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Farmington Daily Times Newspaper Archives Mar 14 2015, Page 2

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Farmington Daily Times (Newspaper) - March 14, 2015, Farmington, New Mexico 2 news Washington saving emails not this Congress no regulations exist for Law makers to retain Archive or store its emails by Erica warn to it Matni pm w aum to ton melt Tom of Congress who Arr demand ing Hillary Rodham Clin ton s emails Arr largely exempt from such scrutiny themselves Congress makes it own rules Ami has never subjected itself to open records Laws that Force agencies such As the state department to maintain records and turn them Over to the Public when asked. Theres also no require ment for members of Congress to use official email accounts. Or to retain Archive or store their emails while in office or after that s in contrast to the White mouse and the rest of the executive Branch it final emails there Are supposed to be retained. Though the Centro verse Over Clinton use of a personal email account while secretan of state has exposed vague and inconsistent requirements from it me Agency to Amit her but if the rules at Federal agencies Are unclear. At least there Are rules tin Capitol his. There Are almost none that Means that the same House republicans who Are subpoena ing Clinton s emails As part of their inquiry into the Beng Hail. Libya attacks Are not required to retain emails of their own for future Imper lion by anyone Quot a members of Congress can Burn everything when they re finished if they said John won Der sch. Policy director at the sunlight foundation which advocates for govern men transparency Quot they have discretion that might appear to he a double Standard hut mein hers of Congress mostly Don t see it that Way and. Perhaps surprisingly open government ail veates Are largely unconcerned thee agree it makes sense for Congress to he treated differently from the executive Branch although there Are certain private proceedings they would like to see made Public such As some reports generated by the congressional research service. For the most part. Law makers say. Congress a1 ready operates in a much More open fashion than the other branches of the fed eral government most con Gressional proceedings Are conducted in open session sometime widely broadcast. And lawmakers Are accountable to the voters at a Leirion time some argue that requiring mein hers of Congress to make their correspondence pub lie could chill their a they a i Mem nil it a Asso Cristti then secret St v of state hitter Rodham onion testifies on Dan 23 2013. On Capitol hat in Washington on the deals september attack on the u s diplomatic Mission in Sangha i thy a that kitted ambassador chits Stevens and three other Amene ant to communicate freely w re constituent who might not want their views to requests whirly exposed a i Don t want to sound like we re separating ourselves front other groups but there is a reason that you protect constituent correspondence so it a Little different Kettle of Saki sen Jeff Hake. R a a provision in the Constitution known As the a speech or debate clause provides members of Congress with immunity for their legislative arts and has been generally interpreted to gov them Broad control Over their record although it s been challenged in court during recent corruption invest Iga Hon additionally because executive Branch agencies arc hound by the Freedom of information . Cone Spon dance Between a Law maker and. Say. The intr nor i apartment can be accessed by the up blk the exemptions Congress Grams to saw Aren t Hist about record lawmakers have spared themselves from Many other Laws that cover the rest of society including those governing work place health and safety. Civil rights and Disert i nation when Republican took control of Congress in Ipoh they sought to dim mate the perception that lawmakers played by differ pm Rule they announced. As hem i in their Quot contract with plans to require thai All taws that apply to the rest of the Emtin tar apply to Congress too the concept was enshrined in the congregate a accountability of App but issues like open record weren t covered a the controversy Over Clinton emails a drawn plenty of attention on Cap to Hill some has been con tent iou such As House republicans signalling plan to expand their bin Ghazi inquiry then there Are a few senators who have been pressed to admit or perhaps boast that they rarely if Ever use email yet there s mile sign the rap win to wept much self re rec Tau or change on capital his lawmakers Ami Ables in both parties say theres Bren no Midi talk a spoke Man for rep Trey Howdy. R ac., who la spearheading the hum tar t Linton email a head of the not met in Quint committee. Indicated the congressman has no in term in changing the rules on lawmakers emails lit hating his own there is a difference be tween the executive Branch which has the tremendous Power to enforce taws. And the legislative Branch Quot said spokesman Jamal Ware adding elect am every two years put the House closer to the people and subtext to greater scrutiny democratic sen Richard Blumenthal of connect leu said in response to a question on the mat ter Quot i m ready to he bound by the same disclosure requirements that apply to other branches of the gov eminent but he added. 1 Haven t heard anything i. Ii tim a to a i in tax a of i lilt uni it a Quy tvs com i. I i \ i it s tm0tt,7t, w i i la 1 win mrs a own. I ii Civ. Sam Nair in pm saw. Is wave Contact us a Mem i Mai i my. Kex a Arumi j san in my St Nam mini i com Sam is pm a a a it to Nln a is . pm saw ,. We amp it fits m to Amman Man _ a no Ltd Oft Nawf Cnnon tar Mai Vav news a As Ink Pimm in Tenn hmm a. We if. 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