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Farmington Daily Times Newspaper Archives Nov 29 1982, Page 1

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Farmington Daily Times (Newspaper) - November 29, 1982, Farmington, New Mexico To press ion Washington a Senate democratic Leader Robert c. Byrd said today democrats will use the lame Duck session of Congress to press for jobs legislation in addition to a Highway construction measure endorsed by president Reagan. But with the session expected to last Only three weeks he conceded the chances for passage Are slim. Quot i Don t think that s enough Quot the West Virginia Democrat said of the plan to finance Highway improvements through an increase in the Federal gasoline tax. Quot but pm not prepared to say we can act on everything that s enough Quot he told reporters a few hours before the Senate convened for the Post election session. Byrd spoke As Senate re publican Leader Howard Baker repeated his pledge to help pass a Highway jobs measure. But asked about democratic plans for additional jobs creating measures Baker said Quot i Don t think that we re going to have time in the three weeks. To do much More than House democrats Are drafting jobs legislation on their own and Are expected to use their majority strength to push it to the floor. But republicans control the majority in the Senate and Baker s comments mean anything beyond the Highway measure is probably doomed at least for the lame Duck session scheduled to end on dec. 17. Byrd said democrats would be meeting privately on tuesday to discuss their plans for the session. He suggested Congress consider a program of Low interest Loans for steel and other industries to permit Plant modernization a step he said could help revitalize the Economy. Economic issues aside the House arranged to begin its Post election session today by debating legislation to create a permanent disposal site for thousands of tons of nuclear waste. Congress faces a number of issues after its two month election recess but the House has put the controversial nuclear reactor waste disposal Bill at the top of its Calendar for the lame Duck session. Debate on the measure began just before the recess. And before adjourning dec. 17, Congress is also expected to wrestle with the gasoline tax proposal which Calls for a sent a gallon increase to finance a $5.5 billion Highway jobs program. Other items on the legislative Agenda include a ten appropriations Bills needed to run the Federal government for the balance of the fiscal year. Only three have been signed into Law. A legislation to Force automakers to have a fixed percentage of their cars produced in the United states. A a Senate vote to televise their sessions. A action on the administration s tax and Trade assistance package for Caribbean Basin nations. A votes to deny members of Congress a pay raise of Between $2,426 and $16,648 set to Faraington Dai Lyt Mes san Juan county s newspaper monday evening november 29, 1982 published daily in Farmington new Mexico volume 95 number m 7 two sections 25 cents Reagan urges support for tax plan take effect dec. 17. Approval is precut de for the Highway jobs proposal which has the support of president Reagan Senate majority Leader Howard Baker r-Tenn., and House speaker Thomas p. O Neill jr., a mass. However Sharp disagreement is expected on defense and other economic issues Likely to be raised. For example Baker said sunday he doubts that Reagan s plan for deploying the my missile will get much action. And though both democrats and republicans want to assist the Economy they have widely different views on How to do it. The nuclear waste Bill has completed a tortuous two year route through four House committees in making its Way to the floor. The Senate already has approved a Bill on the Issue. Sponsors say that unless the lame Duck session of Congress acts on the measure it will go Back to the starting blocks next year a and the nation May spend another two years without a permanent plan for disposing of its growing stockpile of highly radioactive nuclear waste. The Bill sets up an interim storage plan described As a last resort for reactors that need space. A laser photo the my missile test cell where four were killed Santa Barbara calf. Apr president Reagan trying to make peace with City officials urged the lame Utility b us by the associated press electricity Bills got you Down you might consider moving to fort Morgan Home of the least expensive of Colorado s 44 electric utilities. And if you heat your Home with natural Gas Sterling offers the lowest rate in the state according to figures compiled by Colorado s Public utilities commission. The same figures show that the Southeast Plains City of la Junta is one of the most expensive places in Colorado to be a consumer of natural Gas and the Rural area around la Junta is the most expensive for electricity. The Puc says fort Morgan s City owned Utility service charges $13.47 for 500 kilowatt hours of electric Power while Southeast Colorado Power a Rural electricity cooperative headquartered in la Junta and serving a Section of Southeast Colorado charges $49,39 for the same amount of electricity. The City of la Junta however owns its own electric Utility and its Cost per 500 kilowatt hours is 34,25, just slightly Over the statewide average. For natural Gas citizens Utility serving la Junta and the Arkansas Valley Heads the list with a charge of $101.08 per 20,000 cubic feet of Gas. In Sterling customers pay $60.63 for the same amount from Iowa electric Light amp Power. Duck session of Congress today to put on its Agenda a package of tax Breaks and investment incentives to lure new business to depressed Urban areas. Reagan said approval of his so called Enterprise zone initiative would Quot let our cities get on with the business of in remarks prepared for delivery before the National league of cities Reagan also made a pitch for a massive Highway repair and jobs program that Congress is to consider in upcoming Days. Portions of Reagan s speech to be presented in los Angeles were released in Advance Here where he has been vacationing since last week. The Highway repair plan which already carried bipartisan congressional support Calls for a 5-cent per Gabon increase in the Federal gasoline tax to finance the work. Quot it will allow us to Complete the interstate system make almost All the interstate repairs strengthen All our dangerously weak Bridges improve thousands of others enhance All of our safety and address the critical Public transit needs of our cities Quot Reagan said. Reagan s Enterprise zone program contains a variety of incentives to attract new business to inner City areas. Quot the plan would create a free Market environment in depressed areas through tax Relief lifting regulations and reducing other government burdens Quot he said. It includes a provision to allow employers to pay a lower minimum wage to teenage workers. Reagan said the Senate has approved the package but the House has not acted. Reagan s audience included some of the strongest critics of the administration s Quot new federalism Quot plan to replace Many local Grant programs with Block Grants to the states. City officials fear they will be left Short. Beyond that the administration is sharply cutting Back funds for the league of cities. The group received $4 million from the Federal government last year but is expected to get Only $1.6 million this year. Next year none of its Grant is expected to be renewed. Mayor Charles Royer of Seattle who becomes president of the league during its Sui Day meeting said Reagan was coming before the Urban leaders Quot at a critical time in the country s history As Congress comes Back in the midst of catastrophic unemployment in cities across the country Quot Quot the no. 1 Issue is the president s willingness to come a ways towards us in helping us to meet our problems and folding that willingness into a terrible budget session in Congress where he has to Deal with social Security this massive arms increase and a growing and terribly awesome deficit Quot Royer said. The mixture of Hope and doubt also was expressed by mayor Ferd Harrison of Scotland n.c., outgoing league president. Harrison said sunday that the meeting comes at a time when Quot the nation s cities Are coping with hard times the worst in Over a Quot we Are deeply concerned about the depth and duration of this recession Quot Harrison said. Quot and we Are concerned about the actions of the Federal government As they affect our ability to Deal with the stresses in our a Survey of cities prepared by the league emphasized officials concerns. Quot the near term Outlook for cities is indeed Bleak Quot the report said. Quot with the recession Likely to continue and the recovery to be weak and slow local fiscal conditions already strained should Worsen. Relief from in Gergov Emmenual Aid either state or Federal seems unlikely since their respective fiscal conditions also Are demonstrably poor Quot the report said. It concluded that cities face the Yinru Zinent Choice of raising taxes and fees or cutting services because their local economies Are stalled. The reported added that Quot state and Federal government should not be allowed to shift the Burden of their fiscal problems to cities with deeper cuts in in Gergov Emmenual Aid during fiscal 1983 and 1984.&Quot Reagan was stopping in los Angeles for barely an hour to address the convention before flying on to Washington. After a night at the White House he will meet with Republican congressional leaders tuesday morning and then embark on a five Day trip to Brazil Colombia Honduras and Costa Rica. Before departing he is expected to announce his decision on whether to seek a Speed up in the 10 percent income tax Cut scheduled to take effect in delayed water being removed from site Tullahoma Tenn. Apr efforts to recover the bodies of three men who died in a Flash fire in an my missile test Shaft will be delayed for perhaps two Days while 750,000 of Gallons of water Are pumped out the air Force said today. The remains of a fourth victim who had been working 70 feet above the others when the fire broke out were removed sunday from the 250-foot-deep Shaft by Rescue workers wearing oxygen masks officials said. Nine feet of water used to put out the Blaze covered the other bodies. Pumping began shortly after Midnight and sgt. John Blackburn at the air Force s Arnold engineering development Center said it May take two Days for replacement pumps to remove the water from the Concrete "j4 test Ceu Quot where the four men died saturday night. He said the fire burned the larger capacity pumps normally used to pump out the Shaft. The fire also knocked out electric Power in the cell and damaged the elevator normally used to transport employees so that Rescue workers must climb up and Down along a ladder at the cell s Side. Recovery of the other bodies is Quot a top priority Quot he said. The three workers were employed by Aero Jet strategic propulsion co., a defense contractor based in Sacramento Calif. The four men were killed saturday evening As civilian contractors tried to remove debris and solid fuel left in the Shaft by a second stage my missile engine that exploded during testing nov. 17. Sixteen people were injured while fighting the fire which May have been ignited by the volatile fuel. Black bum said. The Ody of John p. Sipe 52, of Manchester Tenn., was found in the Shaft sunday Blackburn said. It was recovered by an Engineer and two firefighters who were lowered into the steel reinforced underground Concrete test facility. Sipe an employee of Sverdrup technology inc. Of Tuua homa had been working about 70 feet above the floor when the fire broke out at 6 . Saturday said Brig. Gen. Kenneth r. Johnson commander of Arnold. Quot it was an instantaneous Flash with tremendous heat Quot Johnson said. Quot there would t be any Way they could have survived that Flash. It went off like a Sparkler with tremendous heat and Aero Jet identified its dead employees As Dona j. Roy jr., 57, a rocket test techno plateau denies suit ruling was consent Paul Liscom Bloomfield refinery manager for plateau inc., today denied an associated press report appearing in Friday s daily Ives that the refinery is being sued by the Federal government for alleged violation of emission control standards. Liscom said that what was filed wednesday in Federal court in Albuquerque was a consent decree negotiated Over a year ago. He added that week Long tests of equipment at the refinery earlier this month showed that the refinery meets a standards outlined in the consent decree. According to Liscom the tests were observed by the state environmental improvement division and the Federal environmental Protection Agency. The a account which Liscom said was erroneous stated that the Federal lawsuit Quot asks plateau inc. Be fined $25,000 for each Day the company operates a Bloom Field Oil refinery in violation of emission control soviets say War possible Holiday cleanup for main Street staff photo by Jonas John Moscow a nato s plan to deploy new missiles in Western Europe will greatly increase the likelihood of an unintentional All out nuclear War the no Vosti news Agency said monday. In an unsigned commentary delivered to Western reporters in Moscow on the opening Day of a nato strategy session in Brussels Belgium the Agency said Quot the soviet military circles proceed from the fact that a situation is shaping at present when a nuclear missile appearing at the approaches to the soviet territory would inevitably cause immediate retaliation on the soviet Union s no Vosti said that one of the 572 new . Pershing 2 and cruise missiles set for deployment beginning late next year Quot May be launched As a result of Hunan Blunder or technical the news Agency said that Quot due to the infinitesimal time left for a warning after an unintentional launch the Only possibility left is a nuclear retaliatory strike of retribution. There is no other alternative. Missiles shall hit apart from the . Launching pads the Headquarters communication centers and arsenals Many of which As is known Are located in thickly populated areas of Western the North Atlantic treaty organization opened a four Day conference monday and the defense ministers of the Alliance were expected to reaffirm nato s resolve to deploy the new american missiles. Nato leaders reason that the new generation of weapons is necessary to deter the soviet Force of 300-plus ss-20 intermediate Range weapons targeted on Western Europe and to overcome the soviet bloc s advantage in conventional forces. No Vosti said that the United states has vowed not to use the weapons except in a crisis situation but said Quot such a situation May obviously be artificially provoked by Brazen Washington Hawks in order to justify an american nuclear aggression against the soviet in conclusion the Agency said Quot the politicians in Western Europe who to please the geopolitical ambitions of the present . Administration would ignore the urgent interests of european Security shall. Take upon themselves a most serious responsibility. Since the several minutes of a eur missile s flight shall inevitably be the first minutes of the european and world nuclear Cian from fair Oaks Calif. Murray l. Tauscher 49, a senior test Engineer of Rose Ville Calif., and Arthur tot ten 48, a rocket test technician of Citrus Heights Calif., All Sacramento suburbs. Fourteen of the civilian employees injured saturday were released after treatment at a Center infirmary. Two others fireman David Harmon and Security officer Luther Cross both employed by pan am world services which provides Security and food at the Center were overcome by fumes from the Blaze. Harmon was released following treatment at Hart a memorial Hospital in Tuua homa Cross was in stable condition Early today. The nov 17 Accident which destroyed the my missile engine caused no injuries. It was made Public wednesday. Officials did not know for sure whether saturday s fire consumed All of the solid fuel left from the Accident but the test Shaft was considered at Quot a very Low danger level Quot when pumping began. Black bum said. Arnold a 41,000-acre site about 60 Miles Southeast of Nashville is the largest propulsion and aerodynamics testing Center in the nation. The fire occurred in a Concrete Shaft known As the j4 test cell where the four stage my missile has been tested. The facility one of 40 test cells at Arnold is covered with an 85-foot superstructure designed for engine tests. The engine fires into the Shaft and the engine blast is measured by instruments. The air Force and its contractors Are trying to determine what caused a 60,000-Pound, 17-foot second stage engine to explode 13 Days ago wrecking wiring instruments and platforms in the test Shaft. Solid rocket fuel made up about 55,000 pounds of the engine which is designed to propel the my missile from 75,000 to 290,000 feet. Air Force spokesmen say the Accident will not delay the my program. President Reagan who called the my the Quot peacekeeper Quot in a nationally broadcast speech last week wants to base 100 of the missiles in a controversial Quot dense pack Quot arrangement in silos on what now is private land near Warren air Force base outside Cheyenne Wyo. Each my missile would carry 10 nuclear warheads. Defense analysts say the United states needs to rebuild its defences with the my missile to offset the increasingly accurate soviet missiles that could threaten the american Long Range Force of 1,000 minuteman and s2 Titan missiles. Formington merchants of the City Center association hit main Street about 10 . Sunday with brooms and Vater from the hoses manned by the fire department to give the Street a Good scrubbing. They Are preparing for the Holiday season including the annual Christmas Parade at 10 . Saturday. Left to right Are Dave Francis Sean Kinnamon and Gordon Bird of Brown s shoe store Russell Kurtz Kurtz fencing Boyd Fetterolf of Fetterolf s men s Wear Kathy Davis of Market to Market Paul Morse of Morse Fetterolf interiors Bill Rogers of Zales and Jackie Kurtz of Jackie s fashions. 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