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Farmington Daily Times Newspaper Archives Sep 12 2015, Page 5

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Farmington Daily Times (Newspaper) - September 12, 2015, Farmington, New Mexico Saudi Arabi saudis 107 dead in Crane collapse Al meccas grand mosque by Abdullah Al Shl Hii and Adam schlock the an Xix a try pm Riyadh. Saudi Arabia a a towering construction Crane toppled Over on Fri Day during a violent rain storm in the saudi City of Mecca islam a holiest site crashing into the grand mosque and killing at least 107 people ahead of the Start of the annual Hajj i Grimage later this month. Linkages posted by social Media users showed a grisly scene with police and onlookers attending to numerous bodies lying amid pools of blood on the cd tatted mosque floors saudi Arabia s civil de lense authority provided a series of rising casualty numbers on its official invite Ter account As ambulances whisked the wounded to area hospitals. As of Eaily saturday it said those Injurer in the disaster Nom Bern 238. A photo released by the authority showed police and workers in hardhats inspecting a pile of collapsed Concrete slabs inside a Pat t of the sprawling ornately decorated mosque. Another a bowed the base of the top pled red and White it Ane tilted upward at a Sharp Angle. Int associate Topf pilgrims and first responders gather Friday at the site of a Crane collapse that killed doyens inside the grand mosque in Mecca. Saudi Arabia the Accident happened As pilgrims from around the world converged on the City. Islam s holiest site for the annual Hajj pilgrimage which takes place this month images aired on saudi state television showed the cranes Metal Boom smashed through what a Jeared to be tin roof of tire mosque Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Mansouri the spokesman for the presidency of the Mecca and Medina mosque affairs said in a statement carried by the official saudi press Agency that the Accident happened late Friday afternoon during a severe storm carrying Strong winds and heavy rain. Authorities did not provide details on the victims nationalities but it was Likely that the tragedy will touch several countries the grand mosque and the cube shaped Kaaba within it draw muslims of Alt types from around the world throughout the year though num tiers increase significantly in the sunup to the hid the mosque is islam a holiest site to which muslims face in daily prayers and a Central site among the Hajj rituals. Performing the pilgrimage once during ones life time is a duty for All Able bodied adult muslims. This years pilgrimage ii expected to Start around sept to. Al Mansouri said the Crane which was being used in construction work at the mosque struck a circular area around the Kaaba arum a nearby Walkway. Pan satellite Al Nazeera television broadcast foot age from inside the mosque compound said to be from the aftermath of the Accident showing the floor strewn with rubble and what appear to he pools of by it xxi. Another video on a twitter posting captured the apparent moment of the red and White cranes collapse during a heavy rainstorm with a loud Boom screams Ami confusion. The governor of the Mecca Region Prince Kha lid Al Faisal quickly called for the formation of a com Mittee to investigate the cause of the Accident. He directed All appropriate authorities to provide support for All of those injured according to a statement from Mecca principality Public affairs head Sultan Al do Sari that was carried on spa. Other saudi officials could not immediately he reached or referred queries to the civil defense statements. Several cranes surround the mosque to support an ongoing expansion and other construction work that has transformed the area around the Sanctuary. Steep Hills and Low Rise traditional buildings that once surrounded the a Kistne have in recent years Given Way to slipping malls and luxury hotels among them the worlds third tall est building a giant clock Tower that is the Centrepiece of the a Raj a1 bait Complex. The construction giant saudi bin Ladin group is leading the mosque expand skin and also built the a Raj Al bait project. The bin Ladin family has been close to the ruling Al Saud family for decades Are oversees major building projects around the country. The bin Laden family disowned one of its Many members late Al Aida Leader Osama bin Laden in the 1990s. It was not immediately Clear who owned the Crane that collapsed. During the week of the Hajj muslims converge on Mecca to perform a series of rituals including the circling of the cube shaped Kaaha. Praying and howling Vigil at mount Arafat and perform the symbolic stoning of the Devil by throwing a holes at the three pillars in Mina. Prayers on and around the mount Are a climactic emotional and spiritual moment in the Hajj. The faithful believe that on that Day the Gates of heaven Are open. Prayers Are answered and past sins Are forgiven. % a Mem being obituaries Farmington Mic Iny Jarin it. 11 \ a 28.1 so 8 2iiis a org tiny Farmington my int in had v Jakimo. 64, Din wild Rah in a add int on sunday. Sept 6, 2015, whip Riding with hit wife. Robin Laux. North of Durango Carlo Roann a int Alk mimed in the Ait idral. Mike a hum on math. 1651, in Durango to Jam g. Are i ilium l Akuma. Or attend Xvi Durango High is Hoof graduating in 1%9, and thru a out in lied i rim anon Al bal Lawis 4kgr. Raining a a Girr in Are miming wok <4x.uumg lit in Rex a a a a. Or a Ltd Iii Kauman Glirai Ami in Gall Iii hi4cx�iial Laurri Al Vic ire amp As Lair. Thru i Gan work with two and lain Ironim urd or a Airn a Law t Loi Itjin of a of than i i and i Iii 1685. Mike joined loin Solga. A. To 6xiii Solga a a Kiili a Mike a alway in land <4 in i and liar him or with Tor and took Gutrat Iii work. Ing with a i h the Hun mall and lit thrill loin Ami mtg a to tal4ih do Kogai a <4 tin to Iii in lewd it tax porn Tok of exceptional Drill a Knirr and by m, the Gigli Rel or gaol to Pink Rioual integrity Hist a 17, 1971, Mike Marimla Silvan Rem Martin or tra it in Ihu Aligo hit i Tat a xxi Mil liar Biak i Iii 97t, Ami a Dati Ghin. Suit mix Rutx. In 1977, or lain mat urd k�4xn Karl Njg Romi Jinx i Ihm in Farmington Fatih in hit lib. Mike rtal4idxtl a Lik Mig to or Var. A a Young Man to a a ii patrolman uni in Bvrd m do vol Prado National Tuuri. A a Tok Xinai in a a Loum Ling in nil i old Vin Juan haunt i Enol cps pit a into �4 do Iann Gnei Kaw am tub. A maid in i Iii i Al us led ural Idi ii v ixn4, a a Iii Lxi it St. Maty calix4fc Tiu Iii Ami Wainwr hide Faiuu Wigton Juii Ilot of Axin Xor. By ii Mike ail ri4hii writ tet Ltd do Aud to do san Juan Al my do Al Cannet Mike in id a to mar unix i staid of dim no ii i 2u06-20i2 Ami a Vril a or than Man <4 do maid Inu 2010-2012 Robin Ila via re a a \t4tuiuri Ltha dam Al Salt Juan Al glottal mrox Jaum in a xxx in Teal la do am Ailo do Ixo Palal and pint Eduig support Lur do in Iii ird a i in rial pail t4 do id do a diam i ii k a <4 ilk a into 4 a unix All <4 who it Weir Ailt re with family Ami Friend. Mike a an avid Dun gt4ln Ami tix4mi\thl log Lxi Mike Ami ri4�m Ahu m y m d Uairl ing. A Ming i Iii with Lxii live a tamil Hildern. Baitx Widi dim ix4r Mink group and hiking it do Amado Mph Toshh Mike a pin Rani Iii in nil a Iii air ii. James a Iii Ami i Alban i. Iii by Oder i. Way in Jakimiw and lit Futtner Jami a us an Rem Maflin a Kiili or i i Ivord Blu Wilt i4 2b year Kohl ii k to Jakimo him Lxi re Bald jaku�o<4 Moni Ioa. Colo Sim i Nonna <4 Dillon go i Wei Nix had i Melon Jakimo. Wile Jam Ami Bali Don to Khoii. Joshua. 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Bor a taxi xxii in a 8o> do ii a it my oks my May do a Al it Vav. Rupam a in fair Nigton is Hill Kin min 1,1985-sept 1u.1ui5 Seth la in King. I. <4 Haimm Gitzi paved away on Kuiv tin. A Rex to 2015. In or a i exit May i i 815, Iii she plot k St ill Taur i Rui Ruurd to do in trim Trtanj i Tafil <4 . 458 Road 61 us. 505-598-9696. Ill a w4xi with to re put Lleti ctxxk4rikt May do to at i in. Swarr Walri Civ i Man it la 19w-sept iu2ui5 Vax 17, Iii Sweetwater pasted Imre lha bar Lam do six. In. 2015. In Swert Watrt Ile a a to xxx i Mardi la 1998, in Shlim k film Tai Tefar Arr a a Tang Jar i Iii do Lair <4 do in Vert v my i Tim Tai Leonx. Not the i s Leigh a pm Iii Mux Tok 5u5-36b-4607. Sin ii a k Hill j Jin Dot 12,1912- i. Am 5 aids to j Lull lip. 82. 4 Shipto k. Paved inn Din Ilir i Imit la. Vert to Hills. In Mii Nyk six a in Rel on or it 12. A a it in big do i Nix Tai i air Ait i Lullin i i 4 lir i Iii do it ale�4 do Ervrit Strw i nun Al Riloux. Not the i s Highway i Iii set Mack 5u5 ii4i m4i7. Faiitua Guici Christa Byrd la 5,1955�?� ,h,2im5 Chi we it id 59, i4 Lai Migton paid Awa on in wins a 8, a ams in Faiumi Tognot. Six a Ixion la it 5, 1955, Iii san fam k a Lum nil a Nitro will u Al in a ii it i tur Oliy sex 15, at or Hall >4 Kilt i my burial will lotion Iii do Roe Ganoni in Triy Chrt a rare i entrusted to 4x Mem dial 4 Kail in i. 158 Rood Libs. 51,5 5�?oh 8ij6, i Box Nix Wilt log a priv do ii i do kit May do of at a a laity <4ii dist honk Al today a services to a.m., a funeral service for Miles t. Harrison Ai the desert \ ice funeral Home North . Highway 491 Iii Shiprock. To a in. A funeral service or Maxine d. Hickey at the kingdom Hall of Jehovah a witnesses 5661 College blvd. Iii Farmington. To a.m., a funeral service Tor limits t. Jai que a1 die desert View Church Iii upper Fruitland. To a.m., a funeral service few Elsie k. Stephen at Christian reformed Church in Naschitti. I p.m., a memorial service for Brenda j. Hughes at the Vias Rost no. 614, 201 s. Fade ave. In Aztec. R i p.m., a memorial service for Ada Mae Rusc Lenigh at the courtyard by Marriott 500 senti ave. In Farmington. Shiprock Mari Jim ans a a 12,1 59-Srpl in 15 mat fix of a dims. 55, 4 up Wmk. Pard Inu a ilk in i Lim Dav. Sept to 2<m 5, in shop ii k six a Lxi a ult nov. 12, 1959, it Shlim k. I Tii Xia x Ivor Arr x Nimg Marvix but do Carr <4 tax or Ort Vav Fui Raj Hong North is. Leigh a pm in is tipi m a 5 15-wi8-04 7. Phi unix Ari Fri Jan pc Hsc n Man h 7, 1951 St pm 9.2ui5 i Dan Johnaon 44, <4 Pix Rutx. Ari/., a a cd limn do ilk a it dts Way sri 9, i to 5, Iii Puri us an or a Trout on Man it 7, 1951, it Faliu Lugton. Jordan is Iii the 4ur �4 do or Ort v a a i Axial i Xix. North i s 19 kinship Ink. 5u5-9i8-p4l7, Iii Loving memory of it Jet v in Imam hmm Eastmo providing options Tor your family. It a us Zzz Zzz t Farmington a Kirtland a attic bobis27 Biar a r05 Ftp a a a so a i Rob Issa #33 a care concern and compassion. / to j when you need it most Quot v cremations burials. Memorials Farmington funeral Home be. Cd local owned amp operated by Vince and Helen Ferrari our family serving your Ramil y 2111 Vav Apache a 505 325-2211 15> a once a chieftain always a chieftain. Date of birth december 31,1948 Shiprock or v new Mexico a a a Date of death september 12, 2000 Shiprock x i new Mexico

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