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Farmington Daily Times Newspaper Archives Feb 4 1962, Page 4

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Farmington Daily Times (Newspaper) - February 4, 1962, Farmington, New Mexico T pm. Farmington daily times editorial Pace Pagi a4�? Tow Formi Nolton no a deftly la term sunday feb. 4, 1962 inn ii i i economic recovery Pace vigorous recovery Otineus a it dominate a economic developments thereby establishing the initial trend for 1062, the monthly review of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City say. The Pace of the recovery Quick tend noticeably in late 1961 and again As a Umed the More vigorous Tempo of the Early phases of the upturn. Since the Spring of 1961. The expansion in total output has compared favourably with earlier recovery periods. While various sectors of demand have advanced at different rates and have departed somewhat from the pattern of earlier recoveries the Over Ali expansion is broadly based the Federal Reserve Bank review said. The major reason for the better performance of retail sales recently in the tenth Federal Reserve District which embraces new Mexico. Oklahoma. Kansas f Colorado. Nebraska and Wyoming. Is the continued in employment and income. At the same time the higher volume of spending seems to Spring also from increased Confidence in the economic Outlook and from an easing of t h e immediate crisis involving Berlin. The Thul far has not product any i Neril Price increases or develop mints and the a end in general indicates that t h e Economy will continue to move ahead at a healthy steady honoured students of miss Vina Walz history teacher at Farmington High school have received recognition from time Magazine for having correctly predicted that president John f. Kennedy would be time s Man of the year for 1961. The students cast their collective Billot in the annual Man of the year ate stakes conducted by the time Eai cation dept. In colleges and High schools across the country. Before balloting on a final candidate Many classes reviewed the year s new makers. Most frequently nominated were Dag Hammarskjold. President Kennedy. Khrushchev and either the United states or spacemen. Miss Walz students picked Kennedy and for that prediction the class will receive a copy of quot great Reading from will Harrison. See employees nicked for Money for Block Santa be the 80 employees of the state corporation commission have been asked to put up three per cent of their pay for corporation commissioner John Block who is running for renomination for the Job. The voluntary sign up was reported Quick and unanimous with the exception of commissioner g. Y. Fails who is pulling for Murray Morgan to beat Block. Last election Block pulled for Jake Barth a commission pay roller to beat fails. The Roundup of Money for Block among the employees is being handled by Barth a 1630 a month employee and others on the commission staff. Tie commission payroll is about $30,000 a month and there is three months to go before the May 8 election. Levying on the pay of the payroll ers is nothing new in the commission. When commissioner seven foot Pickett was running in the 1960 Campaign employees at $500 a month or More purchased $50 Worth of voluntary Job Roscoe Drummond a a a Protection lesser paid ones invested fails a commissioner who was also up in the 1960 elections did t get anything from the employees. He also turned Down a Cash Christmas gift from the staff last december and All the Money went to Pickett and Block. Cempbell Huddin with Chavez governor running Jack Campbell who has been the subject of recent conversation relating to the possibility of his getting the backing of sen Clint Anderson spent a full hour with the other senator Dennis Chavez when he was in Washington at the end of Januar it. Campbell remarked about the Many indications he observed of Chavez s returning strength and Energy after nearly a year of struggling with cancer. Chavez who usually plays an important hand in democratic primary runs for governor has t revealed his 1962 Choice for the nomination. Some think he likes Santa be mayor Leo Murphy or maybe it s Campbell. Rusk made headway in Oas conference Washington in taking some hesitant Steps to Deal with Castro the conference of american foreign ministers at Punta Del was not a fiasco and i would not count it anything near to a total failure. It made a Start a reluctant and divided Start but a useful one. The positive actions Are in the right direction. They provide the scaffolding from which More can be built All joined with the United states in branding Castro s self proclaimed marxist regime and its military Alliance with the soviet Union As quot in Fonis Tibie with the american a two thirds majority voted to begin the of expelling t h e present cuban government from the organization of american states. This is clearly than the United Sites wanted. We would have liked a unanimous diplomatic break but 13 of the latin american nations those nearest to Cuba have already severed diplomatic relations. We would have liked the widest economic sanctions against Castro but Only about 10 per cent of Cuba s Trade with the Western hemisphere remains. We would have liked to see Castro s Cuba instantly expelled from the organization of american states. There May be delays but the procedure for doing so is now in motion. These Are the shortcomings and the gains at Punta Del Este. It will be a source of weakness to Castro propaganda and Castro subvert throughout latin America to branded by the whole hemis-5re As an enemy of the inter Amer system and As an instrument of Power. Adj we a a tto Amerhein pm win be now in a sew probe on Schwa Aid expected Washington Impi a hmm Fotica Toft subcommittee of Tsimri an Ingemi Ptim to a Fol Eom Tjie the a Ditko Fly vol Milc Tam of Federal a tel Akl �n4 to room Deis gig action. Whether him Max Toffi a Fol pfc an a a pkg ion a Ped to an a Lection year no of to wild Accini rattly predict the investigating we a created cha Bim ate c. Fowell of the my elicit to Ami a Sof Cominto Lac. A numb of Many congrats Kcal ovum to Battles the new Tofit a pm Democrat has thrown the comic Erable resources of his comm ii behind the inquiry. While even put Mell would not predict that the investigate uni would result in legislative Attos this year some congram Fioril sources believe it will opt a my ger Campaign to Speed up toni Oliance with the 19&4 supreme court desegregate ruling. Civil rights advocates in my Oul of Congress have shown incr at in impatience with that they consider foot dragging compliance with the court s order to Desi a Gale with quot All deliberate Speed Powell Allied himself with this group at a news conference saying the no committee investigation was quot Long overdue a fight it a ifs to Point this up. He told mib it committee chairman Dominick Daniels. D-n.j., to submit a report by May 17. The eighth anniversary of the desegregate m ruling. Letters to the editor Washington merry go round a. New York electrical workers not poverty stricken Union at a a Kane m eyed us. My in name and my fat o a Confra Utor it thi it column Mutt in Eiyen though Ftp Rma not a Wyt 00 fwd atm pin Noffz May by Rao Wnm. Rha a filter pm rom the right to add 0� quot alack . Pilaia amp your latter Whitn 300 worm u of Tambia. To the editor n behalf of san Juan county farm and Bureau. I wish to thank yet Hir paper for the very Fine coverage you gave our organization during farm Bureau week William a. Utton president the two party system to the editor Why on a local level should candidates and voters cease to by members of our two party system Why should candidate i for Lota municipal offices hide under nebulous labels quot there is nothing Baek Alley about belonging to one of our two major Par tics. Is there quot i. For one. Would like a candidate to step up like a Man and say a i am a Democrat a or Republican a i it because. And i stand for. Quot How refreshing that would be Anne m. Wood 4004 Wil amp hire drive by Drew Pearson Washington behind the new York electrical workers strike which resulted in a five hour Day at $5 an hour with 17.40 for the sixth hour Are Tome interesting figures. They show that local 8 of the International brotherhood of electrical workers whose members will now get $198 a week is by no Means a struggling Union hard hit by automation. On the contrary it s one of the wealthiest unions in the nation. Financial records filed with the u. S. Labor dept. Show that local no. S has assets of Well Over $1.000,000. Including investments of $746,392 and Cash assets of $239,000. The records further show that dear Abby a. Keep letters confident us by Abigail Van Buren dear Abby my boy Friend is it now. What can i do about this away to the service and he writes situation i in me very Beautiful love letters dear be you can t i be always let my Mother read a ter for feeling them but the last one was Ratiner Hurt when after sharing All your quot personal quot so when my Mother asked to read it i told ler no. She started to sulk and i m sure she thinks it is much worse than it really is. She went into one of her non speaking moods which bothered me so much i offered to show her the letter but she says she does t want to see better position than before to take individual and collective action against Castro s efforts to undermine their governments. Secretary of state Dean Rusk handled his part of the conference exceedingly Well. He should receive a for Effort and a full sized a plus for achievement. Secretary Rusk deserves credit for helping to initiate the conference and going through with it despite the Advance evidence that it might Well be a total failure and thus leave us worse off than before. There were some who counselled Rusk that the . Ought not to risk losing face at such a conference unless an Advance canvass would make it certain that we had the votes to get All we wanted. Rusk took that risk and he was Wise in doing so because he used the conference itself As an instrument of persuasion. There is no doubt in my mind that the latin american and South american leaders Are More convinced than before that marxist. Soviet oriented Castro ism is inimical to them and therefore a threat from which they must protect themselves. Rusk made headway in this persuasion because he pictured communism As the dedicated Ever Active enemy of the social and economic goals for which the american Peoples Are striving. This is Why the quot soviet Allied communist regime of Castro is alike an enemy of the people of Cuba and a peril to the aspirations pc the Peoples of the whole hemisphere. This is Why the Oas cannot rest until this Poison is removed from the bloodstream of the inter american Alliance. Pm new York hmm Tribune iii. 4bennett Cerf says on his Seventieth birthday Henry Wadsworth Long fellow wrote this letter to a Friend you do not know yet what it is to be 70 years old. I will Tell you. So that you May not be taken by Surprise when your turn Comet. It pm like climbing the Alps you reach a Snow crowned Summit and see behind you the deep Valley stretching Miles and Miles away and before you other summits higher and whiter Wahidi you May have strength to climb or May not. Then you sit Down and meditate. A. That is the whole Story amplify it As you my a that one can say is that me is a a a Defi Mons will Power tha Abety to eat on Alicd Peanut. Jaywalking an extra ii that bring on that rundown feeling. Turntable x Tufti Troua Pasaoa of lung turn. Cadence Kay la pretty dumb. Bigamist a poor with who a taken end too Man v. Letters with her you suddenly receive one you refuse to show her. Forget the incident. Your Mother will get Over her Hurt. You re a big girl now. In the future keep All your liners confidential aad you la have no problem. Dear Abby i know a blonde who swears she uses nothing on her hair to keep it Light. She washes it once a week and i notice that just before she washes it the roots Are somewhat Darker than the rest. Also in the summertime her hair is about two shades lighter than it is in the Winter. Who does the think she s kidding not me dear not me. She May not be quot kidding quot anyone a or trying to. The natural oils do tend to make the Hail appear Darker hence the Dai Ess at the roots toward shampoo time. And the Sun has been to bleach blondes blonder. Dear Abby my son is being married in two weeks and i bought a Black dress especially for the we it Wing. Many of my friends have told me that 1 absolutely should not ear a Black dress to my Smi s wedding As it would be a big insult to the Bride. Why i am a Stout woman and do not feel that i look right in anything except Black. 1 would like your advice. Likes Black dear likes Black is appropriate for mourning. Wear beige Gray or a pastel color. They la do it every time rum cake is always about mis Short arms not Mia his fms a is pm him its Armoise a look a we a Vou me a so tit i to Vou i 60tin�� by Jimmy had but at a dinner pay a to me can stretch mis me Wook quot we Lenorm of Ime d1nim6 room if Meed be the local collects Well Over s2,000,-000 a year in dues and pays Over i42c.000 annually in salaries Plua s230.000 in pensions and other Benefit payments to members. Harry Van Arsdale. Local 3 s business manager and the Man who masterminded the new contract for new York s construction Trade gets about s15.000 a year in salary plus expenses. Tym local s president Jeremiah p. Sullivan is paid 18,100, plus another $8,333 As treasurer of the Parent Ibex International Union. The International Union itself if also a Long Way from the poor House. With total assets of Over $113,000,000, it is one of the richest chartered by the al Cio. The int emotional i president Gordon m. Freeman is paid Abonit $34,000 and Iti Secretary Joseph d Kennan about $48,000 in salaries and expenses. In addition in Ibex vice presidents get average salaries in excess of $17,009 each. As for the electrical worker members of local 3 being faced with possible unemployment Dua to automation this is one of tha biggest canards Ever put Over on the Public during a wage strike. The exact opposite ii True. There is a shortage of electricians in new York s construction Industry and local 3 wants to keep it that Way by limiting its own membership to 9,000. The five hour Day also is a myth since local 3 s Mem by swim not actually be limited to five hours a Day but will a paid 17.40 an hour overtime for All the time they put in Over five hours. In other words they will be Able to work a 35-hour week and Cam $198.20, compared with the $165 they have been getting for 35 k including overtime. It so happens that Ibex Secretary Joe Keenan is one of the men who buttonhole democratic delegates at the los Angeles convention m 1960 to secure John f. Kennedy s nomination. One labor Leader who worked with him was Arthur Goldberg now Secretary of labor. Despite this. President Kennedy phoned Secretary Goldberg prior to his press conference stat Emma criticizing the new York electrical worker settlement to say he planned to make a critical statement based on the fact that tha agreement was a threat to Price and wage stabilization at Home and our Trade program abroad. Quot go al and quot replied the former counsel for the United steel w orders. Quot i m with you 100 per note a Van Arsdale sent the terms of local s s new contract to other Union leaders around tha nation As an sex pie they might follow. The respese was not cd Thusia Stic. San Juan daily digest of by Lmh go hmm for some of our read vhf have been asking the dates of the Seattle work fair Art april 21 them ii oct. Is 1962. This fair will be the nation s first world s fair Iliicev 1931 in new York City and win be a spectacular display of set the. Entertainment Art food fun and the future. Plans Call for president Kea Nedy to open the fair which among its exhibit a will feature a million . Thence display. The 4heme of the Seattle cent 21 world s fair is quot Man in the space and while we Are talking about the space age. How about the pre diction by a space a pert that United states spacemen will land on Mars in 1976. That s one Hundred years after Caister met his Waterloo at the Little big Horn and just goes to show us How far Mankind has come. America jul put a Man on tha Moi in 1970, according to space expert Krafft a. Ehricke in an article written for a new Young Pesle s science encyclopedia. Space timetable Mars and the Moon Are far a it moved from the four Comers but one will just have to accept the forecast of hot Ehricke who sees the Mars unt As the Climax of the space flight in the timetable he has drawn up for the encyclopedia. This Book is now being edited by the National col. Lege of education in Evan too 111., and is slated for March publication by children s press Lead ing publisher in the educational Field. By 1978. Or at the latest 1979, the United states should have an electrically powered space ship capable of making the Mars round trip Complete with Stopover in i i to years or. Ehricke forecasts. His predicted schedule flight around the Moon by s a Man Crew a 1968-69. Manned Landing on the Moon -1970-71. Manned reconnaissance flights to Mars and Venus a 173-76. Manned Landing on Mars a 1976-79. Or. Ehricke is program director of the Centaur project of con Vair astronautics a project which will aim for a shot at Venus. He ii also space consultant to the Secretary of defense the National aeronautics and Ace administration and the . Air Force. He has equal standing with another famed German who is now a . Citizen. Or. Werner von As leading space Scien Braun lists. Political Patter the political Tempo has picked up in the san Juan Basin. You can expect some in portent political announcements this week both on the state and local level. For instance Don t be surprised in the least if u. S. Rep. Thoma. G. Morris who first was elected in 1958 and re elected the 1960, announces plans to run again before sunday. And congressman Joe Montoya probably will a right behind. On the local scene you can expect at least one announcement for county commissioner perhaps two. County commission chairman Vernon Bloore eid al ready has Anno Umed that he will seek re election but so far there has been no word that .1. Rodney Mcgee the Lone Republican on the cot Mission will seek another term. However republicans Are very hopeful that Rodney will run again. The other present county commissioner i to Murray we a not be eligible for re election and there Are reports that he will be a candidate for City commissioner. At least a number of democrats Hope that he will. Farming foil daily Timet l�.0 so 4m-F�rmlmhmi. . Uwi ill to Dale excer so tor Oava of fms Rev a in farm Noton a Ifni Hub to or establish ii im4 pub ii tim hum a Astico it wrap inc. The Dally i mtg an Inda tond news mime of vent wet Ftfe a 0� a via 01 a saw my ruin a a a a trip quot without mar to race Deraad Are Oil Teai Bart Lincoln o Brian. Lilt and full she Oia rits Patty. Ausink men a4vartisi��a Mana Iari Ransom m Mcouatt proud co Oira Etory barn of Annar a a ii Aein eds a a Vovla Kanait. Mai prof on tour Albuquerque turd or. Frank c. Hib a University of new Mexico professor will Maka eight speeches in four Days in four states. Hibben win suck at seminars pc advanced anti Ropo Lof. I Shes at the universities of Wiloh. Of Imago. Minnesota and Iowa barred Nuernberg go Many up Ott wet Aida wis be la rred Ami the neural Teri toy fair pay. 11-16, it was Annam cd saturday. The toys will be Only for per Aana Coli med with Nutig and a a smiting tie Toyi. Pull it Aseo it Terv a pm in rate Praw Opi. Pamilar it Awatt bunt it of Reuis tim Wiroj Tatien Orcas <0c oat i i a 6ur�dayi by Carlar a so a Waak. By motor Root t2.00 a a not to to Advana by mall Tohara ear Row Dautry to noi Matt ibid m san Juan sign to Moc a it so to Taf Montiz a Tojo a Mani a Oft Idt quot a Man com to sum a a pvt tor tiv most hit or Thrata to nun Tolj a for Mem. Ati mph in Mermo Art payt a a Advana. The pm film will a Tow m adv Rte Iamanu or action o an m a a did a Arror occur Rao at a or Rattan. Vat car few ait a Norm a Summ m Tiaann far Arbort in advert a a Puma Day Mattar at in a att i noi Pam Kiili Njau us a Nie a a i % it. Par be Wimmer att very Campt Ahila eat a so new 4�itf, onto a in. It Tea vet with tim Citi it Tsanais a of a vet Zofih Laifi Cau of a am a it Hurt one ask far tit Simili

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