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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 4, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaWeather partly Cloudy and hot with scattered afternoon and evening thundershowers. High 98 Low 77. Details Page 10-a. Vol. 135 Reader s tip a petrified tree the Dargan Plantation near Cha Niceville before hit i of Christ. See Page 10-a. Police charge 3 White men in mob beating aug. .1 of three while were charged j with conspiracy Here Loday in connection Wilh Hie mob beating last month of a negro Fanner who was earing for a while neighbor s children during an emergency. Held in Greenville county jail wore a. Marshall Doc Hosier 11. Howard .jr., and Robert e. Waldrop. Victim of the july 21 night beat ing was 58-year-old Claude cruel of travellers rest lie and his wife Fannie were taking care of the seven Small children of Sherwood Turner a while neighbor who had to Rush his wife to a Hospital be cause of a kidney ailment. Mrs. Cruell said then thai the mob of White men beat her Hus band and accused them of Irving to mix with the while people and keeping the White children around one of the three men charged today is accused not of beating Cruell but of attacking another Man he thought was Cornell. Kochi Oscr and Howard were charged Wilh conspiracy to co i assault and Battery Wilh in Liml to kill against and conspiracy to commit Burg Lary at Cruell s Home. The two Are charged in the warrants with going to Cruell s Home and hitting him with some Waldrop is charged Wilh conspiracy to commit assault and Bat cry with intent to kill. Officers say thai Waldrop attacked 38-year old Willie leu is Brown of lit. 1. Travellers Psi. I. The night of july 20. The officers asserted hint Waldrop mistook Brown for Cruell. Police said Rochester is employed by a Saslie and door firm. Howard is a truck Driver and Waldrop a textile Mill worker. Turner a partly disabled truck Driver. Has moved with his famil. Of the House he rented from Cornell. Turner said he re Vived a threatening Telephone Call. The Florence s. C., sunday morning August 1957 daily be sunday 100 Britain sends army into Muscat Oman Hunt ring in Summers 20 Phila Delphia uses surplus mine Detector to search for engagement ring in 15 tons of Straw. Or. And mrs. Donald Wakeling on whose farm ring was lost Aid in search. A Phot fax ring in Haystack sought by Young Philadelphia Bride Anniv i i .1, York. A. Aug. 3 pretty Barbara persuaded a cons Ruc -0-h-ar-old Philadelphia girl firm in spending the weekend looking for her Needle in a Hay or family moved in the Home of a brother of Turner about a mile mid a half away. Protesting the beating Given Croll Turner declared that these people did t do anything to the Cruells own about 100 acres of land in Greenville county and live _ in a neat looking five room House they have lived on the tract for about 25 years. The proverbial Slack. In this Case the Needle Diamond engagement and the Hay is really Straw. But the search is just As difficult. The ring was lost while Barbara is a ring Summers and other members of her family were visiting relatives on a farm near Here. Barbara went Philadelphia to loan an army surplus mine detect or bought some batteries and brought in Back to York. At last report lh-2 family was having trouble with the mechanics of the machine and were looking for a National guard organization or some in the neighbourhood who was acquainted with the de vice. Barbara did t say whether so seek to halt rebel revolt Manama Bahrain aug. 3 British troops commanded by a trouble shooting Oil Jungle fighter moved into simmering Muscat and Oman today to Back up the pro British Sultan s drive to put to Wii revolt foot soldiers Wilh machine guns Titt mortars and armoured cars were m Are still holding moving by air Ami Firat objective was a Iowa. Believed 1o Ellie be the Headquarters of the Imam of Oman Leader of a Tough and trained band of rebels. Reports from London said a detachment of scottish Highland troops already had entered the restive Domain on the Southern tip of the arabian Peninsula. The re ports also said seasoned Cameron Ian troops had reached Ibri a fort read by the Sultan. The rebels. Have claimed they seized the Forli and had its British led trucial Oman scouts surrounded. Air vice marshal Laurence f. Sinclair commander of Britain s persian Gulf forces said he sex peeled a Short Campaign once the i Lack started. He declined on. Security grounds to say when that i a null to. Sinclair said the British troops would limit themselves to giving support fire to the Sultan s forces ind would not enter villages. Once spokesman Mohamed j said he had appealed asian and african countries in the i i Bandung conference for Aid. How-1 did not specify what Type Olaid was wanted. The Bandung nations included not Only the Arab countries form which the Imam j has sought Aid before but red China India Indonesia Pakistan and Japan. Florence Man hurl seriously in Horry wreck in the Hayloft with a Llad her Fiancee David Young Cousin and because the i. Ring fitted her loosely she is the air Fol be it to a sister to hold As a Pecau Jit Opeka kan., about the missing lion. J ring. Then while frolicking with the the Straw stands 20 feet High children the sister was pushed nto a huge Mound of Straw and off came the ring. By a news staff writer Galli vants ferry. Aug. 3 a Florence Man was the Sultan has regained cent Rol Al 3 am saturday the i mops will he pulled As his p cup truck crashed out Sinclair said a abutment about a the task Force is under the mile Northwest on Highway 501. Command of Brig. Rob was Richard f. Fields urls. Who fought in the Jungles Che yes so he Malaya in world War 11 and later Hosp Tah Zucci commanded a brigade on Trou bled Cyprus. Sinclair said Raf Jet Plains eral right hand would continue their attacks on Bridge railing after he hit the rebel strongholds. The British an abutment. Tie vehicle came Loai bounced their biggest air strikes i Stop still upright about half Way neighbor saves Wilhelmino Simpson 32, left plants month old Richard Mills who is held snugly in his Mother s arms. It Follo 3cu, m their backyard wading Pool in Detroit. Mrs. Simpson revived the boy by breathing into his Mouth for 10 minutes after being attracted by the screams of the boy s Mother who found him in a Happy Kisi in 17 followed a near tragedy in conscious Ond Blue with his face Down i 3 inches of water. A photo Tox Highway film. R. Wallace said Fields vehicle travelled Sev against the rebels yesterday. Thev and covers some 600 Square feet i of the barn floor. Us Loose weight is estimated at 15 tons. Heat plagues East storms hit Chicago by t1ik associated press record heat in the East and a second j within 2-1 hours fur Chicago were Amonjr the nations ww.tlu-1 extremes saturday the leading Edge of v the Mercury reached 100 do which from go Val Days of hoi weather to the j pcs at Baltimore my. In mid afternoon equalling a record for aug. 3 set in 1931. It was weather Over much of the South As Well As along the Atlantic coast with Boston sweltering in the 90s. Chicago recorded a in degree temperature drop from a muggy Kkt to 70 degrees during a crash inc thunderstorm. The storm struck shortly Belore noon ripping Down Power lines flooding streets sri basements and swamping dozens of sailboats on Lake Mich Igan. Friday night. Chicago belled by a Squall that Bonne had Hail stones Over the area and caused some damage from Hijji winds. The thunderstorm with in . . Dropped an of ii Iai Hui inches of ruin in two hours Wilh heavier Anni Tinis a in mime a Lions of Ilia City Anil in i Ullic ildved by nighttime Gnu Iii. Acid Al least or Winil Crassi s Lily a Wilh water. Ern Plains and the Western great lakes Region. This Cool mass expanding to the i Easl and South set off both hum Ders lorm activity and Relief from heat for the Southeast the Wrath conditions prevailed Over the North Atlantic coast. Much of tie Lead Fain weather with rang ing from typical heal in the South West desert to mild on the West coast. It was col in much of the Blocky Mountain area where skies were generally can nov. Registration begins tuesday e at court House voter registration books will be open tuesday at the county commissioner s office i the court House. Voters can begin registering for the next ten year period. Books will not be opened Mon Day As earlier planned since county registration officers will be attending a meeting in co Lumbia with state officials w to will explain voter registration. At the last session the Gener Al Assembly appropriated for registration of Florence county voters. Mrs. 1. L. Tobin. Chairman of the county registration Board said plans for spending the Money would be announced after the Columbia meeting. Registration beginning to Oslav. Will he 9-5. Claimed they smashed a truck two Miles North of Mizwa. It is believed the rebels have but one truck left. J from tourist the Sultan called on the British the to weeks ago to help him retain i Brid vanishes in Woods near River of by Dew James i t i Irir or Nevis staff writer Impact threw Fields Pamplico aug. For his Mother a 2-Ycar-old boy disappeared from he truck and a passing to his Home into the heavily wooded pee Dee River Valley Here today police anal Lound in unconscious launched a search for the lost child. Ground 20 feel Helow the the youngster. Willie Lee self across the Bridge he said. 20 feel below the Motorist took him to his potentially Oil Rich Domain in an area where the British have Strong holdings. Tire British agreed to air strikes but said Al the Lime they did not want to use ground troops if they could help in. The Imam booted into exile two year ago by the Sultan wants to spi up an Independent Silt Antate. Tire British claim hip Imam once1 the religious Leader of Oman. Has. Received outside help implying modern weapons used by the Reb Els came from saudi Arabia and i the Hosp Al. He said. They said lie suffered head and shoulder injuries in the Accident. Wallace said Fields travel ing alone Loward Covay Al the Lime of the Accident and apparently no other vehicle was involved. Strayed from his Home on the Looper Hicks farm where he was being tended by an older is Ter i according to Pamplico police chief 1.1. D. Tumbleston. Tiibi Ston said the where she had been grading to Bacco yesterday. A Road from the Road near the River crying and that she tried to Stop him but pack House leads to Bluff Landing lat Kepl running on the River. I Tlle Tumbleston said the last person youngster i known to have seen the boy was i me i i the child apparently set out at noon to ten year old Hyman girl who his Mother whom he thought was lives in the Vicinity. The girl Sair at a Backhouse near the River j saw flip boy running along the an omani spokesman in Cairo said today he had received cables from Oman saying the British had lightened their blockade but that Hoffa s super Union idea draws hot Challenge from Mcclellan Washington. Aug. 3 w sen. Mcclellan dark by before the Senate committee. Said today that a ivies r. Hoffa s plan to put All the nation s transportation workers into a single Union or federation would create a Hoffa. The a year old heir 139th suicide leap Francisco. Aug. 3 apparent to Dave Beck As team i lined Ever comes into being it Donna june Tracy Mother of two sters Union president has said All would Wield economic Power that transportation Union Hoffa has out children leaped off the Golden Gate Bridge today the Span s 69lh suicide in its 20 . Tito Khrushchev meet reach Concrete Accord silent Tito of . Satellite liminal Iii ind Airi be Lou of. Auer. 3 or met for two in Tys this week in thunderstorms were the rule., Moscow radio announced tonight however Over wide areas. The the conference bet Vren the weather Bureau said a series of. Communist party and government thunderstorms Over much of Ore leaders of Russia and Yugoslavia gon and Washington was unusual j took place on thursday and yes by heavy for this Lime of Day. Sitting beside Khrushchev were Deputy Premier a. I. Mikoyan and Oll i v. Kuusinen. Lor mor Boss of the disbanded communist International and now a Hud in on Nikita i of us in the sultry Southeast there were x number of Thunder Heads with some heavy Rains on the Tampa fla., received a 2-1 Inch rain during the Forenoon. A violent thunderstorm pelted Miami Wilh rain and Hail Lor is minutes and lightning injured a woman in s u h u r b a n of Nihil Grovr. The storm was Accomma a nerd by wind gusts up in Miles an hour which did some damage to windows were de bribed As Quarter Inch a line of i Naini area deaths in. Riina Yilk. Miss com Ilia we Lynn Der Luik Banc Srull. . Arthur p. In non Klufts Tryr. Tim m. H Durr. Rily. In Trutt int nil Kanrr nip. Ruff 10-a miss America going to Urcla i la . .1 j1. Mirian Ann Mck Highl. Hie America Troin s c. Says she Antei Hie t ill in Ali Muniu ii an s inti Iii to lilith or. Re Lola Wlsh Luif Ruxi i. wins a so Morni of t Ulli iti1 in Alai Stville. A Marian said he Ilse Imi Side red the i Liivi i ily of n Mali Carolina and Norl me Lern t in in making tie switch. School. Not inter Fere with an Imp Irland in Atlantic cily .y.i. Next in nah. Al Thill time. Will Crown Hei Suc in lip Annibal Begaii by Page Anli Lull member of the party drum. Tito accompanied by two vice presidents _ Odvard kor Dalj and Alexander Rankovic who have spent considerable Lime in the soviet Union this sum Mer on vacation by official description. The two delegation said the Broe Casl agreed on Concrete forms of cooperation Between tin panics and on he maintaining of constant ties by the Exchange of party delegation Mutual in or and Weslei on Alian Megji Pliml in London that tin nn-1-Lilil i Riihl Herald the idiot soviet in Mill Allie f Titus Wilh to Stilih Iii ish3, of veil going Lif Ilie Dixi ild ill civil my Ivio criminals banished Mexico City. Aug. T Liec heir Are backing up their drive crime by sending criminals and repeaters to the desolate and Siemin nil the Pacific co isl. Told of was joins to the dread penal Colony Wryk. One inf the Mac plod suicide years ago when Khrushchev went to Belgrade to apologize for the Accord became badly chewed after the polish and Hun Garian rebellions last year. Melchoir Case suspect caught by Federal men sax Francisco. 3 i the a lil announced the w night of one if Lour men accused of kidnapping Ami rubbing Lei Usu Melchioir. Former metropolitan of i u Tanir. And his wife of about in i of Angele in lilt in i mane ii i , san Cul Dpi ill i in clinic be one of i. Inch i Lewis j Angi lion men Pii lures and arrested him Here at i 1 Kali and aylm is reel a Federal wan nut had been is used Lor Spivak charging inlaw fill flight to avoid prosecution. Spivak indicted along with three other on line 23 on Vivo of i a Here and one of kid Naping in the Melchior Case. Truck air. Rail and shipping unions should be combined into a single Union or federation for their own both Mcclellan and sen. Gold water viewed Hoffa s plan a Viii alarm and said i looked like a move to set himself up the nation s no. I labor bo.-.-. Control the nation s transportation and you the Goldwater said. There s never been any Dou lit in my mind thai a Lolly co Ellhie it Hie Lypp i ill Hiigli the in. if changed Alcil Ellair said thai the Commil Lee. When in resumes it. Hearing. Monday afternoon will look into the of a bouncing Union charter. Robert k. Kennedy. Snip Rommel Lee counsel said this was the charter of Xci York local 2211 of Iho old United automobile a. Ers Union . Adding in had of the. Would amount to eminent Mcclellan is chairman Senate rackets inv Mittee. On which serves. I the committee has been delving into Holla s affairs and particularly Liis alleged associations with new York labor racketeers. Hoffa recently a. Acquitted on charges of lir Liing an investigator in Mcclellan Unn Mitleff. Holla is under in a i Neluie tie Coln Vniller Auto. Dio also under indictment in the acid blinding of labor columnist Victor Riesel is expected to testify thursday. In hearings on labor manage ment practices in the new York area the committee already has received evidence that racketeers children. Lilt dominated unions which reaped a members of the sheriff s Depatt i is treating com i Monc a Harvest but pro ment taking part in the search Goldwater also a Pliml no benefits for Union Mem a were deputies Ray Shupe Gene Bers. I Mccutchen and Heyward Myers. And Daisy missing shortly after noon. Tumbleston said. He said several Volun Leen and members of Ilie Florence county sheriff s dept. Added in the search. Bloodhounds brought by Thi sheriff s department were unable to pick up a Trail of tie youngster probably because searchers had been combing the area. Members of the Conway and Lake cily Rescue squad drug More than a mile of big pee Dee hirer his afternoon in the Vicinity of the disappearance he said. He said no Trace of he child had been found except a few footprints year the Bluff. Tumbleston said the search will continue tomorrow if he child is not found tonight. The self s Are parents of six Gotham police push drive on terrorism Sumter Man kills intruders Ute Lavril pit be 2-a i Onku Mirk Auk. 3 today stepped up a special drive wipe but a wave of juvenile Montgomery observing his 16th birthday today but a juvenile it the time of the slaying last night Russell Corley 17. Ami Hohertz i terrorism marked by three kill-1 May All of the Bronx. Indirectly a in urls death in this City in scarcely a week. All were charged Wilh homicide felonious assault and violations of the weapons Law. Montgomery was the police said actual Stab George Marshall. 18, a Bronx was stabbed to death fellow teen agers last night a few hours Afler police started the pc Ike aug. 3 Campaign they found a Steak knife on cooler. so Riff i. Byrd Parnell to Ai Lar police commis Ioner in Wunej. Aid a county storekeeper sur Kennedy Only yesterday been granted to a succession of favored when ii we want to see How Olton in in minced and where it Mcclellan said one of the i monday is Max Chewer Luisiii a financial eci Hirv of local of Ilie retail clerks i Noii. In Emineh Hosier vv.i.1. Inui til in i a Inaniiniuiiiii-11 Hou d Over to the Rel Iii of Zhini Wilh Hil Hii Rin k i Leer Johnny Dio Jinol Goldstein us local 2to. Via convicted of a Ono shirked Man c o n s p i r a c Liia Insl two York Electr Nilal the three of them Are Heins hold vivit Lionil Hail aun Ilins in ten inc. Hal a judge or died them paroled Long enough to m of hns inc a Early Loday both dead. The lore is locale in on Highway Aimont six Miles lion heir. J Nim la said Thi . Cd Llla Dlce. Via i Birned in it Tele Horn i neighbor thai Vivo men Vevie in Ilie area of the Tore Uell to thu Stuie loll Olin of Ilir or trill Low Ulit Lilllie ill. R Vul it1 Ollil i ii Liei was Wii filed .1. Lie Hal. Lori Ulley . Ilie Tlacil Ulen pitied a Wil if Sonny Ilov and Henry Scott Hoth of Sumler. Parnell said there were i iyar i id in Scott Ion and while had soul head the Tom i and m in i Hants. Inijik1- will he held is a to be Nunn Vinceri Laler. His place of to cd the full and shot Lan f we As a result of the earlier killings. Detective Sii ads were reshuffled into potentially dangerous areas Wilh orders to ".slop, search and any primps of teen agers i _ _ youth. 8. Drowns kind drive in Palmetto Pond the occurred in Van of act Iii. Of the Lily and none appeared related to the other. I Olire hip at Coli it

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