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Flagstaff Lumberjack Newspaper Archives May 6 1990, Page 4

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Flagstaff Lumberjack (Newspaper) - May 6, 1990, Flagstaff, Arizona Page 4 the Lumberjack september 6,1990 Ronnau students to a save by Amy Nevitte the Lumberjack there Are a lot of people on this Campus we should be Able to do something Quot Nau Sophomore Matt Motzkin said. This View is the key behind students Are voting everywhere in 1990 save �?T90a Campaign to get students involved in state and local politics. A save �?T90 is an aggressive Campaign to increase voter turnout on Campus and in adjacent precincts a said sue Sisley associated students of Nau president save 90 is intended to give students the Power to influence the state legislature on issues concerning higher education Sisley said. Arizona state University and the University of Arizona Are also involved in the save �?T90 program and the three state universities have a combined goal of registering 20,000 new voters by sept 17. Naut goal is to Register 6,000 new voters in that time Frame Sisley said. In order to facilitate reaching the goal 80 people have been sworn in As Deputy registrars. Registration tables have been set up All Over Campus and a a student can go into any University department and Register so there is no excuse not to vote a Sisley said. The University is rallying around this project Sisley said it appears the students Are rallying also she said. Mark pop Joy a Deputy registrar said he registered 40 people in three hours aug. 28. A i think the save �?T90 Campaign is very important in a really interested in trying to make that difference Quot said Popejoy pop Joy said the Only requirement for registering to vote in Coconino county is being a . Citizen. A Quot i think its important that students bind together on student is it i a 5 Mideast assignments unlikely for Nau army and air Force students David Ripley the Lumberjack Eliot Schipper Canter and Brian Farrier right help freshman zoology major Jim Brown Register to vote. Sues. The More people behind an Issue the More important the Issue will be Quot said Tara Caperino Sophomore. Sisley said there will be a voter registration kick Oft rally sept 6, with speakers and local bands. There will also be a candidates forum on Campus in october Sisley intends to prove to the state legislature that students Are a political Force. A we want to be Able to approach candidates and influence them to address our issues a Sisley said. Sisley said the key to influencing decision making is to procure commitments from candidates in How they stand Chi various issues before an election. Pasnau can then inform students of the candidates stands in an objective spotlight so that students can make educated votes. Sisley said students frequently complain that they done to the candidates to make an informed Choice. Sisley predicts that the save �?T90 Campaign will be successful in influencing the state legislation. A people will say that one vote wont make a difference and lets be realistic it probably wont we need registration in the thousands to make an Impact and that a Why this Campaign is so important Quot by Paul Rumen the Lumberjack the sweat collects on his brow in tiny beads trickling Down his face stinging his eyes. The weight of the equipment he carries digs into his shoulders despite the extra padding of his chemical Protection suit Hie breath sounds muffled from the Hood of his protective mask Ashe pants his Way Over the endless Sand dunes of the saudi arabian desert scenes such As this have become the daily routine for the thousands of . Troops that have been deployed to saudi Arabia since iraqis aug. 9 invasion of Kuwait every Day More and More . Troops and equipment arrive in saudi Arabia and every Day the tension of the crisis seems to mount. The thought of entering into a conflict on the scale of Vietnam has been on the Public s mind As the crisis escalates. It has also been on the minds of the cadets and cadre of naut a Roix programs. A we in the military Are especially concerned about finding a peaceful solution to the crisis a said la col. John s. Westerlund professor of military science and chair of naut a army Roth program. Quot at this stage however the armed forces should be capable to defend the saudi Peninsula from a foreign invasion if that is necessary Quot Westerlund said. Westerlund said it would however be Quot highly unlikely that any of the 15 senior cadets in Nau s army program eight of which Are enrolled at the Embry Riddle aeronautical Institute in Prescott for flight training would serve Tours of duty in saudi Arabia. This is because upon graduation the newly commissioned officers will still have to undergo several months of training in order to be qualified for their individual jobs. This High Standard of training would remain the same even if a conflict does break out in the persian Gulf. Our program would not be accelerated in order to fill the needs of the army in time of War Quot Westerlund said. Kristi Mcdowell the Lumberjack la. Col. John s. Westerlund chairman of Nau s army Roth program. Said it is highly unlikely that any of his senior cadets will serve in saudi Arabia in this crisis. Charles Hoffmann 21, a senior army Roth Cadet said the possibility of going to War is on his mind but he concentrates mostly on his classes so he can graduate in May. Mike Hardin 22, another senior Cadet in the army program agrees. Quot its on our minds. You can to help seeing it on to but the important thing is to graduate on time a Hardin said. The army however is not the Only program at Nau that is preparing to graduate commissioned officers. A no sane Man wants to go to War and if someone does they be a Leader Quot said la col. Patrick c. Bums professor of aerospace studies and chair of the air Force Roth program at Nau. Quot of course we re All hoping for a diplomatic or economic solution to the problem but in Man officer and if the commander in chief says a go ill go a he said. Bums could not release any information concerning the air forces role in operation desert shield the code name for the . Deployment to saudi Arabia because of a memo that stated air Force personnel Are to Quot avoid any conversations with the news Media or the general Public that dead with operation desert shield. This includes statements in based or school newspapers or civilian Media where military personnel express their opinions on the situation. Do not answer hypothetical capt. Sam Grizzle a department of defense spokesmen at the Pentagon who was reached by phone said that Quot the memo was primarily concerned with a operational Security and that the first amendment rights of All department of defense personnel Are guaranteed by the when bums was approached with this information and a request to interview some of his senior cadets he declined. Quot its not that i done to want you talking to my people Quot he said. Quot its just that until a change comes Down in our policy that is our new Salsa brava circles has brava tac05 Al Carbon j in swathe Queen Ryche Catalon on Sale 11.88 compact disc 7.88 cassette. \ k ii Empire ii compel she new Soh a my y. A if a i a Ltd. Yah i a Jas a Seq i we serve Only Hie lines in mexican Beers 991pacifica far two Waaks Only Gat Thorn Wyllo Thoy last. Happy hour from 3-7pm ovary night. Pitchers $3.25 mexican imports $1.85 domestics $1.10 starving student special j a Immor is in no must in to i is Siren a Row no to Tuomi int or Aam in it Hacks in urn Haji ii mass in Muslin no on. Haute is Row Tom in Ann. Unum it Ami no mint Muon moms on. La m Ami Quot Queen Ryche Quot 4.88 cassette 9.88 compact disc a rage for order a the afonin., Circle voted 1989 s Best 4, a w Quot. A Quot a in Siryl a a am Ste Yawn sch bum to she flu. A a a a a daily Sun

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