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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 1, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaThe weather Cloudy this morning be coming portly Cloudy worm and humid with scattered showers. High 90, Low 72. Details Page 10. Vol. 133 w published in the heart of the pee Dee farm area in the Palmetto Reader s tip labor Union Bosses Art living pretty High off the hog these Days some drawing huge salaries. Story on Page 9. Florence s. C., monday morning August 1, 1955 daily 5c sunday Loc weekly Marilyn Bell 17-year-old Toronto Canada schoolgirl is watched by spectators As she scrambles ashore on hands and Knees at Dover England yesterday after swimming the English Channel the youngest girl Ever to perform to Tough feat. Her Trainer Gus Ryder is at right. A wire photo via radio from London girl 17, Battles currents to swim English Channel Dover England july 31 Bell 17-year-old Toronto school girl stumbled ashore beneath the while Cliffs near Here tonight the youngest person Ever to have swum the English Channel. She snarled from Cap Cris N.C. in France Al Dawn and swam powerfully All Day through Choppy water and against Adverse tides which May have cheated her of a time record. The was timed unofficially at 14 hours 36 minutes. The record for women for the East a e s i crossing was sol by Brenda Fisher of Britain in 1951, then struggled to her who completed the difficult swim in 12 hours 43 minutes. But Marilyn is the youngest Ever to swim the Channel. Philip Mick Man of Britain previously the youngest was 18 when he per formed the feat in 1949. Thousands of persons lined the famed White Cliffs of Dover to i watch Marilyn triumphantly finish her swim. She virtually sprinted the last feel and walked the last few feel out of the surf. She tried to say something but could not make herself understood in the Rush of the surf and shouting. Off Shore were the flotilla of a dozen boats which accompanied her from France. There did not seem to be any thing wrong with Marilyn except she was very tired. But she Man aged a big Grin and said am very the weather was Clear but there was a brisk Easterly As she fought out the last five Miles. It was a Battle witnessed by Sev eral thousand persons at the sea Side. I there was a heart breaking Mot i meet several Miles straight out few Hundred Yards still apparent a from Dover. She apparently was by fearful the Tricky current would heading for the closest land the pull her Back into last moment. Right at the water s Edge As she sea at the i Entrance to Driver Harbor. Tricky currents caught her and watchers groaned As she was swept past struggling to walk out. She the Mouth of the Harbor. Such cur rents have taken swimmers right Back into the sea. But the Young Canadian sturdily built but Only 5 feet 2 inches tall had the Reserve strength that the emergency required. She stroked powerfully and regularly and then made her sprinting Fin ish. Several spectators jumped into the water and accompanied Mari Lyn on the last 100 Yards. On the last few Miles she had i swim across shipping lanes. Sci Oral Large vessels altered thei course to give her Clear water but stayed close enough for Pas sengers to watch the ish. The finish could he seen a passengers of several trains Irav cling High on the Cliffs Between Dover and Folkestone. Marilyn came ashore about Midway be tween the two ports. Her swim was the first Success us crossing of the Channel this although a dozen athletes Are getting set to try. . Envoy arrives for Geneva Parley red chinese Start allocate first Salk vaccine for distribution by states Washington july 31 Public health service announced today its first allocation of Salk polio vaccine to the slates for distribution through Commer Cial channels and local Public agencies. The health service said the first Halcli of 84g.ooo pcs has been apportioned to the states for this new program. To said Eracli new Batch will be allocated As soon As it becomes available. One cubic centimetre is enough for one injection. The number of cubic centimes ers of vaccine allocated to Start lie health service s new program for South Carolina is each stale will determine what proportion of its share of the vac Cine will go to Public agencies such As local health departments and what amount will be distributed by the manufacturers through regular drug channels for use by private physicians. The health service said allocations to the states will be based on each state s proportion of children in the 5 through age group excluding those children already vaccinated with free shots under the National foundation for infantile paralysis program. The announce ment added that the 5-8 Aye group was chosen in Way by the National advisory committee on polio As the most susceptible to polio. Today s announcement followed by one Day a statement by the National polio foundation that it has More than enough of the Salk vaccine for its summer inoculations. The foundation will have fur ther heavy requirements for continuation of second shots of the vaccine to children after schools open in the fall. Since the revised testing proce dures for the vaccine were adopted May the government has re leased pcs All to the foundation. The 864.000 shots allotted to the Stales today was left Over from the last Batch of vaccine released after the needs of the foundation were met. The health service emphasized the voluntary nature of the plan for dividing available vac cinc among the states. This plan in said follows the proposals for Equi table distribution approved by if or the present. President Eisenhower in May. Ii was worked out Over several months by the National advisory committee he Public health serv ice the governors poliomyelitis at visor committee the Assn. Of stale and territorial health offi cers. Manufacturers of the vaccine. Representatives of the medical and pharmaceutical profession the drug Industry and other groups. The health service said it has asked the states to notify the department of health education and welfare of the proportion of their allotted vaccine to be shipped to Public agencies and to be leased through Normal drug Chan Nels. As soon As this information is received from the states the health service said it will be transmitted to the manufacture who will make shipments directly into the states. The service said the american medical Assn. Has requested Al physicians to vaccinate Only Chil Drin in the through 9 age Grouf pondering special Congress session to pass roads Bill Washington. July .11 Cial session he said it May Eisenhower s plans for i Martin Massop House Lead belter to let it Lay Over until the roads by a Long term raised the possibility today . President Eisenhower calling con Giss Back into special session later to acl on Highway legislation. In suggesting the possibility in a to radio interview Abc meet the Martin said he was t sure Eisenhower has expressed keen disappointment Over House rejection of his Muhi Lillinn Dollar pro Gram for construction of a nation wide network of highways. He said last. Week thai differ he would make such a re common fences Over financing methods he should not be permitted to deny Dation to the president. But Taid it was Worth considering and deciding first whether a special session would have a reasonable Thane of Martin s suggestion came a question Over Congress will adjourn the be leaders arc aiming now for a i Gavel fall sometime tomorrow night but the session May drag on to o or three Days. The delay in Quill ins entered on Senate House hassle Over con a Gressional fringe benefits and a deadlock on Public housing. Bond Issue but also a democratic pay As you go substitute calling for increases in gasoline and some other automotive taxes. Martin indicated he was t wed ded to the Bond plan but said he thought it was the Best plan for getting More highways built Quick Acle says facts forum mostly got Square Deal new York. July 31 us the american civil liberties Union Loday issued a report on com plaints that pressure group Active tics had infringed the rights o facts forum and driven its Radii and to shows off the air. The Acle said h found some of the complaints valid and others not. However it added a careful review of the situation indicates facts form Calls itself a non lion is not warranted. The report was sent to Hardy Burl producer of radio and to shows for facts forum who last november complained to the Acle about an incredible Campaign of aimed at muzzling the Orum. Facts forum Calls itself a non roil non partisan educational organization. It was founded and arg Cly financed by Texas million lire h. L. Hunt. Is critics Gener ally claimed it has a right Wing in conservative Bias. Patrick 11. Malm executive i for the Acle. Told Burt he found some basis for complaints against the National issues com Mittee which has since been Dis landed. Burl had accused the organization of intimidating the my Ual broadcasting system by he said the highways would for themselves by saving Wear tear on automobiles. The gop House Leader was j threatening to press for an incs i to assess Lac accomplish-1 gallon by the Federal Communia mints of this year s democratic-1 Lions commission annl rolled Contr ass. He said it so the Acle i sup. An average Congress and added Fol. Of harks Thal Lac american h would give it Only a passing committee for cultural Freedom Mark Martin said Congress had i had the National Road done Many things but had left in done much of the president s pro Gram which would Benefit the nation. Casting co. Against facts forum programs. Certainly the acc was wholly within its right of free expression to convey to Abc its Malin said. The Acle also said in checked on Burl s complaint against radio station wean in Providence . For dropping a facts. Forum pro Gram sunday school teachers urged to spark students Cleveland july 31 speakers tonight Lold a convention of sunday school teachers hey must inform and inspire their students not just provide cheap we have depended upon piety is a substitute for said or. Herald e. Knoff executive Secre Ary of the division of Christian de cation of the National Council of churches in a prepared speech. We have benevolently catered to he variable whims of our classes and substituted cheap Fellowship or disciplined Christian no teacher May presume to consider his Job Well done unless in has thought through and found ome answers to the Basic prob Ems of said or. Charles b. Empleton Secretary for Evange hism of the presbyterian Church . Whenever religion becomes a live Issue it raises questions. If we speak a vital Faith it is bound to raise doubt. People will not be pacified with glib and facile answers. The teacher s Lask is to pro vide the information and inspiration needed to relate men to god and to each he continued. It demands the dedication of mind As Well As heart. No one serves the Christian cause Well who brings to in Zeal alone. There Insl be a new dedication of the mind if there is any Hope of capturing this they spoke Al the final session of the 23rd International sunday school convention with delegates from 39 denominations in the United Stales Canada and several other countries. Geneva july 31 a u. Alexis Johnson arrived in Geneva today for talks with communist China about 51 americans detained in China and other issues. Johnson the u. S. Ambassador in Prague would not discuss the substance of his Mission. He was informed upon arrival by u. S. Consul general Franklin c. Gowen that ambassador Wang Ping Nan already had embarked on a can pain to enhance the red chinese position. Wang who arrived Friday immediately opened relations with the Swiss and foreign press Here. In a issued Loday from the communist chinese consulate where he is slaying. Wang said Premier Chou in Lai s proposal at the Bandung conference for u. S. Red chinese talks on the Formosa question had received a warm Welcome in the world. We will Endeavor to make the forthcoming talks pave the Way for further Negolia Lions Between China and the United Wang said. Johnson and Wang arc expected to meet for the first time Tomor Row. The talks will be held in the Palace of nations. European head quarters of the u. A. Where Little More than a week ago the big four Summit conference was held. A relatively Small office will he used and the two sides will Divide the rental of five francs per Day. Johnson expressed pleasure to night that ambassador Wang was representing the communist Chi Nese noting thai he and initiated talks Williwa Rig during the indo China conference Here infill year. Wang is ambassador in Warsaw Johnson said the purpose of the talks was sealed in the u. S. State department announcement of july 25 and declined to discuss it. That announcement said the talks were designed to bring about agree ment on the return of u. S. Civilians detained in China and facilitate further discussions and set Lemeul of other practical mailers Low in accompanied by Ralph Clugh a orc Ign service officer of the Sale Deparl Mcnol arid an inner prefer. Loans on left the Airport for his downtown hotel. He was expected o con acl the chinese communist delegation later tonight and Arange for tomorrow s talks. Johnson indicated he intended Loas possible. Asked Aboul his press relations he said "1 doubt very much thai i la have Wang s statement today said the chinese american talks Al the ambassadorial level arc due to begin in Geneva aug. 1. We be Lieve Hal provided both sides show the same desire and sincerity in should be possible in the Forth coming talks to reach first of All a reasonable sell Lemeul on the question of the repatriation of civilians. Furthermore these talks will be even More significant in thai they will contribute to the relaxation of tension Between China and the United stale s. The chinese people Are Friendly to the american people. The Chi Nese people do not want to have a War with the United Stales. Dur ing the asian african conference held last april on behalf of the chinese govern men Premier Chou in Lai proposed Hal the governments of the people s Republic of China and the United states should sit Down and enter into negotiations with a View to casing and eliminating pension in the Tai wan Formosa area. This proposal has received a warm Welcome and support from the world s Public opinion. We will Endeavor to make the Forth coming talks pave the Way for fur ther negotiations Between China and the uni cd Stales. To Hope that. Geneva will again contribution to the. Cause of peace. Since the Indochina conference ended last july gown has held some 17 meetings with the red chinese Consul general in Geneva Shin Ping. Keep his talks Wilh Wang As Secrel to death. 5 die in crash Hamlet. N.c., july 31 we Ive persons were killed today when their car jumped a curve tumbled into a Field and burst into lamps on . Highway 74 about our Miles Casl of Hamlet. The men and a Wom Ideal Ifird As Hiawatha Avis Willie Boggan. Irvin Ganey James Stevenson and Sarah John son All of Hamlet. Police reported the five were rapped in the vehicle when it overturned and caught fire. Offi ers said All apparently burned Iron horse beats Pony express horses come in 7 minutes late Roseburg Ore. July 31 the Iron horse chugged Sercely dark. The Gallant jockey of the train horseman Johnnie Spencer of i was Engineer Claude a. Bricen into this South Western Oregon pulled up his puffing sting of Portland. Bridenstine said horse at. The Slation seven in very Plain words he on schedule at a.m., today. Victor Over 75 horses and their riders in a 75-mile race in the 01u.kax.s. July 31 i the weather Bureau today warned Chellg erupt gods Martin said inc byways pro 11 spam is the real Backbone of the h he of Mexico Eisenhower program for and Fly Malth a Thule it May be Zible to get it approved in a Spe ilium reds of persons carry my their 5p.m. Is from the River Mouth to . Sex. From he. aviation reporter an Small Craf warnings of Ruplin from volcanoes. Korea july 31 ala., to Brownsville Lex. And Kim a the tropical storm named1 Urmia was ing Westward i Only two persons were about 10 Miles an hour. Dally reported killed. Thirty four Flamboe s meditations by Alley Valdivia. Chile july 31 Ying their were reported red korean buildup violates armistice after the train had rolled to a Stop i thought it was a lot of foolish an estimated 2.000 persons he said he was going to Lake awaiting for the finish at the Sta his train in on schedule As he had ution. They had whiled away the done so Many times Early morning hours Wilh a water did. Melon feed and Street dancing. K Roseburg mule in cd hut not from res ideals a Ong he line Call its train the night Crawler we Only because of the slow Pace took its am Tonsic or it a hollow win modestly. For the Southern said Lier Nal s. Quayle. Portland sad Alan Gnu Eltson general passenger agent for Railroad was director of the Pony express Side of the con Lesl. By a Kim i1augiii.ani t0m pm so Hae of one dem to s but he tain1 u co Pla fit was Gratifying the Way our n said. At Seoul june 21 said there o of of Haj there were mutterings of Skull the latest three air divisions of m Mic nightmares. The Gallant buggery on both sides. Sym a from Norm Korea some of it trom i irn each 1.1 Jel airbases m opera mar term Horst of Fth horsemen complained chief defectors is that and two More under . Who let. The Railroad had t stopped at one Kim said i Kim said Unn Fli a " "1c air Force three red air divisions of they also spoke of .100 com Rev Lac in l fighters each in North Korea Monist pilots and air Force Elighes i winds were estimated allot hrs previously feared asphyxia .10 in ill Miles an hour near by poisonous fumes were censer. Sales extended outward lighted by planes in dense forests Aboul 110 to Miles from the bordering the Stiver. Army Rescue patrols Are Evroule to guide Bureau the storm is hem from the danger Law. Thinly Fiu Lher person1 Are he expected to increase in intensity while aug Al the same Rale in her to Iii Virnik am it said will increase Alum Llu the civis the ran Urmia was Sturm of the regular Hurri Cane sea Nii. Alice Prinece. A or. Hit Early in Kehr uary in the Camern Caribbean rce re mail so ably.1 lot its usual stopping Points. communists have built up Jan air division of Between i and enlisted men. Reported More a five air divisions in direct violation 100 twin engine il28 b25-Typr Light j being trained by the russians and bombers in Manchuria and a Mulh said North Korea Hail a no division Wing of combined bomber and Yak Larmy of men with 21 Divi of the armistice. Lie said the divisions include 300 Mig is Jet fighters. Type Light aircraft. Currently Al the front. Kim declared in an interview he added that while there May in Washington the South korean that the Beds aug have not Only be More Fields. Rok forces know . Or. You Chan Yang. Ice Vircil and improved the in the location of 3.r operational air estimated communist air strength Livi d rapped inn in an in Rah korean Ai shelds which Hadi strips in n Orch Korea. These in opposite his country Al .100 planes. 111 Aiea when the out when the korean jul Udo thai have runways of i Cludius Juls. And the ground i Dos Sooim s Dos. Lac is heavy joining ended in Bill have look or 9.000 Leel and elms Are Suil so Engin at More than a million j Iowa s oppressive Lin ill in least airdrome.-, Jalc Lor jets. They also Are build ii. Under korean wound Paucar. Nil air Rall pal a air ill the area Iowa s heat wave still boils on i chilean Aii line Pilot lying ovoid Hie area a piled Hal a i hid Uil is in pm Cut eni Olioli with a in Quinn no Moke Al duo icel above the Crater. Ii id ii lived Las or. Choshu Niico. South of Lake july 111 my heal wave exch straight Dav inching 100 or higher. Deaths attributed to have reached is Wilh the heat seven of of Onse Hoit ill the lesser in lilacs. The season As the eruptions of nil Ahue and in counter the coming Nim threat. Visions Are made up of com-1 the Smith koreans have a Wing second Aniis Culive Day. -sac1 Huum. 111.11. Arnm june i in nov. I. Riniti Aluc Coll need or the sixth these .100 planes also would be bal including Soo 7.1 Piston eng Iii i my sinlilil1 Reading yester Turnpu .1 hurricanes Day. The of Valdivia do. Al or to provide cover or Mir and 100 lighter Bomeli. Plus Ive kill Sal re less n n Linin in in mils for Sci ibid in a the arc ales Republic of Korea divisions a v a gravel under of 7., e o Type Ever , he 1 up the a Orch korean fliers in have 7.1 Bis next since when the Neal and Otic w k o i mile per hour of More. I in Rule. I forces Tell who landed Rasanan Hill Yak said. Well 1.1 Days Wilh temperatures would he really rough Clyde Spry. Iowa Secretary of agriculture said there has been i Huru Inu of Corn planted

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