palmetto St. In Florence. Telephone 2-2991. Lady attendant in duty Young chiropractic clinic 415 w. Palmetto St. Florence s. A phone 2-2991 store of information that a detective Learned that fuehrer was in the workhouse at Knoxville tenn., the sunday of the murder. Police also checked out a num Ber of tips like the Telephone Call that told them the Busby haired killer was at a Cleveland hotel. When they reached the designated hotel room they found a Louis Ville. Ky., businessman with very _1_. I. J Williams Ever had been Bushy haired description j i 1 Cleveland it was a Long Lime had entered the Case in the state in Cincinnati with the ale hat burglar who Murdi Pard. It was not until fuehrer h been brought to where he admitted picking up a age Rcd the rebels and in particular Schwartz one boy familiar with the Reb Els said that Schwartz had been left out when the gang ordered special jackets to symbolize their membership in the gang. He added i was talking to Schwartz Only a few hours before they killed the kid. 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Time of the slaying looked Al a picture of Wedler and said he had a vague feeling this i Ini lit he the Man who knocked i him out in the stairs at the Hay works As a lathe operator. He said the club was started As a boys social and Al 30 Al the half awake Tokyo aug. 3 Village Home. Whih Corrigan would not say his nil slip Wiki be. i i Flor John t. Inu rela Sioui if the Wedler confession is submitted to him he will con Sider whether to Lake in before a Brand jury. An indictment by the grand jury would he necessary before the slate of Ohio could ask Florida to extradite its prisoner to face charges Here. Wedler is awaiting trial on escape charges. He was serving a 10-year sentence for they conform n Kwh Yoke. Aug. Jiji _ to. Solely Are pulling i to use in the in Erc Sis of Hilm ii solely. Sections of i lion of intersections lire Bein. Painted yellow and red to Eon lorm Wilh eau lion my Slop signs. Test strips Are in use in Brooklyn. West Point n.y., and Lov conors Island. 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