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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 2, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaAugust Florence morning news watergate hearings continued from i ugh 1ai Ward ,1. Gurney. A la. And Sam j. Krvin or. . The chairman got into a Wrangle Over when Colso n should be called As a witness. Gurncy pressed for Colson to be called before the committee recesses in August but Ervin said the committee had already twice approved a witness list without name on it. At an executive session wednesday lie. Committee re affirmed its decision not to Call Colson during the present phase of the hearings. The vote reportedly was four to two with one abstention. Minority counsel Fred b Thompson who said he favored hearing Colson As soon As pos sible said one reason Given for the committee s decision was that Colson has an opening statement that would take two Days to read and thai the Corn Millic is Rushing toward recess. Thompson said Colson s Alloney offered to reduce the statement if necessary but the majority still voted against calling him now. Richard i Helms. Former director of the Central intelligence Agency and now ambassador to Iran is the next witness thurs Day. Churn by. Also pressing for Quick Resolution of the com Millie s first phase said my own personal View is that i think these hearings Are dam aging this government seriously he nation and also its relations in the world the barrage of memos Dis cussed with Haldeman also included a feb. 9. 1973 paper to former White House counsel John w. Dean Iii from Halde Man. In Haldeman suggests that Pepsico Board chair Man Donald Kendall an old Nixon supporter be told to fire Carla Deloach if Deloach. A former lop Fri official does not Tell the while House All he knows about any attempts to. Wiretap Nixon during the 1968 presidential Campaign. Do you have some hold Over or. Asked Weicker Mitchell had a personal relationship with or. Responded Haldeman. I think Mitchell had been in touch with Kendall or Deloach regarding this Mailer and had nol gotten the material he was seeking. This was a question of applying additional pressure on or. q. Of. I see. We now have the White House reaching Down through you and saying to Citi Zens of this country if they Don t do what is asked of them they will be fired a. That is the suggestion that is Here. Obviously Here is no ability on our Parl to carry in out. The Conne Licul Republican member of the Senate watergate commit Lee also denounced Haldeman for pen filing Good and Greal on a memo to the potential of demonstrations and obscene signs Al a 1971 presidential appearance in nor in Carolina. Haldeman acknowledged the actions and offered explanations. Bui Weicker. Summarizing Al the end of his second heated 10 minute Exchange with Haldeman. Declared this Type of business Here thai emanates from some of the highest councils in the land is a disgrace. I Don l think there s been any change in tactics from the 1972 Campaign to when you sit Here right senators were limited to ten minutes of questioning at a time during Haldeman s third Day of testimony As the Commilles tried to Speed this phase of its Public hearings. Hut Weicker said i am going to continue on this Subj eco every 10 minutes i get until we gel these facts his exchanges were based on two memos handed the commit tee and made Public. One. Fr6m Haideman to White House counsel John w. Dean Iii dated feb. 10.1973, said in part we need to get our people to put out the Story on the foreign and communist Money that was used in support of Demon so rations against the president in 1972. We should lie All 1972 to Mcgovern and Ihus to the democrats As Pari of the peace movement. The investigation should be broadened to include the peace movement which leads directly itt memo contradicts Mitchell s testimony Washington api for Mer ally. Gen. John n. Mitchell knew about an International Telegraph Telephone corp. Pledge to help underwrite the 1972 Republican National convention before three anti Trust suits against itt were settled out of court a memo re leased wednesday shows. Samuel Dali. Senate water Gate Commilles chief counsel who released said in appears to show an act of per jury in the c part of Mitchell in a March to. .1972. Memo then presidential counsel Charles w. Colson briefed White House chief of staff 11. K. Haldeman on the status of administration records dealing with the itt controversy thai arose during Iho confirmation hearings of former ally. Gen. Richard . Colson said itt files that were not shredded but sent to the securities and Exchange commission would show that Mitchell was Pul on notice about the itt convention arrangement n month before the antitrust suit settlement took place. Mitchell under oath denied such knowledge. Colson said the files contained a june 30. 1971 memo from Herbert Klein communications director of Haldeman. Selling Forth a arrangement with itt. Copies were addressed to Mitchell and William Timmis. A while House aide. This memo Pul he a at Lorney gerneral i on constructive notice it least of the 1 it commitment Al thai Simean before the . Facts which he has denied under Colson said in his memo. During the Kleindienst hear Ings. Mitchell denied knowl Edge of the reported s40q.ooo pledge by itt to help finance insurance tips it s a right purty neck lace Zeke i la Lave ii insured today with insurance Agency we put the sure my Burna phone 665-1115 614 w. Evans the gop convention in san Diego last August. The convention site Laler was moved to Miami Beach. Fla. In the Wake if the controversy Over he itt Case. I Don t know the faintest thing about Cove lion finance Mitchell told the Senate judiciary committee during the Kleindienst hearings. He added he had nothing to do with arrangements. Kleindienst succeeded Mitchel As attorney general when Mitchell quit to Lake Over president Nixon s presidential Campaign. During the watergate hear Ings wednesday. Dash questioned Haldeman about . The former while i Louse aide said he was nol familiar with it nor did he remember receiving it. Later. Dash Lold an Impromptu news conference that the existence of was made known to him wednesday morning and that he decided to disclose it publicly because the analogy to the water Gate i cover up is Here and it was presented in this the judiciary committee. The panel to which Mitchell made his sworn statements Aspeci the Justice Deparl i ii in june 1972 to study the testimony to see if perjury was committed. When the current attorney general. Elliot i. Richardson look office he turned the Case Over to the special watergate prosecutor s office Colson s memo said also there was a second document in the Sec file which would con Radical Mitchell s testimony because in outlines Mitchell s agreement to talk with Richard Mclaren former Justice department anti Rusl chief following his meeting Wilh itt president Harold Geneen in August 1970. Mitchell Lesli fied during the hearings that he me i for 35 minutes with Geneen after Mil Chell had disqualified himself from Laking part in the antitrust suits and said he would not discuss the cases Wilh anyone in the Justice department Mitchell Lold the judiciary committee the discussion in August 1970 Deall Only Wilh Gencen s arguments thai inc Nixon administration s anti Rusl policy was Loo vigorous. There were no discussions of the company s court Bailies Wilh the la slice department. Mitchell testified Colson s memo to Haldeman quo cd the second memo As saying. A memo Send to the vice president Spiro t. Agio Mcgovern and Teddy Ken this is a Good counter offensive to be developed. In this connection we need to Ilem Tzc All the disruptions such As the Century Plaza. San fran Cisco statue of Liberty and so on. We need to develop the plan on to what extent the democrats were responsible for the demonstrations that led to violence or disruption. We have to play a very hard game on this whole thing and gel our investigation going As a the references were to sen. George Mcgovern. . The 1972 presidential nominee and to sen. Edward m. Kennedy. A mass. Arc you trying to tie die democratic party to foreign Money and asked Weicker. A. I am trying to get Oul the Story and whal the facts were in relation to the demonstrations. Q. Is this whal you believed during the course of 1972? a. It iries to link the Mcgovern Campaign and the democrats and the peace movement to the demonstrations and to the Point i understand that was documentation on foreign and communist Money. Q. Well what Are the facts a. I Don l know. I have slated whal my understanding was. I thought or. Dean had the facts. In a prepared statement Mon Day and at other Points in Leslie on Haldeman has referred to various Demon st rations and violence against the Nixon Campaign he said had not been adequately investigated. It Weicker asked that the acts you list did t serve your opponent s interest but on occasion did serve your candidate s if they did. I Don t Sec How hey answered Haldeman. Always quiet of voice but periodically Baleful of look toward Weicker. Weicker produced a memo to Haldeman from Ronald ii. Walker dated oct. 14, 1971, discussing an upcoming appearance by the president with evangelist Hilly Graham at Charlotte . In Parl said the most recent intelligence is that we will have Demon so razors in Charlotte tomorrow. The number is running Between 100 arid 200 the Advance gut reaction is Between Iso and 200. They will be violent they will have extremely obscene signs As has been indicated by their handbills. Ii will nol Only be directed toward the president but also toward Hilly the word Good Issri Llenin he margin by the reference to obscene signs and the word Greal is Handwritten after the reference to Graham. Is that your asked Weicker. I believe it said Haldeman. My said Weicker relates to exactly what mentality in is in the White House that indicates Good when the words obscenity and violence Are mentioned. How in any Way can thai be replied Haldeman the problems thai we had during the Campaign of Violen _ j it Dillu us Luj. I obscene signs of heckling the president were very great. They were not recognized As being very great. There was an attempt made in coverage of Many of these events to present this As an off the cuff reaction of persons in the audience As contrasted 10 planned organizations Pul together for the purpose of creating violence. The reason for reacting that 11 would be Good was if they were going to do this in this Way it would be seen they were going to do it this Way. Sometimes they disguised their True went on How to keep demonstrators Nul Side the Charlotte coliseum site of the even. And How handling of demons razors could be extremely damaging to the president s at the end of , a Haldeman had checked the recommendation that demonstrators be prevented from entering the coliseum but wrote in the notation As Long As it is local police and local volunteers doing it not our sen. Joseph m. Montoya. . Asked Haldeman about the so called White House enemies list. Haldeman said he would like to plead guilty loan i delicacy if it was referred to As the enemies he said he had read that a similar list was called the anathema list during the Johnson administration. He contended the list was Pii f Logcher after friends of the administration complained that people who were expressing i Al t up Yucai same time being extended extra courtesies by he White House in terms of social invitations and appointments to Board and Haldeman acknowledged ordering a background Check on lbs newsman Daniel Schorr but said he could t recall Why he had done so. Asked about several enter trainers he responded in the Case of any entertainer or any Gucal Al the White House there is automatically a Check of the Fri file to see if he poses a Threal or a Polc Lial Haldeman said in response to sen. Howard h. Bakerjr. R-tenn., that he could not recall Ever ordering 24-hour surveillance of sen Kennedy. Bui Haldeman said there were times when there was very definite interest in the activities of sen. Kennedy some political some not political at All but in relation to trips on Early release of pos. Con lacks concerned with ending the others have testified that White House operatives closely investigated Kennedy s 1d69 automobile Accident in which a Young woman died. Some questioning took Haldeman again Over ground he had covered tuesday concer Ning meetings involving Nixon and John Dean who has accused Nixon of knowing about the watergate cover up. A Haldeman said that based on listening to a tape recording of a March 21, 1973, Memling he is sure Dean cited he wrong Dale for a meeting in which Dean says Nixon first discussed blackmail payments to defend cum e. Ii Owaru said the incident look place March 13. Haldeman says however that an anecdote which Dean associates with the discussion appears on the tape of the March 21 meeting. Committee chairman sen. Sam j. Ervin jr., d-. Declared to Haldeman we Haven t got a particle of testimony so far that the president himself personally took any Active interest in the time Between june 17.1972. And March. 1973. Except to make inquiry through Dean As to How this watergate All he made inquiries through John d. Ehrlichman and said Haldeman. Q. What did you and Ehrlich Man do a. Referred them to John Dean. Q. John Dean is the Only per son asked to find out How the burglars were caught with the Campaign Money in their pockets a. That is absolutely right. Sen. Daniel k. Inouye. A Hawaii. Was blocked by Ervin in his attempt to explore a California court ruling ruling of 1964 which named Haldeman in connection with a misleading Post card scheme used in the 1962 Nixon Campaign for Gover nor of California. Ervin said the material was Loo old. 3 Days on addressed dear Ted from Ned Gerrity itt Washington chief tends to contradict John Mitchell s testimony because in outlines Mitchell s agreement to talk with Mclaren following Mitchell s meeting with Geneen in August 1970." the Colson memo to Halde Man said the other memo on Mitchell would carry some weigh in that was written contemporaneous with the meeting. Both Mitchell and Geneen have testified they Dis cussed policy not this Case and that Mitchell talked to no one else. The memo further states that Ehrlichman former Nixon aide John in Ehrlichman i assured Geneen thai the presi Dent had instructed he Justice department with respect to the bigness policy. It is of course appropriate for the president to instruct the a slice department on policy but in the context of i Csc hearings that Rele Valion would Lay this Case on the president s Doorstep Colson said the Sec files contained also a september 1970 memo from Ehrlichman to Mit Chell referring to an under standing with Geneen and complaining of s. A prior to the july 31, 1971 Sel element of the antitrust suits the hearings showed. Mclaren was aggressively attempting to take the three cases to the supreme court. Mclaren now a . District court judge in Chicago said he went along Wilh the Sotl Lemeul because itt agreed to dives some holdings. He said Hal was the action he wanted from the High court. Colson said a May 5. 1971 memo from Ehrlichman to Mit Chell Alliod discussions be Iween the president and the a attorney general Aslo the agreed upon ends in the Reso Lulion of the itt Case and ask ing the a whether Ehrlichman should work directly with Mclaren or through Mitchell. There is also a memo to the president Al the same Lime period. We know we have Contro of All the copies of this but we Don l have control of the Origi Nal memo to the a. This Niemo would once again contradict Mitchell s testimony and More importantly directly involve the the Justice department filch the suits against itt in augus 19fi9 in a Challenge against the giant conglomerate s Acquini lion of three companies. Richard l. Nash . Announces the opening of his private practice of dentistry located in Southwark shopping Center August thursday to sat. To entire Stock of Reg. 34-95 polyester double knit spor Coats regulars and Longs alterations included. Special group Oreg. 34.99 to 54.99 imported Wool or polyester double knits. Misses9 sizes look for the red tags these Slacks sold originally for 6.95 to 11.95 convenient Lay a Way 901 second Loop rd., Florence

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