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Fitchburg Daily Sentinel (Newspaper) - August 8, 1974, Fitchburg, Massachusetts And Leominster Enterprise vol. Xxxv no. 192 Fitch Burg mass. 01420 thursday August 8, 1974 president Nixon to resign today will address nation on to tonight mayor studies Mars store use for City schoo by Doug Fletcher the Mars department store Chain has offered the City use so Duclion Are the said. Kalz today confirmed of its John Fitch Highway to the City. He said the or a school building under a proposal thai would have the City lease the building or Purchase it outright. Mayor Medley Bray disclosed today. Building with Square feet is too big tor he also said that Mars would consider locating elsewhere in the City. A smaller building if the John Fitch Highway store the store opened in 1970 has faced Competition from Many stores however according to Samuel lease on the property and thai Katz a corporation officer does outright Purchase arrangements discount department in the area. The offer. He also revealed that corporation holds a 21 year not mean the store will close. Mayor Bray said he met with Katz wednesday after Katz could be arranged but Mars had offered to sub lease the building to the City. Katz offered to make requested the session. He said _ , off Orr a Katz said the store building boast Central air conditioning floors and ceilings acceptable by the stale to meet educational Ili Uii Washington a pros 1 other Strong in i Ideal Nixon will resign by Republican l Al of pc fac Letl indications that sign by Republican chief exc cd los afternoon re Public tic s 2.026-Day presidency was can Leader John Rhodes said plunging toward an end. I official White House Snokus i Sill i i incl relict Imon continued o refuse to i sorrow Craft Udo. But Nixon s plans. But other i sources said it appeared Likely i Whix los announcement of Nixon would disclose his Deci Lowed on the heels of a meeting Sunn idler a a hive Row n and vice knowledgeable White Washington us. Rep. Donl Gerald r. Ford. And one House official stopped just Robert f. Dunnun. A mass aide said thai Sci Shin of .1 final preside _ beat the was to lorm tie decision and been made. Committee who supported All president that the chief 99 940 per cent cer articles of impeachment against i live was indeed slopping aside. I Tut who really president Nixon said today that and informed sources said if Nixon resigns from the Capitol Hill said the president. Dixon and Forral. The Man he presidency impeachment pro would Mako a Naii Owide and a podjed for vice presidency ceding should be Discon Idriss to the decision Spiro 7 Agnew resigned probably Al 3 . Not ast october. Met alone in the Daman said resignation of tonight. The session began Nixon would mane in talc american broadcasting Al . Not on a Grey peach men sort of moot broadcasting muggy summer Day As the a added it could appear and lbs confirmed the and the world awaited for Dic Tivo and vengeful on As met privately armal announcement of the pm part of the democratically a midday Vetn vice president battled president s plans controlled Congress. Gerald r. For it amid reports of hundreds of newsmen and 1 arrangements for cily use of the building As a school Price had been but that no mentioned. Standards parking facilities areas Lor outside recreation and the mayor who was and expansion no new schools will be built in the City during his administration said the offer is being but added a number of factors such As Price and use. Musl still be deter mined. He said if the City does acquire the store it could be used for a number of things such As an elementary school Junior High school or even a second City High school serving the South East the cily. I m pursuing every Avenue under my austerity program to prevent the construction of new school buildings while at the same Lime solving our problem of educational Bray said. Mayor As i be said before declining birth rates due to contraception room. Ii also has office space available for administrative needs. He called the building so suitable for use As a school and said he made the offer to mayor Bray to help the City solve overcrowding problems in existing buildings. K a t z said officials Leominster had expressed in Terest in obtaining the former giant store in that City but they lost Marshall s department store will move into the former giant store location next week. The City of Leominster had indicated it would not obtain the building f o r school use although councilor Rollin Lane had argued in favor of obtaining the building. Chicago a vice pres i dates for eliminated the need tor new rehabilitation and recon might be made. Mayor Bray did not indicate to buildings when a decision on Kali s Offe news digest Cyprus peace talk chances gloomy by the associated press i largely ineffectual that they greek foreign eight Days ago in the Alks first round no self respecting m approach the second n the negotiations while the agreement of the first round is still not being Mavros George Mavros said pros gab for the second round of Cyprus peace talks today Are gloomy and i am the foreign ministers of Man can found of told newsmen at Geneva air Greece. Turkey and Britain Are seeking a political settlement to build on the cease fire so far port. Egypt lagging in arms race by the associated press land israeli military leaders israeli Premier Yitzhak a have warned of a vast Arab following their meeting vice president Gerald r. Ford chats with Senate minority whip Robert Grill Len led. Of Michigan As they leave the Durksen Senate office building in Washington alter Ihler meeting. Ford is Ollo cd by Paul Moltich. Re Fol his press Secretary. A Ford has list for new veep Day. The new Spe Story from dress in the event Nixon resigns. In Washington Ford s Secretary Paul he report that Jent had ordered in inaugural speech Complete Miltich said he personally Nad asked Ford a nut Earhar reports that he was beginning preparations for his Transfer to he presidency and Miltich quoted the vice president As replying. That s totally in Tysl of has com Colial can Sid Cal if residency. Said to said in a ton that d indicate is already f his Ford the newspaper said Laird is allowed by rep. Albert h. Quick of Minnesota and former sen. Charles e. Goodell of new York. It said the list also includes former new York gov. Nelson a. Rockefeller Sens. Howard h. Bakerjr. And William e. Brock of Tennessee. Sen. Rob part tall to of pin sir Roar president re s press Tich said vice presi la ration of i was a t. Stafford of Vermont. Sen. Mark 0. Hayfield of Oregon. Sen. Edward w. Brooke of Massachi salts sen. Charles id. List Page 2 fr0m Washington a the two Leader quote him in his Nixon summoned m the guarded office 36 1973 statement. No individual president Gerald n. Ford to holding a major position in this j the while House Lonay to in made the dec Ion of administration should be i form him he has decided to re Naa Gran cd immunity " Drinan sign from the nation s highest a allowing to c co Stilu ional id. Info inc. A presidential aide said Manj Rind Joward in. He called a Resolution and i today. by sen. Edward a. The aide refused to be id Coli a Bui i Host aides closest to the a Rook. A mass. Supporting if cd. Bul he is in a position near president refused to make such immunity a Alicr silly and the . A fall assertion As did offi said in would have no ipr5c _ spokesmen. To a newsman came amid Page 2 criminal prosecution major Nixon concern Washington a pros. Office but thai is viewed As House involvement in the Nixon faces possible criminal prosecution should he resign or be removed from of fice but several escape routes May be open to him. Congress or special wafer Gate prosecutor Leon Joworski could take Steps to save Nixon Only a Remote possibility. Most constitutional scholars concede that a president cannot be indicted while in office Al break ill at democratic National monday he admitted order ing the investigation halted for Legal principle. The watergate grand and the House judiciary from a criminal rial. So could to name Nixon As an in indicted resident Gerald r. in Ihn ducked the Issue when it chose some members of Congress say in effect confessed t he succeeds to the presiden cover up. Senator Daker potential veep carrying conspire some Legal experts believe Nixon could even Pardon him self of All crimes before leaving gallon and conc Caf the White maximum penalty Nixon was accused As z in prison and a Lor in the to Block s5.000 Flor. Multiple counts and the original Wal Ergal charge would increase transition has Little ceremony the potential penalties. Possible candidates for the Vicci Peel Dercy under Ford. Milt Ich Mem Lelm if Nixon resigns he would be vulnerable to an indictment. If he were convicted in in impeachment trial he Weald be Remi ived from office and Sim vulnerable because the president Richard m. President would be vacant the males dial the president Nixon should resign another after an election. The Nixon to president Gerald r. Moment Ford ascended to the shall Nevev or be removed from of free Bylstra Dettan i that the Mantle Oil Pard would be accomplish Emo Job. Hut under the new 25th the less be liable and subject to impeachment the transition to office changes hands when the Ocford most americans even amendment Ford adj . Judgment and a Civ administration would be new Man takes the oath str Jonew Abowitt president and Percsi according to Sudonn Complete with the complications that All that would be required succ5r subject to. To avoid that Fale. Nixon Washington a if when one president succeeds. From said. I know nothing about the new president would that. I have never seen such a office As quickly As in the . Nixon to quit the office would ratification by cow Alico i be for him to transmit a Docu i Many officials of the Jawors Mcnol of resignation to the Sec administration such As of Flor when a president has died. But should Nixon become the relay of slate. Lary o slate Henry a. Kissin i hair arc Lor fact that the outgoing Percsi first president in the history of bul in the interest of National her. Would Likely slay on in a Promise Noreri a drily bind n grand jury. I to strike e Deal d. The president in Les Fin r. Cd inc s the Sun times said fact that the outgoing Percsi first president in the history of bul in the interest of National Likely slay on in a Promise to bring criminal defense Secretary Melvin rodent is alive and Well com ii he office to resign it is Likely Security in the nuclear dec new Ford administration for a charges. He inc ural Nuin Rol Laird Heads the All Republican Plica Les the matter a bit. That the change of command almost certain la would while at least. Bin says thai Syria. Iraq and perhaps even Jordan might sur pass Egypt in an unparalleled among the Arab arms race nations. For 26 years Israel has re military buildup primarily in Syria speaking to a group of israeli paratroopers Rabin said Israel was witnessing a buildup Dis position and readiness for War. Garden Egypt its principal enc led this time by my but in recent weeks Rabin i watergate trial delay seen Washington a at i torn i for the six defendants in the watergate cover up Case say in will be impossible to find an impartial jury for the trial because of president Nixon s release of new transcripts and other factors. As the attorneys try to assess the Impact of the transcript and the possibility thai Nixon May resign or be impeached and convicted one lawyer said that . Judge John j. Sirica May release some of the defendants from prosecution. We Hope this results in he said. At the very least one lawyer said some defendants probably will ask for a postponement of the trial now slated o Start sept. 9. Sargent seeking Republican support Boston a gov. Francis w. Sargent was to meet with state Republican leaders today and was expected to ask them to unite behind him in. The gop primary next month. Sargent has a conservative challenger in the primary for Mer state Commerce commis sooner Carroll Sheehan. Sheehan made a Good showing in the informal Republican state convention in june and Sargent Hill acknowledged that he is worried about the Challenge. Brooke weighs immunity measure Washington a sen. Edward Brooke h-majj., uld actors about introducing a Reso Lution in which Congress would urge that president Nixon be granted immunity from prose cution if to resigns i think that the american Public has the right to know exactly what has gone on in watergate but the spectacle of an fail really distresses me Brooke said in an interview on the Abc to today program. Brooke said the Resolution could be so worded that this also could be True if the presi Dent is Jeanne Farrell holding a bouquet a Etta of the Maverick Street Queen of the playground r i Cone Holly Kry decl c i playground. Ullh tier h her Tari Maurd untie sic and Vicki have Ford on hand to Lake meanwhile the ousted Percsi prosecutor s office re Loach of office As his could he indicted Trice fuck to on Possi immedi ally Ancl punished for any criminal Hilly plea . Ally. In the Case of a president Hare of the same Hal Druc As Ion. How Cir. Would sni. Brooke. R f process although in could go dry Accra in ship Perl for a Reso to be president a a he past is rur in dismissed impeachment actions of that if Nixon i l men no longer in resign no Federal or Zenlous occasion some Cere h Foj Abs Fol bring con. S transistor. Page 2 criminal Page 2 would be conducted Szalc that upon conviction the Senate shall proceed to pronounce presumably. Hid chief Justice As presiding officer Al the trial would make the announcement then Deposit of a certified copy of the judgment with inc score Lory of stale completes the process. Ford no doubt would he close at hand to take the oath. However scholars disagree As to inc embarrassing Gap that would exist Between the fatal vote. Nixon s notification and the filing at the slate depart ment. The cons Tulion requires a president to take the oath be fore he enters on the execution of his Dut As a prac tical Mailer he must become president the install a vacancy exists. Cum Binl. Though convicted an impeachment trial insisted on holding on until he was for Mally notified and his Succes Sor sworn in is anybody s whatever the presidency the Slatus of the office of vice

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