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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 3, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaOur 47th year no. 215 the Only daily paper published in Eastern South Carolina Florence s. C., monday morning August 3, 1970 daily Loc sunday 15e cambodian War conducted by Remote control Saigon a the United states is conducting War in Cambodia by Remote control with electronic intelligence gathering devices spotting North Vietnam targets for air strikes a knowledgeable in Formant said sunday. Hundreds of sensors of Var ious types and other highly secret intelligence gathering Means left behind by american troops when they pulled out of Cambodia Une 30 pinpoint tar gets for . B52 heavy bomb ers and smaller fighter bomb ers. It is known that . Forces which combed Cambodia s fish Hook Region North of Saigon made a careful study of the Ter rain including the locations of North vietnamese base areas. They left behind the intelligence mechanisms with the idea the enemy might return to Check out the area after the . Forces left. It also was thought by Ameri can officers that the North Viet Namee army might keep some of its troops in place even Dur ing the two month . Incur Sion into Cambodia in May and june. Also in certain said be source the possibility exp isted the . Troops might Haven missed some of the North namese supplies and he d come Back to get them. So a target acquisition sys tem was very carefully devel oped with a whole spread of Dif Ferent sorts of intelligence acquisition another source said some b52 raids that followed the pullout of . Troops triggered a Good number of secondary explosions indicating hits on ammunition and fuel depots. But mod of the time there was a Cloud cover and no assessment was he added. He said the Remote control War in Cambodia is much like Laos. Sensors and reconnaissance that s How the targets Are picked in he added. Acting on electronic Intelli gence As Many As 30 b52s at tacked North vietnamese base Camps Supply depots and infiltration corridors in Cambodia and Laos sunday. The eight Jet Strat fortresses unleashed almost tons of bombs on North vietnamese pc sit ions. Most of the raids Cen tired on the to Chi Minh Trail in Eastern Laos at Points where the Supply routes Lead into the Northern Quarter of South Viet Nam. Tse . Command announced in a delayed report that an air Force rf4 reconnaissance Jet with two crewmen aboard has been missing Over the lower Panhandle of Laos since last thursday and an extensive search has failed to find a Trace of it or its Crew. Sources said the reconnaissance plane was looking for North vietnamese trucks moving Down the in Chi Minh Trail. 125 killed As ferry capsizes hijacked 747 Jet departs Miami for san Juan after flight to Havana Here the jumbo Jet was Backen route to its proper destination. I jumbo jetliner hijacked san Juan . A arabs talk Over split by the associated press six members of the right Wing Grahal party which is threaten libyan strongman quit govern Sadafi left for Egypt and Iraq the cease fire was on sunday in a last minute ef-1 accepted attended the meeting. First hijacking of a jumbo Jet Lin fort to heal the split in Arab or ended sunday with the i ranks Over egyptian and Jorda Jacker in Cuba and the Boeing Jan acceptance of the israeli planes hammered Mili tary targets in Egypt and Jor Fri agents aboard safely san Juan. E Dan sunday and Cairo claimed i ground fire downed a raiding skyhawk Over the Suez used israeli forces of shelling canal. Israel denied it. An ethiopian monastery and other churches in a West Jordan the military command in Tel area Ive Miles North of the Aviv said the jordanian strike was aimed at military positions used As staging bases for Arab guerrilla raids on Israel. Dead sea. A spokesman said part of the monastery was destroyed Dur Jordan reported no a 90-Mnute bombardment from the air strikes but a from israeli tanks and cannons. The soviet Union also tried to marshal support for Egypt by a bearded gunman Carryg a ii bag he said contained expo pc delegation to visit Sives commandeered the m be pan american world airways plane Early sunday on a flight i when the iraqis arrive tues from new Yurii to san Juan. It the soviets Are expected to spent half an hour at Havana i threaten a reduction in arms then flew to Miami and finally j Aid unless Iraq Sot reached its destination at tens anti cease fire stand. A i the soviet libyan moves prime minister Fidel Castro on the eve of an Arab made a personal appearance at i ministerial conference in Libya the Havana Airport and talked Nat Iraq and Algeria an with the Pilot about whether the plane could take off safely. Havana s Jose Marti Airport dots bounced they would Boycott to show their opposition to a peaceful settlement. Have the facilities the big jets Ned for Normal takeoffs. Amid the jockeying m Arab i ranks the israeli Cabinet met in a pan american spokesman Jerusalem sunday for a review in Miami said the Pilot had u Fien Haim the ported that the Lone Hijacker army chief of Staffi of resembled Che options under the cuban revolutionary killed in the . Proposal the mountains of Bolivia by to iwas accept Eti Friday by prime Livian soldiers in 1967. J minister Golda Meir s govern he was bearded and spoke intent with an. Said the spokesman Robert Bohne. J Bohne reported the Hijacker pulled a gun on a stewardess after left new John f. Kennedy Airport at j . The gunman ordered the stewardess to take him to the cockpit. She complied and no shots were fired. Watkins said Castro showed a great Deal of interest in the details of the 747" while the Crampton grabs title in Westchester Bruce Crampton won the first prize in the Westchester classic Index sunday. Jack Lewis or. Of Florence had a 73 in the final round. Page 3-b. So 1 a British Engineer who had been comics 7b held captive by the red chinese was porm released to British authorities sunday. Page 3-a. Serv men 5a a sweeping postal Reform Bill has been agreed on by a congressional women 6a conference committee. Page 1-b. Weather partly Cloudy and hot monday and tuesday with Chance of afternoon thundershowers. High 93-98. Low mid 70s. Details Page 2-a. I the libyan news Agency said Sadafi conferred by Telephone with egyptian president Gamal Abdel. Nasser and leaders of Syria and Iraq before leaving on his mediation Mission. Nevis West indies a an inter Island ferry which capsized and Sank within five minutes saturday was Over crowded with More than 200 persons aboard a government spokesman acknowledged Sun Day. An estimated 125 persons died. As the search continued in shark Ridden Waters authorities said 88 persons had been treated 39 bodies had been recovered and 75 to 90 were missing i b coast Pignard Fiel copters kept the search going but the Crews said they doubted anyone Alse would be found alive. One coast guardsman said there was nothing left in tre water but a lot of a lot of the ferry the Christena went Down after leaving Basseterre the capital of St. Kitts on a 10 mile trip to the town of Charles ton on Nevis. Most of the Pas were residents of the two islands. One . Coast guardsman said an unidentified official m tilt Uddenberg replied i Don t know. Maybe it was a wave of a stiff puff of Nevis Assembly chairman Frederick Paris standing in a crowd of about outside a Hospital where survivors were being treated charged that the boat was overcrowded and demanded an immediate investigation. Paris said that the boat was government owned and said the sinking could stimulate senti ment already exists on Central government in St. Kitts. Both islands belong to the associated state of St. Christo Pher which is owned by great Britain. The third Island in the group is Anguilla where British paratroopers put Down an Independence movement last year. Paris als0 said he had heard reports that Law and order had broken Down among the Christena s Crew. He said a Friend had told him before the disaster that everybody aboard the ship wants to act th8nt ail wily chata Ausai u moves the Lite the Cambodia saying i heard the boat was a Hurricane moves toward Texas Galveston Tex. A heavy seas began rolling into the Gulf coast beaches of Texas late sunday As dangerous Hurri Cane Celia moved relentlessly toward a monday landfall. The storm s winds dropped from 115 Miles hour to to Mph during the afternoon but the weather Bureau said her winds would become danger Ous on the Middle Texas coast by noon bit overcrowded. It started lean ing and the people flocked to i one Side with the result that it i Lee Moore a government spokesman acknowledged that there were too Many passengers aboard. The capacity of the ship is lust under he said. I think there was something in excess of 200." one survivor Herman Udden Berg of St. Kitts said the boat acted top heavy from the time she left Basseterre and that when she suddenly began to tilt everybody just went to one the vessel then leaned to the right flipped Over and disappeared within five minutes he added. Asked what caused the ferry n. Viets pc launch assaults phenom penh Cambodia i the fighting at Kampong a urged by Gen. To Thorn continued to be the Jocus Nguyen Giap to step up the War of heavily rein forced North vietnamese and Viet Cong forces launched fresh assaults sunday against the encircled cambodian provincial capital of Kampong Thorn. The cambodian High com Mand said its forces repulsed the attacks with the help of fighter bombers during the Sec Ond Day of the communist com Mand s offensive on the North Ern front. A communique said fighter bombers attacked North Viet namese and Viet Cong assault Waves charging behind mortar Aid recoilless Cannon barrages designed to soften up the Cam Bodian positions. Despite the air attacks the communique said the enemy forces kept up their assaults at All Points around the provincial Headquarters 80 Miles North of phenom penh. Of action in Cambodia sunday. More than two cambodian regiments have been surrounded for nearly two months by a steadily growing North Viet namese and Viet Cong Force numbering to troops. Cong troops occupied the Center of Skol in. Miles Northeast of prom penh. The town is a key Road Junction with spurs Lead ing to Kampong Thorn and to the 1st military Region head quarters at Kampong Cham 25 Miles East of Skourn. South vietnamese Headquarters in Saigon said bombing at tacks forced the enemy t0 with draw leaving 30 dead and a dozen weapons on the Battle Field. A spokesman said South vietnamese losses were two killed and 17 wounded. Jules Verne like machine probes around floor of Ocean san Diego Calif. A Caimens one on a track that j Jules Verne would have Wel-1 Rolls to and fro and the other on plane was on the ground in Havana. The Pilot said Castro coined it. It Clackett Clacks along the Ocean floor with television Cam eras arms sonar and other sophisticated electronic equip Vana. Me Poi Sam a Daub Physt Jated electronic equip asked him about the number of j Mem remotely controlled passengers the plane could car-1 so a Man can explore the seas by the cargo Load and the num-1 rom a Sun drenched her of Crew members necessary cd to operate it Esther be a Fuente of Argen Tina the stewardess threatened by the Hijacker said the Man was about 20 years old and was travelling in the first class Sec Tion of the aircraft. She said he told her he was puerto rican but maybe to was cuban be cause he told us he had been in Havana before and that he knew tie the Man described Cuba As she said and told her i can t wait to get to Cuba and live the revolt its name rum or More for Mally the Remote underwater manipulator. Its creator the Scripps institution of Oceano Graphy. A private research institution. The vehicle looks like a tank that has t xxii loan cd with All a movable Boom can see 360-degree radius with the Aid of lights attached to the body of rum. One of the lights is infrared. The sonar equipment tells the surface operator that lies in the path of the monster including obstacles that might be out of Range of the to cameras. The huge movable Boom with a hand like protuberance can exert 50 pounds of pressure in any direction and can lift objects weighing up to pounds. The whole thing weighs pounds submerged and that has been loaded with All i pcs say j can go to a depth of sorts of gear to make it do a-1 t or being most everything a diver can do and go deeper into the Ocean. The tracks permit the Crea Ture to traverse even the most treacherous sea terrain. Its to feet or More without being affected by the pressure. A Man in a diver s suit can t go below about feet. So far rum has logged about 10 Miles on the Bottom off the coast of san die and has successfully been tested As Low As feet. To make the thing operate however you need orb an oceanographic research buoy that floats along on the surface. Or. Victor c. Anderson associate director of the Marine physical Laboratory at Scripps says the rum cry combination can be used to inspect Oil blow outs like the one last year that fouled beaches in the Santa bar Bara Channel we can put hum Down whore we want it let it stay there As Long As need be without regard to human frailties and Uel it to get to Anderson says. Orb has no Power of its own and must be towed rum is powered by two powerful elec tric motors. Machine designed to explore the floor of the Ocean it has television Sorimar and other electronic equipment in Tallad i elsewhere in North vietnamese Cambodia and Viet worry county counts four weekend deaths four people died in. Horry county Over the weekend according to officials. Two Loris men died in separate shooting accidents and two North Caro Lina girls drowned. Horry county Corner Clayton Richardson said Robert g. Boyd 49, was shot in the Chest with a .12 gauge Shotgun about 9 . Saturday alter an argument Over an automobile. He said a Man is being held in the county jail in connection with the Case. The Coroner said Johnnie it. Lowder 34, died about 3 . Sunday when he was shot in the Chest with a .22 calibre Rifle. Both shootings were near Loris Richardson said. Alma Rebecca Phillips 17, and Dianna Lynn Rogers 21, both of Fairmont . Drowned White wading in an Inlet near Cherry Grove Beach. Officers Aid they stopped into water Over their Heads

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