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Fayetteville Northwest Arkansas Times Newspaper Archives Apr 5 1986, Page 5

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Fayetteville Northwest Arkansas Times (Newspaper) - April 5, 1986, Fayetteville, Arkansas People s Page or Sas times sat., april 5, 1986 a 5 Tel to rms cart ii r Stafl Ohhi. It amp i ill. A Quot Obi i a i for better or piece 6"tihbsnou 1 a a Mai Francis Drake your daily Horoscope what kind of Day will tomorrow1 be to find out what the stars say. Read the forecast Given for your birth sign. Por sunday. April. 6, 1986 Aries in mar. 21 to apr 19 use time by yourself constructively. Its the perfect Day for a research project or any kind of mental activity. Career gets a boost tonight. Taurus apr. 20 to May 20 daytime is Best for social engagements As your schedule May be subject to change tonight you la meet someone now in whom you can really confide. Gemini 4 May 21 to june 20 a a you re Able to promote your interests convincingly now. Doing a kindness for another is tonight a theme. A partners behaviour May Surprise you. Cancer a june 21 to july 22 higher mind pursuits Appeal now. News comes from a distance. Accent social life tonight As concentration is not at its Best now. Esi think a amp s in run taking Quot the trumpet Seroo Osly Tel to tattle Al Tarra huh july 23 to aug. 22 partners Are in agreement about financial a a Good time for decision Ina King it a child May be does you a favor. Mao x Ang. 23 to sept22 a 9c heart to heart talks Are indicated. It s urns for you to listen to what others Lute to say. Evening favors relaxing limes in a romantic setting. Libra. It sept. 23 to oct22 it you la get a lot accomplished in the daytime but interruptions Are possible Tonert. Home based activities Are highlighted. A Scorpio oct23unov. 21 grandparents enjoy visits with Chad rom you la accent hobbies now that Katimy the you mentally. Romance la Likely Boft watch expenditures. Sagl tallies nov. 22 to dec. 21 in this is a Good time for family talks and makings Domestic decisions. Some flipping for books. You la do a co won Kier a favor. Nighttime Anda you restless. Capricorn a Deb. 22 to Jan. 19 the Muse inspires you to creative accomplishment. You enjoy visits with relatives or neighbors. You la find the evening hours most roman tic. Aquarius Jan. 20 to feb. 18 bookkeeping and financial dealings Are favored now. You la find the pleasures of domesticity More rewarding than outside interests tonight. Pisces feb. 19 to mar. 20 you re Sharp in mind yet compassionate in spirit today. You la know when to speak out and when to be a Good listener. Friendships Are highlighted. You born today work Well with groups and Are liable to Rise to a position of leadership in that capacity. You re an individualist with a take charge attitude. The professions Are liable to Appeal to you and you do Well in business for yourself. You need an outlet for your mental abilities in your work and you must always remember to have the courage of your convictions. Done to become complacent when things get easy for you. Birthday of Harry Houdini magician Andre Previn conductor and Walter Huston film director. A 1966 King features Syndicate inc Huishi chinese restaurant Fos lunch for dinner Fine mandarin cuisine lunch mon.-Sun., 11 00-2 30 pm dinner Mon Sun. 5 00-10 00 p m a s. School st., Fayetteville pm 521-5623 the family circus by Keane com word by Teugem Beffer across i Nebraska City 6 vary 12 arthurian Isle 13 Maryland player 14 sound mind 15 use the Dice again 16 on the sheltered Side 17 British architect 19 a night and a Quot 20 near German 22 sprite 24 switch position 27 big Rig 29 famed opera 32 Kitchen device 35 weight system 36 at any time 37 skirt part 38 Lair 40 genesis victim 42 Ohio Campus 44 european capital 46 a Dune Quot Duke 50 disappear 52 Katharine a Home 54 actor Estevez 55 mexican snack 56 Snappy answer 57 Kiosk Down 1 track Quot 2 Leonine feature 8 e.t., . 4 stolen 5 Here or there 6 writ Gustave 7 actress Dunn 8 Evergreen a Shad 0,1 sole if or daddy Mommy wants to talk to you whenever you Wake Ponytail by Lee Holley la depend is simile Center 18 taking away is it eos a 23�?� vegas or solution time 28 win. Us Tohm on Jadw a Mew Aradoz she 5a�r uhf a i lid it. Iwami Winn Fiji cd in two a yesterdays answer hiding vessels so she Rabbit ii weapon a 33 color 34 before41 polite lated it Factor it Richard 48 related 49 Singleton 54-world a Laor or Are Blondie hints from Heloise Deak Heloise the spots which i cleaned from my Sticky Nim on the carpet it will hold onto Soli and this will make the spot look As though it has returned. To test the Type of cleaner you re using Here a what to do pour some of the cleaning solution into a Glass pie plate and set it in a warm place for several Days. When All the liquid has evaporated. Examine what is left in the Bottom of the dish. If a powder remains you Wui be Able to vacuum it out when you use the spots Wincn i Cheanea Irum my ame in vacuum a a. A a a carpet began to reappear in several this cleaner on your carpet weeks re cleaning removed them if what remains in the dish is oily a what or waxy it will remain on the carpet holding soil that is tracked on closet. I have two of them in vases on my Dresser. Is it proper etiquette to break up the bouquets to use As i wish would the brides be upset if i did a Eileen Shulin you May want to offer the extra bouquets to the brides As mementos. If they decline they Are yours to do with As you wish. A Heloise lasting patterns dear Heloise As i make a lot of doll clothes to sell i use a pattern Many Many times. To make it last a i have a wonderful relationship with a boy. Then he meets my word sleuth9 sizin9 up Slen Meryett i Tep pet i Rega mag i l u m e e h e d g y d t i t to t i t t g y a k n a l s h l i n o i o s n u y e y k n a t n m t t n t n n b l y o m t y m t y e w o i t n s m y n hey slowly returned should i do a Harrison Miller my friends at the carpet and Rug Institute say that the spots reappear for one of two reasons a the Type of stain or the Type of remover being used. Of the spill contains an oily material which was not completely removed from the Back of the carpet it will slowly work up to the carpet yarns. You May have to clean this Type of spill several times before you remove enough so it will not work to the surface. They also Felt the problem might t solution you Are using leaves a Sirni to it. This is the reappearing spots reason for those be due to the to remove the it spin. If it i recommend testing the cleaning solution in a pie plate first. Select the one that leaves a powdery residue. Good Luck a Heloise Send a great hint to Heloise . Box 32000 san Antonio Texas 78216 bouquet etiquette dear Heloise in the past few years i have been in four weddings. As a result i have four bouquets. My problem is what do i do with them they Are too pretty to put in a longer i Iron on interfacing. Just open your new pattern and Iron on the interfacing you May Cut the pattern pieces and Lay them on the interfacing but i find it easier just to put the whole pattern on it. I buy Iron on facing on Sale just for this purpose. My patterns last longer. A Bonnie Barton Scarf organizer dear Heloise when i finish with the Roll of toilet paper instead of throwing the pasteboard tube away i fold up my head scarves and Roll them to fit inside of the tubes. They line up neatly in my drawer and enough Scarf Sticks out of the tube end so i can see at a glance the one i want to match with my outfit. A Etya Mobley 4-5 crypt0quip a i emcee at com Tomk a or san a a y q y y n n i k y j m l y g k k l tar a Bovina in Etc for Sov a Bose yesterdays crypt quip the polished scientists direct concern pop culture today a crypt quip clue j equals h the crypt quip is a simple substitution cipher in which each letter used stands for another. If you think that x equals of it will equal 0 throughout the Puzzle. Single tetters Short words and words using an apostrophe can give you clues to locating vowels. Solution is a comp bed by trial and error. Him Keg features gym my find the listed word in the diagram backward up Down and diagonally undated due hint pint sized yesterday s unlisted clue Murphy they run in Alt directions a Forward slender Petite scrawny gaunt Mammoth Small midget Stout meager minute Skinny teeny Stocky lanky plump c 1606 King features Syndicate inc answers on classified Page

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