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Fergus Falls Daily Journal (Newspaper) - January 26, 1958, Fergus Falls, Minnesota Page four Fergus Falls Minn daily journal saturday Jan. 25, 1958 Fergus Falls daily journal published by pencils journal Ca. At la Mill St. S., Fergus Falls Minn., daily except sunday and holidays entered As second class matter february ill 1888, at the poet of fact at Fergus fall Minn., under the act of March l 1879 w. I Robertson editor subscription rates within City limits of Fergus Falls i year $9. 6 mob. $5 3 mos. 12.75 i Mosi by mail in Advance Minnesota a i or. Is six mos. $4 50 3 mob. .76 All other states i or. Sio 6 mos sa.60 3 mob. 26 journal Telephone Calls Ola Ais for local want Ada advertising. Subscript Lions. Your accounts and sports dial Sii for general news reporter editorial rooms dial 8691 for personal and social items dial 633 to report a miss after 6 p m not responsible for advertisements taken by phone wild geese coming Back Fergus Falls Hunters had better Success than usual in bringing Down wild geese during the recent Hunting season and apparently Hunters elsewhere fared equally Well judging by an extended report in the geographic Magazine that says their numbers Are increasing. Sounding their Clarion mites on still nights the wild geese come in a shaped formations to pass the Winter on ancestral feeding grounds. They Are among the first Birds to Start North again in Early Spring to Breed. Though hunted by fair Means and foul the big Canada geese Are More than holding their own. The population trend is upward. The fish and wildlife service estimates that some 327,000 came Down the Atlantic flyway alone in 1957 As compared to 266.000 in 1954. These and Canada geese migrating along other flyways find Winter Haven at 255 Federal refuges totalling 9.422.935 acres. To assure the Welcome guests plenty of food crops Are set out in refuges along the flyways. Fields Are burned Well in Advance so the geese will be greeted with an expanse of tender Green shoots. Oats Rye soy Beans and Clover Are planted in clearings. The Canada Goose Branta Canadensis gets around More than perhaps any other water fowl. The species is seen seasonally from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from the Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic Circle. Adults have a Wingspread of about six feet and weigh from seven to 14 pounds. Boldly marked the Brownish Grey geese have Black Heads White Cheeks and Long Black necks or like periscopes the Black necks and Heads of sentinels protrude above the backs of a feeding flock. The guards remain tensely Alert until relieved by others to take their turn eating. Far from being silly the Canada Goose is famous for its wariness Wisdom and Fidelity. Audubon wrote that it could easily distinguish the cracking of a Twig by a harmless Deer from the same Accident caused by Man. Canada geese mate for life and show great concern for each other. The Gander does no to deign to sit on the nest but it keeps constant watch and is a fierce defender of the family. The Goose usually lays five or six eggs which Hatch in 28 to 30 Days. Gosling training begins at once. First order of business is a swim with the Gander leading the goslings following and the Mother bringing up the rear guard. To one downy Chick the Mother May Point out a floating seed. She Calls another s attention to a tasty slug. Nature grounds the geese for family duties in summer by causing their Wing and Tail Feath ers to Molt. At the beginning of september the adults have regained their flight Powers and the Young Are Strong i Tough to undertake an Aerial voyage of 4.000 Miles or so to wintering grounds. Strong trusted ganders Lead the wedge shaped flights cleaving the air and choosing the safest most direct routes. Flying in formation gives the other Birds Clear vision ample Wing space and a minimum of air resistance a flock can average about 55 Miles an hour. Though the Canada Goose is Man shy it quickly learns Friend from foe. A few years ago nine big Canadas found Asylum at a Pond on a farm near Ansonville North Carolina. The word apparently got around for thousands Wanter now at the private Refuge. Racial trouble in a new spot nationalist and racial feeling is flaring up everywhere. Bermuda and Nassau Are two islands Oft our Southeast coast that live to quite an extent off american tourists. Those tourists have been telling of Beautiful Winter climate Good swimming Good fishing and Friendly natives. But the natives mostly negroes Are no longer As Friendly As they were. Agitators Are working up race prejudice and telling them they should have everything that White tourists have. In Nassau last week the race feeling resulted in a general strike. The strike started in a dispute with taxi Drivers and soon boiled Over. The negroes who constitute 85 per cent of the population of the Island were being told they were being treated a worse than the negroes in the South United their leaders say they will not go Back to work until their grievances Are settled. Meanwhile business is at a standstill and tourists have fled the Island. British troops have been brought in to maintain order. Sordid Story unfolds in probe of Union funds misuse beatings Frame ups and dictator tactics told stealing shopping carts dispatches a few Days ago told of the continuous theft of shopping carts from the supermarkets in California. It seems incredible that anyone would steal these carts but the theft reports Are fully confirmed in the following item from the Wall Street journal a shopping carts disappear from Southern California supermarkets at a fast clip. In four los Angeles area counties 534 markets report they lost $1,671,750 Worth of the e w heeled baskets last year. Many were wheeled Home by shoppers who never bothered to return them others were taken away in their cars by customers some were run Over or otherwise wrecked in parking lots. An Industry spokesman says mortality of the carts which Cost $30 to $40 apiece runs to about 1,000 a week in Southern California. Some markets in the area say cart losses Cost More than bad checks burglaries and robberies combined. The loss of one Basket says a store executive a is about equal to our net profit for a year on the food Bill of two Large markets generally done to dare prosecute customers prefer to make up cart losses by Price Washington apr the Senate rackets investigating committee prodded the Al Cio today for fast action to clean up the operating engineers Union. Chairman Mcclellan dark sent the labor federation a transcript of testimony in w hich Union members denounced officials of the unions san Francisco and Long Island n. Y., locals on Many counts. In four Days of testimony the Senate committee has heard witnesses charge officials of san no earnings last year High St. Paul apr net income of $21,126,050 in 1957 was Northern Pacific a highest since 1943, despite reduced operating revenues Robert Macfarlane president of the railway announced today. Net income which was $142,604 notes from the ask office of interest to Farmers and land owners Clarence Larson office mgr East Otter Tail Farmers the East Otter Tail county More than the previous year was ask office at Perham requests equal to $4.25 per share of Stock that the Farmers in that area As compared with $4.23 per share for 1956. Desperate Effort to save life failed Winnipeg police and radio announcer tried to talk Man out of suicide Winnipeg Man. Apr a Des please do not come to the office on tuesday and wednesday Jan. 28 and 29, to sign up for the soil Bank. The commute and soil Bank clerks will not be in the office on those two Days due to a District meeting. The sign up will continue until 7 which will be the deadline on acreage Reserve. A a new Corn growers we wish to remind Farmers that Jan. 31 is the last Day on which they May file an application for a new Corn allotment. This applies to farms which had no Corn acreage in 1955-56-57. A new allotment cannot be placed in the 1958 soil Bank but it will make the producer eligible for a 1958 com Price support loan Francisco local 3 with misuse of Radway a an she Laid fr0m commodity credit corpor Bailor. Nymn killed himself Here Friday despite ,. Thousands of dollars of Union funds. Other witnesses accused of a desperate 2 -2-hour Bat c v facials of Long Island local 138 pm lace and a dramatic attempt by of taking payoffs from employers a Winnipeg radio announcer to action. Heavy sign up from All indications Farmers Are going into the acreage Reserve of the soil Bank to an extent that Many equal or even pass the 1957 figure. In the first 9 Days we have signed up a number equal to 30% of last years total on Corn and wheat acreage Reserve. Some of these Are a a in for the third year and most of them for the second time. There is an added inducement olt of 10% for placing the same tract of land in the Reserve for the second year. Weight of Corn Corn that has been shelled and artificially dried May have lost considerable weight in the process. If the weight is less than 48, the Corn is not eligible for a loan. If the Corn is Light weight when shelled say 50 and then dried it May end up at 47, or even less. Dictatorial methods beatings and Frame ups against members who opposed them. Mcclellan practically wrung from William c. Dekoning jr., the Long Island locals president a Promise to a do everything in my Power to reinstate three ousted members of the local who had challenged his Rule. Recessing the hearing until monday Mcclellan held All concerned under continuing subpoena. The committee shifts monday to an investigation of Philadelphia local 542, and the role new York labor extortionist Joey Fay played in its affairs. But the Senate investigators plan to get Back to the Long Island local before Long. Fay is a former International vice president of the operating engineers whose members handle heavy construction equipment. Make him surrender. Police said George Rush 39, who quit his Job As a railway brakeman earlier in the Day shot himself after firing at police with a .22-calibre Rifle and resisting efforts to dislodge him from his barricaded Home with tear Gas bombs. Dudley Paterson 43. Announcer for radio station Job telephoned Rush and kept a disjointed conversation going for 25 minutes hoping that police who had surrounded the Home might be Able to sneak through a window. Paterson said he also hoped a i might Josh him out of doing anything police chief Robert Taft crashed through a barricaded Kitchen door and found rushes body on the bathroom floor. Rush s wife Mccarthy Thye race expected congressman says he will make decision known next week Washington apr rep. Eugene Mccarthy a Minn said today he will announce a week from now whether he will run for the seat of sen. Thee a min who is up for re election this year. Bodies of 7 children now recovered one More child is still missing in Chicago tenement fire sources close to the situation had witched Poi to efforts to Force a Fri a a he r expect Mccarthy Chicago apr work c n sifting the ruins of a burned out South Side tenement Early today uncovered the charred remains of four Small children victims of an explosion kindled fire thursday morning. The discover brought to seven a All children the number who her husband out of their Home. A a a a a a Fay went to sing sing prison in their two teen age children were a an he w o in e Ramg payments that some 150 when flames consumed the i will make the Senate race honeycomb of Little a 111 taking place. Two detectives were sent to the Home about noon after receiving a report that someone was carrying a gun. The detectives were met by gunshots. They retreated and called for assistance. Finally chief Taft ordered a from Minnesota Weic he attended bodies was not definitely Stab the funeral last monday for rep. Ishad. They were too badly Bur August h. Andresen Minnesota neck Republican at red w ing. They were believed to be a i intend to go Back to Minne children of Roy Wilkins who still a Side door broken Down and on his nex thus Ray and will make had five youngsters missing last second attempt entered the Home. An announcement As to my Candi night. In the Telephone Call Paterson Dacy on 1fnda/ for a a lir Day a said Rush told him he resigned next be of to Beret Mccarth said. It is reported from Washington that the democratic Congress will soon begin an investigation of american foreign affairs and Secretary Dulles. The investigation is to be strictly nonpartisan and devoted to making All possible trouble for the Republican administration. Pointed paragraphs hear about the Irish philosopher a drink a he thundered a is the curse of the county. It makes be quarrel Vath neighbors. It makes be shoot at the landlord. And it makes be miss him a he proved a Good philosopher when his Friend tried to sell him a ticket to a raffle for a poor widow. He refused to buy one because his wife would t let him keep her anyhow note to new husbands you be got to be a philosopher one fellow just got married and in less than a week after the ceremony his wife sobbed a monday you liked Beans tuesday you liked Beans wednesday you liked Beans. Now All of a sudden you done to like Beans a one armed Wood Cutter does Good Job with saw and a fort Frances ont. Apr a one armed pulp Wood Cutter a that a Jimmy Windigo 28, who lives and works on the re gut Indian Reserve. 38 Miles East of Here on Rainy Lake. Arni Korpi Deputy Ranger for the fort Frances office of the Ontario department of lands and forests who has watched Windigo work vouches for Tho Story. A a it a amazing to see a one armed Man handle the Bow saw the Way he does and then pile the eight foot lengths of pulpwood a said Korpi. Windigo cuts As much As two cords of Spruce Timber a Day. An Able two armed Man averages three to four cords. On the Side Windigo who lost his left Arni in a Hunting Accident eight years ago. Runs a trap line. He supports a wife and child. His Job a because of poor health and during the last two years had had five major operations. At age 20 you done to care what the world thinks of you at 30 you begin to worry about what it thinks of you and at 40 you learn it Wasny to even thinking of you. Picked up Here and there to guess a woman Sage accurately is to lose her respect. Fun is like insurance. The older you get the More it costs. Temperatures As hot As Sun at surface used in experiments los Alamos . Apr ure up to a million amperes at scientists Here today opened the 60,000 volts but last Only ten door a crack and displayed some j millionths of a second. Of the fusion machines they use to a magnetic Field exerting 40,000 Force a Shotgun marriage of heavy j pounds of Force per Square Inch Hydrogen atoms. J slams the Gas into a thin column they say the heavy Hydrogen j in the Middle of its tube under a deuterium a in a gallon of temperatures up to six million de Ocean water has the Energy to i Grees centigrade. Tennial of More than 200 Gallons of gasoline. 1948 for extorting $368,000 from contractors on the Delaware River Aqueduct. His political connections were a hot Issue while he was in prison. Mcclellan ordered Dekoning to report in to Days what he has done to reinstate ousted Union members William Wilkens Walter Miller and John Dekoning Cousin of the local president. Wilkens and John Dekoning had joined fellow unionists in testifying about Goon tactics payroll padding payoffs and employers voting in Union meetings. They also charged that former convicts had received a membership privilege the right to vote denied most other local members. Charles Skura another member of the locals Reform faction won a Promise he will not be tried by the Union on charges of crossing a picket line. He called the charges a Frame up to silence him. Skura swore he was 12 Miles away at the time of the alleged crossing. A committee aide Jerome Adlerman said he had confirmed this. Austin Minn. Apr thirty William Dekoning refused to editors Are urging that Republic Promise that similar charges cans it meeting Here today to con would not be pressed against an Dicker candidates for the 1st Dis other of his accusers Lewis Wil Quot net congressional berth make no kens. Endorsements. William Wilkens a brother of a a free and a pen primary would Lewis has charged that Union of be a die bed interest of Good facials whom he did not name a government a the editors said Fri Cepter Money from employers. He Day a get in telegrams sent to the also said he knew of the padding District s gof delegates school unaware of what was j fore eco do a six year Ica lied Home term. Mccarthy is serving his one child was missing sear 10th year in the House. 1 Chers continued to probe the Ash Mccarthy has just returned is identity of newly recovered markets corrected daily Minneapolis Grain Market for Jan. 24 Minneapolis apr wheat receipts today 289 year ago 232 trading basis unchanged prices % lower Cash Spring wheat basis no i dark Northern 2.301-2.31 . No i hard Winter 2.1 �-2,29. Corn no 2 yellow 90 4-97 Oats no 2 White 54v -59 4 no 3 White so%4 -f>8 4 no 2 heavy White 574-611 no 3 heavy White 55.4 60b. Baricev feed 82-1 02. Jive no 2 1.19-1.29 to. Flax no i 3.23. Soybeans no i yellow 2.134. Local Grain Market Fergus Valls Grain markets Are not available from the local elevators for publication. Fergus Falls egg Market Grade a Large. 27 Grade a .medium.24 Grade a. I rude. Grade a Small. .24 ,20 .20 the weather Jan. Weather 1957-1958 readings take at 6 a x. Min. Pep. Jan. Max min Pep. -2 -17 0 i 8 to t 22 to 0 2 5 -14 0 22 la 02 3 18 -12 0 to -4 0 4 20 8 0 19 -3 .07 5 33 13 0 28 3 .05 6 7 3 t 19 9 .02 7 14 9 0 24 -8 .02 8 39 8 0 -6 -16 0 9 47 13 0 7 to 0 to 38 24 0 to 0 0 la 45 18 0 i to 0 12 36 22 0 i -20 0 13 40 16 0 la -14 t 14 24 18 .08 3 la t 15 31 17 0 8 -17 .03 16 27 22 0 la i .03 17 26 17 t 25 -6 t 18 25 18 t 35 15 0 19 23 14 0 19 2 .08 21 24 i 0 i -17 0 22 19 6 0 la -20 t 23 18 6 0 -6 -20 t 24 32 17 t humidity Jan. 24 trn _ .7 7 Jos w Felix weather observer official u s government dont endorse gop advised weather forecast Minnesota Cloudy through sunday with scattered Light Snow this afternoon and tonight and Over Northeast sunday colder Northwest tonight and North sunday Low tonight 5-15 Northwest to lower 20s extreme Southeast High sunday 12-20 North to Middle 20s extreme South. South Dakota mostly Cloudy through sunday occasional Light rain Southwest this afternoon and occasional Light Snow North and East this afternoon and cast to night somewhat cooler tonight in february to select a successor leaped with her from a win and West this afternoon Low to in the event Mccarthy runs for the Senate there was speculation As to what mrs. Eugenie Anderson former ambassador to Denmark will do. Mrs. Anderson announced this i week she will not seek election to the House in the special election j pita a few hours after her to Wilkins 34-year-old Crane operator had paid $21 a week for a Dingy 2-room Flat in the building. A it was a bad place to live a he said. He shared it with his wife and six children. Wilkins youngest child 11-Rqonth-old Paula died in a hos to Andresen. She said at the time. She had no comment As to whether editors Lake stand against she might run for the Senate. Primary Fedor sentient in first District a a arms. Sen ? pm held in jail woman in cattle fraud Case waives hearing fails to raise Bond Dow of the flaming tenement. The Mother. Betty 27, was one of 21 injured in the Blaze. She is in Cook county Hospital with her shattered legs in traction splints. Wilkins who earns $78 a week said he had wanted a better place for his family he moved to Chicago from Al Dorado Ark., la years ago. Night 18-25 somewhat warmer West sunday High 28-35 Northeast. 35-45 Southwest. North Dakota Cloudy this afternoon Light Snow East and Central mostly Cloudy cast partly Cloudy West tonight and sunday colder this afternoon and tonight and East sunday warmer extreme West sunday Low tonight 5-15, a i and a decent place High sunday 10-20 cast 20-30 that would take a Man with six children. My family is. Was. Was pretty Large a he said. Kasson Minn. A America has the women in the world. Best messed done to Ever look Back a some thing May be gaining on you. You cannot help Small men by tearing Down big men. What you Are trying to forget is precisely what your friends remember. Money can do a lot but it can to beat Talent and willingness to work hard. Tremendous jolts of Power delivered in millionths of a second Are used in the fusion machines at l of Alamos. Temperatures As hot As the suns surface and pressures which would flatten a Diamond Are built up in tiny tubes. Since temperatures of 5.000 degrees will melt anything the magnetic forces must hold the Gas away from the tube or the machine will vanish. What happens to the heavy Hydrogen Gas j electrons Are ripped from some of its atoms and slam into others creating another element Al none of the three types of fun together helium. Left Over from Sion machines shown is yet Capa the process Are stray neutrons Hie of producing More than a few and Energy. Watts or fractions of a Watt of other. Battered atoms change Power. Bigger heavier machines. Into tritium. Left Over Are some Are being built. J positively charged particles called the los Alamos scientific lab protons and some More Energy. Mrs. Of employer payrolls. He said re democratic Farmer labor Oswald Senjem charged with suiting profits were pocketed by ites in a nearly All night session j mortgaging 14 milk cows she people from both the employer thursday endorsed Eugene Foley did t own and 12 heifers she and Union sides. Again he named i a Wabasha As their favored did no to buy waived preliminary no names. 1 nce in the contest to succeed the hearing thursday in Justice court Peter Batalias another Diss late rep Andresen a Minn. Here Dent member of the Long Island already filed on the Republican mrs. Senjem 41. Who lives near local testified that six a Strong a de for the feb 11 District Pri Hayfield was lodged in the jail Arm men beat him into Union ar0 Donald Brown Waseca at Faribault in lieu of $7,500 Bond so loudness because he offered a editor w. Victor Lundquist by she was bound Over to District motion at a 1955 meeting to let Ron Fanner and Robert g. Distad court for trial More members vote. Austin who filed Friday at the she was charged with larceny Secretary of states office. By false pretences for what a others prominently mentioned thormities said Wras a ruse to of six reprise As potential candidates include lain a $1,200 Bank loan. Denver Colo. Apr Tony John Hartle former Minnesota county atty. Bruce Erickson Medina jumped in his car started House speaker Reynold Berg said mrs. Senjem signed a Mort it and put it in gear. The car quist a former Secretary of an Gage for 14 cows and for 12 heifers Budge. Medina got out Dresen a and William Young she said she intended to buy with crowded underneath found some Rochester attorney. The Money from the loan. A later one had jacked up the car during today a convention will have Check showed however Erickson the night and walked away with 151 votes with 76 necessary for said that she did not own the the vehicles driveshaft. and did not buy the heifers. I hey la do it every time store owner a sure ill give you a Job. Sweep out the applicant a but in a a College store owner a Okay you ill of teas show working portray Susan Cumming in a Hollywood to my a suicide victim she was lying motionless on the floor. A a you re not convincing a the director said. A you just done to look dead enough. And this oratory in the new Mexico mountains operated by the University i of California under contract with j the atomic Energy commission i is one of five places in the United i states where work is under Way to control atomic fusion. The other dec installations Are at Princeton . Livermore Calif new York University and Oak Ridge. Tenn. The heart of Alamos fusion n tube straight or d filled with heavy surrounding the lain my the three los machines is the doughnut shaped Hydrogen Gas. Tubes Are giant capable of debut tremendous put sumo life into burst How this Energy can be usefully tapped to run your washing machine is still kept under wraps. One scientist at los Almous notes the Beauty of the fusion process is it can be tapped both for direct electrical Energy and heat. Learn it yourself Kingston. Okla. Aim a Iii 1937, Erwin Findley decided that the High school should have a band. Although he had no formal musical education he got 34 students together for the first band. This semester he is celebrating his 20th year As band director with by Jimmy Halo How cum department the fruit and s j cd they put the squeeze on continued in next Ramel r. The bursts Pica. J 184 in his senior band. Lawyers told income too Low Little Rock Ark. Apr a Minnesota lawyer told the Arkansas bar Assn. That attorneys Are lower paid than members of any other profession which has an exclusive franchise. Luther m. Bang member of a Law firm at Austin Minn., said thursday it was the fault of lawyers themselves that they made less than physicians. Dentists veterinarians and optometrists. Bang took part in a panel discussion on a the lawyer and his a lawyers As a profession done to know How to operate a they done to know w hat it costs them to do business a bang said. A he said that before 1942 lawyers take Home pay topped All of the four other professions he had named but that now the average attorney made $10,340 before taxes. West. Day to Channel 6 saturday evening 6 00 news 9 s0 hit Parade 6 10 sports 10 09 sports 6 15 focus 11� to weather 6 3 people funny 0 20 news 7 00 Perry Como 10 30 rat Boone Quot Elk ii of mystery the. 9 00 Rainbow sunday 11 00 around wild 11 15 port Hole 11 30 Rel to Hall 5 00 Lone Hanger 5 30 i it a. Christian 6 00 you asked is Christophers l3o heal Mccoy 12 o0 Christian Sci t on Steve Allen in 8 00 Chevy show 9 00 in o. Theatre la 1 5 news 1 00 this is life 1 30 Wisdom 2 00 youth wants 10 25 weather 2 30 look Here 10 30 sports 3 00 omnibus 10 33 tic Tao 4 30 or. Hudson 11 0i armchair the. Weather Range ape Mot the ones they buy. Heh heh than Anda tip of the Halo hat to a Dave from n the Cooperr of de Moines re of Loveva w Hilo Pep 08 Fergus Falls. 32 20 Alexandria. 30 20 .01 Bemidji. 26 18 into Falls. A 28 i 9 Redwood Falls. 36 2 .02 Roc Heater. 27 id t St. Cloud. 28 i 9 Duluth. 26 is twin cities. 34 21 la Crosse. 24 20 Madison. 30 23 t i gets Moines. 2 5 20 .17 Mason City. 22 is .03 Minot. 37 26 to Farge. A. 34 24 .03 Abilene. 54 44 Atlanta. 4 2 35 .27 Boston. 40 3634 30 t Cincinnati. 34 30 .6 2 Ieve la n to. 4 2 35 .49 i ten vet. 51 2 7 fort Worth. 5 4 41 Jal Vesdon. 55 47 Helena. 4 2 24 Jacksonville. 75 43 .13 abuses City. 37 9 a los Angeles. 57 51 .17 Miami. 75 .58 .28 new Orleans. 5 4 37 new York. 38 37 .15 Phoenix. 63 37 rapid City. 49 so san Francisco. 61 4 1 .44 Seattle. 49 43 23 Ashington. 3 7 3 3 .64 Cal Arv. "6 is Edmonton Quot. 23 3 monday 8 00 today 9 00 a. Francis 9 30 treas Hunt 10 00 Price right 10 30 truth cons 11 00 tic Tao 11 30 could be u 12 00 Noonday 12 45 party Urie i so Kitty Poy in 2 00 matinee the it 00 Superman 5.30 Cap. Gallant 6 00 news 6 15 sports 6 25 weather 6 30 my Margie 7 00 Zorro 7 5o Wells Fargo 8 t0 i Wen to be 8 3o top tunes a a a a _ 9 3o l Young 3 of Queen a i avio no sports 3 15 romances 10 10 Wea i Lier 4of comedy time 10 20 news 4 .30 cartoon the. 10 30 suspicion Kex Job to Channel 4 saturday evening 6 00 passerby s.00 hockey 6 15 focus j to i i new Tam 111 1 a it weather 7.00 bed so Futon 10 20 sports 7 30 Duchess 10 30 premiere Kun dais s.,, a a a it la 7 00 de Sullivan i i Oral Roberts 8 00 Burns Allen i im1, s 3, a a theatre 3 .30 i if a is life 9 no Hitchcock \ tha 9 80 Otter Tail the 4 3e what think to 0 news 5 0ft 20 Century 10 15 weather 6 00 news 10 20 sports 6 80 Jack Benny 10 30 premiere 3 15 secret storm 3 30 Edge of Nite 4 Mio stage coach 5 00 Center ring 6.00 newsroom 6 15 d. Edwards monday 7 45 news 8 of Kangaroo 8 45 news 9m i Garry Moore 9 30 Godfrey 10 30 dotto _ la 00 cosmopolitan 6 30 Robin Hood i i 15 love of life 7 00 Mohi cans la 0 search for 7 30 Talent scout i -45 oui Dinv Lite 8 00 d. Thomas i 2 of in to Earth 8 30 dec Bride i a cartoons 9 00 studio one i Quot my w orb turns 10 00 news i on Leat clock 10 15 weather 1 3i Balji payoff to 20 snort 2 30 the verdict 10 30 film 3 .00 Brite Day audion Bates i Warren e. Peterson Jan. 28 i Elmer g. Erickson Jan. 29

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