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Fayetteville Northwest Arkansas Times Newspaper Archives Feb 9 1983, Page 1

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Fayetteville Northwest Arkansas Times (Newspaper) - February 9, 1983, Fayetteville, Arkansas Wednesday Slort Hoest sri Marasas cites vol. 115 a number 237 the Public interest is the first concern of this newspaper Fayetteville Arkansas wednesday february 9, 1983 phone no. 442-6244 we i Lier tonight and thursday mostly Cloudy and Cool with a Chance of rain until Midnight. To in the mid 30s High in the mid 40s weather map on Page 2 56 pages�?25c pressure building for israeli elections it quiet Battleground an israeli armoured personnel Carrier sits outside the remains of a building in the Western part of Aley Lebanon. Druse military forces claimed their largest w Victory monday in Battles with Christian Milita forces in the area before agreeing to an israeli arranged cease fire tuesday. A laser photo Bush urges nato Unity Loudon a urging the Nat allies to stand a shoulder to shoulder a vice president George Bush arrived today in Britain the last Stop in a seven nation european Lour seeking support for . Nuclear anti nuclear demonstrators planned a protest outside a Hall where Bush was to speak and leaders of the Church of England prepared for a meeting thursday to discuss a possible Alliance with Britain a peace movement. A a in be come to this great nation buoyed by the knowledge that the Western Alliance is unshaken in our resolve we can succeed in reducing both nuclear tensions and nuclear weapons in Europe. A a a Gallup poll published in today s London daily Telegraph said nearly two thirds of those surveyed said it would be a bad idea for Britain to scrap nuclear weapons without demanding similar reductions from the soviets but the same poll found a majority a 54 percent against 34 percent a opposed to the proposed deployment of . Cruise missiles Here. Bush who arrives from Paris will meet with prime minister Margaret Thatcher and foreign Strong and United and As de ter mined As Ever to protect our Secretary Francis Pym. Both balanced set freedoms our countries and our support arms policies but Spokan of Nile a a Bush told reporters at have spoken recently of fall stage in the it throw Airport of we continue to stand shoulder to shoulder if we Are spoken recently Back positions in Case the soviet Union persists in its rejection of the during his 12-Day trip to discuss arms policies with . Allies in Europe Bush repeatedly has underscored his belief in the soundness of the Zero option plan to free Europe of both soviet and . Land based intermediate Range nuclear missiles the proposal asks the soviet Union to dismantle some 600 is series missiles aimed at Europe in return for which the North Atlantic treaty organization would cancel plans to deploy 572 cruise and Pershing 2 missiles starting later this year. Mrs. Thatcher has said if the Zero option is not possible the West still must insist on a solution. Pym has an intermediate Gern the quest for the Zero option. Britain is to take the first of natos planned contingent of 464 cruise missiles with 96 scheduled for deployment at a . Air Force base at Greenham common in the coming months eventually Britain would have 160 of the cruise missiles the base 50 Miles West of London has become a focal Point Tor anti nuclear demonstrators on monday evening when Britain a new defense minister Michael Heseltine arrived at nearby Newbury to speak he was dragged off his feet by a throng of demonstrators on thursday Church of England leaders will decide whether the Church will join the peace movement in urging the elimination of Britain a nuclear Force and the Banning of . Nuclear weapons from British soil Tel Aviv Israel apr an inquiry commission s report holding defense minister Ariel Sharon responsible in the Beirut massacre and demanding his ouster has thrown Israel into political chaos and increased pressure for Early elections the findings put prime minister Menachem begin in a bind the three Man commission said begin should fire Sharon if he refuses to step Down and Sharon is resisting the prime minister met with his Cabinet for two hours tuesday without reaching a decision on Sharon s status and announced a second meeting for today. A key figure in the ruling coalition said begin would not dismiss the former general a bulwark of the prime minister s popularity with his right Wing constituency a a it a hard for him to do such a thing a Avraham Shapira chairman of the parliamentary coalition told reporters after meeting with begin a anyone who knows the prime minister knows he is a Noble Man and he respects Arik Sharon s nickname a As to what happens next Shapira said that is in the hands of Menachem dozens of people protesting in Tel Avivm a Dizengoff Square demanded the whole government resign after the findings were released tuesday but Many israelis viewed the report As a testament to the country a democracy. A Only a nation with the moral strength of Israel could afford to publish such findings a said an insurance Salesman who asked not to be identified a the stale of Israel has been saved a pro government protesters who gathered at the prime minister s office during tues Days Cabinet meeting Sang Arik King of Israel when much of begin s political Travail would end if Sharon would resign voluntarily but the 54-year-old defense minister declined a Public Opportunity to state his intention tuesday night he told a gathering of political supporters in Tel Aviv that the government would discuss the matter in private. Sharon indicated that he would continue to fight and that he considered his Domestic political enemies on a Par with Palestine liberation organza Tion chief Yasser Arafat of the commission s findings. He said a i heard that Arafat was Little pleased. Here too. There Are some who Are a Little pleased a begin could not just resign and Call an election he would have to gather a majority in parliament to set an election Date political observers believe that begin might not get a majority if he sought new elections the 69 year old prime minister himself was not severely criticized by the report but it said he tailed to pay enough attention to the decision to permit lebanese Christian phalanges troops into the Sabra and Natilla refugee Camps where hundreds of palestinians were slaughtered last sep tember peace Hopes dimmed . Keeps quiet on panel report Sharon emerged Vita y a we re with yelled you. Arik a a they Washington a the Reagan administration. Surprised by the Force of the israeli report on the Beirut massacre is concerned that it could paralyse the Jerusalem government and dim prospects for action on a Mideast peace plan . Officials avoided making Public statements on a special israeli commission s report that said defense minister Ariel Sharon was indirectly to blame for the slayings in palestinian refugee Camps last september and should resign president Reagan set the course for silence by telling editorial writers tuesday that the report was an internal problem and i just Don t trunk we should be commenting or injecting ourselves into that internal problem one official no insisted on anonymity said . Statements could cause israelis to a Circle the wagons a around prime minister Menachem begin and help Sharon a hero of the 1973 yom kippur War a play a martyrs role a that could rally hard line israeli opponents of Reagan s proposals for halting jewish Settle ments and establishing palestinian self Rule on land held by Israel since the 1967 six a it War the official said setting up palestinian self Rule is part of the president Mideast peace package the report was More negative and More specific in its criticism of the begin government than had been expected Here but the com Mission s findings dovetailed with the administration s own statements earlier about israeli involvement in the massacre in the . View. The judicial inquiry is Likely to have a larger Impact on israeli policy a especially if Sharon resigns a than Nad been anticipated while waiting Lor the dust to Settle and Uncertain of the Impact these officials were concerned that the unprecedented dispute could Grayze the begin government into inaction. The on Lebanon and on the Overall Mideast peace negotiations a state department official who talked Only with the understanding that he not be identified. Said the resignation of Sharon alone while it might ease frictions with the United states. Tiro Rabiy would not bring about a change in israeli policies a we Nave had our differences with him in the past a the official said a but i m sure we Are All convinced the policies adopted by Israel represent the views of the highest Levels of that government a Clinton makes pitch for truckers Pryor addresses students by Katherine Hale times Suk writer Lincoln sen David Pryor d-ark., addressed a crowd of elementary and High school students tuesday afternoon at Lincoln High school Sana sum with All the in Usi asm of a politician in an election year. Pryor who was governor of the state when most members of the audience were to years old or younger explained that Congress was out of session for about a week giving its Mem hers an Opportunity to a go Home visit with the constituents listen talk a Pryor ended his visit to Northwest Arkansas with the Stop at Lincoln and would begin the return trip to Little Rock when the hour was up. Speaking with youth throughout the state and nation. Be said has led him to believe members of the younger generation Are worried primarily about nuclear War a there is great apprehension a Pryor said a because Young people feel we re headed on a collision course with the soviet Union a excessive arms build up is a cause for concern As Well a we must make a commitment to solve this dilemma the arms race that could Well Lead us to life As we know it disappearing from the face of the Earth Quot he said a this is the greatest Challenge of this generation the greatest Opportunity we have and maybe the last. Of saving life on planet Earth a the Opportunity must not be a fumbled a a he admonished. Little Rock a gov. Bill Clinton has urged president Reagan to reconsider excise and Highway use taxes included in the Federal Highway tax program. In a letter to Reagan on tuesday Clinton said that after talking with Independent truckers a i am convinced that the imposition of unreasonably High excise and Highway use taxes threatens their very existence a unlike regulated common carriers who can pass these added costs to Clinton said a the Independent truckers cannot like our Farmers these individuals Are trapped in a Market Over which they have Little control their profit margin is Low and they Are unable to either pass along or absorb these additional in Arkansas Clinton said. Legislators Are debating whether to impose additional Highway taxes now that 80,000-Pound trucks May travel on the state s highways. A i am deeply concerned. Clinton said a that the Burden of the Federal taxes will make it impossible for us to raise sufficient state funds to meet our needs when the amount of Federal turnback will be considerably less than Loo percent of the funds paid to the govern ment by Arkansas Highway users Quot on another Issue tuesday. Clinton reaffirmed his opposition to transferring essential to Arkansas growth to other states in a letter Clinton asked Arkansas congressional Dele Gabon to oppose any attempts to fund additional Inte Basin water Transfer studies the governor was commenting on a recent report by the High Plains study Council which has been working on plans to handle a potential water shortage in the Ogallala aau iter. A water table which includes seven states a i am writing to let you know that nothing in the report changes my opposition to the scheme to Transfer water out of Arkansas to areas where unwise use of ground water has depleted the resource a Clinton said the Council Clinton said has concluded that major Multi state conveyance systems wont be financially possible soon vice president Bush shakes hands with outside British foreign Secretary Francis Pym today. The foreign office in London Springdale considers subsidized taxi plan Pryor also spoke at length of the future of employment in the United states a we must accept reality a we re living in a highly technical world. We re vary quickly going into an Era where if you Don t understand the technology or appreciate what a computer can do for you and to you you will be left students were Given the of port Unity to ask questions and Pryor a quizzed on topics that included social Security the defense budget cuts in school funding the truck strike Trade wars with Japan and increased taxes on imports during the hour the temperature inside the gym Rose to june Levels and sweating students on the upper level seats fanned with whatever items were Handy by Kim Cherry time staff writer Springdale a City Council members during the next two weeks will consider recommend relations they subsidize taxi fares for the City a elderly and disabled population it would be a Pilot program for Arkansas and might be partially funded by the state department of aging mayor Charles n Mckinney said action on the matter will be taken at the feb 22 Springdale City Council meeting Lewis Heill president of Mcdonald transit associates inc. Tuesday night distributed a 48 Page phase u a Fayet Tevelle sprig Dale transit feasibility study and briefly out lined tis company a suggestions for the program transit alternatives were assessed for the Fayetteville and Springdale urbanized areas under phase i completed several months ago Springdale expressed interest in examining a user Side subsidized taxi program for elderly and handicapped residents. This program said Heill could use the existing taxi service Cli h taxi coif they agree and a. If u Doest work you could get out without really losing anything a the company president stated the rider rather than the taxi company is subsidized Heill said under the program persons City officials determine Are Eli Gible t possibly any one Over a 65, Ana or handicapped woo Register St City Hall they would be issued an id card and number coupons would be issued to the persons monthly. Ll.50per ride. Hell said this program would minimal adj is Good fur la so off Normal taxi Irge it service Heil mid the amount fare charged by c amp h taxi would represent about half the Cost of an average taxi ride in Springdale the program participants would be secured to pay the remaining fare in Cash those eligible would Call the taxi company when a trip is needed they would show the Driver their id card and at the end of the trip give the Driver an endorsed Coupon Pius the remaining fare the cab company would keep a log of trips cd numbers and coupons and submit them monthly and be reimbursed at be fill have a Mist native requirements a a it would need a mechanism for issuing coupons and computing the monthly request for Reim Bur Sera ent from the taxi service Heill believes these procedures could be administered by existing City staff conversations with the c amp h taxi service owners Heill states in the study indicate that tins Type of procedure already is in operation for service they provide to the veterans administration and the Burlington Northern Railroad a Market demand of 3,875 trips per month at an average trip subsidy level of 11.50 would result in a required annual subsidy program Cost of $66,150 Heill estimated 1,000 to 1,100 riders monthly. Mckinney said he talked with the director of the state department of aging recently and he believes mat May be available Ching funds program along with a employee to and Ching i for the part time minister it news briefly Pryor wants to help Farmer by the associated press sen David Pryor says he will support legislation to assure tax fairness for banners participating in a program providing commodities to those who Cut the number of acres Farmed prior. D-ark., said tuesday he did t like the decision by the Treasury department to tax Farmers when they get commodities under the payment in kind program rather than w Hen the commodities Are sold everyone who understands farming knows that debts including taxes simply cannot be paid until crops Are sold Pryor said in a statement released through his Washington office under current Law. When a Farmer grows a crop he is not taxed until the crop is sold likewise the Federal government ought to postpone taxation until commodities made available under Pik Are sold truck traffic up violence Doyen fruit and vegetable buyers reported ample supplies but higher prices As the nationwide truckers strike today moving into its lath Day appeared to be winding Down with less violence and More rigs on the Road the increased visibility of Law enticement is restoring Confidence Iii Drivers Patrick Riordan. A spokesman Tor Florida gov Bob Graham said tuesday As truck volume Rose and violence dwindled in that state Udall deciding again another run Washington a rep Morris k Udall of Arizona a past presidential contender wlm had been eyeing another try. Will not seek the democratic party s presidential nomination m according to sources Udall a party Liberal who finished second to Jimmy Arter in five presidential primaries in 1976. Was to announce his decision at a news conference today several sources said tuesday night that i Dan who has Parkinson s disease decided against the prospects of two years of campaigning and. They said. He Quot did t want to be a spoiler of Owr Liberal candidates like Sens Alan Cranston Ofca Lidorma and Gary Bai t of Colorado lit port names intelligence a Lief Jerusalem a the final report by the israeli commission probing the Beirut massacre named Elie Hobeiche intelligence chief of the rightist lebanese Christian phalanges militia As the commander of the forces who slayed hundreds of palestinian refugees Ireland ill draw from Parade new York ap1 the Irish government says it is withdrawing from the St Patrick a Day Parade because the appointment of an admitted Ira gun runner As grand marshal links the new York City tradition with Quot support for violence in Ireland a we regret Liat the situation has been created which forces All Irish government representatives and agencies to break with our Long record of participation Quot the Irish consulate general said in a statement tuesday night minutes Atter Michael Flannery a gun runner Tor the Irish Republican army was named grand marshal the statement charged that the organizers of the March 17 Parade selected As grand marshal a Man Quot who has v Amienee avowed personal involvement in sponsoring Ireland the ancient order of the hibernian the oldest Irish Catholic Lay men s organization in the United states appointed fiannery in a near unanimous standing vote of the uni delegates voting at a new York City hotel about a dozen opposed the nomination ran Loii it Pope Delman Washington a president reagans nominee to head the arms control and disarmament Agency w us quoted in 1961 As saying arms control talks were a Sham that he would under take for political reasons sen Alan Cranston a Calit. Told the National press club tuesday that Kenneth l Adelman made the statement in a May 198 inters in with the new York daily news Cranston a candidate Tor the democratic presidential nomination Lias said he will vote against the Adelman nomination when it comes up in the Senate foreign relations committee feb 13 referring to the daily news interview Cranston said a a answering a question about the desire of i s allies for arms control. Adelman said. My philosophy would be to do it Tor political reasons by i think ii a Sham Aiea deaths Smith mrs Flo me. Springdale funeral Friday c list Dkl. The Rev James Johnson funeral thursday Golden William Pettigrew funeral thursday cow if William Siloam Springs funeral thursday Roberts miss Jennie Bentonville funeral thursday h Chris. Mrs Keith Bentonville funeral tuesday Hobeiche was the Only phalanges fully named in the report published tuesday As being involved in the massacre other phalanges members were named in background material in the report while others who participated in the operation were referred to Only by their initials israeli and foreign news reports immediately following the Slaughter last september indicated that Hobeiche was the Mastermind behind the phalanges operation but the commission s report was the first israeli confirmation that Hobeiche commanded the militiamen that murdered hundreds it palestinians in the two Day rampage inside fat nil scene 9-11 sports.17-19,22 something for everyone.2ti boy scout Page 27 classified 30-31 Legal notices 31 entertainment 33 lost something dear if your Loti pet teems like a member of the family list it in our 26 lost and found and maybe someone can help you get it e United quickly Here is an Ana mite Cost dog around to Gap x Mineral Spring area drown Cace a pop Reward us xxv whether its lost or found list it the our classified Section for Quick Ratuita calf 442 6242 and ask for classified

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