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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 4, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaFace 6-n news Florence s. So Noav morning August 4, 1957 civil rights Bill All but washed up Washington aug. 3 it j filibuster. They found it a Millicient Justice in charge of an assistant icon 1957 civil rights Battle has been a i to keep Iho opposition nervous attorney general. Of switch on the Way things went in the Bigi fio civil War. The. South won die Early Bat Les in that Long ago War but was overwhelmed and crushed in the and. This Lime Vic Southern Sena tors and representatives fighting against Federal civil rights legis lation loss major engagements Early particularly in the House part of the congressional Battle Field. But toward inc end they had knowing that in Erc. The weapon was. "3 enactment by the Congress Atlanta formic of new Laws to Aid in the enforce Hania and j kor example. Hugh g. Grant that was i name of Hep. Caller As one of inc Northern com mint of voting rights and Manders. Sen. Douglas put "4 amendment of the Laws so inner minister to Al it Thailand said comm pass in. The Senate adopted a jury to permit the Federal govern violence and bloodshed passed its civil rights Bill a Bill Nils were backing the legislation that died in the adjournment of to stir up tension and strife Anvil he Senate. I Hal was on Jule 111. Last year some observers believe Loim a was july 23 before the House turning Point of the whole Cam i this year in the Senate there they were talking about what had been pressing for he Bill it racked up. This came on a 52-38 Vole stripping the Bill of Allen july 3 news Force mint authority except for conference admission thai he voting rights did t understand parts of the there was left Only one big Bat legislation himself. .1 i later Eisenhower said he fully by a negro who has been Active supported the Bill apparently aft in years past on civil rights but than usual behind demand Feriod hearings. Ally. Gen. Brownell Assn. For the advancement of around to reporting in out for new Federal Laws on civil rights submitted proposed legislation j coloured people that negroes were. Senate action. T the primary announced aim was drawn up in the Justice depart asking Only a minimum Safe new in a Man Euver led by sen. Picked up reinforcements and were j to protect negro voting rights in ment. And said this should tin what guard of the constitutional rights Knowland of California the re Riding fairly High. The South. Was necessary without satisfying which have been so Long denied publican Leader the Senate voted my t f his or h i ctr Mims on either Wilkins added 4.vm to its judiciary command on july 22 the Senate voted j Section of ii to it Wou Kfranke Lief Sedive Lam fide the Bounds of the conf Der message president Isenhower de-1 Brownell bristled angrily at a i cannot predict what mood Milter and. Put the House approved .90-0 to repeal a reconstruction Era know that a coloured citizen cannot Effort to project every american some of the help perhaps not dared for fair and equal treat Siiro Felion the Arimo Mustrat i o Olwill be engendered if the system Bill on its Calendar Law which Russell and others had american intended they had stripped Hie men of citizens without to might be contemplating j which has prevailed for to years1 Knowland waited until after the contended could be used in a link Ter getting an exp Layalion from Brownell. But the we rage had been driven who was absent for much of this year s Bailie had put in ibis Way with juries in inc Southern precious rights a Man can have. It ought not be taken away from him in the name of giving some other Man another right. Last thursday sen. Lyndon Johnson a tax the Senate majority Leader scented Victory for the amendment to guarantee jury trials in criminal contempt of court cases. He kept the Senate in session until past Midnight and the big Battle was Over when the Roll was called for jury trials 51 guarantee 42. President Eisenhower denounced the outcome As a blow to our whole judicial de they had stripped the men of citizens without regard to might be contemplating Bayonet j which has prevailed for to years Knowland waited until after the contended c in to a fraction of what it race or he repealed to enforce court decrees in should through Machi Nauin of july 4 recess to actually Call up with the pc once was. There was Strong doubt Call of a year previous Tho South a matter that became i any sort be perpetuated in this Ilse Bill. That was done on july a. Powers. In opposed new civil rights Al equal his right to Warren Olney Iii. An assistant it remains to he seen whether attorney general had called the there will indeed be any civil. Jury trial amendment a Clever i rights Bill at All this Vear. The threaten Toyco Fleader at Rock Hill Rock Hill. Aug. 3 my the Rev. A. Ivory negro minister who is leading a negro Boycott City franchised buses in Rock kill today said he has had three threatening Telephone Calls. Crary said one Anonymous Call said he wanted to be sure you re there a fore it goes the caller according to yory did not specifically mention a bomb or in any other manner sex i Plain the remark. The minister notified police. Ivory Laid lie Ratter who up was talking about an explosion had called twice. The Ether caller old him if you Don t Call off the Boycott there won t be Nigger working in Iown in three the Boycott started two weeks after Allene Austin. 23 year eld negro woman was ordered to leave a scat she had taken next to White woman. Miss Austin. The seat was the Only one vacant and that the White woman had invited her to take in. Ivory said negro leaders a mazed at of the negro in the United states s a result of the incident. He Check of morning runs on tile bus system s three Small bus today showed Only 11 negroes Riding. The minister said runs Are filled mid often in elude standees. J negro leaders Ivory said. Did not want to put anyone out of t business but we d rather walk held in teen killing Samuel Mont Gomery 16, stars at knife of is accused of Weild ing in the total teen age gang attack on George Marshall 18, Friday night in new York s Uptown Bronx the third boy in a week killed in new York at the hands of fellow teen agers. Holding fhe knife is assistant District attorney Alexander Schyer. Montgomery still Bandana and hat which helped police track him Down. A Phat fax postal pay hike predicted before Congress ends term Washington aug. 3 us sen than be j Carlson a Kan predicted today the owner of the bus operating that Senate democratic leaders firm Paul Knight said he push through a Bill raising utes the buses Only As a Public pay of the. Postal workers convenience. There s in he said. Little Mon j this session of Congress i ends. Negro leaders have scheduled a Public meeting monday night to he said republicans expect thai perfect their private transport a Nich a move will by made in an Tion by slim and discuss Legal Steps Effort to Embarrass president i which could be taken in a possible j Benhower who has announced move to Block segregated seating Strong disapproval of the Bill. The buses. I he told a reporter he was sure Ivory said the group May decide j it would not become Law. How Fly seek an injunction either if it is sent to the White the bus company or the House in time to Force the 1 Resi Dent to veto it before Congress adjourns there would he an Opportunity to try to Over ride the pc to. Eisenhower killed Federal employee pay Bills in his first term Senate May be a flour move to add to any postal pay Bill the administration s Long pushed proposal for hikes tit postal rates. The Kansas senator said lie but not until alter Congress Hadl know of no plan to make such i move trom the Republican Side. And democratic sponsors of the pay legislation said they thought a new York. Aug. 3 the belgian film producer for a fellow european and frankly. The situation Over Here is not he said but it s vastly chiller Cal from what the average european thinks the position of the negro in America Lis voice reflected his Surprise Surprise most foreigners feel when they visit Ihu United slates for the first time. In eur voc it is generally in lived that american negroes Are repressed and kept in a Semi primitive stand Ard of living. Europeans who have travelled of course know better. And Sonve of us were treated to in education in our own backyard coloured troupe in porgy and ast year when our cd Europe on the stage they portrayed hat most of us thought was Typ Cal negro life in America. Then pc met the actors socially at Eeck Tail parties. In the nether Anos As must have happened else there in Europe we were Over whelmed by their culture Sophis ican and Sharp business sense. During Rny four months visit c in America Many europeans far easterners too have asked bout the negro s share in Arneri a s cultural political and social pc. They were impressed by the Mutual tolerance by the Cager less of both White and coloured quit. The House already passed last month by a 379-38 Vole a Bill raising the pay of the postal such Effort would be blocked ploys a year. The annual 1 on the floor Cost would dollars. The Senate be about 280 million by some Lac i Congress must face an increase in be Post office and i postal Rales because of the Post civil service committee on which Olliee department s Long string of Graham s crusade pushed to sept. 1 Carlson is senior Republican member has approved a different j measure Tor Ite same employees. It would provide across the Board adjustments running from sw1 Lolor workers in the hot Christ. In his announcement Hull said new York aug. 3 the new York crusade of evangelist Billy Graham was extended to-1 the response of the Public sex right for the third time until sept. 1. No limits. The red Ink Ligure is Esti mated at 650 million dollars for inc current fiscal year not count a pay boost. The House of flick and civil service committee has Appo cd the administration s Rale Bill to the committee estimates in National million Dol Nial Cost of his at 270 in first year and 527 Mil. Lorn seven grades of the postal service. The Ann lion although Carlson said annually at fun the lost office department figures it she or new at 300 million. Comp from increasing the democratic Senate sources said a Penny to 4 cents that in All likelihood the House but this Bill has not cleared the pressed through letters and phone bin will be called up in that Hod i committee no plans have the announcement to ionian s rally was made by Power Hull chairman of the sex pc Ivr com Minee of the Billy Graham new Verk crusade. The crude which he san in Madison Square Garden May 25. Originally was scheduled to end june 30. Then it was extended to july 20. Thai night the second Extension to aug. 10 was announced to people who jammed Yan Kee stadium for an outdoor rally. The latest Extension makes in new York meetings the lances in Graham s by " 7 hip 12-Wrek record Frt Calls plus the fact that inc Gar tie ii is available has forced us t this decision to continue. It we did not continue the Garden would be closed during incs dual weeks in August ant the. Members of the committee cannot believe in to be god s Wil i to the doors of the Garden closed to the crusade As Long it is possible to have them remain Graham himself said "1 have Fri Sikly left a bit uncomfortable i tin1 aug til closing although at the Lime i seemed Best irom i every . However aft much prayer. 1 my heart Ihal in is god s will i run Lingjr of have re Eivid literally nun 41 Masomi of of 1 her in new York circulated a petition among her neighbors and the regular communication of sent in More than Vii signatures. Hampton Lodge no thus 1 have been compelled to 204 a f m in Miziul. Ind in Hie. Basis la rail m ill us Hii. U Lirlin Iii it ample at b to u v tilt Puliti Zhuli us i Siple. Rumly and us Sulli. All Mei Zibers willing to continue As Luif. As Len Are Cinyd in Gaidi a is in m Iii Eeling Mil a on the same flu Dule of meeting will to of Viii Ilic pc i re Cpl in will of Well aimed foil i i. 4. I. In an Al tort to ret it directly to been to bring it up the Percsi Donl without any Confer Nolc floor. Once or further House action. However. Carlson said he was sure an Effort would be made to Amend any postal pay Bill in in Ciuc pay raises for the one Mil lion civil service classified employees. The Senate committee also has approved a 7 2 per cent pay for employs. Carlson said this measure could be Olfred As Ameni Lim no to Llu postal Lull. A complicating Factor in the Nikita to visit in East Germany o improve the situation. By the. Gro s fervent patriotism. Remarked a French mystery writer the position of the aver go negro in the South is still miserable but in the North they re very much a part of the Pic tire. An indonesian parliamentarian observed housing condition. To publishers of some 150 to 200 negro newspapers and magazines the most important Magazine i probably which resembles life in format. Its article have particular Appeal for Colora people profiles of Well known negroes such As Ralph Bunche sugar Ray Robinson and Storie such As the Independence of in african Gold coast tin name of Ghana. Talking with negroes t fount Ihal while they acknowledge their race does t have Equality the Are making Progress and certainly could be far worse off than they Are. Of course there Are exceptions. A new York cab Driver i Rode with said he had Stone to Elemen Lary school with the present pre Mier of Ghana or. Kwame Kruh Mah. He was said the cab Driver and had the Opportunity i to come to Columbia University and then Back to his own coun the Driver still fell Africa was his Home. He was a Seaman and Only driving a taxi because his wife was sick and he wanted to stay with her until she recovered. Next month i to he said and i always manage to get to Africa which is my own but some of the other things i Learned were More and More negroes Are working in White Collar jobs. And Many while firms employ them in advertising products for the More than 15 million negro customers. In science sports and the arts the trend is upward. For example one of the vice presidents of Union Carbide one of the world s largest chemical i firms is a Young negro Lloyd r i Cook of Chicago. Is Lor the bigger cities 10 a a the negroes in Are visitors Are Ama negro is holding Down a a year Job on president Eisenhower s executive Frederic j Morrow 4r-year-Olri lawyer and a negro while hous of aide. Lold me Ihal he was accepted socially so Long As he remained in the Field of science. He is president of the chemical society in Chicago a purely social he said i could never be a member of Chicago s leading Golf and country o see How he negro fared i j r Cooke discussed he a eced to Over the country i travelled from i Ranee foreigners Are supposed to eel toward negroes. He said Ihal n Chicago it was the immigrants who were especially anti negro. Foreigners May be shocked by american segregation out. But of their Ginia a distinguished looking Ness of american politics. This while woman sat talking with a will certainly happen South of the negro woman. At the first line. Both White and Richmond tire wailing rooms and rest rooms Are distinctly marked for Whites Only and for coloured the two women went their Sepa rate ways but getting Back onto the. Bus they again fell into conversation. Max Ascoli editor of the Maga the in an editorial said ultimately the sharper differences and conflicts dwindle and lines Are Selah listed that go beyond All groups. He was referring to other people who have had to overcome similar obstacles the Irish the germans and lews. This is the Way America has made and is being made to the toughness and fair negroes know thai it will happen. It will never be too Ascoli wrote. This year 1957, is important to negroes. It gave them their first great Tennis Gibson from Harlem who won the women s singles at Wimbledon and was hailed As a National heroine. Singers Harry be Lafonze and Nat King Cole among others arc Riding inc Crest of popularity. And constitutionally this year May decide on their civil rights in the South including their right to vote and the futher education of their children. T was in the deep South thai people told me of course Segre gation is unconstitutional but the North must give us or. A new Guo Rontti the senior special to West coasts and came Back through the South. Everyone told me that life for the american negro is slowly but surely . Two major Rea son.1 seem to tie he participated in the postwar Prosperity Boom he gels a lift from the fact his african Brothers Are being recognized formally and politically by the Western world notably by he american government. Increased earnings of coloured workers have brought Prosperity Moscow. Aug government announced communist parly chief Khrushchev will begin his visit to soviet to Nibi business activity near record High ily till associate kill taken As a whole tin nation s business was far from had this week. Total activity was close to a record High. But the Ummi Lack ser Alively. Striving to reduce stocks increase turnover. The resumption of inventory Gruwell under catch such Circum Succes Indi Lylial much of the seconded much of the and Bounce j accumulation May have Easl. Germany aug. 7. Premier Ihal Many businessmen had been user to. An there were some who said in was More than just the usual summer letdown. Observer poin cd s warn in Al Jer at the inventory Ellua lion. The latest govern men Sla show that business men have been involuntary up of finished of if Ihal production at will be held Back the backing in the hands is inc Case fill lire a Lair while stocks arc used to fill order of guaranty Trifil co. Of new York the building up of inventories Nikolai Bulgarin is not included slopped liquidating their inventor in w May Lake some of the hoped in the list of 12 men to make the rip with him. Tin Premier has accompanied kill lira Ull All Iii Ilu Liu Liili Truac la by Luigi Siut India. Ii emmy in mini a. 1 Mikoyan Ial Lori in minister Andrei Tiro Miyko Are among those who will inc journey. Mast f oni Munsil ies and have started building them for zing nut of the full business up up again a development hailed j imn when demand for consumer by a few with loud picks up in the fall Noiin Lorrah will in a real in Lisuk act re Iii of Nice to hire More workers or up their production lines. They la lie Able to satisfy a Good p Arl of the of inc glories. Brielly the business scene major airlines have Peli Jik i ii ire int cd Sikl in i Fri Ardeil is Guod out ii Kilt say two of n i a Viii s hie1 i Nihl lot the irus Adf spun Nyrl. Lion. Firm City of new lined the civil Hoard the Anvil Al. York Ici it. H n v n in in Inion ii Rule of 6 Hen buying raw Millerii ilk con birr a Cal. Problems he pointed Don t have one in the nation s capital. I found whiles and negroes mingling freely. But it is very difficult for negroes to find living accommodations in the sections tradio Nally while. Visiting Hie South 1 col the feel lha. Inc. Issue of civil High la. Is Murp and More emotional rather than political. On a bus going Down into Vir for the Man with the big need the senior special Quantity discount 10 Man who substantial amount of life insurance at one time issued in amounts from s2s.ooo to the senior special provides permanent insurance polection at the lowest Cost in tact the inn Rcd sets up to my than he would receive in similar Type plans where the Cost is not guaranteed. Though a special plan the senior can be rated Lor occupational and physical impairments. Again or. 4% hat taken giant stride to fill the Fiodi tit insurance conscious America. Introducing the or inn senior special. Woodrow. District manager Florence s. C., Trust Burti. Phone 63z1 Paul a. Chapman Harts Lulf. S. Phone 1s63-w j. 1. "blond1e1 Pate or. Cheraw. S. Phone 7780 r. L. Miller Lake View. S. Phone 41s2 Lewis Fleniken City s. Phone 223 Mobly j. Hammond floor nip. S. Trust bids. Phone s4r.1 George Whisenhunt Florence. S. Trust re ref. Phone 2-4835 Hobbs insurance Agency Darlington. S. 217 Pearl Street phone 665 Jefferson Standard u l Over 1 billion Dellorso life insurance in we pay you to save and when Money is needed suddenly for on to meet an no substitute for ready Cash. You la find your savings earning an insured safety Here and pro vide you with a comfortable Safe guard for the future. Start that savings account Here and now. Each account is insured up to Security building loan association save with a purity 200 West Street Florence s. T. R. Barringer president e. H. Lucas treasurer d. Chas. Shaw Vic president a. W. Ill Lott asst. Tria jury

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