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Fayetteville Northwest Arkansas Times Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1957, Page 1

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Fayetteville Northwest Arkansas Times (Newspaper) - March 31, 1957, Fayetteville, Arkansas Pages 12 s tying Over 32 500 Reader daily ,7th year number 298 Slort Hoest Arkansas cunts a King and Nea features the Public interest is the first concern of this newspaper Fayetteville. Arkansas. Friday May 31, 1957 associated press leased wire five cents Holiday traffic toll lighter than expected additional deaths predicted during coming weekend by the Sam imm death stalked the nation s High ways As usual ovo memorial Day but the number of victims claimed was Low r than expected. This morning raffle deaths had been count d at least 12<l had la expected drowning and other Holiday connected i haps brought to Ltd i the Over All toll. However with Many citizens stretching the Holiday through the i weekend the fatality list continued to grow. Today the tabulation Storf at fit traffic Cit Albs 37 drowning and 35 lives lost from other mis fortunes tor a total of Midnight last a the close of a 30 hour my Morial Dav measuring Veriod which ii Gan at a four place Plant rests nose North i Folly Wood calif., after smashing through the pin wednesday during that roof of the garage apartment at left. Mrs Aileen Alinger. 73, and Mas Frances Mullan i>3, of ii i j it. the apartment escaped without apparent serious injuries. The Pilot Hoke Anderson 44, Kirilj 33 hmm wife Leta were injured. A wire photo pm. National so a Council had expected at least 120 Highway flood fighters await test of defense against River North Little Rock and Morrilton threatened official census figure for City 18,069, mayor Scott is informed figure i rom the a break it h.8b i female r .1 net 452 rum a a total of the City. The Fermi the mayor Raj Burg. Inform $105 will be mad the last off t Lulu directs a a s t f of the pied tic not Cost tile ted he had j i a let Fayette ilk census to b Shin a population cd 17,071 los i a Sam imm rut so plane smashes through apartment Bandit who shot officer takes own life As police close woman found alive after 19 Days beside crashed air plane Rawlins Vav a. I a a a it Cor a a were flying at about s. Too Iii Vii pert told rescuer he thinly Blessing to be alive feet when there some engine died four. Is aft r the Era. H. Those were the first words mrs. No pm and my husband said later that he died seven Day ago. Dalton Lemn suru r spoke to re a we re going to crush and before going to Kip her criers who found hoi beside the a was soon a we could i t free Hospital let cd last night she said body of her husband la a yester of the wreckage began to run she know to is St ii living. Day a now shrouded Mountain Henu. The Gas tank was fire. She told Dale cow promo it exploded and blew our clothing manager of the Duluth station the 45 ,1 a old Duluth min toward us. A cloudburst finally who was with the reset party housewife a survived her ordeal for put no the lire a pm got Gin Awe will have to 19 Days More than a week longer a we than searchers sought wreck of the Little Rockov a Little Hock death the 39 hour Council patrolman Lav seriously wounded pre ident Ned old it it it to it a Hospital today and thex Cam that a me i end for the vict who shot was dead by hi., lower toll but added. Quot it nothing it hand. To Crow about comic icon of the dead Man lose last year v a jail facing Choge it last year the cd Sun i had pre burglary and larceny and assault dieted to memo Lei Day traffic with intent to kill. Aaa deaths and the 109. Tile 30-hour tabulation this year was just about the same As any similar no Holiday Kriaris. Both traffic and total fatalities. Tile Csc said the Normal death toll Lor a Nonh Odhav thursday at this time of the year is 75. associated press Survey for the period from to . Wednesday raw led to the fuselage have a birthday farts for Dalton. My through Midnight thurs Anc and stayed there for i birth a was monday. A it a 1g a a towed Traffo be of to e couple plane the Firth Rte nights. Their children Art Donald 25, deaths. La a of or it v As tie a after that v a w add re about a Duluth Magazine publisher yesterday count of total mid . O chm Date Candy 400 Yard Down the Mountain onto Ronald St Pasadena calif., deaths�?lti2�?compared with 14ti a i level Arm. Tile Drift of Snow actor and or Judith Collins 21, the Ai Survey earlier this pc re about four feet deep and i of la pay try month and 174 far my Morial Day kept snowing and raining a during nor ordeal mrs. Lema last year which Cine a wed Lem Iivo a a 1, v Fin a pre id it Minier told Cowles saw sever 1 mesday. Of Duluth radio Titian Khal. A1 Airliner and Light planes of the Csc made no prediction or Mably was injured fatally Vio ulv taking part the wide 1 concerning tile a fit of traffic tin Era h. Continued Page twelve deaths or the period from wed. A j mesday through sunday thin Yea re was when George Dunbar. 32, turned and u bottle of Vitamin Pill with Only the remains of burned out wreck . M us for prof Lemasurier a constant Madison county resident shot to death gun wound fatal to. M. Anderson of farm Home \ 42 veal old Madison count 45 Lii t Auto self As jux a ye1 third it a it do was the Man hint la area Bud Ltd Fri Dunbar hat i u to officers for More t aft r to h of Don ii b i ankh killed Birne i it re 33, f ii about two ii ilex to Rock while a it watchful a Proui Bing 1 i i remembered h or Mullen min i hold per con Smon m a to t had i been a to Pix i by i Iri Kford ,, had sum n1 i d to jux a a a ii irk l. Smith 2fi of Little Ivok j up Ai t noon yet id a a Bourn to fore Dunbar fired a Bullet into own Chott of Fleer iou of a non Dunbar Pic Ket it . Elt a to a six at Lille a boy a and it Ald a mania it took Uke i it for me you get Der <1 a line to my funeral i cot Ltd it Lutei to you. Mama. Alway ten Ember to it i love you and my boy wort than anything j do. I Bogi or 22 d walk a nun Brig i it Efen Airn Wark 14 Hoar Peers arid the state civil e Agency Mayest 24 hour i wire photo duty a a Keiday to direct flood de a a a \ it it kit operations. They Aid another so poo it a dogs had arrived Memphis and were being out a danger Point exercises fire held magic skirmish the hat i a standing room Only audience against Fie Tiet at not Iii fettle Junior High promotion 5 torn Ltd Eye rpm was pita bite a tits or fellow. To Pant and and Call a we wet anyone Thith t one o the eau cd Back Jena. Call foot Fern May 11 r the Gas burned for Start put Here s j of the or Biho cd student riot Al University of Illinois quelled by stale troopers tear Gas e Mamed to of i a Ign. 111. F a More too University of Illinois staged a Campus wide ii Dav riot that we after eight hours by More i police officer who fired 130 volleys of tear Gas 1> 3 1 so a oeds Wert were injured arrested and by. It ors a it it used Bucki to a us the riot that App its a Start As a Friend right Between two fraternity houses. A had been designated a final examinations be l a John t Henry of the Illiff is state Xii a id the out reak or Vav from a watertight two ii member of Phi Gamma and Alpha Delta Phi soon. Stud its used some of the girls from sin re xxi Lodge a women dormitory As target. Henry raid it sex Gan some time after 4 p. . And a by about 7 j . There Ware More than 5,000 student a a a raid University police called for help and jail inc from surrounding cities Champaign county and Illinois state it let to and 12 re Quot the student d a scr we Dpi Dav and arc to be re Iff police car and one of our to Ciao memorial service held Al cemetery storm whale principal fat Day j to Gnu by Mith i Ricmor. National cemetery or Pons the amt Lea Ion. The pro Gram a is a int cd after decoration of amp raves d placing of atm to the pre consisted i of Salute partied b v ulus Ling of 1 the Star spangled b a e r by a Richard Greer 0< to 1 the Flag and Gen a Ord. R a a r 11 by a it a a red Davis i j Anders Field by a mrs. Eva Williams Getty so tire a address by j Wesley sump Lent the i address by whale and exem diction by the la i my student will face final examinations. David a kid Henry Niniver at president said. A everyone re will taken before the pm Mary committee said expulsion probably la ires poet for sum a. Apparently started nth enough but what we est cd learning is How because Many of to open As usual Ustav. Tie t four it Ian memorial Day Holiday a 195o. Raffle deaths totalled 347 then. Home show to open at 6 p. M. The Northwest Arkansas Home show gets under Wax tonight at to o clock at tie Fairgrounds a 0 will be out for vix tot until i tomorrow hour it will i it a from i to to pm and sunday the exhibits will be of from i to to of clock Iii afternoon. The Juntas chamber a it f Commerce is sponsor of the event. The Home show exhibit. the exhibition Hall Wail a it Joi Nixt by Auto show the budding just to the North of this a True Tun Bryce Davis is general chairman. No signature was the no turned out Lent night at the Fay. 1 pig Smith to id police that Dunbar of ted it Junto High school gym i \ Lent put end to a family wife bribe lives at Jacksonville Mumm for nth Grade juror a. Jav Mant when she shot and kill Ark. And that Dunbar has two Hon exercises a a Nib i or hic1 nil it Gerdav children no about Ina years of i Ash. A Virgo Harlif r �?T,1<l or to faked and the other Sigf band played the prod be Nai. or Tarn met p a a ii a of i w vav71k� two uni w a ii other Frank blew gave the inf Ilion Madison minty c Kroner or flex Beeby said mrs Floria and r it no had her while Lxi the were the Al Kanna and m husband. John Mulkey Anderson state Penitentiary severe y am a i i. the left or ago Smith told cd Cieera he said Kami and once the Middle of the Elf. Net Dunbar recently flow and bib i Al their Home ab., 15 ton Tex. And Dunbar Hod a late Cia Mil 1 Ort 1 a it i o 01 of Riel automobile. Thin apparently of was the 1 i a a jux i to a f Lankford a Ai Vesterdal a h. Ltd it a wound the Chest. A la car Ber pistol Aal pipe . Ler a plier High with out land plug morning. The Riv no a 30 Mere wheat t Kett addition. Re men Vainav to North j. Cause 01 run was Little Rex k i a police gave tins a co ant of s room r Rax mad onit of leading up to tin manhunt s county sheriff Noah Latham and re Rynax or Lankford was cruising Jagt d it admin ii bae unit Hight did had by Ligated. D Anderson who a a a state hospital1 saving .d to rut prick m big be even and from a to Rii Laz burglarized a ,.,or a it 30 arum to o cd k i i help f Wangtu told. Laking tothe Coroner outside and began it to squad ,�?� h nov said a i a i determined that they would not push me or any of my men or police officers off the Street. J this situation is totally uncalled j for it has happened before but never like this. Henry Aid he had ordered poll 1 to use tear Gas bombs to Vit at Ion to visit Fairview Cen p roving grasp of Stu triv yesterday. Memorial a Many visit Fairview memorial Day stiff Yfim. A Highway 5 near tile s Aline county hot a taking the Side Board ,. ,. ,. 1.ne. Loc report said the Thieve i truck. Anderson called.,had made off with Between we Janni $1,900 Worth of whisky 17 by Cartons of cigarette end other i supplies. I fun . Thi j a tool Niin noticed Auto a helping Anderson charged a Man Blu. To inv hf.,. J the broaden t and St Opp d it for a Rou Anderson picked up a Board and i he Ord a i d the two men Smith and Dunbar out of it Ltd not i or Anderson go to by i flt t a or to v it Viz tumbled toward the Truk As he War talking to them by Midi to cd i o. R out big w Grade a cd j tempted to re 1 by the pipe with Quot it l Eva Itu Alfy the a Prtrt i nth enough bags o ver the or of a to la it Chok the flow of water b it still a great amour t want King Rui through. E j the guard to a re arr i i of from a us the nation Chi re it i whey Irtle my a by or Little to. K Road a Jii t a mar Fintry co Artic 1 Gregory f i contrary or Jar my the Texas my t of unit Cor which up j a two 24-Lncf s natural g at lines i r to t a its p the i bout feet of a the Hon 1 Corona r said. Andirson denied tin and Atruro her the add. B and a fat a approached she ploy compartment the truck and got a gun the a it Man Oner said the Public response to a. Anderaon approached he of 1 wus Witsky the cards a to sea Lankford told Smith to Ojo to the students were blocking Ager reported today. I said rec j mrs Anderson shot her Hux a Wmk of he Rich enormous Provor traffic the were pillaging the Ord seer played Over a loud band once the left shoulder Henry scud. Quot a Hor were turning fire hydrants and speaker All Day at the cemetery which dido t Stop and a tee boing con calling out the fire department and that Many lot owners and vis j owl time Chest which a and they were causing Promiscuo Itoro took Flowers to the cemetery fatal Beeby re Tau Ous he said. Observance of the Day. Action a full report will b Toto is too big to spank Rev. Ii. I. Willet. Re. Jam s to Phillips w its marshal of the Day or. Lloyd i. Andrew a presiding officer Davis served As adjutant and or Willett was chaplain. Poultry Market the poultry Market today As reported by the Federal and sate Market news service University of Arkansas and the u s department of agriculture Northwest Arkansas Market steady Supply and demand generally Good balance sizes lighter than Normal at most Pointe. Prices paid a rid volume distributed a the farm broilers or fryers weighing 21-2 to 3u . 188,230 at 20 cents a lb., 102,700 at undetermined prices prices undetermined include lots under contract to buyers those sales based the Market and those sales undetermined for any other reason. Italian Diplomat and Wile plan no punishment for Long missing 11-year-old son Vittorio so i Eft Side then Dunbar approx Heil and the officer Rte it tide. The tracer Bullet from the pistol i ii by said or. And ran a or d ? a of called the sheriff after the shoot b a and of u try Quot str Quot f Dunbar and Smith pal re i into the or car and Fyk d a a. A a 1j Lank fwd had strength enough i draw service revolver of a u a baccalaureate j empty its chamber. F of h of 5 0 clock today when Fie surrendered some to i a i try Bare a urea to a Miu hours later Smith told offi a a is to be held tonight starting at Arki Dunbar had go to 5 a Orbanek stadium. And Chicago Vethe teen age son sex pre of italian Din it or it object of slam. A nationwide search for six weeks Vitt says he a not sorry he ran away a from Home and Doe . Believe he a should be punished. If but the Poy Vitt i. Barattieri 14 said he a sorry that he caused St much distress be be d fear a a. _ _. A walked around Robert r. Brown of the Quot he no a a. Son had fax lied a it Don by a punch a uart is / a son a j _ i rpm "0&Quot l a a a Arkansaw Fri Nfn Dunn Star a ref a at mint. I be Lieve or it to ii pro a a Var the baccalaureate \0 i he enjoyed the exp Ess of getting Poi accustomed Mon a t 4 i 4 # f a f of f Eta wit \ i of Tel a i t pm it 1 Quot let a Blair Nee of living along i got to do it Plim he 1 a a a tomorrow Ever. At .5 of Kuk Smith wire Riding when the ,.,t, a a out of being a my own consider hims too strict w,.n Aid he once saw picture son new York newspaper a Xvi a the a car Aid he Hod two jobs about the search for and new York he gradual p accustomed he did not _ tomorrow even exercises Are to Man Ito med them a to git under was with a it out 750 Stu abandoned out id Little a it five clays do a to i Ejov degree re. We chief lop to Monroe i parents so much Dis eau e of absence for 44 Days. The Tail aloud a v nth returned Home with parents from new Yori hour of of he thought it War Vittorio told repose r a Airport inst night was when p glad a he ran Awa j and said he said he had la f>4 if or no and one Day by ? a i a of a a Quot so Quot Ond Afkind icky and Quot a District v a a get a a. Tolen from tile Honor at a strict will speak. Amok from the liquor Tore were eked univ Fri he the programs will be held the the vehicle had planned stadium u x % unfavourable Pulaski Oliunte prosecutor j. ,.a. I a. I to get one weather Cau a them to the moved prank Holt said he would we City i my u Tom 24 d i it believe he nerved punish to go to worx at Ailo g.1 Ane preparations charge of burglary and Urcer after had been picked Nunt. Asked if he planned to run More Monek i a both be pm and a Auk with intent to it by the f by away again he said without a to spend some it Mem y Ai against Smith he h id Bel new York since Smik. A no not for 1 he the race Trau is. He bed f 120 Wien my Mem Mya april i 1 i int i no i a. J he ran a add Alit at Wrath cd if d a r. a a a a it f r i. Quot i v i a l re Ltd or or. parents count find coun Rej garters asked parents once and lost $8, but i sure liked to a a Ludovico Barattieri had whether he should be punished. he said mild afternoon tonight 3 j a r papers Ani the Vittorio i t a co no Aid Quot i do not Saturn a with widely battered it re than a be r. 1 1 a. the radio my television for whom she called Quot too Quot is too big plan to handle differently Shower and local thunderstorm pm speaker tonight at a he recent Ira a the poor i <1 a a of a Tharel to speak to Arkansas partly Cloudy and u0k cd _ cart re . V j Quot err a or. A t and Schoofs Bombardier be tardy the Rev it Rbert c Hirschfield Lupe Fane e Home islands Ort the first l>-2st mid against a Nession hat of re Gron. I it has embarked a 12-Man Crew subsequent. Hirah Fieux then a Captai Tuk he is now associate pastor of flew 35 missions sir t Hurch and was graduated the Concord it Alif. Afr school of tie Ligion. Here he is talk now that he has turned Aud to re turn f to spank. His fatties italian Consul Gen Barattieri quid by police to added that inc want a Nabla to saturday Cral Chicago it one time had have Beta strict with Tau boy re it Der Rand toe Poy a act.. Little roller Northwest fair ton to turn of the Fayette Hunt a fun school at graduation exercise. The program is to of it at d . The Church. A wire Liuto

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