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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 3, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaSigns collapse two supporting poles for Over collapsed falling on a passing Cor truck. The truck head signs spanning the Pontchartrain expressway in Driver escaped injury but the woman driving the car new Orleans broke partially blocked eastbound had to be pried from the wreckage sustained minor traffic saturday. An hour later the whole Structure Section b Mattott Jan Ritting drum monday August 3, to postal Reform efforts result in sweeping Bill Washingon a year a half struggle among the Nixon administration con Gress the lobbyists has produced a sweeping postal Reform Bill that gives almost no one everything he wanted but every body a lot. The Bill taking the mail system out of congressional politics turning it Over to an Independent corporate like . Postal service to get Congress final approval this week. President Nixon is expected to sign it into Law next week. Then begins the year Long Job of put Ting the new system into opera Tion. Aside from a boost of the 6 event stamp probably to 8 cents by next summer the average a Independent government Agency letter writer see Little a news analysis semantic smog shrouding Hon desegregation moves Washington a a semantic smog is shrouding the Nixon administration s efforts to explain its school desegregation enforcement policy. The latest Flap Over Federal monitors is interpreted As the inevitable result of an administration policy with two apparently irreconcilable ends virtually total desegregation this fall but the least possible Brais ing of Southern especially those of political Al ies. The White House was forced Friday to offer yet another clarification of the role of monitors following the president s thurs Day night news conference. The chief executive had said the number of Justice depart ment lawyers desk ration specialists from in department of health education Wel fare entering Southern districts this fall would depend on the volume of requests for help from local school officials. Some Federal civil rights officials Southern senators took this to mean monitors would lie barred from checking compliance unless invited by local officials. Quite the contrary residential aides said monitors will travel anyplace the Justice depart ment believes they Are needed or without local Permis Sion. The clarification came too late to save Jerris Leonard jus Tice department civil rights chief the embarrassment of acknowledging to reporters he did t know what the president meant. The chief executive also groped with the question of de segregation monitors at a july 21 news conference. Atty. Gen. John n. Mitchell had been quoted As saying a Force of about 100 Federal officials would move South this fall to oversee desegregation. An important Nixon Backer in the South sen. Strom thur mond r s.c., took Strong exception referring to carpet bagging Justice department Nixon countered that he had no intention of sending Vigi Lante squads in to coerce the Southern schools to the president As a result Lefi the impression in some South Ern quarters that the monitoring Force was grounded. No administration officials said later the monitors would still be going. I the Monitor question also occasioned the unusual scene of White House Counselor Robert h. Finch referring to erroneous information on a desegregation push made Public by Mitchell. Shop save South Carolina Grade a Small 29 Doz. Armour Vienna sausage 4-5 of. Cans 99 Dreher liver pudding 49 c la. Ham Hocks 99c Economy Cut pork chops 49s cabbage in. Squash 2 ibs. For Crowder peas 99 or in previous months Mitchell had squelched several desegregation initiatives from hew when Finch was its other administration officials have had problems explaining the president s policy of Keseg relating More than 95 per cent of Southern districts this fall us no cooperation rather than j. Stanley Pottinger the hew civil rights chief stressed cooperation on a televised news show. The result he told aides afterwards was that he came off looking unduly soft. Elliot l. Richardson the new hew Secretary made headlines in last week when he told an Atlanta audience that desegregation requirements should stress educational needs More than racial balances. Hew aides said later i Chardson was not fully prepared or the questioning on civil rights did not intend to downgrade he necessity of arge scale desegregation. French bomb praised by Mao Wisse Bourg France a chairman Mao tse Tung unlike his would be follow ers in France has nothing but Praise for France s nuclear deterrent defense minister Michel Debre said sunday. Debre was asked at a news conference to comment on maoist a n t i b o m b slogans scrawled on a local War memo rial. Our maoists know nothing about the True thoughts1 of Mao Debre replied Dis closing for the first time that when planning minister Ai Lre Bettencourt met Mao in peking ast month Mao said to him you Are making a great Mili tary Effort producing atomic bombs. If i were in your place i would make an even bigger of mouthwash cleanup underway Washington a the food drug administration plans to Tell eight producers of mouthwashes monday to Stop advertising claims that their products kill bad breath cure sore throats or rid users of the common cold. The Fra said a National Academy of sciences study showed the products had Little or no germ killing Power All were found to be ineffective for preventive or therapeutic the makers have 30 Days reply after which the Fra can order off store shelves if the claims Haven t stopped. An Fra spokesman emphasized however the companies could continue to Adver Tise their mouthwashes As giving a pleasing effect to the Mouth without medical the makers their products Are Johnson Johnson s Micron Oral Antiseptic lever Brothers peps Dent Antiseptic Mouth Wash William s. Merrell co s sep acol Warner Lambert pharmaceutical co s Sterr Isol Pur due Frederick co s betaine iodine pharmaceutical co s iodine Kad Enol corp s Kade nol mouthwash gargle Merck co s Tyrol Laris Mouth Wash. Specifically the Fra objected to advertising claims for the mouthwashes As combats Tempo Rary Relief of minor sore throats due to the common cold minor Throat irritations from Oral an in the Relief of bleeding or kills bad breath germs destroys food still allowed Are phrases like refreshing Mouth rinse or As an to daily Mouth some of the products Are heavily advertised on television. Difference in his local Post office critics say he won t get his mail any faster either. But it is one of the most fundamental efforts to put the mails on an efficient self pay ing basis since Benjamin Frank h n started them in 1753. And it is the first Basic change since the mail system was taken out of the Treasury department in 1829. While Nixon postmaster Gen. Winton m. Blount did t get the postal corporation they wanted to make the mails self supporting by 1978, they got an very close to it. Congress loses almost All control Over the mails including patronage postmaster appoint it keeps a voice particularly in Rural service with Federal subsidies through 1984. As for the lobbyists the postal unions which be come real bargaining agents no longer lobby groups won a ?645-million, 8 per cent pay raise this year retroactive to april 18 plus top scale for mail men after eight years on the Job rather than the present 21. The National right to work committee which threatened to make compulsory Union membership an Issue in current congressional re election campaigns won a ban against negotiation of Union shops. The wines with Mil lion in mail business won a re Striction against negotiation of mail carrying contracts at rates lower than those established by the civil aeronautics Board. Blount wanted Freedom to shop around for the lowest rates he could get. Truckers regulated by the interstate. Commerce com Mission still cannot refuse to carry mail they Don t have to carry it if they can show it is unprofitable or interferes with their other business. Magazine publish ers subsidized with million in 19c9 in reduced mail rate pendent corporation including won machinery under which rates will be increased by an in dependent five Man rates com Mission not by the postal ser vice governors who will be under pressure to put the mails on. A self paying basis. But subsidies for Powers to sell up to f 10 billion in Bonds for modernization construction to negotiate pay working conditions with the postal unions. Summons for Relief a l he court of common pleas magazines several National 5 the Fly newspapers along with a of Florence million subsidy m 1969 of. Book Chalmers record clubs is to be Large co y to d t s Phlena met no map flip a pelts j l division plaintiff versus m. D. Carraway defendant to the defendant you Are hereby summoned required t o by phased out Over five years. Subsidies for charitable religious other nonprofit organizations Are to be phased out Over ten years. Kale setting has been a key controversy in the postal Reform Bill from the beginning with critics claiming the present 6 cent stamp would have to be run up to Between 10 15 cents to cover All mail costs. Under the Bill about to be passed the five Man rates com Mission would set them after Public hearings the rates it sets could be challenged in the courts. The postal service s 11-Man Board of governors could revise the commission s rates Only by unanimous vote. It could also establish temporary rate increases on its own to put pressure on the rates commission to permanently boost rates. Aside from the rate setting the postal service will have pendent corporation including Many of the Powers of an inde answer the complaint in this action which will be filed in the office of the clerk of this court to serve a copy of your answer to the said com plaint on the subscribers at their offices at Florence s. C., within Twenty Days after the service Here of exclusive of the Day of sender if you fail to answer the complaint within the time aforesaid the plaintiff in this action will apply to court for the Relief demanded in the complaint. Dated july 10, . 1970. 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