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Farmington Daily Times Newspaper Archives Mar 4 1990, Page 4

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Farmington Daily Times (Newspaper) - March 4, 1990, Farmington, New Mexico The daily tines editorial a4 Farmington now Mexico our endorsements voters in san Juan county a three cities will go to the polls tuesday to choose from candidates seeking municipal offices. In Aztec nine candidates Are running for seats in three districts. Incumbent commissioner Bill English is opposed by Charles Cunningham and John Sullivan in District 2. Commissioner Gary Ryan is running for re election against Randy Kirkpatrick and Bob Long in District 4. Bob Shumway a former commissioner and mayor is a write in candidate facing challengers Mike Padilla and write in candidate Richard Martzall in District 5. The daily times this past week endorsed English Ryan and Shumway in the Aztec City commission contests. In Bloomfield incumbent mayor . Toliver faces Art Kittell. The daily times has endorsed Toliver who also serves in the state House of representatives. In the Bloomfield City Council race three candidates seek two at Large seats a incumbent councillors Julie Hunter and Beverly Crain and David a a same Mohler a member of the City planning and zoning commission. The daily times recommended retaining Hunter and Crain on the Council. In the Farmington mayors race incumbent Tom Taylor a former City councilor seeks re election. His opponent is write in candidate Elmer w. Lanier. The daily times endorsed Taylor a re election. In the Farmington City Council District 3 contest incumbent William Hall seeks re election against challenger Jack a. Wethington. In District 4, incumbent councilor Charles Hughes faces challengers Pete Rahn Larry Brewer and fran Brown. The daily times endorsed incumbents Hall and Hughes for re election. In the Farmington municipal judge race judge Johnnie Byrd is seeking another term on the Bench. She is opposed by Kevin Stowell. The daily times has endorsed Byrd for re election. Letter Aztec finances criticized editor anyone who studies the auditors report of the lax financial operations carried on by Aztec City for the year ending june 30, 1989, will understand when 1 say that it is time to make some changes in our Aztec City government. On Page two of the summary it states a we noted certain matters involving the internal control Structure of the City a financial operations that. Could adversely affect the entity a ability to record process summarize and report financial data a in other words Aztec City a financial procedures fall Short of being sound financial management. This we can to afford. Among a number of other criticisms a Only partial lists of the fixed assets of the City have been compiled. Which is a violation of state the summary goes on to fault the manner in which Utility accounts receivable Are balanced. Yet More a the Bank accounts had not been reconciled for the entire year. Numerous accounting errors were discovered when the Bank reconciliations were finally can you imagine this kind of carelessness with our City funds one can to help wondering what our City manager has been managing anyway and what have our commissioners been doing not to insist on better management another paragraph starts off a at the time of our audit work we found several funds where the general Ledger was out of on further the City is criticized for not reconciling the tax Roll on an annual basis. A funds from matured certificates of deposits and the related interest income were recorded in the wrong there is More but this is enough to make my Case. Randy Kirkpatrick Aztec editors note the writer is a candidate for the District 4 Aztec City commission seat in tuesdays Benefit for farms editor please Correct me if i am wrong on this. From the reports As published by the daily times it appears that the utes would Benefit first from the water the cities of Durango Bloomfield Aztec and Farmington Are next in line and the Rural water associations Are third in line or May have equal standing with the cities. The rest of us Small farms along the various ditches would not Benefit much and May even lose some Stream flow in water Short periods. If this be the Case Why should i vote for it the Racetrack has been of some service to san Juan county. The citizens have taken a greater interest in the actions of our county government As we did not get to vote on the track. Anything that can Rouse the citizens from the traditional and sometimes tragic apathy can to be All bad. Anthony he user Aztec Little change seen in Iran Washington after last years death of that great Friend of children the Ayatollah Khomeini Iran would change. The new regime would Settle into a pragmatic phase it would open again to the world humbly pump its Oil and eventually even Force its surrogate terrorist groups in Lebanon to free the hostages. That at least was the hopeful common Wisdom put Forward by most policy thinkers in the West a formula which As it turned out reflected More their own neat and manicured mind sets than any Eastern a a bazaars reality. For Iran today is nearly As chaotic and certainly As conspiratorial As it was in the murderous age of Khomeini. Take the strange recent Case of the United nations human rights commission on Iran and Reynaldo Galindo Pohl of Al Salvador its special representative and rapporteur. Even after Khomeini died almost a year ago Well documented reports of the a a Normal spectrum of iranian torture executions and Slaughter continued confirmed by the . State department. So it was with great interest to the Geyer file by get Gie Anne Geyer iranians in particular and to human rights activists in general that a . Official was permitted in january for the first time since 1984 to personally a a investigate possible abuses in Iran. In Pohls report he claimed that there had been no Public executions in Iran in the last five months. Yet the state controlled Tehran radio has in the last two months confirmed and broadcast the news of hundreds of executions. Indeed the Peoples Mujahidin of Iran the anti Kho Meini fighters in exile which has seen thousands of its members tortured and killed by Khomeini claims that the new regimes authorities showed Galindo Pohl Only the workshop of Tehran a notorious Evin prison that it ordered the mass Transfer of 11,000 political prisoners from Tehran a week before he came and that it played such other tricks As keeping thousands of prisoners in train cars in secret locations outside the capital City. Unfortunately these accusations seem to have a great Deal of truth a a truth that slowly unwinds like a tightly Woven Ball of yarn in the conspiratorial bazaars of Tehran. For before and just after the a a historic . Visit the mullahs began deliberately complicating it by saying publicly that they had begun again to play the a hostages card in order again to gain a a corresponding confessions from the . This was followed by Tehran radio citing the . Report As having completely denied the existence of mass executions and torture in the Khomeini regimes prisons. Tehran radio added that the report praises the humanitarian measures of the islamic Republic of Iran in dealing with criminals. And this was followed by rumours now published that the United states and Iran have held secret talks in new York and Geneva this Winter about releasing the eight american hostages held by pro iranian moslem extremist groups in Lebanon As Well As the possibility of secret meetings on the hostages Between new zealand and iranian officials. The speculation among insiders is that there May Well have been some Deal explicit or implicit to go easy on Iran. But it is time for the world to figure out that such hints Are always Given with a dirty Wink to the Side and with the mullahs fingers crossed. Whatever the .�?Ts purposes whether spuriously or genuinely innocent in giving such a Whitewash to the iranian regime it should in All decency realize that the Only Way to Deal with Khomeini a Iran is through the harshest strictures of honesty. 1990 Universal press Syndicate news of the weird during a december Public meeting on Community garbage disposal Sussex county del., Council president William t. Stevenson said the county could save on a new incinerator if women would return to being housewives. By working he said women a always have to run to the store for something they have to Cook in the microwave. I done to see much wrong with Canning fruits and a a a Kansas City civic Leader Adele Hall 43, on the activities of the women a Public service network a i think this is a yeasty time in our Community and its a yeasty time for i 1990 Universal press Syndicate Castro has reason to worry Washington while . Leaders were toasting czechoslovakian president Vaclav Havel last week Fidel Castro had plenty of reason to bite his nails. The democratization of Czechoslovakia poses problems for the cuban dictator. Until last years breakdown of communist Rule in Czechoslovakia it was one of Castro a last bastions of support. That could All change under Havel. Since Cuba and the United states have no diplomatic relations Castro keeps his Washington d.c., base of operations in the czechoslovak embassy. But Castro and Havel Are about As compatible As Donald and Ivana Trump. Havel came to Washington to spread the word of democracy a a dirty word in Castro a Book. Castro clings to communism like an addiction. He is so committed to marxist ideals that observers Are beginning to wonder about his mental state. He has even been touting the idea of putting Cuba into a War Economy in which cubans would survive on half the food they now have and Hope that patriotism would sustain them. If Castro insists on being one of the last world leaders to wave Washington merry go round by Jack Anderson and Dale Van Atta the old style communist Banner then he May have to find another place in Washington to wave it. Havel is already under pressure from . Leaders to dump Cuba As a Roommate and Friend. We have Learned that several senators including Bob Graham d-fla., John Mccain d-ariz., and Joe Lieberman d-conn., gave Havel a letter during his Washington visit asking him to a review the current diplomatic arrangement with the letter reminds Havel of a number of human rights abuses attributed to Cuba such As imprisonment of dissidents. These Are hard times for Castro and he stands to lose a lot More than just an office in Washington. He depends on $7 billion a year in Aid from Eastern Europe but the sweeping changes there will push him Low on the priority list in countries that need All the Money they can get to buttress their own changing economies. Sending Money to Cuba so Castro can perpetuate an oppressive system that those countries have cast off just does no to make sense. Cubans biggest supporter both financially and ideologically has been the soviet Union. But As Mikhail Gorbachev changes the course of soviet politics Castro is fast becoming the Odd Man out. Muckraking on the Rise the three major television networks Are beefing up their investigative reporting efforts but less out of a desire for Public service than to boost their ratings and income. For years to investigative work has taken a Back seat to various forms of Glitz. But a combination of factors insiders Tell us has led to some heavy rethinking at the top about investigative documentaries and Shorter takes. Among the reasons for the change Are these a the Public is tired of sitcoms and even of the general sameness of the morning and evening to news. In the Competition to hold viewers investigative stories Are an attractive Novelty. A the Success of off beat investigative shows like a inside edition a a current affairs and a Geraldo a and the staying Power of the respected a sixty minutes a have convinced the networks that probing can win Good ratings. A ted Turners Cable news network has captured news show buffs in Large numbers and now can has hired the Wall Street journals Brooks Jackson one of the finest Bird dogs in journalism to work on a new team doing investigative documentaries. The networks do not want to be caught Short again. Pc 1990 United feature Syndicate Farmington daily times uses 187 820 Box 450 Farmington 87499 pm 325 4545 published doily by new Mexico newspapers inc. Established weekly 1884. Doily 1949 Lincoln o Brien chairman Eliot o been publisher Gene Benti production superintendent Richard Ryan advertising director Jock Luttrell advertising manager Jock Swickard managing editor Bob Smith systems Engineer Sonde Burr. Circulation Monomer Don Chapline. Press superintendent. Marilyn Rodcliff classified Monomer William o. Allen controller member or the associated press the associated Prass is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of Oil local news in the newspaper As Well of a dispatches. Member audit Bureau of circulations the times will reprint an advertisement or Section of on advertisement of a correction in which the times has caused an error to occur other than that the times assumes no liability for errors in advertising. Metro associated services. Inc Multi and set vices inc Ond saw inc hold copyrights on the advertising mat services used by this newspaper reproduction in any form must be by the expressed permission of the copyright holders by Carrier and motor route where we deliver $72 00 per year it 00 per month in Advance Moil subscriptions. $125 00 per year $10 so per month second class postage paid of Farmington 14.m 87401 published doily sex ept t holidays postmaster please Send change of address form 3579 to Formington daily times p o Box 450, Formington . 87499 daily times delivery deadlines mon., tues. Thurs Felt 5 00 pm wei5 30 pm sat Ond Sun 8.00 am if you have not received your paper by the deadline please col us of 325-4545 the switchboard is in operation Mon thru fri. 8 00 am to 6 30 pm Sot. 8 00 am to 12 00 noon Sun 8 00 am to 10 00 am Early times 60 years ago i a Verne Tacy manager of the National photo shop returned the first of the week from a trip to Albuquerque. He is arranging to open a Branch Here and will do so As soon As a suitable room can be secured. He and his assistants came up Here at the time of the Gas Celebration to take a few views and were so pleased they have decided to put a Branch office Here. It it a . Elliot local manager of the Willis Martin Supply co. Wholesale firm has been tendered the position of superintendent of the Northern Pueblo Indian Agency with Headquarters at Santa be and has accepted and will take charge of the work on the first of april. 30 years ago the Senate despite shortened tempers and an electric Power failure reached a new All time record for a nonstop session today As its civil rights filibuster rolled around the clock into its fifth full Day. Southerners continued in relays to make speeches delaying action on civil rights Bills. 15 years ago a 10-year service pin was presented recently to Amoco production co. Employee . Van Shoubroek of water flow by . Speer jr., area superintendent for the firm. Van Shoubroek began employment with Amoco at Beaumont Texas and transferred to Tyler Texas in 1966 and to Farmington in 1971

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