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Fayetteville Northwest Arkansas Times Newspaper Archives Feb 9 1983, Page 5

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Fayetteville Northwest Arkansas Times (Newspaper) - February 9, 1983, Fayetteville, Arkansas Editorial opinion the Public interest is the first concern of this newspaper Alden h. Spencer publisher and general manager David Speer managing editor 6 a wednesday february 9,1983 dare to be great go ahead Dale do it. Run for the state a no mean teat Coli sideling president. Some of your stands in the past. He who cares that you re in the group even goes As far As calling you a that the Harris poll lumps in As a a a a Washington merry go round government report indicts slave labor a other possible the 4 or 5 percent level a no cares that you would have to set in line with Walter Mondale Ohn Glenn Gary Hart and Rubin Askew to try and find an open Date to announce who cares that you weren to even one of the candidates tested by the Harris Survey for name recognition when folks like sen. Robert Byrd of Virginia sen. Hart of Colorado and sen. Ernest Hollings of South Carolina made it your candidacy would focus attention on Arkansas at least for a Little while and maybe give a Little More clout to the state delegation to the National convention. But the announcement is not All. These Days the announcement is just a part of the presidential election process. Such a run would take Money and lots of it. Not to worry. William h. Bowen president of commercial National Bank in Pine Bluff says the Money is there. He also says you could get the support of Many prominent conservatives in once in a Century candidate. You might even pull off the impossible As you seem to have done in your races for governor and senator knocking off Faubus Rockefeller and Fulbright. This is to urge you to officially get into the race and soon. Sen. Cranston has beaten you to the punch by being first in. And other official announcing dates have been set and Are coming up fast. You done to want to get lost in the shuffle. If you done to hurry you might wind up not being the first arkansans in the race. You could follow in the footsteps of the late sen. Joe t. Robinson who went from being governor to senator to running for vice president on the 1928 ticket with then gov. Alfred e. Smith of new York. You might even take the John Anderson route and follow arkansans Coin Harvey in forming your own party. He even held his progressive party nominating convention right Here in Northwest Arkansas. Dare to be great sen. Bumpers. You might even make the next Harris poll. Washington the Reagan administration is about to release an official report which will indict the soviet Union for widespread use of slave labor. The report is the. Result of months of study by experts from the White House the Cia. The Pentagon and the state and labor departments. Their findings will come As no Surprise to anyone who has slowed through Alexander Solzhenitsyn s a gulag archipelago a but their report will give the . Governments imprimatur to disclosures of political and religious persecution throughout soviet society. The study was made in response to an inquiry by sen. William Armstrong a Colo. He wanted to know if forced labor was being used to build the natural Gas pipeline from Siberia to Western Europe. As it happened the intelligence on mat specific project was scant and the experts disagreed Over exactly what constituted work on the pipeline sources told my associate Lucette Lagnado. So the inter Agency group decided to expand its study to include All soviet slave labor and put the whole Issue on the record. The experts estimate that there Are about four million Mary Mcgrory my plans swirling still no end in sight Washington the presi Dent would do almost anything for my. The huge and homeless nuclear Quot peacekeeper a when the House refused to produce it be accused the members of sleepwalking he wrote a letter to rep Jack Kemp r n y., in which he strongly suggested that ii he did no to get his missile he would cancel the disarm men talks in Geneva All of which makes it All the More mysterious As to Why he was not willing to sign his name on a waiver to keep Harold Brown on the special my commission Reagan Impan eled to Rescue it. Some nameless lawyers deep in the department of defense invoked the charge of a conflict of interest a against Brown Brown was called on to give the group a Little bipartisan gloss it he was Carter s defense Secretary and i Toch Luster he has a pm d. In nuclear he was supposed to democrats who Are dubious about spending $35 billion on a contraption that is on its 35th shelter plan a conflict of interest a is so eral a charge against the Gan administration that it in s has come almost to be seen As a qualification examples abound of appointees happily prof i teeing from government service and being Given a Pat on the head by the authorities the presidents signature on a waiver would have kept Brown Brown s abrupt departure from the commission on strategic forces occasioned much Rumor and speculation most of it related to his previous advocacy of the much derided Racetrack or multiple protective shelter scheme which actually passed Congress did that mean that the commission was barrelling Down the track Back to the dense pack Basing Mode which was laughed out of the House and wished to rid itself of a potential dissenters a the Pentagon sadly admits that dense pack which involved burying too missiles in a great grave in Wyoming is a coun ter intuitive a that is pen Ragonese for something that goes against common sense but defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger yearns for it and is convinced As so Many administration officials Are about other problems that there is nothing wrong with the merchandise Pic the Only with the i How time flies 50 years ago Beauty parlor and sports use the x Ray As much As pure science does or George Clark of Illinois University told his audience at the University auditorium monday an inspection trip of the veterans Hospital grounds with luncheon in the canteen is planned by the Lions club for Early in March Owen Mitchell and his Arkansas travellers orchestra left this afternoon for Monett where they play tonight at die opening of the new Palace theatre and later at a v Alent me dance at the Casino 75 years ago the Washington hotel has secured a chef who is recommended As one of the Best in the country the Public is invited to test his knowledge of the culinary arts 10o years ago Bob Arrington m s Roll Bella Clark Walter Roll and t p Sha bume were among the commercial travellers in town this week a change of time in the running of trains has been made on the Frisco Hie passenger train going South arrives at 12 21, going North at 3 to today in history but not suspicious evidently the White House in slave labourers in the workers Radise a huge drop from the million his romans figure were enslaved by Stalin. Although superficial changes have been made in the past 30 years forced labor is still an important Factor in the soviet Economy and it is still used As a weapon against political and religious dissidents. The report illustrates the lawyerly techniques used by the authorities to deny civil rights supposedly guaranteed to All soviet citizens. Free speech for example is obliterated by a Law making it a crime to a a libel the soviet system a a Blanket term that includes any form of outspoken dissent. A particularly useful catch-22 is the charge of a parasitism a which is used when a dissident is prevented by the authorities from holding a Job and then arrested for not working. Viet dissenters railroaded into the labor Camps on questionable grounds. Here Are a few cited in the report accused of Selling Art slides to friends but his real a a crime was patronizing artists the authorities disapproved of. He was convicted even though the prosecutions expert witness refused to testify that Mikhailov had engaged in prohibited activity a Ida Nudel who was both vociferous and persistent in her criticism of the authorities re a How to get the most out of Washington a draws on the experience of nine other senators As Well As his own. A one time College basketball Star. Cohen continues to write both prose and poetry. His staff says he writes As a Way Tor fax. A it was pretty obvious that the democratic ovation which greeted president Reagan s remark in the state of the Union address a we who Are in was charged with disseminating two Docu Gedly a Ilya Zviagin Ith disseminate ments that Aile the Zuments ind Ivl _.lib eled the soviet system. He was convicted and sentenced to two years forced labor a even though the documents in question weren to presented As evidence in court. A Herbert Murd an estonian methodist was convicted for doing Church work among Young people. He was released after a year at forced labor but was soon rearrested for failure to pay Alimony a a failure that was due directly to his inability to hold a Job because the authorities repeatedly had him fired. He was eventually convicted of a a parasitism. A a Georgiy Mikhailov was an Amateur Art collector sentenced report Doc to four years for engaging in a cases of so prohibited occupation. He was gently completed a four year government must take the Lead sentence in Siberia. But she is in restoring the Economy was far from spontaneous. But it Wasny to realized How Well orchestrated it was. House majority whip Thomas Foley a it was spotted the Opportunity for embarrassment in his Advance copy of the speech and quickly spread the word. With Many a chortle democratic members scurried around the forbidden to return to her Home in Moscow and is forced to wander around the country looking for places to live a a Fate mat has befallen other critical dissidents who manage survive their Sty in the gulag. A Alexander Paritskiy was an Ocean Logist sentenced to three years forced labor on charges of a slanderous his real offence was trying to emigrate to Israel. Under the dome its not unheard of for members of Congress to author a Book with or without professional help. But few lawmakers have the virtuosity of sen. William Cohen. A Maine. In 1978 he dished a Book of poetry a of ins and seasons a which sold 10,000 copies and went into a second printing. His 1981 Book. A Roll Call a was an anecdotal account of his freshman year in the Senate. His latest Book. Floor passing along the message to clap. Rep. Al Gore d-tenn., said be was even the Cue by two or three colleagues. A like a Catchy commercial whose product sups the mind sen. Pete Domenici r-n.m., has a higher recognition Factor than the to talk shows he appears on. After a recent stint on a face the nation a Domenici got mail from More than 20 viewers congratulating him for his remarks on Quot meet the press and even a meet the nation a As Well As the show he was actually on. C United feature synd. By i he Abo baled press a ivs leu Iii the year today a highlight in history today is wednesday feb 9, the 40th Day of 1983 there Are 325 s left Aye on feb 9, 1825, the House of representatives elected John Quincy Adams president after a National election that failed to give any of the candidates an electoral majority on this Date in 1718, French colonists arrived in Louisiana in 1849, Rome was proclaimed a Republic under Giuseppe Mazzi in 1943, the world War la Battle of Guadalcanal ended with an in 15/71, an ear that ten years blocked t Tram Alaska Oil pipeline five years ago Canada ordered la soviet diplomats and officials expelled accusing diem of a plot to penetrate the Security apparatus of the Royal Canadian mounted police one year ago the us and the common Market said they would refuse to continue negotiations of East West cooperation in Madrid until martial Law in Poland was ended today a birthdays former Secretary of state Dean Rusk is 74 years old sportsman Bill Veeck is 69 thought for today a loneliness and the Teeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty a a Mother Teresa Nobel prize winning missionary american Jcu a quake in the los Angeles tile issuance of government permits or construction of a make in the los Angeles area killed 64 people ago the court of appeals in Washington administration has brought Back from Bermuda its Ace congressional lobbyist. Max Friedersdorf who is much prize by republicans but Brown says his imagined dissent was not at question he attended three meetings of the commission which is heavy with Hawks of the likes of Richard Helms Alexander Haig Brent scowcroft and William Clements. Nothing of substance was discussed nobody tipped his hand Brown thinks there was nothing sinister about the events that led to his withdrawal. A i am willing to take it at face value a he said from his office at the Johns Hopkins school of advanced International studies. Quot my interpretation is that it was mishandled i am annoyed. Jodl a idylls haste to Convene a High powered body did not turn up Brown s connection with try an my contractor before announcing his appointment he made no mystery dial he was a special consultant to try and told the White House himself after he found out it on returning from a trip to Europe that he had been named when the conflict of interest was belatedly raised by Pentagon lawyers the president who could have put an end to the whole thing by signing a waiver sent the matter to detente Secretary Weinberger who booted it to undersecretary for research and engineering Richard d de la her Delauer was willing to give the Green Light to Brown but Delauer is a retired vice president of try and Brown Lei it would not solve the perception problem a neither would other suggestions about suspending Browne a consultant arrange ment with try a which did not look Good to anyone including me a he will serve As a a special adviser to the group a Pentagon official explain ing the presidents sudden sen silly it to the conflict Issue said it is not Wise to overrule the lawyers a but it the panel is in a dense pack of difficulties the missile is in More that is according to no less an authority and my fan than sen Paul Laxalt r-nev., the presidents Best buddy in the Senate and the new general chairman of the Republican party Laxalt surprised viewers of a face the nation Quot by saying that the my is in serious trouble and counted the ways a people who never wanted the my people who wanted smaller ones budgetary considerations and the nuclear if Laxalt is right not even the towns new hero Washington redskins fullback John Riggins in White tie top hat and tans if s eased to serve could get the x Down the Field having seen the presidents budget Congress mind is More on orphans than on orphan missiles c Universal press synd. Doing your part in supporting those super bowl advertisers As the super bowl game fades into the distance in a left with pleasant memories of the game and a nagging worry about who a going to pay for everything except for the decease budget the super bowl involves the most Money any of us Ever heard of one 30-second commercial during the game Cost an Adver Tiser 400,000 that a More than some people make in a week that amount Only paid Abc for air time it Cost some of the advertisers Al least that much to make the commercial in the first place. Abc set a new worlds record by Selling 48 of those half minute commercials for a total of $19 million during the actual game now of course someone has to come up with the Money companies done to sponsor Ball games out of the goodness of their hearts. They expect us to buy their product. F want to do my part because commercials make the television broadcast of the game possible i loved watching the game and i did t even mind the commercials As a matter of fact i was impressed by them. In be never seen so Many commercials done with so much imagination and technical expertise. In the second half the commercials were better than the dolphins. It was a kaleidoscopic phantasmagoria of salesmanship there were commercials for Chrysler Mazda Fords Dodges Samaros Chevy trucks and Volkswagen Luiere were at least three different Beer commercials and three for airlines Newsweek Magazine had a Good one As did master lock Merrill Lynch the investment com Pany Canon Honda motorcycle and Exxon there was even a plug for capt. Joel Chamberlain the Pilot of the Goodyear i or Rich Blimp now it s up to each and every one of us to buy enough of these deducts to make it worthwhile r their makers to have brought the super bowl game to us we want to encourage them to do it again next year. I done to know where to Start in a not going to buy another car i already Nave my cars i done to drink More than five or six bottles of Beer a year and if i Divide my patronage among the three Beer sponsors my Beer purchases Aren t going to make a Dent in that $400,000 Tor any of them Budweiser Heineken and Miller will have to look elsewhere for sales even though i like their commercials. I done to need a new master lock i get Newsweek free and my wife let me ride a motorcycle if i bought one obviously i be got a heavy Load to carry and Don t even know where to lift. George Plimpton did a commercial for a video game but i be forgotten the name of it. I think i be forgotten because it was one of the few commercials that irritated me. Plimpton is a Good example of someone who was asked to do a commercial because he was a famous son and has continued to do hem Long after anyone can remember what he was famous for. By now he s mostly famous for doing the commercials and that Isnit enough the Cummer rial emphasizes him More than the product pern there were two 30-second commercials for something called �?�stresstah6 600 a the Price of a bottle of stress tabs 600 is More in line with what in a willing to put out but i be never taken a Vitamin in my life. I associate vitamins with the peace movement. In a not against vitamins or the peace movement in a just not Active in them the drugstore i lust called gets 16 or a bottle of 60 stress tabs 600 the company that makes them american Cyan amid bought two 30 second commercials and that Cost them $800,000 their commercials pointed out that their vitamins Are made Quot with the essential biotin extra a it s the new advanced formula and stress tabs 600 Are the official Vitamin of the 1984 Winter olympics. It All made stress tabs 600 almost irresistible but in a going to resist them too. Maybe to wait for stress tabs 700 its about lunchtime now Mcdonald a had a Good com Mercial. Maybe ill do my part for super bowl sponsors by going Over to Mcdonald s cd picking up a chocolate shake and a Large order of Fries. E the Chicago Tribune Senate to fight continuing As members choose up sides Bible verse a submit yourselves therefore to god resist the Devil and he will flee from you Quot James 4 7 by Tom Kai m associated press writer Washington a the Senate is moving toward an agreement for televising floor action but the final plan is bound to fall far Short of the Gavel to Gavel coverage sought by majority Leader Howard Baker. Baker r-tenn., plans to renew his two year Long bid for Senate to next week when the Senate returns from its Lin coins birthday recess the House has permitted to coverage for the past three years but in the Senate efforts to follow suit have been blocked by filibusters a recent assertion by sen negotiate in be i Russell la gang d-la., the chief opponent that he was agreeable to some kind of experimental plan for cameras in the Senate touched off a new round of hmm talked to sen i Ong about it and we re trying to see if we can work something out Quot Baker said the other Day. However details remain to be firmed up and aides to Long said he is still prepared to mount a lengthy argument against the Overall concept of to Senate if baser move Loo quickly. I still there is general support for a Pilot program to allow to coverage of at least one up in the attempts to coming Senate debate yet to be chosen one Compromise being considered would permit the cameras to be shut off by either the Republican or democratic Leader or by a majority vote of the Senate another would Only permit television coverage of debates on which a time agreement had been reached a thus keeping off the air filibusters and those Tong periods of time when nothing much is happening one major player in the debate sen. Wendell Ford d-ky., said lie still plans to oppose anything More am Binous than his proposal for radio Only coverage of the Senate Baker is bringing up the Bill Early in the session so that if there is another filibuster he will have More time than in did last session to try to Wear Down inters Cov rage of the Senate is Little More than an Extension of the Public galleries Long overdue critics of bringing the Senate into the to Era claim that the presence of cameras would impede legislative activity giving senators a Chance to play or the cameras and providing midwife image changes by Molly r. Parrish editorial research reports Washington the stereo Type of the Rural uneducated a a Granny midwife is rapidly disappearing As More and More american women a particularly Middle class. Urban women a turn to trained nurse midwives for assistance in childbirth from 1971 to 1902. The number of accredited nurse midwives in the United states jumped from a Little Over 60u to around 2,500, according to the american College of nurse midwives acne. Accredited nurse midwives Are registered nurses who Are specially trained in the management of Low risk pregnancy and deliveries they must work in collaboration with a physician who can step in and treat a patient. Midwives in the United states have traditionally practice among the poor or in Rural areas where physicians were scarce. However in recent years in the Wake of the consumer and feminist movements Many affluent women have sought Home births or birthing centers instead of Hoe petals and the assistance of midwives instead of Only obstetricians. At the same time physician resistance to midwifery has increased according to Sally Tom a midwife who is acne s Liaison with the government. The medical staff of the local Columbia Hospital for women recently refused to affiliate with a health maintenance organza Tion hmm for obstetrical work among the reasons for its derision the doctors said. We that the hmm had 18 nurse midwives on its staff what treated pregnant women an it pc delivered babies the doctor did not want to extend then delivery privileges in another instance the Washington Hospital Center medical staff discontinued a Pilot program in which midwives delivered babies under doctors supervision because the midwives also attended Home births the doctors considered Home births unsafe the american medical association has taken no official position on the use of nurse midwives a spokesman for the organization said. The Federal Trade commission i Etc is examining allegations that physicians in various California hospitals conspired to exclude nurse midwives from practice the Agency is also investigating Blue shield and other phys Cian controlled prepaid insurance plans to determine whether they unfairly i scrim nato against nurse midwives Tom said the conflict Between midwives and physicians is economic a there Are a lot of places where nurse mid Ivy and physicians Are working we together a she said to the pockets of resistance almost always crop up where nurse midwives Are toking care of people who have private a sure Ance a a z Elf i opposer Baker and other supper claim television and radio my the h jul of Iii guide la Bealing ogres ses pm like Baker aspirations with presidential despite the resistance off some physicians advocates of midwifery Are confident profession will flourish Norsigian co author Best Selling consumer s guide to women s health a your ourselves a a told a Congressi rial subcommittee two Yean a that a nurse midwives con Sumers and physicians Cai spend the next few Yean locked in a struggle or we can spend them productively improving the Quality and acceptability of options for childbearing women and their families i Hope we att choose wisely a

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