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Farmington Daily Times Newspaper Archives May 12 1974, Page 4

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Farmington Daily Times (Newspaper) - May 12, 1974, Farmington, New Mexico 4a no my editorial Page thank you Mother. Mother s Day is perhaps the most widely observed non religious Holiday in America. In fact it is viewed by Many As a quasi religious Dav and perhaps for that reason it Falls on sunday the Day of the week a majority of americans recognize As the lord s a purely american invention Mother s Day has been subjected to the same degree of commercialism As most other holidays. While expressions of love such As Flowers Candy or other to Are entirely fitting they cannot fully convey the deep significance of Mother s Day. Mothers and especially american mothers have in recent years become the most Malie group of people in the world. Through the constant bombardment of propagandists continually belittling the importance of a Mower s role in our society we Are asked to believe that being a Mother somehow is an Insi if cant part of a woman s life. Population Quot experts Quot try to convince All of us that any woman having More than one chime if any is Gusty of some grievous sin against Nuskind. Countless organizations Pooh Pooh the role of the Horo maker As if it were the nost degrading and despicable Inch a woman Coull have. And through it All women who become mothers remain the bulwark of our society. While Many of them work outside the Home mothers stir provide a foundation for the family unit without which our nation As we know it Coull not Long survive. Commencing in disk flood human beings throughout the work Accord a special status to their mothers. Based on a pineal dependence at first the relationship evolves throw periods of moral and spiritual guidance until adulthood when respect blossoms into a reverent love. Even those of us who have Only childhood memories of our mothers Are subjected to a mysterious phenomenon which seems to intensify the Mother chill relationship As we grow older. And we suspect the greatest to any Mother might wish this Day would be to hear words similar to thank you Mottier i love inside the capital political spending heavy in Mackinley by Fred buckles Gallup heavy adding of Etc too Day Money he been a Hazmark of new Mexico political ram Pargim Many Yean. The current pri Inary Havale ending june 4 is no exception. Leroy Gabac few of Gausp a top Mckinzy county for Tibo Chavez s democratic Campaign says is,000 could be int in the key county. Most funds would be for election Day expenses Gabaldon says. He says this finances transportation to pos pm wooing bumper stickers and other Coata. But . A Febaldo says 0� election Day Maney aet any raised for Tibo s Mckonley county cause will be about 11,500. To to says most of the local win be raised by his Mckinley county fans. A Barbecue for Cham was held saturday at a National guard armory in Gausp with 500 expected. Gabaldon a Veteran Politico charges the Jerry Apodaca Campaign is contributing to campaigns of some democratic candidates for Mckinley county offices. He alleged democratic governor candidate Apodaca s Campaign is donating $100 Here and $100 quiere Quot to various candidates. The practice is longstanding among major office candidates in new Mexico campaigns and entirely Legal the contributions Are required to be reported iqra county office candidates. But such donations Are usually made Quiery to avoid repercussions against the governor candidate s chances in a a civic county Lite contributions Are made on a quid pro quo basis a a Cash donation by the governor candidate s to a county office contender in Exchange for the county office candidate s support for the governor hopeful. Gabaldon concedes the Mckinzy county democratic governor race is done Between Sens. Chaves and Apodaca. He indicted Tibo was train in until about two weeks ago. But he said Chaves campaigning in Gallup at midweek boosted his Mckinley prospects sharply. The to Thoreau predict is regarded As Pivotal in heavily democratic Mckinzy county. Undersheriff Bill Bass is ii Aien. Tial in the Thoreau area. A Bakko and sen. Chavez aim Baas support in the key area. Mckinley county sheriff Harold r. Quot Bobby Quot Bass is the Unk sheriffs son. Hie Fother Aon family combination Man Ages Mckinzy county s sheriffs depart ment. Ibe Navao Zuni vote accounting for one4hird of Mckinzy s total Popup atom presents a special Probki to governor candidates the Jan zunis usuary vote democratic but Gabaldon says Mieir impressive wkly respected governor Robert Lewis is a a no Tsoui. Two navajos Are running for two separate Mckinzy county com Sisskin seats. If both win nominations an Farmington daily times a of 450. Forn Mington Nam �?�7401 pm 32s 4s4s daily a a of the Turnoy by not a Tonco my a pop it it inc Ftp Ablit had im4. Jack sit on i ion Ond pit Blithe a of once i Olrik ii a Ramdani Virgo to Rodgar cd to Rel Menegen Jack Lute Roll. Monoff Volt Coop a a it in a ii cow a Only of Oatten Orono wife Odom a cowl a Mai of in Moo my mme to a a a Ciao cd my a a a Cimmy a to his Mold a Koptiw kown of ail Loco now it of Noim Pilot. Of my a Ataii Nokhm >0wt0r air fri Lur you elt Cut unto it want a a a to a it of we of Eph of of at Toction of on m which 0� error oct Herod a a correction. Chem Ihan i a al Iho Kunot a Mumo no lot Rotfort m a a of ten a action in the main Evant nov. 5, Nava of will coir tool the Rowdy commission. Tip political implicit iou Wio be significant. They could upset the longstanding factional democratic Domina tion of Mckinzy county pouts in Gausp. Paul Dorris resigned As director of the state Law enforcement Aca Denty. Donis was replaced by Izauro e. Salazar As acting director Taksar former state police Captain was Deputy director. Salazar is a former Santa be state police District commander. Doris retired earlier after ii Yean a an fri agent he was hired four mrs ago As Dity director of the state Law enforcement Academy and wan named Agency chef after the death of the Kate Wirt Jones. Jones Ako had retired after 27 years As an fri agent Tibo Chaves democratic governor can sign events Are attended by a heavy turnout of . Sen. Joseph m. Montoya supporters. Many in time Joe Montoya faithful were in the Over few luncheon crowd at a Tibo Chaves luncheon in Gallup. Sen. Chaves insists he Haa Noi sought Montoya s endorsement in the democratic governor Campaign he Days Joe Haa not off he support Quot i know Hen too wed for that Quot Tibo Saya. But Chaves says he has Laboured for . Sen. Montoya in Many Montoya campaigns Over the years. Ubo says Quot we were la manatas in Kwh school at Georgetown University Wasington and we took the bar examination together. Quot we have been cake mends for my in but Tibo stops Short of Kim lib Montoya s endorsement to the a Lieut crowed Sinan governor primary fracas and Montoya insist he k not twi did any Cash Date. Television coat for governor can do Koa Are sky High. Chavari Saya the Price k $100 a Minuto on Alm Querques a Tatiom. Hie Bill was some a ill for the Chaves Campaign for 21 Ima cond Verti memento and 15 a ascend advert a mento to a package. Campaign is Daughto regu Liam Joe Skeen governor Cao Paipai manage Jim Lee works crossword Pun Las during into Vak Between Newto. Sen. Chnrei told a Gallop Aad Boa a was been s pm Eirk scoot Toto Las traded soul Noea to far to onn carries and tears by George b.m1fra to be average person k always looking to be someone who k somebody. In considering things nowadays it k not so much a matter As to it Bai iii right or wrong but rather k there Money or notoriety to be gained from to. Man a creates by canc a of Fawn into from by if he does not Fonow the advice he wife gives him. Taos your friends he my trait your a Ems and it jul Etc Niente a al of Yoor Trombka. We have always we dared if anybody geto up to the morning Bediha this wet to. A or fearful Man Betito of he Stock. Echo atm Cioto Walt cot ine a min it a4 soft ice. Inc. On4 Fow ine Hom copy ii to on who Ifim i it atm Ami by in a it Wip it it be Reduci a in any lord Mai by ofom of nut Mon of ratio co if Tamer Laconto Clem of it Minien. . Ciftci Imwon pm. To cd re a. Moto route my my im40 0m your. por i a a Vanco t09tml r��i0c�� Rato lor tor Wickmon a nth twm0mmi Miti tan Jan emmy. Nyji. M.0 when children find Many Prou ams around the room Fth of a Acadia Pfoh Tooi Cal Ken. Tinas Days Only an opt not pm Abaiy a womb and rear a al of Chlon clearly times30 years ago Farmington Public Chook which cased area Tordai Cony Tod a sucks awful year a Supito the Many hand Capa in posed by wartime conditions. Thirty two students were graduated from farm ii Lon High school. Frank Webber who waa toured to the Hettum Gas wed acc knt at Ratt Snake lease on april 5, was ask to Kave the Kcal Hospital st Frky. He k doing wed now and Feek it k a Mirack that he escaped alive from the Accident Niobe red and brie ration tokens Are Good for sort Hong eke besides trading for meat and canned Gooda. Peop Are putting them to Setma Chonea of an Sorto and often getting resulto to chewing gum free idea and even War Stamps 15 years ago Ohio Petroleum company has purchased a we Oil and Gas lease to Horseshoe a soon 10 Miks West of Farmington fam Tom Bosiack to a transaction involving More than $3 of flan Samuel h. A Aenk vice president of sock announced today. Gov. John Burroughs today ordered All department chiefs to quit collecting democratic party contributions from their workers. Until now Burroughs Stoto party chairman Seaborn Collins and Cerrato other ranking Democrato at the stot House have defended the Prattke of taking one per cent of workers pay. Stato police capt Pann a Mon of Springer beaded the Force today after Fonner chief Joe Roach resigned apparently under Prea Aure from the state police Board. Roach ipod directed the Kwh enforcement group Nike years and was highly re pred for to Effort to keep it report White House not in touch with reality by Rowland Evans and Ronot Novak Washington sup icons that the Nikon White House k dangerously out of touch with reality to Ito handling of the impeachment Issue reached a new High just before the president s april 29 devised address announcing the Rekate of an edited transcript of 48 taped White House watergate toted conversation a. In an a borate present option to the Cabinet room midis raked until now. Gen. Kiander Haig the White House chief of staff played a segment from one of the tapas to Aston hed members of tie Jiaxi Cabinet. Quot it was a fantastic meeting Quot one offi Ctol told us. Haig Saki that Rekate of the l,90limige transcript Wuu finally prove the Presk knt s innocence to any watergate coverup Rok. Then after a thumbnail description of what or. Ninn Wouk ten the nation half an hour ter to he the Kved Adikes Haig fucked the payback switch on a White House tape machine turned up the volume and let the tape run for two minutes. He Dkl not Ken tiny the tape. Secretary of the Treasury George shuts nearing he last Day to office sat Stony faced Arma Croaa he Chest whip the Nunn Cabinet waa treated to what one called Quot a aerie of screening noises. Haig explained that the tape in que eaten had been Quot prepared Quot by White House technicians for maximum audibility then Saki that anyone Coull understand Why White House acer Stariea Quot have been dim lib the Wall Here Quot transcribing the tape. Around the talk there was Fly Lalioo outs Cut Binic male Kilmr a que Atton about the Rekate of the tapes Quot Why Dytoh they do the Montte ago Quot but Haig Htom Elf was asked no Kadlik ques Tlona. After switching off the tape Haig tool each mii Mih to Inake up your own mind Quot about the break knt s to Nocente and if they agreed he waa innocent to get out around the country and make the break knt s Case. That Cabinet meeting with the Peai int him if not there marked Only the Ifa a a Wam a conf ume Loe Cauin i Naa neen Derao in Advance of a Nixon watergate statement Ibe first waa april so last year. Juat before or. Nixon pm hit Hackman John Chruchman and John Danam. On time Avier Occam in or. Noon a desperate Hope time he had reversed the watergate tide proved Diana Trusly wrong. Yet the experience experts de of one Haltore after another to get out from under a Targatz Samoa to have made in Shylit Inyart on rated Nixon s Sene of reality. Una when he flew West to Altoona and Waal Nylon Stato on May 3, the press Kent a it Noti Oil in mph Almum was is Anneo by ifs Nocan to Cucuna who accompanied him a Quot euphoric Quot from the impart of he april 20 speech and the Rekate of the Wator Gato to Cripta. Or. Nixon talked animatedly about the fall Campaign and How Modi he wan Tad to get Aroma tie Rountry to lip Republican chi Timatea. Quot he Waist not be Raad tax the Newa papers a Lacang Rann supporal n congram said Kler. The appearance inside the White House of Beky out of touch with reality mor avar. Lad to Maior co Autoon heat the prs aident s Packton of ii Makaaa of naw Wator Gato tapas to special Wator Gato lson jaw Orrid. In separate Toki Kinn panel Rewwa both and Janaa d. 8t chair or. Noon a pc Frimd w Morv Nubi i Jinnu a i i Haw Mhz a pwn to Yov pm to wlf6 the Small society a with the olo Fola mph by Brick Mon san Juan digest by Val Cooper Farmington attorney Jack Cooley staunch supporter of former attorney general Boston Witt candidate for the democratic nomination for governor drove around for 24 hours last week before discovering his car contained a bumper Stincer urging a vote for Joe Skeen candidate for the Republican nomination for governor. As Cooley fumed and scratched and scraped the sticker from his Auto he was heard to mumble something about Quot dad gum that Kathy Foutz and Jackie Boddy awesome experience we joined a dozen or so newspaper and to reporters from Audi Querques and Santa be thursday for of a tour of the san Juan Kne rating station owned by Public service company of new Mexico and Tucson Gas and electric company of Arizona. Twas our first trip to the big Complex and we can vouch that it s an awesome experience to stand on the outside walkways of the sixth floor of that seven Story 330-megawatt operation and get a panoramic View of the whole Valley. Prior to going into the Plant and nearby Coal mine which is owned by Western Coal co., a subsidiary of Public service the scribes were welcomed in the briefing room of the spic and Man administration building by Terry Wamke Plant operations manager. We thought it was interesting that it costs the utities $1 per acre per year for mining rights to the Coal lands 22h cents per ton Coal royalties which goes to the us. Geological Survey and it s been estimated that it will Cost $3,000 per acre to reclaim the land to Coal surface mining commission standards after it s been mined a Mammoth scale Model of the Plant sits in the lobby of the administration building and from it visitors Are Given a rundown of the operation from the time the Coal enters the Plant until it is pulverized and burned to beat water into steam to run the Turbine which generates the electricity. Escorting the visitors about the Plant and Coal mine were Roy Conner office manager Joe Simmons Conter supervisor Bob Allen of Western Coal co., and Duane Walker reclamation supervisor All pretty Nice Guys. If you Ever get out to the Plant and Don t have much time to spare ask to see the computerized control panel if you business Mirror writers and seemed to be the fact that emission was Don t see anything else. Every Nook and cranny of the Gigantic installation is constantly under surveillance and monitored by computer. When trouble develop not Only do lights Start Flash nine but alarms Are sounded allowing for practice by instantaneous attention to the trouble spot. The Plant also contains a Laboratory where water and other tests Are constantly underway. The visiting cameramen also impressed with Only a Trace of coming from the Plant stack. They were told that the san Juan Plant was Able to employ much More advanced technology than was available when the nearby four Comers Plant which has experienced Many pollution headaches was constructed. The visitors were accompanied by . Mulcock pubic service s Public information director. Mystery baby state sen. And mrs. Frank Lillywhite would like to Welcome a new baby named Connie Lee into the world with a gift if they knew her last name and address. The Ull Whites received a note in the mail the other Day from Bloomfield Tellini them Quot we have a new baby girl Connie Lee bom april 11, 1974, 6 pounds. 10 ounces length 19&Quot.&Quot there was no rectum address nor any mention of the parents and the Ull Whites can t think for the life of themselves to whom Connie Lee belongs. Niico says if you re going to join the san Juan coun gub now is the time to do so. He says All of the initiation fees Are scheduled to be doubled As of july 1. That includes the regular membership which will shoot up from $250 to $500. The club presently has 478 members says tells watergate View new York a Evangelit Buly Graham says the watergate affair has confronted America with a very serious situation in which he believes president Nixon will put the nation s Inte Cato above everything else in deciding his course. Quot i think he will look at it from the Long View the historical View and do what he thinks Best to protect the presidency and the count. I Hope that s going to be his position. The Nixon i know has a great love of country a great dedication to the economic future by John Cunniff new York a the Standard or consensus forecast made up of the views of private and government forecasters seems to favor a decline in the rate of inflation and interest rates later Thia year. In uie recent past those Hopes remained unfulfilled so forecasters Are under greater pressure now to state their care in specifics rather titan generalities. Here Are some of tiie specifics Itiat support their View much of the huge increase in Oil has now worked ite Way through the product Tom process to the Point of Sale. It is Unuk Ely that any Hilture increases will be of the same magnitude. Oora oddity Price increases although they continue Aren t of the same magnitude a they were during the pasty a. A Hie worhol s Harvette show signs of being More abundant Tiaa in tie past year or to i Dicang some Leavening of pressure on food priota. A Samofal of Price controls while it might cause some immediate Price increases will tend to make Soma prod note More available and thais cause a levelling of prices Over a period of Umnuhs. A share Are incl Galona that wage and Benefit settlement in major labor con Tracte Are Sukaly to a Only moderate a run Ctm to an Antl dated Rita in the Raie. A inflation and shrinking buying Power is like to convince a Many Consumers Attiat spa tor big ticket items shout be Porto Fumii but Tipiere s still Nottier Side of the forecast. A lot of Hope stir lies at tiie Roo of Trio a assumptions nourishing an optimism Itiat in t shared by a. Critics of tie consensus Point out Attiat Harvette tend to be unpredictable. While tie United state can Wmk Forward to a record wheat Harvest for sex Maple can tie same be said of Auttie world s wheat and Rice producers moreover tie increased Demanda for foods reflect a kmg4erm situation tie Rise in tie world s population coupled with a Deaire for More nutritional balance to throughout tie world. Nobody can say for sore what effect tie removal of Price controls will have. Some of tie increases already announced Are in very Basic areas steel and Ariton Xiques for example which affect prices of Ottier goods and air vines. -4 despite High Tai Terest rate Bwl Nesa continues to Lay plans for massive spending on Plant and a quips sent while Titis i it make Triem More productive More efficient Over tie knt term it Zottu add to inflation and interest rata this year. Some a Cono miste doubt Attiat wage demands will remain moderate Espedal by a Noe tie buying Power of wage earners la declining Pliay Are. In fact sure Reed at labor s stance. By the ass coated press today is sunday. May 12, tie ism Day of 1174. Thiere Art 2a Days left in tie year. Two is Mottier s Day. Today s highlight in history on Titis Date in 1m9, soviet Autti crities in Berlin announced that the s2say by Cade of land routes to tie a oseted City had been lifted. On Titis Date in 1774, tie Boston committee of correspondence proposed that All american co Mlea suspend Trade Witti Britain. In 177s, american troops captured cd tip Point on Lake Champlain Fkan the British. In 1820, tie English woman who founded Modem nursing Krenca Nightingale waa bom in Florence Italy. In 1932, tie body of tie kidnapped baby son of Charles a. Lindbergh waa found in a Woods in Hope wed . In 1938, japanese warships captured tie chinese Island of Amoy. In 1m3, tie work War n Battle of North Africa ended Witti tie German surrender of Cape Bon in to Liisia. Ten years ago the Klest and one of tie moot powerful members of tie House of represented tvs Clarence Cannon died. The Missouri Democrat we 86. Five years ago general motors announced it no ler Zouki produce ite controversial rear engine Chevrolet Corvair. One year ago it was announced Attiat tie soviet communist Leader Leon i Breth Nev worm visit tie . In Meklune for talks Witti president Nixon. Today s birthdays Baa Ebay manager Yogi Berra is 49 years Oil. Composer Burt Bacharach is 45. Auto executive Lynn Townsend is m. Tunes Don t turn up in Titis work until somebody turns Triem up. A president James oar Finkl 1831-1881. Merry go round High medical costs result of monopolies by Jack Anderson Washington Senate investigators have found that medical societies have put their pocketbooks before their patients by freezing out doctors who try to set up Low Cost health care centers. The societies often made up of the wealthier doctors in the Community have created a quiet monopoly in one town after another. The result higher Rotten Teeth blindness arthritis alcoholism various ulcers psychiatric disorders emphysema and hernia. Ninety per cent of the children had Worms. The sugar companies paid the first five dollars of medical care about enough to cure one Case of Worms. As described in the Hart documents the Ordinary sugar worker Quot goes to a physician Only when his children Are sick with fever or pain or when he or his wife has obvious pain. Quot they usually go knowing they cannot afford the medical care and usually incur a Bill that they cannot pay. The simple fact that they Haven t paid their Bill makes them feel guilty about going Back to the As for the doctor he spends Quot Long hours seeing his regular paying patients Quot and sees the Charity patients Only when he must. Blumenthal stepped into this medical Nightmare and tried to help local Antipoverty workers set up a clinic. Despite the fact that the clinic was Only for the poor the local medical society and doctors on a federally sponsored planning Council blocked it. When Federal funds were finally obtained the local doctors refused to approve the clinic As a National health service corps site so this ruled out a full time government doctor. In Arkansas where Blumenthal had worked earlier the county medical society and a federally funded county Hospital combined to thwart Vista doctors. After months of obstruction Blumenthal and his poor patients sued and an uneasy out of court settlement was reached. Later in Alabama. Blumenthal served As a consultant for another poverty clinic but was stymied by the Alabama state Mical society. In this Case the Hart documents show the u. S. Health. Education and welfare department refused funds to the clinic. Blumenthal s experiences Are not unique. The Hart studies have turned up similar medical outrages in Texas Wisconsin. Massachusetts. Ohio and other states. In Ohio for example. Charies Rawl Ings. Then director of health consumer affairs at Case we Ern Reserve costs at a time when ail medical Cost controls have just been lifted by the Federal government. This finding will surf ice this week in the Senate antitrust subcommittee chaired by sen. Philip Hart. D mich., who ironically looks like a stereotype of the old time doctor. Later this month. Sen. Edward Kennedy a mass. Will chair More hearings the ailment the senators will Analyse is Little known but costly to the Ordinary patient and sometimes fatal for the poor. Copyright 1974. United Fatm Syndi

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