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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 2, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaGood morning it s thursday August our 50th year no. 214 Mitchell daily 10sunday 15 assailed As Haldeman session ends Washington a a White House memo presented to the Senate watergate com Mittee wednesday discusses secret files in the celebrated itt Case of 1972 which the memo says contradict or tend to contradict sworn testimony of for Mer atty. Gen. John n. Mit Chell. The memo of March 30. 1972. Was written by while House special counsel Charles w. Col son to White i Louse chief of staff h. R. Haldeman at the time of. Senate hearings into an itt antitrust action and the firm s proposed financial support for the 1972 convention in san Diego Calif. Haldeman concluded his testimony before the committee shortly after the memo was presented. He spoke standards set for the while House staff by preside no Nixon and expressed my deep regret and sorrow thai in a few in stances there was a failure to meet those standards. I am not sure yet where that failure he said. He said he Hopes tie failures arc determined because Only Uicon will it be determined where the failure was before concluding his third Day of testimony Haldeman was assailed by sen. Lowell i1. Wicker or. ing a Post ulc Clion counter offensive lumping together democrats. Demonstrations and foreign or communist Wicker also bore Down on Haldeman for a written Nota Tion on a memo Al cml collection of news articles in which Hal deman said ill approve whatever will work. I m concerned with results not meth Don t you feel thai might have been in the psychology which led to the excesses we be bad described to this com i certainly Don Hal deman who insisted his com ment dealt Only with the limited scope of the memo. In a Day of Many inc mos out of the past chief committee counsel Samuel dash produced the itt paper which he said had been obtained tuesday night from a Secretary being interrogated by a committee staffer. The memo cited another memo which it said put Mitchell on constructive notice no least of it s j100.000 commitment to the Republican convention before the settlement of the itt antitrust Case facts which he has denied under Colson s memo discusses a number of other papers which it said would Embarrass the administration in he to matter including a memo to Nixon Anil in one Case shows great concern Over a missing copy of a memo. The disclosure produced Little from Haldeman. Hut Sens. Cd Sce water Gate pages food prices still continue to Rise at inexorable rate . Haldeman ends testimony completed after third Day grim View Given economic picture Washington api the Nixon administration officially abandoned its 1973 target for reducing inflation wednesday and predicted the National Job less picture will show Only slight improvement Between now and the end of 1974. Or. Herbert Klein chairman of president Nixon s Council of economic advisers gave p grim View of the nationwide Price picture he join economic committee of con Gress holding a hearing on the stale of the Economy at mid year. Stein was asked by sen. Wil Liam Proxmire. A wis. If the administration was clinging in its forecast that inflation would be Cut to 2.5 per cent by the end of the year. No. I Don t expect that any More he replied but while dropping the goal. Stein declined to set o now inflation target. In conceded that he administration s decision to abandon mandatory phase 2 wage Price controls in january fora largely voluntary phase 3 system was a mistake. He said the unemployment Rale should fall from -1.8 per cello 4.5 per cent by the end of the year As the administration predicted in january. By the associated press shoppers looking for bargains had to search harder than Ever during the last week of july As food prices continued their steady climb an associated press Snarke Busket Survey shows. Eggs and pork Rose sharply when food Price controls wore lifted Wilh the announcement of phase 4 two weeks ago wednesday went up even More. The Price of i eggs in Seattle wash., for example jumped 47 per cent Between july 1 and aug. I from s8 to 85 cents with most of the boost coming during he last week of the month. The a surveyed the prices of 15 food and nonfood items in 13 cities on Mach i and rechecked at of each succeeding month i addition a special Survey was made july five Days after president Nixon announced an end to controls on All foods except beef. The Marke Basket total was 12 of the 13 cities checked in the period from july 23 to july 31. With increases ranging up to 5 per cent. The Only decline was in Atlanta where a Safe on detergent offset increases in the prices of other items. Seventeen per a Cal of the total number of items checked were up in Price during die last week of he month five per cent went Down 6fi per cell were Une hag Ned and 12 per cent were Mil available on one of to two Check dates. Most of the increases were attributed to the Law of Supply and demand. Egg production has dropped off to Way below Normal and the Supply is very said a supermarket spokesman in Seattle. At the same time he said Many people who can t afford meat Are turning to eggs As a source of protein increasing the demand. Wholesale prices also were up since under phase 4 processors As Well As retailers Are allow we to pass on Hillier costs in raw agricultural products. A store spokesman in los Angeles said the higher wholesale cos of pork Lions was responsible for the increase in the Price of chops. Grade a medium White eggs went up in Price in 11 of 13cities during the last week of july Anil were unavailable in the super Marke Basket comparison pork Albuquerque Atianna Boston Chicago Dallas do hopi .67 .81 .82 .7? .74 mfg Tel los Angeles new York Philadelphia Providence Sal i like of aide .89 .62 .88 .87 a 3 159j159j 185j185j 1 85j195j 1 69j179j 1 49j a 188j1 99j 185j199j 1 99j1 99j 189j205j 1.69j1 89j 1.74j1.87j 1.s5j1.83j .91 .79 .69 .67 .66 .99 .89 .85 ?9 x Ink a nol Antii Tulili 4 Market checked in each of the other two cities. The increases ranged from a fraction of a per cent in new York to 33 cent in Salt Lake City. Eggs already had gone up in eight cities in the period from july 1 to july Center Cut Poi ii chops were up in eight cities increases ranged from 5 or Conlin ii Oslon. Where the Price went from si.115 to ii per Conlin Seattle where the Price went from to Pound. Pork chops had risen in Price Between july i and july 2. I everywhere he Seattle and Miami. Do of prices remain under ceilings imposed on March 29 and based on sales and prices Over a month Long period in line with the ceilings the a found chopped Chuck and All beef frankfurters stayed generally the same rising slight in Only one City each. The continued ceilings however have prompted cattlemen to withhold livestock from Market in of getting better prices later. Meat processors say they Are unable to gel supplies to stay in business unless they pay More than they can charge and con Sumers Are finding less and Leff beef available. Fight inflation together i to one of the organizers of the april 1-7 meat Boycott has called for a total boy Coll of All shopping on aug. 7 to protest High prices. The group picked up support tuesday from he los Angeles Board of super visors which endorsed the proposal for a Don t buy anything about one third of americans in our country arc hungry and ill said ice Cal e. Obs. One of the supervisors. Roosevell said hat in when lie was elec Ted. You d think we would have made some the Ilams checked in the a Survey were dropped Chuck pork chops Frozen Orange juice Coffee paper towels. Hilter eggs Peanut Butler detergent fabric softener Tomato sauce cookies milk All beef Franks and granulated sugar. Hems hat were unavailable on one of he two Check dates were nol included in totals. Nixon vetoes emergency medical Washington a pics Ideal Nixon vetoed a Mil lion program for emergency medical services wednesday saying it is too expensive and infringes on the role of state and local governments. Nixon said he proposed spending million for he last fiscal year and million for the current fiscal year. The Federal role he said should be limited to this demonstration Effort leaving states and communities free to establish a full Range of emergency medical services systems that Besl Suil their varying local the president said the million for this program Over the next three years is far in excess of the amount that can be prudently it represents a Promise of Federal financial assistance that cannot be said. The chief executive also objected to the Bill s provisions for continued operation of inpatient facilities of the eight general hospitals of the Public Henlly service. He said these facilities have now outlived their usefulness and the number of persons they serve is declining and Many of the facilities have become old and outmoded. He said the department of health education and welfare has started a program of contracting Wilh Community Hospi tals for Ca re of those persons now served by Public health hospitals and that Many of astronauts feeling great Deal better these Community hospitals Are better equipped and More conveniently located to provide Tetter medical care. I cannot agree to legislation hat would deny these patients Hal the presi Dent said the veto is die 36lh for presi Dent Nixon since he look office. Rep. Paul 0. Togers a la. Chairman of Ifie House Public health subcommittee and a chief author of the Bill said he is space Center. Houston a the Crew of skylab 2. Working at full steam wednes Day for the first time since the Mission began were pronounced physically fit to carry out a space walk saturday. The Crew says this is the first Day that food has really tasted Good said flight surgeon or. Paul Buchanan. I see no physical reason Why they could t perform the extravehicular activity Kval set for capt. Alan l. Can. Or. Owen k. Garriola and Jack k. Lousma suffered three Days of severe motion sickness after the launch of their 59-Day mis Sion last saturday. But by wednesday the sickness appeared to have run its course. The Crew began a series of medical experiments to Check their adaptation to weightlessness and also spent time trying to Trace a leak in the plumbing system that removes excess water from the Laboratory s atmosphere. By evening the leak had not been found hut Mission plan ners said it was not a serious problem and would not inter Fere with saturday s space walk. During the space walk. Har Riott and Lousma will erect a new sunshade to keep the work shop Cool and they will Load film in a set of cameras to be used for one of the medical tests Cen tired on the Crew s system the apparatus in the Middle ear that indicates to a person on Earth which direction is up and which is Down. In the weightlessness of space this system becomes disoriented causing the initial notion sick Ness experienced by he Astro nauts they also began a series of experiments to determine the effect of weightlessness on their heart and blood vessels. In one of the tests. Garriola was inserted up to his a Vail in a Cylinder like device that produced a vacuum around his legs and lower body. By Ihus forcing his blood to Pool in the legs and lower body the device re creates the standing up in Earth s Gravity Al was found on the previous Mission that prolonged weightlessness progressively lowered the circulatory system s ability to prevent this pooling. Carter sworn in As House speaker representative Rex Carter of Greenville is sworn in As new speaker of the . House. Pagels. Senate approves the Nomina Tion of William e. Colby to head the Cia. Page 6b. Women matadors get the right to fight bulls just As men do in Spain. Page 4b. Index comics deaths doctor editorials markets sports state area women 9d g 2a 12c 5 10d 9c 1b g 6a i. Weather partly Cloudy and warm with g a Chance of thundershowers. High Low 90s. Low. Low 70s. Details. Page 3a. B extremely dial the i res Ideal has veined a kill thai would have mounted an ill Lack on the nation s fourth Lead ing which he said is accidents. The president told he nation that we needed to develop a proper system of emergency medical services in his health initiatives but apparently the priority that we expected has Heen Rogers said. New standards for bumpers announced Washington aft the National Highway traffic safely administration wednesday announced it is tightening its regulations requiring car bumpers to be crash resistant at Low speeds. The Regula Lrons will go into effects Rall 1975model cars. Current regulations say cars must be designed in such a Way that a five mile per hour crash causes no damage to safety de vices such As lights and turn signals. Both he fron and rear bumpers must be Able to with stand such a crash. The safety Agency said it was amending that regulation to place the car irim in the same Calegory As he lights and turn signals. Lawyer John Wilson left protests sen. Inouye s tactics charges thai references have injured his clients Haldeman lawyer protests that Little jap7 Inouye Justice won t halt bombing Washington a supreme court Justice Thurgood Marshall wednesday refused to change a circuit court ruling that allowed . Bombing of Cambodia to continue. Rep. Elizabeth . Who had sought a halt to the bombing said she will Lake . Plea to another supreme court Justice William 0. Douglas. Rep. Hollzman said at a news conference that she has sent one of american civil liberties Union to find Douglas who is vacationing there. The supreme court is in recess until oct. 1. The . Circuit court in new York had issued a slay against an order by . Dis Ricl court judge Orrin 0. Judd Hal would have stopped the bombing last Friday. Washington Lap the attorney for John d. Ehrlich Man and ii. It. Haldeman. Pro testing whal he said was mis realm enl of his i cols. Referred to sen. Daniel k. Inouye wednesday As that Lillic the attorney. John j. Wilson said the Hawaii Democrat injured his clients when they appeared before he Senate a Legale committee. During the questioning of Ehrlichman last week Inouye murmured Tethal a i re Mark lha was picked up by broadcast microphones at the committee table when Haldeman was being questioned wednesday. Inouye said he had been cited in a suit involving 1962 gubernatorial Campaign activities in califor Nia when Richard m. Nixon was running As the Republican candidate. Wilson objected to the line of questioning and committee chairman Sam j. Krvin or. D . Blocked further interrogation on the Issue. But Wil son charged that the references had damaged his client and later attempted to introduce a motion to have the remarks expunged from the hearing record Inouye was not in the hearing room at the time Wilson Al temp cd to the motion and Krvin refused to permit it. Saying Wilson would have to submit his request in writing. Asked by a newsman during the luncheon recess his reaction to persistent questions put to in Alt Man by sen. Lowell in Wicker or. A Conn. Wilson was reported to have replied of. I Don t mind senator Weicker. What i mind is that Little nodding toward in Ouye. Asked if he had made the re Mark Wilson replied. I said it. Thai s just the Way f the incident climaxed Sev eral Days of growing tension Between Wilson a longtime Washington attorney and the scale committee in particular Krvin and the chief counsel Samuel dash. Following recess of wednes Day s hearing Wilson said he had t intended his reference to Hal Little Jap As a racial slur. He said in was the same thing As calling him. Wilson an american the Hawaii senator who loss his . Army in world War ii. Was reported to have brushed the incident off. Saying Wilson s remark Speaks for itself. The incident recalled another during the 19fi8 presidential Campaign when the Republican vice presidential candidate. Spiro t. Agnew. Referring to a Baltimore Sun newsman of japanese ancestry who was travelling Wilh his entourage. Saw the reporter sleeping and remarked loan aide look at the fat that incident which occurred As Agnew was in route to Hawaii where per cell of the population is of japanese extraction. Sparked consider Able controversy. Agnew said later he meant no offence

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