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Fayetteville Northwest Arkansas Times Newspaper Archives Apr 5 1986, Page 3

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Fayetteville Northwest Arkansas Times (Newspaper) - April 5, 1986, Fayetteville, Arkansas School lunch menus april 7 ill Farmington monday Taco salad buttered Corn seasoned Beans cinnamon Roll milk. Tuesday salad bar burritos amp Chili buttered Green Beans Cornmeal Roll amp butter Apple rounds milk. Wednesday meat enchiladas buttered mixed vegetables tossed salad mexi Rice Cherry cheesecake milk. Thursday salad bar Teastie dog French Fries Catsup chilled fruit cookie milk. Friday Corn dog Mustard onion rings Catsup baked Beans banana half milk. Lincoln monday pizza Green salad French Fries Catsup Fig amp nut cookie milk. Tuesday Chicken Fried Steak mashed potatoes Gravy buttered Corn hot Roll Blueberry Cobbler milk wednesday Sloppy Joe on Bun French Fries Catsup cheese fruit cake milk. Thursday beef amp vegetable soup Grill cheese sand., Cracker fruit milk. Friday he Pattie on Bun French Fries Catsup pickles lettuce Mustard relish Peanut butter brownies milk. Greenland monday tacos meat cheese 2 shells lettuce Corn fruit. Milk. Tuesday pizza salad mixed vegetables cookie milk. Wednesday Fried Chicken creamed potato Green Beans hot Rolls fruit milk. Thursday hamburger Fries fruit Brownie milk. Friday hot dog Fries Beans jello milk. Prairie Grove . Monday breaded Steak Gravy Curley q potatoes Green Beans Rolls fruit milk. Tuesday Chili dog baked Beans French Fries Catsup Blueberry Cobbler milk. Wednesday Fried Chicken mashed potatoes Gravy English peas hot Rolls peach halve milk. Thursday Chili con Carne Beans Cole Slaw crackers Apple pie milk. Friday pizza Tator tots Catsup fruit cup cookie milk. High school monday pizza breaded Steak French Fries Catsup pineapple titbits milk. Tuesday burritos Chili cheese pizza French Fries Catsup Blueberry Cobbler milk. Wednesday Harburger baked potatoes trimmings French fresh Catsup peach halve milk. Thursday Chili con Carne Beans crackers Harburger French Fries Catsup Apple pie milk. Friday Taco Burger hot beef sand., Corn dog French Fries Catsup fruit cup cookie milk. Springdale monday hot dog cheese Mustard Tator tots roasted peanuts buttered Green Beans cookie milk. Tuesday fish sauce cheese stick French Fries tossed salad pineapple Batter read milk. Wednesday Salisbury Steak Brown Gravy relish Sticks mashed potatoes buttered peas Angel biscuit Jelly milk. Thursday no school. Friday no school. Head Start monday Chicken nuggets mixed vegetables bread Cherry crunch milk. Tuesday pita bread filling hamburger meat cheese lettuce Alfalfa sprouts tomatoes Corn chips grapes milk. Wednesday Pinto Beans amp Ham do Cornbread b-5spinach apricots milk. Thursday spam amp cheese lettuce Corn on the cob Apple rings milk. Friday fish Sticks tartar sauce hush puppies Green Beans mixed fresh fruit tray service award Doris Dehne right recently received the service award from Fayetteville a National organization for women for 1986. Wanda Stephens president of now presented the award. Dehne has served As vice president executive and worked on Many projects for now during the last year and a half. Time photo by Richard Berquist Quin the last few weeks i have become interested in growing herbs and in looking through my spices i came across a can of Black Pepper is it grown Here what kind of Plant does it grow on a Black Pepper comes from a Plant known botanically As Piper Sigrum. It is a Vine like Plant grown in Southern India or Ceylon. The Pepper is from unripe Ned Small fruit that when peeled yields White Pep per quis the Ca Lamondin Orange Good to eat or is it just an ornamental my Sone brought a Plant Back from California and it is just loaded with Little Ripe oranges it is almost too pretty to pick the oranges and eat them. A Ca Lamondin Orange is edible a if you can stand them. The fruit Are very acid and full of seed. They can be used like Lemons but the Best use is to enjoy them As ornamental a a i heard a woman of one of the Little Rock to stations talking about using Bourbon in water to fertilize Tomato plants. What do you think of this a it is a wast of Good Bourbon when a Little Plant fertilizer would do a better Job. Northwest Arkansas times sat., april 5, 1986 a 3 Fayetteville Arkansas ask the Plant doctors retired Man just cannot shift from High gear Back into Low Lester l. Coleman . Health Center dear Abby you have never had a letter like this one in your column. I Hope you will print it. My husband retired five years ago and i still can to get him to slow Down. When we ride in a car he hollers at the person ahead of us because he did no to Puli away from the Stop sign fast enough. In the grocery Check out line he grumbles because the lady ahead of him has to write a Check. He wolfs his food Down. He a Halfway through his meal before i even sit Down. When we re walking together he is always three Steps ahead of me. He says i a a poker along. No he does no to have High blood pressure. Its Way Down. But mine is creeping up. We Are both senior citizens and i think its time we both slowed Down especially him. What do you suggest the mrs. In Orlando dear mrs i have the perfect piece for you. It was written by the Rev. Wilferd a. Peterson. I Pray your Man slows Down Long enough to read it. It May change and possibly lengthen his life slow me Down lord ease the pounding of my heart by the quieting of my mind. Steady my harried Pace with a vision of the eternal reach of time. Give me. Amidst the confusions of my Day the calmness of the everlasting Hills. Break the tensions of my nerves with the soothing music of the singing streams that live in my memory. Help me know the magical restoring Power of sleep. Teach me the Art of taking minute vacations of slowing Down to look at a Flower to Chat with an old Friend or make a new one to Pat a stray dog to watch a spider build a web to smile at a child or to read a few lines from a Good Book. Remind me each Day that the race is not always to dear Abby by Abigail Vanburen the Swift that there is More to life than increasing its Speed. Let me look upward into the branches of the towering Oak and know that it grew slowly and Well. Slow me Down lord and inspire me to Send my roots deep into the soil of life a enduring values that i May grow toward the stars of my greater destiny. Dear Abby in a 21 and recently fell in love with a 30-year-old Man. He has never been married. He asked me to move in with him but he did no to have to ask me twice because i am very much in love with him. He tells everyone he will never fall in love get married or have kids. But i want All three. When i pressure him in a joking Way about my wanting marriage and kids he tells me in a scaring him. In a Way i think he really loves me but i done to know for sure How much. Should i stay with him and Hope he changes his mind about love marriage and kids or should i look for another mate wants it All in a. Dear wants keep looking. But move out first. While you re wanting it All he a getting it All. Your problem is that you each want different things. Dear Abby a Good Friend of mine in Farmington Hills mich., recently sent me some of your columns from the Detroit news. The subject a where do the people of Scotland great Britain and Wales get their strange eating habits a i think the question should be a where did you americans acquire yours a although i am a welshman i believe i know the answer. Much of the Early eating in the states was done on the Trail. Since it was probably More comfortable to eat in the Saddle than to sit on the ground the cowpoke remained mounted feeding himself with his right hand while using his left hand to prevent his falling off his horse. This undoubtedly accounts for the predominant use of the right hand in the United states. Further on the subject of insularity while on a flight from Chicago to Akron Ohio i was engaged in a conversation with a matronly woman. After some time she asked a what is your Mother Tongue Young Man a she looked at me with astonishment when i replied a a it a after she had recovered her composure she drawled grudgingly a Well i guess they can speak it Over there no doubt Shakespeare turned in his grave. Paul Walsh South Wales United kingdom in the excellent journal american health the Layman is often brought a great sense of Comfort. In a recent edition a special health care facility known As plane tree located in san Francisco was brought to my attention. This organization is dedicated to offer the greatest a caring needs for their patients. The Basic premise of this health care unit a is to offer a humane environment coupled with Active patient and family participation in All Medicine decision in the first two months of operation physicians and surgeons have booked patients into the Pacific presbyterian medical Center which concentrates its efforts to allay anxiety and to replace it with encouragement and Hope. On admission each patient is assigned a single nurse coordinator to diminish the Chance of medical mistakes and to provide continuity of care. Above All patients Are informed. They Are even encouraged to read their charts and write their own Progress notes. They can even use the plane tree health resource Center to learn More about their illnesses and their treatment. The Henry j. Kaiser family foundation a leading Force in american medical social consciousness is funding a two year study at the University of Washington in Seattle. Other facilities too Are expected to Art Center exhibition the Ozark club s annual Salon amp Competition will be on display at the arts Center of the ozarks gallery summer Camp for gifted kids Kamp paddle trails summer of our children Are considered gifted Camp for girls and boys will open and about one third of these children for its thirty sixth season on june 8th drop out of school before graduating with a special two week session for either because they Are bored or sifted children who Are in the fourth because they do not like to be con saturday evening a Green thumb african Violet club will be holding its Violet show and Sale at Wyatt a cafeteria from noon to 6 30 . Free. A and dolls Square dance club Asbell elementary school 8p.m. A narcotics Anonymous charter Vista 4253 crossover lid. 7 . A alcoholics Anonymous and Al anon Ozark group podium meeting Wiggins memorial methodist Church 7 . Of alcoholics Anonymous Campus group 7-8 . Methodist student Center 730 w. Maple. Tut of amp Wusi downtown a a a a i Sou Art it pick it and or prescriptions 442-7345 sunday Green thumb african Violet club will hold its Violet show and Sale at Wyatt a cafeteria from to . To 4 30 . Free. A alcoholics Anonymous 24 hour group a medical Center room 26-a, 7 . Alcoholics Anonymous Ozark round table meeting rough eighth Grade. Emphasis for this special session will de on the natural sciences and enthusiastic teachers Are being hired to Lead these talented youngsters in concentrated hands on experience of learning about our natural resources. Pat Wolf sixth Grade teacher group Wiggins memorial Church. 5 to 7 . Methodist in the Siloam Springs schools will be the program director for this session As Well As the regular four week session that follows. She helps with the program for gifted children in Siloam Springs schools and has been in charge of the outdoor education Day for sixth graders held at Kamp paddle trails for the past two years. . Betsy Gillaspy fifth and sixth Grade science teacher of Malvern will be teaching the sessions for campers who choose botany As their main interest. Information concerning staff positions As Well As camper reservations can be obtained by calling the Kamp at 918 723-3546, or 501 524-3461, or by writing Kamp paddle trails it. I Box 210, Watts of 74964 campers May choose other areas of interest such As zoology includes insects Birds amphibians fish rep tiles and animals Earth sciences includes study of rocks minerals. Fossils caves Indian artefacts Earth movements weather and astronomy River ecology study of life in Ana around the River As Well As ecological concern Sand Folk cultures focuses on Cherokee Indian lore and the Pioneer culture of this Region. Evenings will be filled with activities like campfires stunt night programs overnight Eam pouts Star gazing spider sniffing owl calling or perhaps Square dancing this is an unusual Opportunity for parents of gifted children to provide a valuable learning experience for their children. About thirty percent Side red different. Their talents Are often wasted. Being close to nature has a therapeutic Healing effect and lifts the spirit giving the child a happier Outlook on life. There Are still openings on the Kamp staff for talented enthusiastic teachers who relate Well to children in the out of doors As Well As for College students who would like to serve As Cabin Counselor teach land sports a Camp nurse and a red Cross certified water safety instructor age 21 or Over to serve As waterfront director from june i through july 20. Spring cleaning Sale saturday 5th amp monday 7th oops sometimes you Over buy and that a what we did. We have a limited amount of Silks designer lingerie and other items that Are drastically reduced what does t sell will be shipped Back examples Lynn Lacaua Silks regular price.1 30 50 discount price.91 35 Spring Sale.58.72 below wholesale Escalette designer Cotton regular price.1 59 50 discount price.111 65 Spring Sale.71.78 no wholesalers please pattern their attitudes after the plane tree example. This truly is a major step in fortifying patients and offering them the Freedom from the anxiety from fears associated with a Hospital experience. The removal of haemorrhoids by conventional surgery was effective but often a difficult and most unpleasant experience. In recent years haemorrhoids were removed by the a rubber band technique. This new concept was to Cut off the blood Supply to the haemorrhoids and allow diem to fall off by themselves. In selected cases this is very effective. Yet this too can be unpleasant. A recent report about another technique is being greeted enthusiastically. Or. John of Connor of the George Washington school of Medicine in Washington is using Infra red photo coagulation to remove painful piles that previously needed other types of surgery. The Infra red coagulation causes the haemorrhoids to develop clots which cause the Hemo droids to fall off. Or. Of Connor has used this technique extensively. Besides being relatively inexpensive few if any complications have occurred. I am certain that surgeons everywhere will accept this procedure when and if it fulfils its Promise. A or. Coleman welcomes questions from readers. Please write to him in care of this newspaper. A a we have two rows of strawberries in our Garden and last week i noticed some wild strawberries nearby. Will they Cross with my tame strawberries and ruin my berries a even if the wild strawberries pollinate your tame berries you will not find any difference in fruit size. Shape or taste. A change would occur Only if the seed of Cross pollinated plants were saved and planted. You might find some different berries then. A ask the Plant doctors a is a weekly column prepared by horticulturists with the University of Arkansas cooperative Extension service. If you have a question for experts Send Complete details to a Plant doctors a Box 391, Little Rock a 72203. Questions will be answered As space permits family scene Lorita Simmons co amp cart ref Umi cc.�?T6cycf7x needlework shop a imported Omotta yarns now in Stock a new summer yarn a Many books classes offered yarn knit rag knit rag print Rug hem stitching quilting. For More information 751-5549 hours 12-5 of the. 2 30-8 30 sat. 10-4 6 i. N. On old wire during the month of april. This exciting competitive exhibition was open to All area photographers prods your social life in a slump lonely fess ional and amateurs. Get Abby a updated revised and sex judges for this years Competition Pended Booklet a How to be popular were James f. Walker Well known for people of All Ages. Send your name artist from Leland gallery in and address clearly printed with a r0gers Lisa Neal photo journalist Check or to Quot by order for2 a a a from the Springdale news and Sally Long stamped 39 cents self addressed w Farher and envelope to dear Abby popularity Zompier teacher Ana . Box 38923. Hollywood Calif Magazine photographer from Fayet-90038 Tevele. Divisions for Competition included monochrome prints color prints and color slides with categories in each division of nature Man made objects people and general. Awards of Best of division Merit and honorable mention will be Given at the opening reception. The or. John f. Mccollum nature award will also be Given the Salon amp Competition will open for exhibition at the arts Center of the ozarks on april 7 with an opening reception Ana slide presentation from 7-9 . For the Public. The works will be displayed through april 26 in the Aco gallery. Gallery hours Are 8-5 monday through Friday and 10-2 on saturday and each evening prior to the performance of the dinner theatre a some enchanted evening a april 21-26. For further details Contact the arts Center of the ozarks 214 216 w. Grove in Springdale. 751-5441, or a member of the ozarks camera club red tag quark Baza a. S a l e open 10 00 to 5 00 monday thru saturday 2217 n. College Fayetteville ask your friends and neigh where you should have i Ira amp sons inc. Investments since 1887 Nwa mall Fayetteville 521-2200 18 e. Center downtown Fayetteville 521-7707 121 w. Township suite 15, Fayetteville Terry Syler . . P a announces the opening of his office for the exclusive practice of orthodontics at 2861 n. College Fayetteville a 442-8s00 2301 w Walnut Rogers a 631-1588 Fayetteville a Rogers

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