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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 2, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaWeather partly Cloudy and hot to Day. Scattered thundershowers this afternoon and evening. High Low 72. Details Page 6-a vol. 133 Reader s tip Industrial loan and development commission set organizational meeting tuesday. Story Page 6-a. Florence C., Fol Day morning August 2, 1957 merchants 3, beaten in Lynchburg Holdup Gene Whitaker he threw liars surgeon sees Large outbreak of asian flu pair captured in wild Chase after slugging Kiev morning news roving reporter aug. I an 83 year old Lynn Lofburg merchant was clubbed several times with a tire tool Here this morning and robbed by two Young men who were finally captured in a wild Auto Chase officers said. A fast thinking magistrate and a Mechanic saw a. Kirby Stag Ger to Iii door of ins profusely just As a Black Ford whipped away from the store. The magistrate de Mcelveen or. And the Mechanic. Gene Whit Aker jumped into Whitaker s ear and sped after them reaching speeds of 110 Miles an hour they a ported. They finally slopped the Walter Brewer. 23. And John Hud son. 17, of Sumler. Both later and milled the robbery officers said. Brewer is charged with armed robbery and Hudson is charged As an accessory. They Are lodged in Lee county jail Bishopville. Daily 5c sunday Loe arbitrary control set Over Cuba Havana. Aug. 1 my pics Ideal Fulgencio Batista arbitrary control Over the cuban people in Day to Cope with rebellion. Some of his most influential Fol. Lowers and High government Lead i cars charged meanwhile that the new . Ambassador Earl t. Smith was interfering in cuban affairs. Smith found himself in the midst of a rebel entry put on for a visit to Oriente province yesterday and later commented on political in and bloodshed in Cuba. I the government s seizure of arbitrary Power was linked directly to the incident staged by the rebels in Smith s presence. I the seizure was effected by a Cabinet decree suspending cuban constitutional guarantees for is ii amounts to a form of martial Law. I censorship quickly went into effect. Censors were stationed in vote nails rider for trials to Bill Kirby. Who received a lacerated Scalp and cuts on the upper part of the body said he was held up i by a masked intruder who walked into his store pulled a pistol and major blow dealt to Bill s backers Washington aridity aug. 2 a the Senate Early today nailed a jury trial amendment into the civil rights Bill thereby dealing a major defeat to president Eisenhower and 1 orcs backing the administration Mea sure. The amendment was approved at . After tense debate before jammed galleries. Provides for jury trials in criminal contempt cases arising from injunctions the attorney general would be and to offices w. A. M Kab y Coble offices. One immediate i i t beaten in Holdup to ban any news of sup ases others. Port for rebels the government has ordered him to open the battling since last Decem Hower drawer. Kirby said he threatened her. To kill him if he did t. "1 walked to the till and opened the Kirby said. I thought in was just a kid play ing at first then realized he might he in Amateur get Nerv Ous and shoot Kirby called it an act of provi Dence that he was t Hurt worse. Washington. Aug. 1 Jaseon Gen. Leroy e. Burney said today there is a very definite probability this country will have Large outbreak of a Sian influenza this fall or Winter. In a statement which he amplified at a news conference burned experience suggests there j May be serious epidemics of the Vienna. . An 1 disease in this country despite a Mer sen. Waller new vaccine due out in sep Lem reported losing round fast Ber i night in his fight against former Solon failing fast lie hit me first then 1 covered Senate Vole against Only Vesterdal president Eis comm Chi on me Benale a emphasized anew his of a this was one of he position to a jury trial Amend a Days in the history of the Lia Tisla called Congress inn Spe mint. And sen. Know land of this was a Cial session to ratify the Cabinet s i forma the Senate gop Leader. I the to vote suspension of guarantees. In a fatal southerners we re jubilant sen Batista parties command a Clear to the Bill. I Russell id a. Leader of the a in Congress and Quick ratify the amendment was offered by j Dixie forces had warned in and senators o Mahoney a Wyo that they would use every id Tenni and Church a i at their command to try southerners backed defeat the measure if the jury inon was expected. The step followed i Nuver demonstrations yesterday in Santi Idaho ago do Cuba during a visit of and enough Amend men should be reject ambassador Karl t. Smith and and Northern democrats joined led. Hit me again of new rebel activity in them to put it across the Vole taken in the midst of us when my face province. Johnson fights the fourth week of Senate debate i the were staged a Bis Factor in its Success was 0" generally was regard the Young never seen dressed in Black adept Button holing general de making a Southern Fili-1 h Lii about Kirby the National Anthem As ship of sen. Lyndon Johnson of Bnell r against Imal 11 hey paraded through the streets. Texas. Democratic Leader and magistrate Mcelveen was Demonstra-1 possible contender for the next ing in the service station he a service for nomination of his Par crates Down the Street and heard1 lie elderly grocer Yelling. Apart for what he con be offered to other parts of the i tin turns aside question Russell has turned aside ones most areas of the country have disease. Probably been exposed to the virus i or. Martin by now and past experience silk George family gets that the disease May Sud Denly begin to spread quite rapid l. Mulloy physician he said lie thought Kirby was ill at first and needed help but heart noticed a Ford Speed off i from the store As Kirby came to the uhe door covered in blood. He said told be called to his Helper. Whitake a mcm1 " . Striving to keep Northern and i Lions on that Point but he to rebel group headed by Fidel Southern democrats from flying said numerous amendment will i Aart he fought for what be con 1 be offered police used fire hoses in break is dered moderating changes in the Bill up the women s demonstration and civil rights Bill arrested some. Vicc president Nixon had Thi newsmen at ii . That the 70-1 and they raced after the car while by in the fall or up through late getting weaker and losing ground about Kirby. Year old statesman is gradually i other townspeople went to see Barney said. If epidemics should occur they could spread from san Francisco to Boston in a period As Short As perhaps four he noted the attack Rale in the far East was about 20 per cent with a death Rale of about two to Olhs of 1 per cent. He expressed Confidence the death rate in this country will be far below that. Dulles May give jin1 Magistrale said they play m r f i Don t see How he s going to de a nip and tuck game at High f 4 my Al i _. _. Lakeit. Said Malloy. Adding thai speeds trying to Stop the car. Vv6st n ills e Chance of his rallying seems no w i i u i i Mak the Chance of i to be very one Lime we pulled ahead and stopped and he almost slopped Loo the magistrate said. The Mechanic jumped out and threw j a pair of liars into the car they were chasing As it sped around were extremely worried about his j said the two men finally forced h George has been gravely since monday and had a bad in. Last night. Both and or. J j. Willis Hurst of Atlanta snid Thuv i condition. Sizzling Sun sends temperature to 100 London. Aug. 1 officials said tonight Secretary of slate Dulles is considering a per Sonal presentation to the u. N. Disarmament subcommittee of the West s plan for a system to pre vent sneak attacks. Sometime american Belore the inform ans meeting said. Last w e e k the southerners scored another major Victory when the Senate voted 52-38 to strip the Hill of All enforcement authority except to safeguard vol ing rights. As passed by lie House. The Bill provided for the use of injun Linns to enforce civil rights in general including racial integration in i Public schools and other Public places. More sizzling temperatures and afternoon thundershowers Are in the making for florentine today the Weatherman said last night. The Mercury hit 100 degrees at the Airport yesterday. It was the second Day this year that Flor engines have sheltered in 100 de Gree heal. The previous 100 read ing occurred july 9. The Weatherman Foro Casl readings in the upper nineties to Day. However he said Cloud formations developing shortly after noon should bold temperatures he Low yesterday s Peak. Turnier showers Are Loro Casl generally i Over the Pec Dee today. Yesterday s late afternoon Thun i Ders lorm dumped 1.19 inches rain in 55 minutes at the Airport. A total rainfall of 1.20 was recorded. Residents of the Mars Bluff Sec a lion reported As much As three i inches of rainfall. Wind gusts of up to 30 Miles i per hour were recorded at the i Airport during the thunderstorm. In the Mars Bluff Section where the Brunt of the storm occurred residents reported that a few Trees were uprooted. Car off the Road in front of the slate garage 14 Miles from Lynchburg on Highway 341 South of a Mechanic try ing nut a patrol car came to wards them. Mel Vcci wild. The two men surrendered when i the magistrate pretended he was the skies above amen Spring Dulles docs not unveil the Western plan. U. S. Delegate Harold e. will do in. Three Days of diplomatic Active i to by c s., British. French and Canadian members of the u. N. Under the jury trial amendment adopted tonight defendants in criminal contempt proceedings to punish a person for wilful Dis-1 obedience of an injunction or old i would be summer tragedy Freddy Wren 9, of Dallas buries his face in his hands As he Waits while Rescue Crews search for the body of his buddy Jim Davis 13, to drowned in a Small Lake yesterday. The pair were wading in the Lake when Davis stepped off a ledge into deeper water. The body was recovered about a half hour after the Accident. A Phoi lax Dulles idea would be to throw a Roll have prodded several a he weight of his authority behind member of j a revised version of president i the subcommittee made a counter i Benhower s iwo year old proposal offer on open sky inspection which has not been a but rain fell generally to the North and South of Florence yesterday the weather Bureau said. The co i Luindia Bureau reported Only slight rainfall. No serious crop damage was reported. The Weatherman said High Tern per Alucs and thundershowers Are expected to continue Over the pee Dee through the weekend. He said Cool front moving across the i Middle West should produce sea. Sana he temperatures Early next j week. Area High readings yesterday i included 100 Charlotte. Of Wilmington. A. And Charles on. 94. Armed avid when they saw the patrol car and garage employees rim ing up. Mcelveen said he found a .22 Caliper pistol and a blood stained tire tool in the car. He snid the i committee Marilyn Rushe to by Hospital to save child Zambone s Mediati rvs by Alley fault a but gawd he p it i Dat s de of bits i be to Wurste. Ir4 new Yolk. Aug. I Monroe was rushed by ambulance in doctors Hospital today after a j threatened miscarriage Endami i gored the life of her unborn child. J ii was the first confirmation of persistent rumours that the blonde screen Star was pregnant. Her Doc Tor said she is five or six weeks pregnant and is expecting Hei child at the of j an ambulance brought miss i Monroe 100 Miles from her mixing Island summer Home Al Amagan sett. By her Side was her play Wright husband Arthur Miller. The 31-year-old actress was mar ried to Miller june miss Monroe was wheeled on Stretcher irom the ambulance into the no Mill St. And Kasl and. Ave. She was taken to a , ninth floor room. Mil Ler arranged to remain in a third floor room. La s a Ihrer cloned Miller explained. ,0no of two doctors attending the expectant Mother snid she is As Good As can he expected Diphl she is exp i led in remain in the Hospital for n few Days no ital. Tol had been fired one time. A e county sheriff Carl Thom As and deputies took the men in custody. They reported finding on Brewer. Both men Lori a morning news reporter later that they were from Birken Homes and were Only Lon Kinc for a Job and needed Moi by badly. Hudson Rol lied. If i Ever Crl i nut of this. I la never gel into anything Brewer said or had novel Heen in nov Liling of any serious nature with Chr Law. He said. U o Only decided on the Spur of the Mon enl Al least Only about is minutes before to do what we did. Now i wish we had he said they drove from sum Ter where they live in his brother s car and were broke. They drove by the store saw the old Man alone and after circling through town decided to go Back Brewer said. I hit him. But now i m Hudson also Ca and the soviet Union for inter cd pliable. National inspection. The talks began when Dulles Dulles decision on whether in monday under the presi appear before tomorrow s sche Deal s orders to appraise pros used session of the five Power sub j pets of a limited disarmament will be made known i treaty with Lussia. Today they brought together the 1 foreign ministers of the United and France and the Canadian Delegate. I the exchanges produced some agreements but several subs an were tial issues on nuclear and conventional arms have had to be re fist Iii to avoid pay less paydays Al Deci i division troops the Senate Laid. Sinn leaving Japan senators act to pay troops Washington. Aug. I in civil contempt cases where a judge s purpose is Only to secure compliance with his or Der and not to punish there would he no jury trial. To Federal lows i the amendment applies not Only to contempt cases arising under the civil rights Bill but to All Federal Laws enforceable by a Unitive procedures including Bor disputes. Was and another provision added to the amendment just last night would permit negroes or to serve As Federal court sex labor head says racketeer was used Washington. Aug. I from organized labor. I regardless of whether or not i hey qualified under in-1 former labor Leader testified to la i Day that racketeer Johnny Dio once an organizer for the garment Union headed by Dave others a member of the Al jurors Jwj c ethical practices committee. Lester Washburn. Head of the slate Laws Al United Auto workers i from 1943 to i0.i4. Also told a sen Date rackets committee lie tried and failed to get Dubinsky s help in throwing Dio out of the Law. Reporters intercepted him at an practices committee meeting and asked whether lie had known that Dio worked for the 1lgwu. I will not engage in a debate with Washburn 1 the labor Leader if the Senate commit be thinks my testimony is import and. I will be glad to the special Senate committee investigating improper labor management practices has just should use nuclear Sia has for a re weapons. Rus civil rights aside for the time to. On Lyl ing today and whipped through a Elim glances under which the was i Money Bill Lor the armed services. It passed the military Bill on annunciation of their use the we l i voice alter voting o no has insisted on reserving the Rishi Roll Call to Lake it up. Since last mouse a bombs and a bombs in Midnight there had Iwen no Legal i self Del Cense. Authority Lor the armed services another Issue has to do with the to spend any Money. Sen. Lyndon Johnson the Senate s majority Leader demanded the Roll Call and Flung this Challenge if anybody wants to have the blood on their hands of Washington aug. I no drawl of the last american Divi Duzinsky is president of the in-1 in mind. Ler National ladies garment work apart from the Angle Union and has been also told the commit j connect Ion Between projected Sion from Japan is now under Way. The defense department announcement today the departure from Japan of the 1st cavalry division. Tins was one of the first major units to arrive of the Origi probes told reluctant Al first ii talk with newsmen said he was As a died. Tossed from Pillow to Post 1 Lille Hoy after his Mother France has argued in would be at a grave disadvantage if Russia is not compelled to match big nol paying our soldiers they can cuts in manpower with proper oppose this motion to Lake up the1 defense 1 innately big cuts in armaments. The French foreign minister. After sending the defense Hill to Christian Pincu. Who had a Pri the White House the Senate voted lunch with Dulles referred on another voice vote to Send is foreign Aid aul Heriza lion to the House or conference. To this in a statement in a Irani to Nous Man Hen he flew Nark in Paris. Leave. The remaining men and equip ment of the now Immerm length division will he absorbed by other units elsewhere. But its proud name traditions and Haltli Hon j Ord Flash arc there the in moving to Korea. Cavalry will Lake ver the men and equipment of the 2-Tlh division. The 24th will hrs by dropped rom the army s order of Battle. Save Southern songs Elvis overalls in a Stew ered in the forefront of efforts to Tec Dio was closely associated Boot criminals and communists j with James r. Hoffa the Man who now has the inside track to succeed Dave Beck As president of the teamsters Union. Sen. Mundt red wanted to know what advantage hol la would get from joining up with their Creepy characters of the under Washburn said he supposed a must have thought Dio would be a Good emissary or cold be used in compromising people i would say for purposes of gaining Power in the labor he said he thought racketeers a Bohably infiltrated n i o n s to shake Down or in of lain Plush living off i fell said in was mob Money was in the organization underworld Money was being put in to crab control of the Union that s what i but to expel someone Wasli Boxer s fare aug. I Alc Clellan d Ark said today teamster Union Money apparently paid Lor Ilic trip cd Boxer Joe Louis to Washington Las month when showed up at i. Holla s trial. . A negro and former world Champion spent a Day and a half in a con spic Imus place in the courtroom audience during the bribery con lip Washington. Aug. 1 if and the overalls in mrs. Murphy s chowder Gol mixed up Villi my old Kentucky Home Odny in a musical Plen to the Louse hulls Commil Tec Lopre. Vent tampering with Southern Folk songs. Hep. Frank Cliola. A dyed in the tool Kentucky Domo Cral. Snid the. Radio and television networks Are the advancement of coloured peo c licit pie is behind Hie move. If we follow the same logic of the networks in Banning Swanee Stiver and my lid Kentucky Home from the air.1 f Nulf said then we May have in Chongc the name of the while House he cause this might conceivably be classified As said to could t under stand in because he said Stephen in str Menno in Honor Wilor in the Iti Mcl when my old Ken Cany me Back in old Lucky Home is played another song which licit Aid Lias lie readied inn and trial of Holla a teamsters president Louis the Linin As my Good Friend and he had com by to what a is happening to him. The jury composed of eight n has to have sonic Lack lha l v c c l evidence and Hern censored for whole Foo to i in t a Bil of mind the airwaves. I1 smacks of a id Nam of us if Mihevc songs arc if you can censor a Lolk Sung which is Perl of american , where does in Slop .1" he asked. A rink in is a can Spring some of the nation s Collins a mfr Mannl in Honor Man an irishman n in l lyrics by Delelmo such words our coloured people he Wrol my la nor he i 1 1 i. T Chr. Impassioned world their it Seldom Ria Kif. An Irish Scal Rhonn a a tiled the National Assn. Or i i dry n Mouth Organ which he played to Lii his Point. Tin re Wen no Damp eyes Nutick Cash in Ilir commell a. Which look under advisement hell s in Uesel in lion of the a this action Means plot. Has progressed Asil will cd in the Millic. Which deters can Milci lint when in Pictor not to Blun kill a proposal. Alleged censorship. I hat hell s Riboul is far a sulcs vim. And Lour while per suits a Holla on july Iii. Jurors i Ilia i Tkv issues Ludo to do with tin verdict a today s meeting of the sin ii Kivic Kyls invest Galing com inn acc. Which co Ollavi Heads Sens. Was t to on or possibly i9.w with the Hopes of getting evidence. Wash urn said he was satisfied Dubinsky knew of Ilio s Irue Chin Alicr because Dio was connected with the trucking Racket in Lite Carmenl Industry and How could Dave do Hinsky nol area deaths wll Lleini a a. Or , a

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