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Farmington Daily Times Newspaper Archives Mar 14 2015, Page 5

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Farmington Daily Times (Newspaper) - March 14, 2015, Farmington, New Mexico Opinion Duga Timex John Elchert lib Lisler emf daily kid total Hoard John Fluhart publisher Chris Hobart a do tar Magdalena won fyn City Felt or saturday. March 14. 2019 a Morf at Facebook c0m/fdtnfw9 Ano twittfr.com/tmfdatlvtimf9 editorial Roundup excerpt from editorials in i is newspapers the United states is right to curb birth tourism medical tourism is his Busine worm hic it s est mated that i to 2 million pen pie travel abroad fur amines ranging from cancer treat Merit to Tummy Telcka. Hut a pregnant woman who Cornea to the United St Aiea to give birth gets something even More valuable than toed Ira i rare us citizenship for her baby that a Why women from chins and other countries Are laying companies lie tween $4d. Mme and 1641.000 to help them give birth in the u s and Why Federal agents last week raided More than i California aites Leved to be Eon fleeced to the Dugoua scheme Quot birth tourism Quot is not la Legal per a. Hut lying on a visa application la. if the fraud and conspiracy alleged in search warrants cannot he proven. . Citizenship should Mil tie extended to babies nun to tourists the United states and can Ada Are among a dwindling number of countries that bestow citizenship on the principle of jus Soli Quot right of the soil Quot in Altin. This Means if you re lion on american soil you re an american no matter How temporary the stay you can grow up in another country then return to the United states As an adult and receive government Ihmi fits or Apo Naor foreigners for citizenship. Because this right is a undated in the huh Amend ment. Change can occur Only through a constitutional amendment regardless a few lawmakers have Intro dined Bills that would require at least one Arent to be an american citizen or National or a lawful permanent resident. But messily entwined Iii the immigration debate the measures have failed. No charges were flirt last week hut agents collected eve Deuce that Mav Lead to prosecution ifs Tough to go after pregnant women Ami new mothers but As for the comps flies that exploit them unleash the hounds. A Pittsburgh net Fuette Mardi to fraternity members make Obama s Point on race Uke a Frontier sheriff who gives the gun toting lawbreaker until Sundown to get out of town University of i Lahonia president David Boren reacted with commend Able forcefulness upon learn lug that members of a Frater titty Hail been filmed part Lei rating in a shockingly racist chant that included a reference to Lynching Quot i direct that the House lie closed and that me Fiers will remove their personal belong lugs from the House by mid night Boren de Rreed on monday regarding Sigma Alpha Epsilon. A i have a message for Buren Saki Quot you Are disgraceful. You have violated All that we stand for you should not have the privilege of calling yourselves ironically the ugly chant or curved according to one account on the same Flay that thousands of people incl to ing president Llama and for Mer president George w Bush were in Selma. Ala., honouring the historic civil rights March of so years before As the president aptly noted a this nation s racial his tory still casts its Long Shadow upon us the Dernier pout March 9 Stivi eaters a Hof Cati cartoonist s take qui eat atoms Ito Catl plats pantsuit on Hai. J commentary president i ii univ Hinton would be secretive Loo m t v 1 Ryron York i wit a not it news that Hillary Din ton exclusively used a Pri Vale email account to keep secret her rom my rotations As Secretary of state should Surprise no one she came to Washingtton More than 20 years Agit determined to keep secrets and Shes still at it in 1993, the newly inaugurated president Bill Clinton chose his wife to head his administration a most important Domestic initiative health care Reform Hillary Clinton proceeded to create a task Force that seemed More determined to keep Are Reft than to res trim turf health rare Quot the culture of secrecy is S.C. that the White House refuses to provide a full list a if ton Susunu brought in to a in the Effort Quot the new York times reporter in february 1w3, just after the first lady grit started. Clinton later went to Emir rather than reveal the most Basic details of the Effort Story after Spiry about her work used phrases like a Wall of secrecy Quot and Quot shrouded in secrecy Quot and Quot frantic secretive process Quot when the task Force collapsed in defeat columnist Maureen Dowd wrote that Quot it was the first lady s secrecy and righteousness in trying to push through her 1,364 Page Hill that doomed the Effort Quot by the end of the Clinton first year in Washington the new White House became ensnared in the first of the scan dais that would last through Bill Clinton presidency Hillary Clinton was deeply involved sometimes in the original offence. Like trave Gate. And some times in the Legal Ami to Utica Pushback like the i Ewi risky scandal the Clinton Trad Mark was who Bowling information from investigators Given that Clinton a email secrecy Imlay sounds familiar to the investigators who spent the Louis trying to pry information fait of her office this sort of behave in is All fully arms intent with what we dealt with a few years says Jackie Bennett a prosecutor who served in the Independent counsel s Offir investigating the Clinton there was almost always a delay or some insufficient production of some document or disc very request Quot for example As part of the Whitewater investigation a grand jury subpoenaed Clin ton s Billing records from Het Clinton s email secrecy today sounds familiar to the investigators who spent the 1990s trying to pry information out of her office. A this sort of behaviour is All fully consistent with what we dealt with a few years ago a says a former prosecutor. Days in Arkansas the White la use insisted the records could not he frail two years passed with in documents and then one Day. The White Mise announced that a sur prise the records had been found on a table in the White House residence virtually in Plain sight mrs Linton pleaded ignorance. Quot i do in of know How the Hilling records came to he found where they were Fie my Quot she said after testifying before a grand jury in january 14/06 As the Hinton White House years Progress. The first lady became a pro at confounding investigators others in the Clinton White House followed the first lady a example top aide George re thanopoulos for example tool investigators he did not keep a diary and never made notes about work at the White House in More recent years. Hillary Clinton created an atmosphere of secrecy around Het Presken Gal Campaign by late 2007, her democratic rivals were a attacking her As Overly according to a times report so now As prosecutor Jackie Bennett suggested Clinton a obsession with secrecy As Secretary of St ate whether it broke any Law or not. Is entirely consistent with her performance in Public office for decades and that leads to erne obvious lesson of Hiliary Clinton is elected president the patterns of a lifetime wont change Hyrum Yack it Thutt Poh Timi Carrel prudent far the Uriah in amp to examiner commentary Hilary unions emails i in tales reminder Eugene Robinson columnist the Hillary Clinton email controversy is a reminder of one inescapable fact she comes with baggage. Not the kind that fits in the overhead bin. Either. In a talking Steamer trunks. How could anyone serve four years As Secretary of state with no official email account instead conducting business from a private address with its own Domain and server the answer is deliberately. The Only reason for Clinton to go through the trouble of setting up this system a rather than just Call the state departments version of the it help desk a would be to ensure that nobody got to rummage freely through her communications personal or official. She must have wanted to be Able to decide which emails would become part of the historical record and which . With Clinton widely expected to run for president. The email Flap projects the sense that she considers herself both embattled and entitled. In the end in a not convinced that voters will necessarily Core How Clinton s electronic communications were routed. But they May Well ask themselves whether they re ready for the dynasty and the drama. Clinton has known at least since August that her exclusive use of a private email account had the makings of a potential scandal were it to come to Light. House republicans on the Benghazi select committee appear set to spend months chasing their tails. The state department has Given about 300 of Clinton a emails to the com Mittee and the panels chairman rep Trey Gowdy. R-s.c., said sunday that Quot there Are gaps of months and months and months Quot he mentioned a Day in 2011 when Clinton on a trip to Libya was photographed using her Black Berry yet Gowdy Saki a we have no emails from that Day. In fact we have no emails from that trip Clinton should be Happy having Gowdy and his committee go Back Over Well slowed Benghazi ground rather than say conduct a broader examination of i policy in Libya where an intervention described As a leading from behind Quot with inconsistent follow up has left chaos and a new Branch of the islamic state from Clinton Point of View Benghazi fever would certainly be preferable to a c ii examination of those emails for any Light they might shed on the fundraising practices of the Hinton foundation. The huge nonprofit now officially called the Bill. Hillary a Chelsea Clinton foundation announced it would not accept new donations from foreign governments while Hinton was Secretary of state but began taking them again when she stepped Down. Did any S.C. donors receive special Access or treatment while Hinton was in office5 in a betting that no evidence of any S.C. thing will be found at least not in the 55,000 pages that have been turned Over. When Clinton became Secretary of state in 2009, she was still recovering from a bruising and unexpected defeat in the democratic primaries the year before the Prospect of another presidential ran must have seemed Distant Ami uninviting perhaps Uke spending two years pounding oneself on the head with a Hammer yet something some impulse compelled her to lock Down her email communications so they would always remain in he control Long after republicans punch themselves out Over Benghazi after questions about Clinton foundation funding Are either answered in deemed i answer Able after Hinton either Aranos to the nomination or fools every one by not running the mystery will remain Why does she act As if she has something so hide even when she does no to Eugene Flo Cinson it a thu nut foe the a urn gym poet to Haw your say the daily Timas welcomes letters to int tote Ysuf sums of in to a than 400 a words. Must include you Nam address and a Strep Hen a for verification All altars must a signed by on individual or no More than individuals the daily times reserves the right to edit or reject Yante Cave a time twitter tee Dooh eave please do not be id my attachment 505-325-4545 Fiji Low my Hamm ends at malt Atter t the so or the i i to me fax lend lasers to n a Cogon Doms i pm to 5c Farmington no i a is i 505-564-453c a re foam. Twists 0? cartoonist s take

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