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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 3, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaBy or. George c. Thosteson . Dear or. Thosteson exactly i than purely physical reasons what does it mean to have a nervous the term is used so often but precisely what is it Are there specific Clear Cut symptoms it does t mean anything or rather it Means whatever somebody thinks it Means. There Are no specific Clear Cut symptoms except that a person is unable to function normally in society because of emotional rather than physical that would be True literally if a person had a Case of hysterics. But that would be a temporary interlude and i certainly reasons. Of course would t Call a nervous taking an instance from real life a Man was doing excellent work As a Foreman so ice was promoted to superintendent his company believed in psychology and psychiatry and had the Man studied. The psychologists said mat the Man had a worrying Type of personality that if promoted re would be unable to Cope with the pressures and decisions required in his new Job. Well the Man was such a Good Foreman that the company decided to promote him anyway. In about six months he would be unable to Cope could t go to work at All. 1 a Call that a the happier Side of the Story is that he was put Back in his old Job where he Felt that he fitted that he could master the Iob instead of vice versa and from then on he became Normal and contented. He was t psychotic not mentally but ust swamped by tensions with which he could t Cope. _ nervous breakdown however also is applied to peo ple who have become mentally ill. This can take different forms delusions of Granduer imagining that they Are being persecuted or being so completely depressed that they do nothing but mope or they May simply become withdrawn and pay no attention to people or events around them. And of course in some in stances some physical illness May also have a bearing on their emotional instability. However the Best definition i can offer is that a nervous breakdown is a person s in ability to function in society because of emotional rather dear or. Thosteson what does a glaucoma test consist of and will boric acid control it mrs. R. N. It s a rather simple test with an instrument called a ton Ometer which measures the pressure inside the eyeball. With use of a suitable drug to Deaden sensation in the Eye the instrument is merely placed against the eyeball. Boric acid is of no use in glaucoma dear or. Tosteson what is the difference Between phlebitis and varicose veins you said two weeks off from work or longer depending on he occupation was average for veto operation. It has been three weeks for me and i still Don t feel food enough to go to work and my thighs Are sore and tender. I lad a deep phlebitis on both legs if that makes a difference. 0. T. It certainly does make a Dif Ference. Varicose veins Are veins that because of faulty valves and stretched Walls rave become distended. Phlebitis however is inflammation o the veins. They Are two separate conditions although because of impaired circulation varicose veins. A part in starting phlebitis. Troubled with varicose veins to make sure you Are doing All you can to relieve the problem write to or. Thosteson in care of this newspaper requesting the Booklet How to Deal with varicose enclosing a Long self addressed stamped envelope and 25 cents n Coin to cover the Cost c printing and handling. Or. Thosteson welcomes Al Reader mail but regrets that due to the tremendous volume received daily he is unable to answer individual letters readers questions Are incorporated in his column whenever possible. Keys made by professional bonded locksmiths fludd s Prince Charles to visit Bermuda Hamilton Bermuda a Britain s Queen Elizabeth sent word saturday that he son Prince will vis the Crown Colony next novem her to help celebrate the 350t anniversary of Bermuda s parliament. The announcement read to parliament by gov Gen. Lord Marto Mere sen Royal congratulations to the Slature on its impending birth Day swim now you can swim in your own Back Yard for As Little As or an in Alwg Dauod unite Pool of thay Phozie for a free Survey. Of course there is no obligation to find the Pool for you and the family. 662-8733. Florence . Yeats not Fri a monday August 7-a banker optimistic about future Francisco a a. Clausen president of the Ank of America says for be Long haul i am optimistic out unrest in our society. Some of the Young Are per is misguided but As they Ach maturity society will refit. All we can wish for is to be More people concerned Ith what s going on. It has already helped our business to make stronger ing f Ore courageous age. Clausen s business happens to s running the world s largest Ank of which he became presi ent last december at the age 46. The Bank has become some ing of a Symbol of the Stab ashment to certain elements of e Radical left. Last february Oters burned Down the Bank s ranch in a Vista adjoining e University of California at Anta Barbara. The Bank Quick put up a temporary building Ince the burning there have Een nine attacks on various of he Bank s nearly Branch a including the temporary Isla Ista quarters. Clausen outlined his feelings n the attacks in a wide ranging interview. He stresses positive actions Uch As the Bank s million ome loan program in ghetto areas support for minority businessmen and student Edu action financing but he does not Overlook the spectacular. Clausen quickly responded to Leisla Vista burning with a nil Page advertisement in newspapers throughout the country condemning violence in rang terms. Our violence in America Ost about he said. The reaction was overwhelm ugly Liat about subsequent at Acks on the Bank we knew when we ran it hat the and was t going to Sway any dedicated bombers and said Clausen polish no his glasses with a handler Hief. What we wanted to do was mobilize Public opinion. We Felt would be Dere Elit if we did of speak displaying a sketch of a Low White Stone and red he building in Spanish colonial style he re ported that the Isla Vista ranch would be rebuilt a t a Cost of he said he is convinced that students do not favor de Struc Ion or anarchy declaring those who do Are very few. The vast majority absolutely oppose that. T have consulted with Young University of California people from Berkeley on several Occa Sions and have dined with some Tom Santa Barbara probing joints of sensitivity exploring All aspects. Our future lies in the hands of these people. The youth of today will be the leaders of tomorrow and the affluent of tomorrow. They Are a Well educated Market. I have a couple of teen age sons myself and they Are prob ing farther than i did at that we want youth to become our steady customers. The longer you have a Cus Tomer the More profitable it is. You make More from a 10-year customer than a 4-year customer and More from either than from one fresh in the Clausen disclosed that the Bank of America has a commit tee of Young employees to make contacts on campuses through out California the sky is the limit on what they can recommend. We have tried to recognize environmental problems As a vital Public Issue and establish them As part of our credit Crite Clausen said. What does that mean instance is our Small business program and our general lend ing policy if a loan creates jobs or the proceeds will say take out air pollution or water Poh Tion we will make it. Funds have been acute in 1969 and so far this. Year. If for example we had the Choice of lending million for a new sewer system or putting it into something else All things Beig equal we would make it for the sewers. If a ghetto businessman is going to create jobs we will Nake his loan. In our million program or minority housing Loans million has already been disbursed. We twice lowered in Vest rates prematurely to dring the Market Down. We have tried to keep rates on the Low Clausen said a new Branch ban was opened in the Black Community of East Palo Alto in april and another was opening in Watts at the end of july. The building in East Palo Alto Cost and the one in Watts about both excellently built by Black contract he added. He said the East Palo Alto Bank presently operating at a but added we expect the to become profitable opera tiie minority employment lie declared is work out Twenty per cent of the Bank c Al work Force is made up of nor cities compared with 11 r cent six years ago Clausen lid. Sale nor1take China wide Platinum band 4995 set of 8 Reg. The China shop downtown Florence Poe Lodge meeting p. M. Monday August 3rd visit of state president and vice president. Initiation and free supper. Will All members please attend. Poseidon set for test. Firing monday Cape Kennedy Fla. A the Navy s new Poseidon missile will be tested from submerged submarine for the first time monday although russian caused postponement a week expected to be watching. The missile is capable of planting 10 warheads on individual targets. Previous firings have been from land Sites and surface ships in this warheads. The monday test at in . From the nuclear sub James Madison is expected to go off in full View of the russians and a Boatload of american newsmen. Last thursday just before the first undersea firing was scheduled a trawler prowled within 200 Yards of the firing ship and the government cancelled. A Pentagon ban on news coverage was lifted and the Navy announced newsmen would be allowed Toi watch the firing from the surface ship observation Island. The James Madison is the first of 31 submarines to plete conversion to handle the Poseidon which will eventually replace the durable Polaris As the main weapon of Uncle Sam s underwater Fleet. Twenty one Poseidon test fir Ings have been accomplished All either from ground silos or the observation Island. Plan Appeal Hiroshima Japan a Hiroshima the world s first tar get of an atomic bomb is plan Ning a conference of peace campaigners nov. 2-5 to adopt a Hiroshima Appeal 1970" against production of nuclear weapons organizers Duke optician dispensing optician lenses duplicated frames fitted prescriptions for glasses filled artificial eyes. I69w. Caves 662-0691 announcing our. Week of August 8 the the pee Dee area s newest finest clothing store u1illiaj12 fashion clothing for the Well dressed gentleman featuring All National Brand name clothing and accessories shirts by Sero Gant Crelghton Hathaway Slacks by Corbin Austin Hill Sherman s britches suits spor Coats by Arthur Richards clubman St. Laurie shoes by Frank Brothers i 5 Inch ties due to the lateness of the season we Are forced to sell our entire summer Stock at a famous savings to All summer suits spor Coats shirts shoes ticket Price for this grand opening Only no Purchase required Register free for a Motorola color . To be Given away sat. Aug. 8th at p. M. Do not have to be present pashion Kir the clime Van 607 North main Marion South Carolina

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