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Farmington Daily Times Newspaper Archives Jan 8 1967, Page 4

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Farmington Daily Times (Newspaper) - January 8, 1967, Farmington, New Mexico U mrnik Jet twi Tumlim tim . Pally thaw Congress opens tuesday amid lowering War Shadow Washington a under the Kywe ring Shador of the Viet War a new Congress which Leaden believe has a plan Chen by mandate from the voters opens its doors tuesday for a months Long session. Both houses appear headed for a wrangling beginning which could set the tone for almost continuous controversy As the members appraise the state o the War in Asia and the state of president Johnson s great society quot at Home. The White House Anno Niedl saturday to iat the president will deliver his annual speech on the state of the Union in person to a joint sen lon of Congress on tuesday night. This Means that the adm toils Traylon program will be Laid be Jor legislation to work its Way on its heels or possibly by through both houses is Likely to fore it will come a supplement provide for an increase in social al appropriation to finance the medicaid Board named Santa fear appointment of a Nina member a Maory Board on Medlam was announced saturday by state welfare director John .0 Jas per. Medical known As title 19 of the social Sec my act. Wen Tjuk died trying to Patch up political dispute Book new York a president John Kennedy was trying to Patch up what he con Hito effect dec. 1, 1m6 in Newis dered a Petty dispute Between affect in spending budget sure War Johnson has Sakl he Els Santa be. His death in Dallas. William to come under hot fire from re will ask Between 9 bunion Andl a publican when Johnson submits $10 billion a ii i ii iii Iki Ivd a. Designated temporary Manchester reports in his Book arabist Kennedy the Book As however author lied the Pas Serta Manchester quotes one of the five. Sen. J. W. Fulbright of Arkansas As saying to Kennedy quot Dallas is a very dangerous sages that appear in the Magazine. A spokesman for Gardner Cowles editorial chairman quoted him As saying the revisions involved Only 1,600 words place. I would t go there. Don t and quot in no Way affected the has it later in tha month. Could be even higher. Advisory com quot the death of a present quot you go quot it Orical Accra a or Complete. Its it Golf a subject of dispute. The others who urged Kenne Ness of the the first instalment reports his Loric change Roji Hopfl. Bar would banish electoral College that an altercation of some kind Mittee. Other members Are or. the feud indirectly involved by to bypass Dallas the Book Boatman Albuquerque Osseo i president Lyndon b. John says were sen. Hubert h. Hum path Thomas Spier Santa be son. Manchester of Minnesota. House whip Fred Between Kennedy and dentist sister Mari Joachim i i it describing Kennedy s feelings Hale Boggs of Louisiana am Johnson in san Antonio administrator of st Vincent a re a Tahj of Fadlal e Stev it took place in a hotel room Hospital in Santa be november. 1963, Man and Texas Nat dial committee Pat Hollis a pharmacist and writes Man Byron Skelton Santa be mayor Thelma feel Prospect was Una Pretiz look Magazine is serializing Ley. Silver City a nursing Home vexing to the chief exec quot the death of a president quot and operator Miguel Santa be adjoining mrs. Kennedy s and she heard quot raised voices quot Manchester writes. Archi iii it Johnson ought to be Able to re of four instalments totalling by quot precisely what Washington popular election a direct of pres Klent and vice president and abandon a c 4 r. Solve this Petty dispute himself 000 words. The Magazine is a am u Ink inn Wei election of the president sly a ii quot quot be trip Sef to be an impose scheduled to reach news stands to ltd hse red e it Beky in it la restly with Zulj i w in Zyi quot the its a is to Leonle. And l. W. Burrell Albu in nah a a a in write that a quot quot presence dui m the where the people in lome a air Yea or a if m. A Midgut. A Rhu. Blue Crom Blue shield a so Mccrai a a quoth Juif quot quot word of �1. My on duty la fad Ulm Portanka toi Damn a it Tob Tayi Tomt Whan tha Vica Prai Dent wanted to naa an air plane he had to appear 1� of. Gan. Godfrey my Kwh Nadya air Flroa Aida. Psi am Almaa a mortifying to a Man of Hia extreme Senait Lotty tha Raquaia was Dan lad. Mra. Johnaon the Book asserts had never seen the Islda of tha famous a Plana air Force one which was equipped with an a Maual communicate knit system. In Washington saturday tha Wake House declined any comment on the look in adment. Senate democratic Leader Mike mans leu Sakl Johnson has quot conducted himself with dignity and decorum quot with re to assertions made regarding the Texas tour and its aftermath. Quot As time goes on there win be a lot of stories Home Tnie and some not reflecting on that Tragle period mans Lek aau. Quot i think we flu have to leave it to history to form la own judge ment. Publica outside. He left that suite like a a quot tion by look after editors made pistol another described to Tele to before i cal College system were recon in gets a majority of the electoral a Presentat Lve. Advised Kennedy some chamber can get far into a ended saturday by a special votes the u5. House of repro purpose of the Board is to re strongly worded warnings not a me revl8i shi""hi8" a to commission of the american Senta Tives is empowered to port of medical and formulate to go to Dallas on the to. Quot the , expression As Furi bar association choose the president from the recommendations. Such recon atmosphere in Dallas had be kit Fin Rev the i Rimert of in calling for a constitutional top three candidates each state emendations would be forwarded come highly charged with in Shiprock Man Hurt ithe a to Anim Ren it controversies coming up As preliminaries to legislative Actton. The House must deckle whether to deny a seat to rep. Adam oat ii Powell d.-n.y., or remove him from chairmanship of the education and Zubor House spouse protect jew amendment to carry out what having one vote. Worm be an historic change in a he Way americans fill their top . A nmn elective offices the 15 iii member broadly representative Aiachi Munary anon. Power water because a undemocratic Complex. Conduct of commit-1 indirect and Dan tace department figures Indi tee quot a smaller proportion in the Senate a Hardy band of of a a is trying illegally to Federal authorities. Draft Dod no less now Lirios Asp quot during world War ii to Doit of the United states is a i Flam Matory statements quot one a crash Eddison Begay about 24. Of Frontier bomb threat false Washington a jus liberals has served Notke it will try to water Down Rule 22. A in m Thim Zitsos or in an . a a a Man him from Siok non of hirer i Storey of dal As. Dean emeritus us quot quot a a of work War 1986 regrets a smaller Ager for the a me i Albu Quer y. Z a a. Are Swendal which re Ulrea a two thai Mam ten Hub Init in i ii. Droit Kation than the number in no a Lih the or Ovid of. Re pres Wenkai Alamogordo Frontier airlines air plane was number of convictions hit a High searched saturday afternoon of 434 in fiscal year 1954. Considering the number of Tex. Reported there was a bomb troops under arms the number aboard the plane. A quot of convicted draft dodgers in Art Giffin. District sales Man that the Vuk a pres Klent quot sounded mad quot and she asked her Hus Shiprock was injured Friday discussion had night in a one car crash Westi a ,. A quot that s just Lyndon quot Man Chester says Kennedy replied quot but he s in in that period november of Farmington state Poike apr a said saturday. Officers Sakl the Begay Auto in went off the Highway and Roll 1963. The Book describes Johnson to the . Punk a the had heard the quot groundless service Hospital for but persistent quot rumours that c proportion an the member in age. Said to comparison say a stay it it of quot a a As matters st. Neither of constitutional require a quot a i ten seems Likely to go any a a a require in re a him 1. That the winning candidate of men in uniform Dur troops under arms. On nov. 30. Feed of the incident As is Cus siiri or it sir 1 Fri end. ,0. Publicans a a voter arged and Fri report. 4s0 person were 1943 figure of �,m4.745 the Rea tae wove Moer a it of the selective service act. Said the search proved a comparison saturday of i work War it. Fruitless and the flight proceed last nov. 30. For example the de to Elpaso without incident 3.326,491 nov. 30. Was 2.803.245. This is about one Quarter the 11. A Iviricu ltd ii i aim. 451,719 men in uniform on june a a a a during 1966. According to an 30. 1944 and about a third the Ilou Elk al it or quot a Juk of if Ujj is stir a quot water i Vestiga election of 1964. Fruite the flight i of Johnson s saw owl if i27.f��1 411 i. Ing spell on new programs this the said in year a january through de rep Bucan leaders Are plan in 51-Page report quot would keep a Ember. And it is nearly double Ning their own state of the Union preen Talon. One of the first pieces of a Baker tax trial begins monday Washington a Bob Senate unit Heads named the 262 conviction of 1965 these Flag were listed in the Fri s recent annual yearned report to the attorney general. L . Multary commit. Senate announced App tents us a the committee chairman a treo thened draft in enacted in 1985. But Justko department files to vow i Cut. Disclose that the number of per by Baker who built a Fortune a a quot by. A Hidalgo Sierra it con vetted for selective Luna. Rules a Alfonao Montoya dark it Arriba Sandoval. Finance Harom Runnels a Lea the appointments judiciary committee a i. M. Whee he worked As Secretary to the Senate s democrats majority foes to trial monday on charges of tax Evasku theft Aad too piracy. Hie trial May not have the Maezy overtones of Earls Baker service violations in fiscal year 1944 july through june dec. 28 for what was described was 4.609. The figure was 1.4r las a social visit in 1942 and 3,950 in 1943. It he told a news conference two 4�. Santa fear state rep yet. The number of draft Vio John m. Eaves a be Malillo is gators con voted in 1966 was Only chairman of the House labor about one tenth the number con committee. House speaker Vuk ted in the Peak wartime Bruce King announced Satur years. Day. State rep. Raymond w. Davenport jr., a Dona Ana. Who held the to Sitka in the last ses a Slon of the legislature has been new York a gov. I appointed chairman of the House i George Romney of Michigan i Way and Means committee was in new York saturday on a King Sakl an unannounced visit. The rep Bucan governor who arrived on a flight from Lansing Friday made a similar unannounced visit to the City Romney v�8�t8 in new York Man youth die in wrecks by the associated press i a 40-Yeir-old Indian from new Hunt Wal to 2 to in lims i Days later however that he had it i a it i in a truck car col i Dunn. D quot a Koll Rwy. Ettelt tided. No a Long to us. 66 a cd. Controversy but possible Conse Tnp we quenches of conk taxi years in prison and $47,000 in fines Are far greater than the Mere denunciation the Senate rules committee gave him i 1181. Hie trial tal . District court Coull also Prockle fuel for renewed political controversy. Guesses on the length of the Baker trial run to three months. Otero Lincoln conservation a Fincher Neal. Pubic of fab Sterling Black. A los Alamo. Banks and Corpora Toms Edmundo Delgado. A Santa be. 2-year colleges Richmond. A. A a two year study made by the Virginia Board of Community colleges Calls for two year Community coiled in 22 regions of with and Intel Tutov Stoa Chw and dais lab e. Do Muf. 481s do Ataa Alee of Yanto taii for reported vol. Of Prakhi Trio. Private Effort afoot for peace Washington a two sponsored by the Center for the private american cite teens Are study of democratic ins Titu reported to have gone to Hanoi tons. Baggs and Ashmore Are to invite a number of North directors of the Center. The con vietnamese to a meeting at vocation is scheduled for late Geneva in May to examine the May 1967 in Geneva. Requirement for peace. I the first Congo catam Early accompanied by a Mej can in 1965 in new York Oty also Diplomat they have been to a sponsored by the Center at pan and plan to visit phenom tracked More than 2.000 Dele penh. Cambodia on a similar Mission a spokesman Sakl. The prosecution estimates a _ Mininni of three weeks toi tiie state by"l971 present its Case against the 38-j Yea Rokl onetime confiant of. A Many democrats senators to government approve. A a chiding the majority Leader Lyndon b. Johnson. Baker was indicted one year ago Friday by a Federal grand Jiny flu owing a 15-month investigation. He has pleaded inno it cent select a of 13 jurors and Sli a Tematea is the expected first order of Buai Neu by the proceedings before District judge Oliver Gasch. So far. No new motion to delay the trial has been Appeal Boston a the museum of Fine arts has appealed to the pubic for $13.4 million in donations by 1970 the input upon s 100th Drivers lose licenses nine san Juan county residents have had their driving licenses suspended for Varkis info actins of the Traffie code tha department of motor vehicles Sakl saturday. Through dec. 1�, 1988, the department reported suspend ska for Lloyd Vales Box 1885. Dewki a. Crook 920 n. Wall and John Julius. Box 2s2, a of farming too. Alao Emerson Etsitty me Kan Springs Chester h. Hoagie Newcomb Nelson Kett Wood Shiprock and James Muaket of extern Spring All suspended based on Duff Gea of driving while in to dated. Odra Aeq added were a kind b. Mey 881 Zuni dr., farm in fan for i Tara to comply plane crash search ended Manila a the . Nav7 saturday called off a search for a Marlin p5 amphibious patrol plane with 10 men which is believed to have crashed in the sea near the Entrance to Manila Bay. The cause of the crash whih occurred Friday is not known. Political figures who have been i Egton youth was killed urging him to seek the Republic a to Char crash in Loving can presidential nomination. A a fatal us Romney Akles in Lansing de Pouce Sakl dined to say whether the the Lovington victim was identified As Steven l. Anderson. 17. He was dead on arrival at Lea general Hospital off Kors Sakl the foreign compact modd Anderson was drive Taipei Formosa a _ ing col liked with a car driven Barry Goldwater said Friday he to Gay Shirleyjr thinks the rep bucans have int rect not nth and its Chance of winning the 1988 . Present trip is political. Barry believes gop can win elections and that former vice president Richard m Nixon would be his Chok e As gop Presk lentil candidate. Goldwater a former Republican senator from Arizona and his party s Presk lentil candidate in 1984, expressed his views As he arrived Here with his wife for a two a visit to Fornosa in route to Southeast Asia. He Sakl he was interested in the 1988 Presk lentil Campaign because quot i think we the republicans have a Chance of he added that he intends to run for the . Senate. Jefferson. Sheriff s officers said an in Vest Gatke was being continued into the a cadent but that no citations had been issued. Miss Locke and another Glria passenger were treated at the Hospital for minor injuries. Joseph a. Aragon was dead on arrival at an Albuquerque Hospital after his car struck the Back of a pm Kup truck headed the same direction so Miles West of the Albuquerque City limits. Three persons All indians from Canoncito were i the truck. They were hospitalized at Albuquerque. Gates from various countries Large and Small countries of they undertook the trip with Asia and elsewhere win be in- government approval cited to attend and participate leading to speculate a that they in the second might bring Back word of pros in Vientiane Laos the Man pacts for earlier talks aimed at fest of the internat Mal control ending the War in Vietnam. Commission s regular flight to although they bulked with Hanoi on Friday Moring listed state department officials be Baggs and Ashmore As Saasen fore leaving there was no sign Gers. There was no a mediate that they were acting in any word As to the were about of Way As representatives of the Quintanilla. Johnson administration. A state department spokes was asked if the ment approves or disapproves of the Missim. He answered quot it is not a que Stem of approving or disapproving this project. Uliey Are not Goffig on a Mission from the United states to first word of the Mission came saturday from the managing editor of the Miami fla., news c. Edward Pierce who said in a a Atamant Viniam c Baggi Harry Ashmore and Ambala Skikr Luis Quintanilla have travelled to phenom penh and Hanoi to Tai Vite Perow in both Tiea to attend and participate in a Convoc taxi to Examina the requirements for Pace the is held Matlock gets Monument Post Gary m. Mat kick a native of Cortez cok>., has been named new Archaeol Olst at the Navajo natto Oal Monument Cinciala announced today. Matlock recently transferred from Carlsbad caverns National Park. He Haa worked at Mesa verde National Park and Gran Edvira Natkal Moon ii Mic superintendent Jack r. We Liams Sakl mattock replace a kith Anderaon who Haa returned to school. Navajo National is mattock s first permanent Aasu gement Williams said. You need some Brock ing on your in �me1 in you Cwa to know the rules or lha a Ama to ski. 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