Flakes Galveston Bulletin Newspaper Archives Sep 17 1872, Page 4

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Flakes Galveston Bulletin (Newspaper) - September 17, 1872, Galveston, Texas Texas items. Railroads. G m of sitar Jay morning last two negroes Bill Kidd had Tom Garrett Whilo pc Vang a a a a i a. Joh Naous a got into a dispute. Kidd Ibiza to Ned to a hip Garrett he crawled auder the table and attacked Kidd with a razor inflicting a Long and ogly Gaeb across the beat. Garrett and Johnson were arrested and lodged id Nara Sita Tablet 14. The sin Antonio Herald learns from or. Kennedy the acting president of the International Railroad that the company will commence extending their Road from Austin to so Antonio in the Early part of next year. The president Gen. J. W. Barm is j Alao Given As authority that the work will be commend Thil All we learn that the $100,Coo Soyndy to the Texas and Paoillo Boad was carried in the j county of Tarriet by a Lumi ion j ire a tetons Orr the two third a required. The voting took place last a eak. Opt Hinkl Flor right of Way in a of the Texas and Pao fio Railroad inform a that work is not Loraly Vogas Cioff on tha Road from Longview West. By this time about forty Miles of tha Road to tha Sabina River a All graded and of the lit of next month Coo tracts for tha whole rata to fort Worth will be let a party of Yogi opera Are now an aged in Loo iting tha Road Par mantly through Tai cite tied i caking preparations for bridging toe privity. Quot the crossing is at the foot of Pacific Are Nae formerly Burleson Street wit Biu al Lone a Tiow of the Herald office. I bin forty Days work will be commenced on the grading East from this place and by Lexc i prior we confidently expect to ree trails Roo log through from Sheport to dil so. A a i Gerald 14. It v Morrell the negro wife Mur Darar v 8 cig by Yaem Day by Deputy 8bartf Wii Dou and phase about Izreo Miles Tom Tovaru at Orear tha old Bai became groan la they a a Rio cd in this Eity about noon escorted by a Motley crowd. Tha negro said be intend 3d to kill Bis Vifa a Paramour and not i wife. Lie u now a Darance and will have to Taui trial we Waco . Of sunday mor bag Uit we were visited by cop,oa4 Jarod Ruffra in org Shower of rain Abr if get a a if by for us Maniha. Fetla lid Cahoot to it Aneal tha present crop Oaty grit exp inc it re Rita the grass Andena to it the Una i oct to or curd War. A Hilu Boro it pcs. A 1 j 0 monday a negro Tuan named Ardick or Fuki Ilarraz ordered Bis wife a co i bilt no i. Cuti or Throat and other a cry a Waco Advance 11. Home h a a been Obazine i in big drop and could til counties by or. 8haekleford, f in about one Tho Aganod a Bamias and Oscr Una who Are expected during the coming month a Sute a Ajette 11. Widoe Day night about a Quarter past i Tiu a diff in buy occurred Between Moyoong men or. Wai Thompson and or. H. Mel&9 k i a front of Mel Aoki a store on the avenge during which Uiola a Ere us Jed land or. received a so t a hich Gre aed the riots a Boomer bal be and tie Side of his head. A Austin Statts Miu 12ib. 1 s of r us last two men at the Railroad e�2ip, Tao m is Tor h of Here bad a difficulty a a ring which one of them via fatally it to , Tod died the Caru Iii g. The Witri who ill in made Lis car be. A or Jck to lira 1, 11 b. A i v Aston Iii us kerb Vogt Railroad Utu us a bk9b change of time a a o Talco or toot on Ami al or monday .tt7i.y use insurance. Insurance. Of o i it d a. A ,. Pal. F i 3jkuciia a a in thai. Ins. Co. 11 Ink Vii no. 03 Kyi of strand . T fire Marine a nil Kisr. C unit capital full paid �$50,000 w. Jock usc11 column leave Galveston daily son lit �cept-�1 As follows i Lotf itlthmn.4j30a. A . .9lli a. N. .5 30 r. A. I. _ to a h. Inin Carr Linz v. S. Waii al Eire a Coniry at Watt to. H. Amp s. A. H. R. For a Loki as4 the wat Irr Ivik it Hooston at s a. A my a a Eun Trotti to hts to a it mitral r. K. Far actin anal Dallas. Vytau train it it it Yalj at Harry Kors. A Tea s r. Tolia to Dittl Vulk the. Slit train of the has ton Aalt Taxa Cattral k. E. Tha us a. H. Wain in Eximia aka Jan sense a from h. T. C. etl it at Harri Abar with thrg.,, Ait tax at of Louii at 11 r. Calm Cut a eth Kar Janet Stoa Aera. To 5 30 r. A. Trala it Roa takes Pas thuijs Frim h.it.c.1.1, d4g., a amp a a. Arriving to to Alreata at by r. K. Tha Gal Reat of he Lew my a a Tant. Train Litkea Barrabus for Caln Almi a. A., Taklai from the Hon Atoa Aalt a Galveston Troia. Oko. B. Kichol8, supt. It. H. Tel. Iti g h. A s. r. R. A in Texas Poi Kotiw Mumm Railroad. A a we of Giurea the Fullor to i tour bid b t a while at ending on the Ert mry of the file Piaia which waa a it Udo a with the Moonlight i heard a slightly team silk Ano to Obj important Contr Tat cd Between a Johnng couple. She Vaa a dog of of Bis half to tingly arid Tatj were both looking of at the eaten of night. H a Aid tenderly Bendine Down Bia head a a do Joa love the Insoo / a she answered in a to voie�,., a a Yos. He replied with Dep ten rce Saed of a cling in Bia voice a a a would in re to they Paa on on lie i Tuo Iascu Fri riot exclaimed a a car a. Air priv for Lipe report a Cou Iris o in Coal the a i Oci to big con inc Toj up i d to Dulcy of Csc regarded Ata a. A Liri of we cd net la limited 4\o to glad but Wail a a Good Thrinh it l0 world. It w al toe Luj por i 1 fas hoped that the a x Faffle Putar Fca. Ben reached and that a 1 be cml Milt to to pm a cd. The eff Eti of tin a Valice n the Isi Idle and poorer Cla aaes 1. A try Een Oas n it cont Naea daring the it Nister. 1 Hause of time. Of Lud after a Soudan july 1872, Palt a Der trains will run daily sundays excepted a Ollowa Sipres Weare Hoo Job at % a. M., Arciria at Panaiia i 5 0 a Yarhn 6 90 p Jef. Damaa 11 a p. same thy. Kenmi Cle the Dallas 2 a. 1c. Marlin ? a. A a stint 15 a. 3klr. Uniting at too Aton si38p. A a aame Day. Lea Vea to atom at a p. for in Vicau Auau. And intermediate station a Arr tag my Lii i at a. M., and Coia Ica amp a at 11 30 a. Next Day. Renaming Lexrena Austin 7 15 p. It., pm Ali at a few t. Arriving at boost on 9 a. H. A Ert Day. In Llama Palace sleeping Cara Are attached to accommodation tray a Between hot ton i amp Daustin. The above Traica make 1be follow Init l on actions at Ite Ahab. Vita Isle Tationa Railroad i it. S Nyaya excepted Norolf at 3 2s p. 31 and i m a. Quot oath at la a 00 a. A a ii p. X. At Maklis daily a amp Daya Stit Louisor Waco which cd a act a my a i aft the a Altol to to Hillsboro Aad Waxahachie. Tits Kikut with daily South to by Tom. And so. I. U n s m i s s .0 la k i. . . A. Pis a. A it. . C g. agent Texas reference. Ball Elute Benj k co., John d Rodgers a co. Ali Ord it Teal a. Hobby Venry Rudge Shackelford drown a cd. R. R. Like he a l. A hotly. Korobk i h Likan state agent. I fico strand. Galveston Teiaar. J. B. H. Boose travelling agent. . Re it Kas his till life Iwu Ralff compant. To. Go St Ynar Ute Caillais. .$300,000. Directors Jeanae Batty Oliatta a Dean Galveston. B. R. Darin of. Ii. Daru a Bra Galveston. Jaa. Sorley underwriters a and Galveston. J. Brown of Brown a Gal Vealon. President first National Bank of Galveston V. Mcmahan of t. H. Mcmahan it co a. C. It Ken of j. L. A a. C. Mckeen a co., Galveston. Henry Catnip a on. Sec. Mer. Mut. Lna. Co Gal veal of. A. J. Ward of Ward did Wey a co., Hants Vale x. B. Vard of Bra jag a Yard Gal Caton. J. P. Davie Galveston. . Jordan banker nil a c. K. Richards of Richard a a Law Kius Ial a Eaton. J. T. Flint of Nim i Clamp evv.i\, Waco tuned on All Tom a a Opelar Plaa. The directory at the clo a of the Fiat year s Josinea. Have great put us it Aro a cumme Dieg the company to the court Den a Aud patronage of the Pabloc. A James Sou Ley Quot i resident a a. B. Yard vice president. Samvel Boyer Davis Sec. S. Welch. consulting Rby Aicia. T. X. Waul at ornery. Fax Fabj general a but. X7 live urn wanted a Bolle tors. Ueo a dlr. Luil at Mexia Wick a in of of hakka for a ale Field a l but it he. Of Saab Aya aah Wadena Days. At Dallas sorta with by paso Bunum daily Shadaya excepted at s4t a. For Shubb Max. Mck�k5kt Anderm Ionson the a Soati. Kanaar a Texas Babissi we it. Fir i foot Worth Wrath Shobu no Jak Botto. Mondays Wear Kadaja Aad a. Kaat. For Saul an to lab Ana Long Tiki Sundej. Weflin Escaja and fridays ats Ofta. South vat. For Cleburne every Hon a at . Kottle to. For Dot tox and gaffes Ville every Vedneeda it at 6 00 a. At Ledbetter with daily stage for la Guage. At Mcdade with daily suge for Bastrop. At arst12 with i>al2r jct Tor Hal of Marco new Saju aft Ohio and Elpaso. W. B Vaughan Damiata amp to Sopor intendant. J. Waldo Ben eral Reight agent. 1 kailu91b. Of a la Fale Salmi t pc Rui Udey Psia and Reading big pro d c in addition to Ita vast mining Ano f Ell a p or Tolibas now gone into the Eif re to in is. It Anoo Nacua that it will 1 Sjodt a parc Cla and freight eom a ii to it a care Oer Ila own rail Reada and nil a r to to a i a it it. A a in Avn City Kph pm. I re Oft Alle 1 for and Deilor Rord at at All put re us kit a t for Twenty of Lvi Leota. Gooda delivered l or it my to. No a i of the c to at re Oak Bie re a. a Ltd fyr a i lies at a Hgt it no if 1 litre can us Laft at a of s Hook Ore. Cortier it Mak and True a a o pants Euit for Sale it beat. A ave 90 haad an 1 for a a or v by Itai Sawle fort ii Soma al Fly pm or to Carea Neaily new. 1 alarm Aarav Ruxi it of i c Ai a six. J o a a Era be and dear Uon. Ulici Wilb a .4 it he in. I la or part Tiara. Address Xix Ett Kive Miles eat of Heakne now coast Tating the Alio Ruet Aalt Raicke to ?e to t.1eror report Jefferies jd�1 ail North a Eru Points of Aud after r 1 Horai a i Aly ii 1 979� pay a in will Seav heave daily Suada it a 9 0 a. U. For Englewood like it we t Keechi Oak mood Aud Pleat ice to Aneetta Ai Pale Edne with the al Pumo stage company 101 Foi new and All Toiata a Lori head tem Teia Jaq a i a Hazou a stage Lina for Jacksonville Tiia it la a Bill of a lading Given fat to or ight to Hoo Afoo and Zalte to. Pit Nelly h. U. Noxie. General at. Itaf Unni. 1 medical a ads Jyi. Kim. It Ilu i a it Sev in g machines in k Ilia a 1i u leu Mac risk a Tot. harm a text Toto Tesa. I r e a a leu at of a a Juu Tipoai a pm Iacopa Ite wins maa ilm a a a a a i an part raw to to intr l�4�ac��j to. 0rat� ban. With boat extra Barm Cimon sweat ice. A fat mulits a Tritt if Roo Are in a at of my Natl <01-.er of Ray in 1 a orb Atreyu. I to in to porch in to. Be a plus ii. Al in Uii a a i the Pablo Baraja a a a we he t and a Rota 1 to i Faitt Wirra Ali Kin Fla of it lock p. Ling lab of Routi old geman j of a a a 5kwi5g Ritoli Ifan Ian 10 cot Vry Dit or Oit Kent. Hilt r. A Mold to my where to Bergfald m and Emir Para to la a working of on. A Alaa Ellb a a Uff. Elect Friar the Dlf Carat so aka Etke but met cd to the use to which a har Daalpra to a la it. Of at a a a a Faura. Bowl s a inc i it us Rumor on malt bunt that i k1 if1-,? a a \ m a�.u����. 1/.u�a rr0 Irrol in a lip�rsikst�a�k5f2�As in or tons out. Of a a amb Kica l0� 8t� h to a a a it a a a Isle Tyty dwt Flirl. To a min ii a a a common hk3sb a Tot . Ort al guru a boiitlloo., 1 of at he it for a. I by Ltd it it Utie a ii it 1 Ara pay a a he added be Litif Mae Kiowa Klad repaired it a a of the a uracs apply at tue office of 1 \tj��1.��k Machi a a j f a try al Ute latin machines cio4hes Wrt Arcera. Or a id bks proprietor Toa Afisu Street Kew Orleata. La h , we a Cox Elk. A Mai Allyl to 1 let run la All k Daof so Lilg Mackiney. 06 mar i it a a. Gatre Aurty. Tem. I tar it am a kith wasted. Be Nvvf. I cock Kkt Coffee. A Bivy in a 3000 sacks Coffee j a a 1 Kiman Wao Kek a u it Obj to Rrt ,a4 two any a Oil sep my 1, a full ill my flu of it vhf tit j Foroi a a to july St. 3500 sacks Coffee for Aala to to rare of Imus Vaul. 01 Fiu Vitore after i Tuiloli. Kopek. »o�rr4�/. and i Quot i j a to rat a a it a Blanks a i in we liar Mumm w Otto Athenae �juatlce��?Tw4 a us we slut Lei Yle cheap. A a be id Errier e hts we a Tiv us ice liquor dealers. Directors. Al Frau my Ockle Cotton t ctr. Robert Mills of r 11 g Mills. W. L Moody of 1m4 a Jaquon. Kopp Uil a Rewaldt sat. Bank al to Xii. T. B. Stubbs of t b Stab a a co. W. Ii. Selusr8. Of . Leuara co. Of Bodge Balv of Ball hat uni a co John d.rogkk4 of o. Kix Kib of t Jock Aeh a co. H. F. Mott of baulk a Jaak a Mott to. A. Ouch Jim of Gary a a upbeat Leo by the of Leo a h. Bios. H. It of Quot put to e a of Man a Kra a amp or. It. L. A first. Troutot. Jobs a spoonts Talca via Danl Bali. I it. Kab Jack Mott to Reejo. Sampson so Starr. Iliia company Las Vraa of Anat Loea or 4aaa a a lire on Baim Laga met Keallee. Po4aca. Household in Mitre and other Laa Arama in Erly la town and country and the Caad Natad a a a strict la Cou Mettre Erin Cipura. Taka Ara a. Named oar at cd Asaata Tate of Praay Naa Kad losses promptly and hated. �ve8t� agents for Texas. Ocaba Steed perfectly Parb and of tub i Willest Grade. T �1 Gnu i a Vehec Ole a ?, to f. A Cumiea and la Thirry and Iju Rosciu of Rye to sub Inive it arb Tel is con play of to Kail office to m strand. Galyk Ston. Aik vow Lumu 0,poo. Transacts a be Piekal inst Janck a Aoda ranking by six Ess. Allows intebe8t upon do toss by special agreement. V Dis on to commercial paper. Makes collections of al Point without Bari of except current Exchange. Buts a gtd Sells Kuju amok of Houston ao4 other i Les la Texas and of my Orleans Jekw took. and in told a. Efow to Lysis Rance Rikk a Omsk at lot it old Trent Lam. Lioard of dlr Dora. Artimer i. , ii b. Consul. I it. It. I Var ten i of a Weber Block so co. Geo. T. X. Witul attorney at Law. J. We skua of of w. A Ltd knt a a co. J ii. Wal Liew 01 Walthew amp co. To. L. Moody of Moody x jerks of. Goo. A. Alford of go f. Al a it ird a veal. We. Baines of a. Barne 4 co. S. Haij theimer of s. It to Ltd it uhe Tuer 1 co. A. Rory of Kory is Bro. Adolph , grocer. Seabrook Vav. Sydour Chas. Of jew la a. Agent Moc Jaa Liu. L. Let i Rac Olle gut re a so Lute. Sri Van Bluain of Leon a h ilium. Tiara i . In. Deut. U. K , i re i incur. W n , Cathie. J. K. Sheiks. So Tefar gun 1 n. Wacl. Battoia. Note. The a Oduj a a h now prepared to receive a it from a it a a the Interior a be Iron of l k l boards and iks Uada a the j Totis in a of the charter. Inf Idof in Khan and i?i91 a ice company it it of get Lewton Texas Cali capital .#300,000 1 us 1>kl�?Talll mint i will a the a re Liuzi it to tied to collections in the 1 Lut Erfur of the stale bid Alt part �1 the la olt a slate without any Chr a except customary rates j of exc ban a. I will boy and Arf ii Oid idd Oliver see badge j on Liro Pool. Lori Huq n a a Likana 8c. J Loui. To Ltd Era by irn Pomaco to Tho tale of j ten. I will l Ejot oat too open a it Coant and Iacoe winks Ulta Pieh Oil j Fertit locates of a Poat it Tod by ape Cal Peoria Long Ili Alff Randy fit Uitz Acoy of Ita charter will Divide Pio rata among Ita dept no. To old levee Street la tween Conti and i Tea Rifle Streeta 2�ew or lean nor Dalj j. Fat Nai ale direct Ikiz our tit of no Abdikh Ani winks. Affy who Luale cd Fine by Curbox Ute and rect Fred whiskies f All Gila Peh. Utah oath Nordert promptly tied save a if parses were of ctr in pro a it a at Najmi to 6ti Stra ii. Gal Reaton. Texas. Altora from one fourth to oae half of be net Profota of it Boa sem. I rain Uay jew pro dui ont do Nap ii cation to the cashier. The isl Kayci dkpak1sie5t will insure property against Loea or damage by fire Fatine and Inlao l charging the lowest rates of in Iara Oce. Saloons. Of j m Liam Kex. U. S. Willis. X. O Lal Vuk. Alphonse Lack fre aident. Vice i read debt. He rotary. Chabler. A l i p .1 e ii o i s i. H. Dalian. Proprietor. A a but i or we. Umiey a co a i i air Alfhia ale and i Oil he orders Fri it a the i to and country exeeate�1 with Diapaul h. Depot and ii it it to Fry 2�1 4d l 225 Market a treet Gale non Tex a. Feb Lolma. A is a Kochi Les. It Rah u8.1uler, Market atreus Gaj Veiton woule4.tu and Pletat a Saker in a it apus Ani fancy groceries. Constant la on hand a variety of fore a and i it pm it sic Wiota. La Tiore Cut Eek of fre it Ani tit a fruit 2?ut� word a Ironi. The Rountry will j Send m Tiv e Ione lds in. Willie a . B in chrs agent. Ito a by of i it ii eci Oit a. J. Brandon of j. Brando aco., Jameston. J. K. We Liv of was is Lande a ce., f. K. Lynh Bock a. Of f. U Lubbock a son Quin of Qixin a Fiill Leoo Blum of l. A ii. Bldg e s Jim on f Moody a Jem Aoa. A. C. Balter of a c . W. Baker Geo. Schneider of get. 6cimei�er a co a. S. Willa of p j Willa a by. T. A. Gary of Gary so Oliphint l. Klopman. Ork lop Mann a Fellmar ii to it Eit Mill i of k. Pc in g Mills we k. Met \ i Pic of me Ai pin a Baldridge a j a a 1 v lax1> . Lyoth to nah ave i v. 1 a . Ink fat. I Ano and f. Its so i , t i i a the following a a a Onia Iii it re Kinne of the Moat desirable of go a Fli a a a a of How offering to the Public. Th�im3 i it in in Are it in the Rich eat and Mont Aetius dior Tiomi of the Sute and Aie All Tal Neble lands partly Imp Ord pm a Hhd a a j. Bloke in reel Dett. A a my of. Haj Cretaro. Ilo Taiton Tiaa Aiice c Oka a i b. A. Botts. Pre Auen. E. U. A thing Tae rotary Thijs. L Blanton. Anat. Secretly. Country Tiara risks on Dweir Topi Igleha Asiaa Cotton and War it Jotin it Tik non Aqa table Cama. Alao it a i Yulii on Rotton and Marcia Olaa Deil re .10hk i. A a Krs a co., a vat sep tuly insurance Hafl Dlag. C3 Latrasa. Tootoo or a in Gravon it Oun Tyc Fyrnn 2 o 1? Miles of Sherman. Kentucky to a Firmi Rijou and Lotick. # taxi a Oncy of tha Taat Westera Vulval tiny Fiona j of 4 Jolli a of i company of new Orl Faa. Lam Rae Miles Frota 1 Miles of i 1 Miles mormon Grove m acre a in Johari Kif Cleburne. 3000 acres in Collio it ii it from 1 t Mckinney. A Tod cart lock i c Niy. Fioro. Gaines Viil -. Fri in tar in Cut a try a Frim t t of Fott Wojtiw. Wajo or a in county 1 re a a a. I Milf a of Weatt or l. 3�j0 in Ltd Rivir , i North e4t of bed hive. Ioco Ait in la Oton to dirty in a a t it i Miles of Lff Arrey in Wnm co. A i Ater he acres cd Fannin , i us Iez a tit in a a Leniu. Ilso iwo town lot i i tilt it Isufi to it it of the Cut Othu j4 a. I. I a i c s hop a Dement. Tue a a Ai a Projahn of a Oliai cent Rel and of the la anti Kaasa and Lem it inroad readers beae i us it Peru Giuily . A Large Ina Ortity of the Tianta Wili lie i utne la buy upon or adjacent to the line of Thi m., Kai. A a i Texas anal Bai Roada. Theve i a of the very be to Blaek ally i vial character veil u jeered and l to lumbered. In. Fact there Are no tatter or for durable land in the Market to this country term will brn i l of any site said. Caulk a it Williams. i r 14�. J jul �4tb l a uts dash j1 u Imu of Rio a a. Irvi 4ud Gln Bolam s. K Labatt general a genl. A l re Iamont it tiflis up aug re. A cilia wanted Ines a try town in the Iha a. i j in ii �t14juorht, Ltd Oil pc Vitou i Ivery Tsu Abl of com a off it Atie and Windau Sleete. 4 . ,tir., i hand for hire. Ciri cd always in Wacla on be aril al of Torfinn and Hie airboat. A Oilles i a a flt old e a Rintz pleasent rank Les with Saie Hirasa a careful Drivere. A Chc Maiter do Alk a astr the Public omm jux Are in Htee a the a Amine the a lock a i a Ham of a a it Aud Malta j Blank boobs paper Etc. At x. A Tell a . Twenty of Coody that will w sold at reason Ianda rate. Sep Bdl a j. W. J0ckl�ch. 6eiju Hinkeb. W. Jocko Sci k �,0. Bankers commission merchants and manufacturers1 agents Galveston Texas. Dealer a Domestic Tad foreign Exchange. Its it depository for City and country merchants. Collection made in All part of the country. Old and Silver bought and hold on order. 5 agents Foh Brinly a Universal plows. Oat of twelve Prem Gnu a leu for Pleat at to late state pair Tea a Brealy Quot Taok pm Uvea. The Baxter steam engine balls by Colt s fire arme Mauv actor psf Paay at Hartford. Ceca Tea beet Aad a an 8ieaa Katae aug a Tea Ualk so Atee received the a eld Kenai at Tea last state fair Deering a horse engines Strong end Sabe Antul aah a car aide i near Tefet ont of or or Deering s Cotoio i press Tiai tora to gave soon will Plaza a aaa Otiva Aoe o Tbone pre aaes bub Asada two Thoo Arad two Hundred Baleo so for. His self Iii Cotton Giu. Tace a Severy Gazara Alega their Gina la Naks a Good a Earple. Aad the Gin a Faataa tha beat Ciao a the a argot. Price fan Dallare Cartecay per Law. We Farnish feeders Taftt any it Ber Sake of Gia Hydro Carbon Gas Light machine. Which Pio Scee a Brilliant and cheap Light no dancer Aad a easily to manage As a lamp Weinrub Alt at a irom Tea Canad y of live to fifty a get herring s fire amp burglar proof safes Macneale amp Urban a fire and burglar proof safes x the Mamy he re a Ike it k of Flora tha us a ring Ami us a Caus a i Urban wars Kim Foi Moat to it Neil i iwo aul Tiu. We Haia reral buadt4 i Ian he it Tram Ilia la Adios Baska Aad Tyia a Fiji Huwy a Ibia City to it e. Ball amp cons Wood working machinery Fisk a ornamental Iron works wrought and cat Stathi wire left fat Etc. The Milburn Wagon till wbk he Iamsaad Iron axles. India rubber belting Etc. Vulgar to a Stejr a Ltd ta1l4 to Call m Naal Varina Artl Alaa in a i it in ii Cotton Pink Ikall a Fara Taa. Re a it 1er it <11,11 of Aitelli Larj 4� Farouk Taka at it to it Fatima rite Uata a�4 it Faataa faralb�4 it off get to a. A a i it Ltd r. R. Lawther column ii. B. Lawt deft. C. Jul 8ttth. K. R. Lawther amp co., wholesale obo cers and Deal aka in f l o u a i a v m j foreign and Domestic Liau Oes nos. 10 and Galveston,.tk�As. Floth Bolce family Cie Aai Kagle steam Oljaca Hamlet. And other brands. Choice and medium xxx Rar Loaa Brand Dkl ice and xxx Warlena Waada. Beae Flora Are a Beirad Dimori Ina Tea Mills in St. Lot Ila and Ara guaranteed Law Aad Sweet. 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