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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 2, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaThe family circus Blondie us. Lif your poor please dear mow the other v foot. Please -7 Carroll Righter s Florence morning news thursday August crossword Puzzle time for vacation to begin daddy Andy Capp i clump clump clump clump of it-13 my doctor advised me id run a mile every Dav tour Tell you the same Mary Worth j May be getting mam1eo- 1 vex Here in my casts Are Comini off tomorrow so i m sure mrs r Worth and i can handle the work Dick Tai Acy from the Carroll Righter Init Tut general to nil incl a 1 he Early Day can have Sonu Small disappointments but shortly excellent Nln Netney positions Favori a Happy and prod us 11 vi1 pcs Iii in any thing undertaken with others Parli Culmaily connected with social popularity Romance and reaching Civ Mati to api 19 if you Sil Down with others in a very manner Yon Ian Licach a far better nil to lose your Lom Pui arid All will he Fine take it easy Tomchi Taurus Apt 10 May to make your dwelling More attractive and gain the Coope Iarion of pals buy the new clothing you amt look your Liesl seek out whatever hings you Nizic happiness in one who likes Lohl gemini Mayi 10 june gel into the amusements you really enjoy with tin people you Lily like working on your a Csc Cealke Uleas is Fine and you gel excellent drive Willi urn com caution Moon Nill Dri a june to july Al study your abode Well and Sec can he done to make it Moie at Laclive some Al Home could be Vicy Pleasont 1 Rylo save More Money instead of spending so lavishly july 10 aug. 31 if you make those appointments Eaily so your life becomes Moie successful and Happy you get excellent is Iblis f veiling should be spent with people of same ideas As yours think wisely Virgo aug ii 10 sell Sumdy debits and credits and Impi pc your firkin goal slanilmt1. A Clever business person will big linear Ledly give you you need follow it and you get excl Lenl Yesulis Lidiia sept 10 oct ?2 you can be very charming with Oil icis now am can do much to gain their Goodwill Benens Flavois they can Listow. Get Mil to some social affair thai can to very Good Foi you us sure to dress Well Scorpio Oil a 10 nov von can have a delightful time with one you like bin be sine Yon Ilo not confide in Olheis i i inc Dula thai you need so you can put it to use quickly make Suie you do not i squib others. Though Sacii i aril s. To dec m look to a Good Friend Foi Llie you need Ai this Lime to gain some Impo Itani aim social aim lies Aie Fine Laie in the Clay and arc in an excellent mock Don i be glum Capricorn Dei 21 10 Jan 20 Moniaci congenial and improve your image Boih in private and in Public gel Niheu in spoil Foi you Aims von i an gel Ihal civic matter on the Load also my Loi fun male in p in. 21 to i be you have unusual outlets to gel into and this is a Good Foi Ilia gel the support and approval of la gigs i on can make Ilie new associates you need easily. Trunk along a in practical lines i is Lis 20 10 Mai ii you follow you in Ilion you know Exa City Oliai in do Legai dog some Impo Itani issues facing you use Good Ini Lineni too a churn the affection which male extends in Yon and have my h greater Lapport. La your child is Horn Ioda lie or she will have the delightful Quality of being a people Adi Nuci and easily Exi Earls Coni Plionis ibis leads to much Goodwill understanding and to Yout Clever youngster. Teach Early to become ,1 Good student. And then this Chart becomes very successful much chains Here and willingness to cooperate with Orcis spa renal naming Early Hie Sims impel i hey to n of what you make of you life is largely up to you Carroll Rig Luei s individual pore Rasi for your sign for in nov in Ait Toi Viii coup Send your birth Dale and is in Cir Roll Kig Hopr forecast i Lori acc morning Box ti23. Hollyn xxi. Calif. 1973, Mcnan Nhi Syndicate. Inc across i. Deal 5. Canadian fliers. 3. Dusl Raujol 11. Harass 12. Salad Ingie dint 13. Slippery 14. Boy s name .15. Vilice Holder 17. Index 19. Locality 20. Italian 22. Ira pie 25. Lowlife 30. Weil Putini 31. Avn get 34 gelling or. In year 37. Turmeric 38 40. Negotiate 11. Book part 47. Notoriety 4s. American Aulgur 49. Scottish fiver 50. Part of. The Eye 51. Arab s coat 52. Common Icib Pond huh he 0i1hqi3i33 heh Queeb Osh solution of yesterday s Puzzle 29. Con pass Point 53. Optical Ait Down 1. Worry 2. Bean 3. Star in Draco 4. Con idly 5. Spawn of ish 6. Afflicts 7. Rapid 8. Wat the killers lost 9. Inert 10. Color 16. Aulo 18. Assam 21 of Ussach Sells Cape Beetle Bailey 8ut you can talk Loncsek in ten a mutes Tujan else n an hour Flintstones what will think this in the newest Model it s water proof you f or Sot to take off a the nauseated mom in me cheap log Eleesa so have Togo Back which Adje 42. Us Cills arc Unland j5. Sprite Gypsy conf race Bridge Becker sacrifice play South dealer. Ortli South vulnerable. North 1094 v 1072 4 j 85 9 g 3 West ak6.2 v q9 8 5 k q 10 7 j7 East a8 5 3 v j 9 6.4 3 2 q 1084 South a q j 7 a k g4 a a k 5 Luse Ottwork in a tire service station. Time says Pocs. Okay ill let Vou stay Mere if Pocs will Getaw car. Ask Andy the bidding Smith West 2 v pass 3 pass North 2 it v Earl pass opening diamonds. Lead King of Moraln Newl p. 0. Box full. Florence. S c. Moi. Andy sends i Complete set of the Merit students Kydia to Celii Lungi Hilins Noii 13. Of Laitin Juton her question Tiow can Tiik make Glass from Sand the is n special Ennd with a Gigli can Lenl on i mini Ivil Rall Crl Silic a. The Earth uses a recipe that changes Silica inn shiny thick Obsidian which is a a turn Glass. The Scrol is i no Ifju heal to melt Nyrl use Silica to form a Tacky Sushl Nncy. Who this cools in is smooth hard Glass. The of Glass use nature s Basic recipe plus Many improvement and Crri Nemens. Oif Fernl types of Siml contain various minerals but film nil a ii if them contain Silica. Only Sands thai contain very Hijji Peichen Lars if Silica Are for making Glass. Silica is the most plentiful and in Many ways the most wonderful of i he Earth s Rocky . In forms opals agacs and a Long Lisl of other Semi precious stones Pisa multitude of Ordinary Rooks. Including Quartz which is the hard pal Mon Mineral. This Lumier Mineral is a simple chemical compound of the plentiful elements oxygen arid Silicon. And. As so often Hap pens what in lure can do. Mankind can do belter. Nature uses the heal from fiery volcanoes to change Silica into Obsidian the natural Glass Mineral found among the lavas of our Western mountains. Thousands of years ago. People discovered How Ochang Silica Sands into Glass and even How in lint Illo resemble precious gems. Nowadays a manufacturing Plant May have recipes for making different kinds of Glass. In All of them the main ingredient is Silica usually in he form of hard grains found in Sand or sandstones All of them require very High Lorn per Alvires to melt and fuse the Gritty grains to form the Lacky substance Ihal cools to he come Glass i other ingredients in the Basic recipe Are Alkali and Lime. The Alkali causes the Silica Lomell with less heal hut the finished Glass tends to dissolve in Walcer. The Lime is added to make the Glass durable and Waterproof. The Basic recipe for Ordinary window Glass requires 72 pounds of Silica to about 15 pounds of Alkali and about nine pounds of Lime. The Silica comes in Sand or crushed Sand Stone the Alkali usually is in Potash or soda Ash. The Lime is added with crushed Limestone. This Basic recipe Musl to Hall d to degrees . Which is As hoi As a Glasl Furnace used lost h Iron. This Seething heal separates the molecules in the slur Day Crystal Structure of the Silica. As the mixture melts the particles flow around and fuse together in a different Structure the hot. Molten material is viscous or thick and Sticky in this slate it is taken from the Furnace and rolled folded or blown into its final shape. The hoi viscous materials shard quite quickly Softli shaping Musl be done Ina hurry. A Declarer mils be willing to i sacrifice a Irick whenever it furthers his chances of making the contract. Thus if South makes four hearts in this hand he scores 820 Points and if he makes five he scores 850 Points but if he goes Down one he goes minus 100 Points. The 30 Points he gains for making five arc a Mere drop in the bucket compared to what happens if he goes Down trying for an Over trick. Going Down docs not Cost him just 100 Points for the Onn trick defeat but another 820 that he could have scored for making game. South is in four hearts and gets a Diamond Lead. His potential losers Are a Spade a club and an unspecified number of hearts. How Many Trump tricks he loses depends on How the Trumps arc divided and How he plays the suit after winning the Diamond Lead South plays the Ace of Trumps East producing the Jack. If Declarer blindly continues with the King he goes Down losing a Spade two Trumps and a club. Bui South should not King alter the Jack appears. There is too much danger the Jack is a Singleton in which Case playing the King could be fatal. Declarer should reason when the Jack appears that it is either a Singleton or part of a double ton. By leading Low on the second round he limits himself to one Trump loser in either Case. The safety play costs Kim a trick if East has the a Jaldie but South can easily pay 30 Points to insure contract. In the actual hand if South leads Low on the second round he loses Only one Trump regardless of How West defends and so makes the contract. Him King features Syndicate inc tomorrow test your play. 5 v everyday 11 1 Counselor ii by or. Herbert Spaugh All the a., people Are cheaplm6. There is no sign of Sandy grains in the finished Glass because if Cir Silica molecules have been fused and remodeler. Alumina and boric oxide Are added to heal res Island recipes but Licy Aronn visible in Glass baking dishes traces of Iron or chromium in he mixture Are remodeler to add a greenish line to Glass both los. Traces of Gold selenium or Copper oxide also seem to disappear though actually they add Ruby red t inns to the finished Glass. Andy sends a seven volume set of the of narnia to 1 Aula Recks age i i. Of Worden iii., for her question How Many different snails Are there there Are about different snails in the world. If you went Snail Hunting. You could not find them All in a whole lifetime. Suppose you found one different Snail every tiny Al this rate in would Lake you More than 100 years to find hem All. If you were Lucky enough to find two different snails every Day. You Nii Uhl be Able Gofind them All in so Vears Jan l la s the Best handbook you can have. In applies to All Ages and circumstances. Ii is ageless and Points to your every need. In counselling i am continually reminded of the value of verses and promises from the Loihle. They have Healing Power. These promises of clod Are incalculable. Here is an alphabetical Lisl of Hible promises to help you. Anil it shall he Given you seek and be shall find Knock and in shall he opened unto you. Matt he is ill. And know thai i am come unto me. Allye that labour and arc heavy Laden and i will give you rest mall 11-28 Delight thyself also in the lord and he shall give Bee the desires of thine heart psalm 37-11 Kaler inn his gales with thanksgiving and into his cur is with Praise he thankful unto slim and bless his name i psalm 100 i fear thou not. For i am with the. Be not dismayed for i am thy god i Wilt strengthen Ibee. Yea. 1 will help thee. Yea. I Wili uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness i Isaiah 41-10 give and it shall be Given unto you Good measure pressed Down and shaken together and running Over shall men give into your bosom kor with the same measure be mete withal in shall to measured to Vou Acain hear and your soul Small live Isaiah 55.ii in him we live and mtg be. And have our being a cos the Joy of the Inird is your so Rengh Meh j keep thy heart with jail Diligence for nut of in arc the issues of life in Rov 4.23i nol your heart troubled be believe in god. Believe also in me 14 Ufi a merry heart Doplh Good like a Medicine but a broken spirit Drieth the Bones up Tbs pc not by might nor by Bill by my spirit. Of hosts acc i ii owe no Man anything but to love one another i romans peace i leave Wilh you. I Jim peace 1 give unto you not As the world liveth. Give i unto you nol your heart be troubled. Neither let it he afraid 1-1 271 s quench nol the spirit i thess 5 j hell in the lord. And Init patiently for him psalm 37 seek be first the god. And his and All these material Thip is shall be added unto you 6 33 Jav Trust in the lord thine Hearl and lean not Jolo Hinc own understanding. In tall Why ways acknowledge him and lie shall direct Why Paflas prov 3 -1-5 b

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