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Fayetteville Northwest Arkansas Times Newspaper Archives May 24 1986, Page 1

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Fayetteville Northwest Arkansas Times (Newspaper) - May 24, 1986, Fayetteville, Arkansas On thin ice Stanford shuts out Arkansas. Read Grant Halls Story on Page 8. Showers tonight mostly Cloudy and Cool thundershowers possible. Sunday mostly clout warm. High in the 70s. Map on Page 2. Saturday vol. 118 a number 341arkansas a Meg the Public interest is the first concern of this newspaper Fayetteville Arkansas saturday May 24, 1984 phone 442-6244 24 pages�?-25cdole campaigns Here for Hutchinson Asa Hutchinson rep. John Paul Ham me Schmidt and sen. Robert Dole pause during Friday nights fundraiser at the Fayetteville Hilton. In town to Campaign for Hutchinson Dole admitted the thoughts of a 1968 presidential race a had crossed my participants prepare for hands across America los Angeles a scorching heat and thunderstorms were expected in spots but president Eagan and most participants in sundays hands across America probably will enjoy the Sunshine and Light winds of a late Spring Day. Temperatures should top too degrees where the human Chain against hunger crosses the California and Arizona deserts meteorologist Ernest Paroczay said Friday. And participants probably will contend with rain and thunderstorms produced by a cold front running from Texas to Kentucky. But the National weather service forecast fair weather along most of the 16-state route from the California coastline where Sunshine and temperatures in the mid-70s Are expected to the White House grounds and North to new York where temperatures should be near 80 degrees. The project Hopes to raise at least $50 million to buy food for hungry people by asking millions of people to contribute at least $10 each to join a line at 2 . Cd sunday. While they hold hands participants will sing a America the Beautiful a a a we Are the world a and a song written for the event a a hands across Between $25 million and $30 million has been pledged and the Money keeps coming said Dave Fulton a spokesman for organizers Here. Determining the exact total a a is like trying to take a snapshot of the concorde in flight a he said. Organizer Ken Kragen predicted that Naif or More of those who get in line will wait until sunday morning to make up their minds. A a the line is infinitely expandable a he said. For those who decide to join at the last minute organizers will have to million pledge envelopes that can be returned at Lisure. And the pledges wont Stop when participants release hands sunday. A a Well continue to take donations a Fulton said. A May 25th is just the beginning and not the the biggest weather worries were entered in the desert areas of Southern California and Arizona where temperatures Are Likely to top too. Inclement weather and a shortage of volunteers forced organizers to accept gaps in those deserts and in new Mexico and Texas. They will be bridged by red and White rope vaunted medical personnel will be pressed into ser vice As will recreational vehicles equipped with medical supplies and refreshments. But participants will be on their own in some spots including in parts of the desert organizers said. A a we re asking everyone to bring water and for everyone to bring hats and to dress in Cool clothes said spokeswoman Donna Campbell based in Palm Springs. A we done Tex pet to have that much of a problem because they Arentt going to be out there that Reagan decided to join the Chain after a family discussion thursday night with his wife his daughter Maureen and her husband Dennis revel. Said presidential spokesman Larry Speakes. He wont be the Only political Fig ure in the line. Pennsylvania gov. Dick Thornburgh and his wife Ginny plan to join hands on sunday out Side Independence Hall in Philadelphia said Jeanne Schmedlen spokeswoman for the governor. Thornburgh will Likely have mrs. Thornburgh on one Side and an actor dressed As Benjamin Franklin on the other said Linda Santoro a hands across America spokeswoman. Throughout the nation Friday organizers worked on last minute preparations. In Long Beach workers set up a 15-foot Mountain of food which was donated by the Southern California grocers association and will be Given away after the event. Reagan win join hands hunger Chain Washington a now that he is committed to joining hands across America president Reagan is urging other americans to get in line with him to fight hunger and homelessness. Spokesman Larry Speakes announced Friday that the president decided after a family meeting to participate in the nationwide linking of hands. The White House had said earlier he would not participate in the sunday fund Raiser. Reagan solder daughter Maureen said. A the president was a Little surprised to find out that he had been invited to participate because he somehow did t know Donna Brazile the District of Columbia director of hands across America said Reagan was invited a month ago in a letter sent to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with the salutation a dear Ken Kragen organizer of hands across America said the presidents decision a demonstrated More clearly than anything else we could have done that it s not too late for anyone to come and be part of the line. A a Mitch Snyder director of the Community for creative non violence Ana an activist on behalf of the homeless said a there a room for everybody in line. Just like there s room for everybody in making solutions to homelessness. A a was soon As the line Breaks id like state delegation leans to left Washington a Arkansas congressional delegation had a More Iberal voting record in 1985 than any Ither Southern state according to a National journal Survey. The journal in collaboration with he Baron report ranked each member of Congress in comparison Vith colleagues on 50 votes in the Senate and 47 in the House concern no economic social and foreign policy issues. Arkansas House delegation on the average took a More Liberal position than 56 percent of the House members on economic issues 49 percent on social issues and 39 percent on foreign policy. That was the highest Liberal rating among the Southern state on economic and social issues. The Arkansas delegation tied the Oklahoma delegation on its foreign policy rating and Tennessee had a 42 percent rating on foreign policy. Sens. Dale bumpers and David Pryor both democrats had More Liberal records than 67 percent of their colleagues on economic issues 68 percent on social issues and 75 percent on foreign policy. Their combined rating on social and foreign policy votes was higher than for any other Southern state. Tennessee had an 80 percent rating on economic issues Pryor was slightly More Liberal than bumpers a 69-65 on economic issues 68-68 on social issues and 78-73 on foreign policy. By Patricia May times staff writer saying the 1986 election May determine the country a direction for the next decade . Senate majority Leader Robert j. Dole stressed Friday the need for retaining a Republican majority in the Senate As he campaigned in Fayetteville for Asa Hutchinson. Over 200 people attended the $125 a plate Campaign dinner held at Fayetteville s Hilton hotel As a fundraiser for Hutchinson Republican challenger for the . Senate seat currently held by Dale bumpers. A i happen to believe Ronald Reagan is going to go Down in Histo Syas one of americans great presi ends a said Dole. A the literally clobbered Mondale in Arkansas in 1984.�?� Reagan a Only Agenda is to serve the american people As president the Kansas Republican said. A we ought to Reward him in his last two years and give him a bigger majority in the Senate. We ought to give him Asa Hutchinson. A pointing out the balanced budget amendment failed by a single vote in the Senate Dole noted sen. Bumpers voted against the measure which Hutchinson supports. A i wish i had him Hutchinson in the Senate this year a one More vote a said Dole. Weeks and be on the presidents for his signature by labor Day. Bill which he described As a Banc ficut. Dole predicted the tax Reform Bill will pass the Senate within three weeks and be on the presidents desk the a another Republican idea that a coming to fruition a would move 80 percent of All americans into the 15 percent tax bracket and raise the personal exemption to $2,000, said Dole. It would also reduce the number of tax brackets from 14 to two and reduce corporate income taxes from 46 percent to 33 percent. A if you be got some Little problem with the Bill let rep John Paul Hammer Schmidt know a quipped Dole. Hammer Schmidt congressman from the third congressional District was also a guest at the dinner. Dole cited the need for democrats votes in winning Republican races. A your door is wide open. Arkansas have any door at All. You be got a Long Way to go. A a asked about reports that the renomination of Jim Burnett As chairman of the National transportation safety Board is being blocked because he angered Doles wife transportation Secretary Elizabeth Dole the senator was unaware of the he told reporters a a that a another area i Haven to cleared with he announced his own re election plans Friday and had already made stops in five Kansas cities before flying to Fayetteville. He flew immediately Back to Kansas City where he had a 9 . Appearance scheduled. Dole promised to return to Arkansas saying a a in la be in addition to his appearance at the fundraiser Dole told reporters he also brought with him a contribution from his political action group to Hutchinson s Campaign. Hutchinson said his Campaign will really a kick off after next weeks primary and noted a televised debate Between the candidates the first for an Arkansas Senate race in 14years, is scheduled for october. He criticized his opponents voting record on farm Energy and real a its time we restore the two a sys the state Hasni to had a Republican system in Arkansas a said do a party in As senator in this Century. Hutchinson he said is a a Fine Young Man. An outstanding candidate. A a Dole told reporters prior to the dinner he believed republicans will retain the Senate majority in november although it will be Dif controversy. Burnett who is from Clinton confirmed thursday his term had expired. Hammer Schmidt however said the Senate supported burnetts renomination. Of his own political Aims Dole said he planned to concentrate on 1986 although seeking the presidency is a a thought that had crossed my mind. The White House. Dole told the group a looks like a Nice place to estate issues votes he said were not reflective of the state populations views. In 1984 and 1985, bumpers voted with the american farm Bureau Only 25 percent of the time and was Given a 16 percent rating by the Independent Oil producers said Hutchinson. The National association of realtors rated his voting record As a a i know what id do with my son if he came Home with a cd a a Hutchinson said. Often asked about How his candidacy is received in Eastern Arkansas Hutchinson said he went there a with fear and trembling but found the response no different than the enthusiasm in Northwest Arkansas. A people Are ready for someone. Who�?T11 take an interest in their problems a the president to stick his hands in his pockets and pull out a Little More Money so we can really eliminate homelessness and hunger in this country a Snyder said. Speakes said the $10-a-head donation requested from All those who join the line will be paid by an Anonymous donor on behalf of the 225 volunteers officials estimate will be needed to stretch the Chain inside the White House Gates. He said the reagans would make their own contributions and any of the volunteers who wish to make donations May do so in addition to the Money Given on their behalf. A the Reagan family will do its part a the president said in remarks relayed to reporters by Speakes. Shortly after the change in plans was announced Reagan proclaimed sunday As a hands across America Day a calling the Observance a a visible Symbol of the determination that unites americans in the fight against hunger and homelessness. A on this Day then let us join not Only our hands but our hearts and prayers in efforts to ensure that americans god Given abundance is shared with those in need a the president said in his proclamation. The privately organized Effort seeks to raise $50 million by forming a nearly unbroken human Chain from new York to California Asa Hutchinson Marc Francoeur sen. Robert j. Dole rep John Paul Hammer Schmidt the Only Republican among Arkansas four representatives was rated More Liberal than 36 percent of his colleagues on economic issues but j of a Zero Liberal rating on social and foreign policy matters. His record was outweighed by his democratic colleagues. Rep. Bill Alexander voted More Liberal than 71 percent of his colleagues on economic matters 79 percent on social issues and 61 percent on foreign policy. For rep. Beryl Anthony the corresponding rates were 67, 69 and 58 percent the ratings for rep Tommy Robinson were 50 percent on economic issues 47 percent on social issues and 37 percent on foreign policy. News briefly homicide suspected a Man described Only As in his 30�?Ts was found dead in a House in the Knob Hill Community according to det Chuck Rexford of the Washington county sheriffs office. Rexford said the Man was a most definitely the victim of a homicide. The Man s identity is known according to Rexford but no further details of the death Are being released until later today. Motorist Dies the associated press year old Mountain Home woman died Friday evening when the car in which she was a passenger collided head on with another car on Arkansas 201 three Miles South of Mountain Home the Arkansas state police reported. Alice Bennett died in the collision. Troopers said the car is Bennett was Riding in was struck by an oncoming car that was trying to pass a third vehicle. Injured in the crash were William Bennett 67, of Mountain Home the Driver and Heather Sammons 17, of Mountain Home who was driving the oncoming car attempting the pass state police said. Women want statue Washington a when women who served in Vietnam see a statue of a Young military nurse they touch it and remember and sometimes they cry. The Vietnam veterans memorial is incomplete without that statue says a group of female veterans determined to see that 10,000 women Vietnam veterans Are honoured for their contributions and sacrifices in the War. Mary Stout Secretary of Vietnam veterans of America was overcome by emotion As she recalled seeing the statue of the military nurse for the first time. A if you served in Vietnam it really takes you Back. That a me 20yearsago, said. Is. Stout and officers of the Vietnam women a memorial project said Friday their goal is to place the statue at the Vietnam veterans memorial which now consists of a statue of three Young soldiers and a Short distance away a Black Granite Wall etched with names of the dead new ballot title a porters of a proposed one High Bir cent sales tax to fund the ame and fish commission will have to throw out thousands of signatures collected on petitions to put the proposal on the november ballot. But the drive to put a constitutional amendment calling for the tax before voters in the general election will continue officials say. Because of a new Federal regulation the proposed constitutional amendment would have jeopardized the Fate of the state s food stamp program. Attorney general Steve Clark issued an opinion Friday that will allow the game and fish commission to proceed with the petition drive but signatures collected before today cannot be used. Purtle acquitted Perryville a associate Justice John i. Hurtle of the Arkansas supreme court who was charged with conspiracy got his wish to hear the a magic words a not guilty. Purtle was acquitted late Friday night on charges of conspiring to defraud insurance companies in an alleged arson for profit he later told reporters that prosecuting attorney Chris Piazza told him he would serve no time if he would resign. The jury deliberated about it hours before acquitting Purtle 62, on charges of conspiracy to commit theft in an alleged arson for profit scheme. The trial which had been moved from Little Rock because of pretrial publicity lasted nine Days Sterling Hayden dead Sausalito Calif a Sterling Hayden was remembered As an a eccentric american hero and Unsung actor who loved the sea More than the movies Hayden died Friday at age 70 at his Home overlooking san Francisco Bay after a two year bout with cancer. A the did no to really like acting and said he did no to think this was a Job for a Man a said Stanley Kubrick who directed Hayden in perhaps his most celebrated role a the comically obsessed Gen. Jack d. Ripper in a Cdr. Strange love in 1963 area deaths Dameron Robert Greenland graveside service tuesday inside editorial. .4 family scene. .7 sports. .8-9 Peoples Page. To entertainment. La classified. .12-14 Legal notices

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